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WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR BVE THIS YEAR? BVE continues to be an important part of the calendar for Ross Video. We are still arguably a challenger brand in the UK, and BVE provides us with a great opportunity to share our stories and explain to people why Ross is such a unique company. We have been growing very rapidly in the EMEA region, and I don’t think the broadcast community always sees the breadth of what we can offer, so BVE definitely helps us convey that message.

Stuart Ross, senior communications manager, Ross Video

HOW DO YOU VIEW THE CURRENT STATE OF THE MARKET? We’ve seen a great deal of discussion and apparent good intention around interoperability, but not enough in the way of action. Hopefully the other major manufacturers will do more in 2018; success often depends on the industry’s willingness to put customers first, before individual interest. While IP clearly offers the potential for great efficiency gains, some industry commentators have been a little guilty of holding up IP as the sole path to achieving these efficiencies, and that’s clearly not always the case. One of the reasons why Ross has championed SDP (Software Defined Production) as a parallel approach is our

belief that SDP delivers adaptability, scalability and agility to broadcasters using the choice of transport that is most appropriate for their project. By moving away from single-function devices that mostly sit idle towards a pool of flexible resources that are able to meet production needs on-demand, broadcasters are able to do more with less. Again, we feel that this is a far more customer-centric approach because it enables customers to maximise the utility of their existing hardware resources and invest in hardware without fear of obsolescence. I think SDP will become an increasingly popular approach in 2018 and beyond; it recognises that hybrid production models will continue to be a fact of life in the broadcast industry for time to come. WHAT IS YOUR PRODUCT OFFERING AT BVE THIS YEAR? BVE will see the UK debut of the new UltrixFR5, Ross Video’s latest 5RU 144x144 version of its disruptive routing/AV processing platform. Ultrix-FR5 has a comprehensive standard feature set with a massive 3000x3000 audio routing and processing fabric. 24 MultiViewers, 12G support and Input FrameSyncs are then available as software license; no additional hardware is required. n


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