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GAMELOFT Gameloft is a bit squirrelly when it comes to studio attribution. Although it has offices around the world, it isn’t especially clear which games are made in each region. That’s likely not driven by any nefarious motive, but instead purely down to the sharing of resources between teams. That said, it’s a mite ironic given its spiritual cousin Ubisoft – the two firms’ CEOs are brothers – is the most upfront when it comes to crediting studios individually for their work. So we’ve got the whole studio network in here, making around $250m a year from a mixture of free-to-play and premium mobile games.

ABOUT Country: France


GOODGAME STUDIOS German mobile and browser game expert Goodgame Studios has slowly but surely become one of the country’s biggest developers with its portfolio of games. And with approximately $215m in revenue from its titles you can see why. Although privately owned, the firm publicly puts out revenue statements, helping prove the point that you don’t need to be an Asian powerhouse or Silicon Valley darling to conquer online and mobile games. It has been growing it team as well as its games offering, last year hiring its 1,000th employee.

ABOUT Country: Germany


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Develop 100  

Our 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before. Taking i...

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