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So yes, we think the Candy Crush franchise may be worth a few dollars more than Call of Duty, hence that being placed at No.12. But new sister studios Sledgehammer and Treyarch shouldn’t be too put out. Call of Duty is still a behemoth, even if pundits are right and the numbers dipped over the software generation transition. The games, which operate on two-yearly cycles – now a three-yearly cycle – currently between Advanced Warfare and Black Ops, likely brought in around $400m from the main game (Advanced Warfare) and its DLC and another $100m+ from back catalogue.

MACHINE ZONE There are two clear, rounded and well-supported reasons that Machine Zone and its Game of War, er, game ride so high in the charts. And that’s iOS and Android. One curious fact we came across during our research was the claim that the two different mobile platforms make a balanced just-under-$1m per day for the studio, with total revenues around $585m for the year. Plus, marketing: the firm has used Kate Upton and now Mariah Carey to lead the TV and display ads. And it’s not been shy about exploiting the pair’s, shall we say, physical assets to lead the charge. The only tits are the pundits who say that kind of strategy doesn’t work.

ABOUT Country: United States


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