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ABOUT Country: United States


ABOUT Country: United States (Avalanche) / United Kingdom (Studio Gobo)


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It’s not been an easy ride for Zynga at a corporate level. Once the ambitious king of the fast-moving social games market, over-expansion and management upheaval has redrawn the firm’s priorities. But the San Francisco development teams at the HQ have been a huge part of the restructuring as it scales back some projects, pushes further into mid-core social games on mobile, and looks to further exploit the poke/gambling genres. While familiar brands like FarmVille are still positioned front and centre in the firm’s offering, hopes are also high for new IP such as NaturalMotion’s Dawn of Titans.



Disney Infinity has been an overwhelming success for Disney Interactive, having eaten into the Skylanders empire over the last two years. The series has diverted shelf space, consumers and revenues to its own toys-to-life game which, while primarily built by Avalanche Software, uses studios like Studio Gobo to finish add-on Play Sets. Industry estimates still put it a step or two behind the Skylanders powerhouse for now, although the recent addition of Star Wars characters, plus ongoing appearances from the Marvel universe, will no doubt change that next year. WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

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