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We rank the world’s most successful studios from the past year, encompassing all platforms and business models, based on the last twelve months’ new releases

69 THE FULL LIST A–Z A recap and complete index of the companies in the 2015 Develop 100

“To judge a developer on just a single criteria, such as revenue, doesn’t paint the full picture.”

iOS data provided by

The last year has been a tremendously exciting time to be in the games industry. We are now well and truly into the current console cycle, while the PC games market is being pushed to the next level by Windows 10 and Steam. The growth in popularity of the mobile market also continues at a healthy rate and is fast approaching a mature state. At the heart of every single one of the titles that have achieved success – Fallout, The Witcher, Halo, Splatoon, the list goes on – is a brilliant development team. These vary in size but all are at the very top of their game and deserving of recognition. We’re proud to sponsor the Develop 100 in its 10th anniversary year. What makes this ranking so unique and authoritative is the special criteria by which inclusion is secured: revenues raised; review scores and quality; reputation amongst the industry. To judge a studio on just one of those criteria doesn’t paint the full picture. Congratulations to all the studios listed in the Develop 100 2015. There is no greater badge of honour in the video game development community. Brett Morris, CEO, Testronic Labs


announcements about sales figures; publicly available

This is a list of the top games studios around the world.

GfK data published in the likes of MCV, GamesMarkt,

Where possible we have focused on dev teams

Gamasutra and others; off-the-record briefings from

responsible for specific games and titles, although in

specific companies; independent data from trackers

some instances – such as Nintendo and NCsoft –

such as SteamSpy; mobile tracking supplied by Priori.

we had to choose company collectives to represent a

Review score data is taken from Metacritic. We’ve also cross-referenced our list by assigning

cluster of teams.

‘industry standing’ to key entrants based on the credibility

The ranking is calculated upon a proprietary methodology that takes into account specific metrics:

of their studio’s brand and products. We calculated this

revenue and review score. For revenue, we have

undisclosed value after looking at business development

calculated estimates for Sept 2014 to Aug 2015 based

activity, awards and accolades, presence of games on the

on: publicly available financial statements; company

likes of YouTube and publisher and investor relationships.

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Our 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before. Taking i...

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