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The highest ranked British studio on the list, Rockstar North is currently sat happily in the long tail of GTA V fever. Our eligibility period of course doesn’t cover the release of the original billion-selling version on console, but it does include the newer next-gen ports, their PC cousin – and the recurring revenue from GTA Online. Based on publisher parent Take-Two’s financials and WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

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global retail chart data, we reckon the studio’s efforts across all of those generated around $700m over the last twelve months. Perhaps this entry is mistakenly named as ‘Rockstar North’, though. These days leaders at the studio see their work on Grand Theft Auto as a global project that uses the talents of all the teams in the Rockstar empire, from North America to Europe. These days,


multi-site cross-team projects aren’t uncommon amongst the big budget console games. But if you’re looking to understand why the teams here generally do so much better than comparable efforts – at, say, Ubisoft – perhaps the defining element is Rockstar’s scrupulous focus on quality. It is also never afraid to delay a release or retool content as it aims for the highest of production values. STUDIO HOTLIST

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