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So while internal Dungeon & Fighter studio Neople is way ahead at No.11, the rest of Nexon’s internal teams – responsible for MapleStory and other internally produced video games – put up a good fight here. What isn’t included in this entry is the various revenues Nexon will make from other games that it doesn’t actually develop, such as CounterStrike which sits with Valve – but it’s worth remembering that this is still a big part of the studio’s business and the firm admits it has applied lessons learned from its portfolio to different titles across the board.



Once upon a time, executives at publisher Electronic Arts would give us a fair amount of grief about the Develop 100. When it was based solely on revenue generated within the UK, Tiburon and its Madden and NFL series of games wouldn’t get a look in given the relative unpopularity of American Football in the UK – and EA Canada’s FIFA success stirred up friendly inter-team rivalry. Now, in a global setting this list isn’t going to help that team competition. Tiburon is now clearly one of the world’s Top 25 studios – just don’t let the team see who made it to No.15. WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

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Develop 100  

Our 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before. Taking i...

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