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YUKE’S/VISUAL CONCEPTS ABOUT Country: Japan (Yuke’s) / United States (Visual Concepts)


Country: Japan

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We’ve calculated a relatively conservative revenue number for the developer of Super Smash Bros on Wii U and DS. Although Nintendo has said over 10m copies of the game have been sold across both formats, it’s not clear how much dual-ownership there is. So we’re putting it in at just under $400m. Even if the money is undervalued, the studio itself should not be – this latest Smash Bros was on of the most acclaimed games on Metacritic last year, helping Nintendo claim the No.1 publisher ranking on that site. Sora was reportedly dissolved in 2012, with Namco Bandai co-developing its final game.




A shared entry for the teams that bring 2K’s WWE and NBA tie-ins to market every year. Yuke’s is no stranger to the Develop 100, having been a regular contender when the WWE games were handled by THQ. But there has been a change since the franchise changed publisher hands. Specifically, the inclusion of Visual Concepts as co-developer to help make the leap to PS4 and Xbox One. Between them, we estimate total revenue of $400m; $150m from the WWE games, $250m from NBA which performs well both on console digital/physical and mobile – about 10 per cent of the franchise’s revenues.



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