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WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR BVE THIS YEAR? In the grand scheme of things, BVE is dwarfed by the behemoth of NAB, Las Vegas, just five weeks later. So BVE can’t be that important, right? Well actually, no. I see it a bit like the BAFTAs before the Oscars; BVE allows us to discreetly expose and test our NAB strategies, messaging and roadmap on a sophisticated, well-informed technical and operationally-savvy UK audience. The conversation often goes like this: “I have this big problem and am not sure how to address it”, “Well, funny you should mention that, here’s something we’ll have in Vegas, what do you think? We really value feedback.”

Paul Glasgow, sales and marketing director, Marquis Broadcast

HOW DO YOU VIEW THE CURRENT STATE OF THE MARKET? The market is moving super-fast and the industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. Our principle products were made compatible with the cloud last year and are now very engaged with the industry ‘early adopters’, driving workflow and business transformation. Cloud and IP integration are enabling the perfect change storm. Cloud is also becoming much more nuanced, moving away from the idea of a monolithic compute/storage bucket from one of the behemoths, to some really disruptive and ‘media-optimised’ technologies, both offand on-premises.

One thing is clear in my mind: LTO tape, the associated costs of robotics and control software is on its way out at a rapid rate of knots. This will have a huge impact on libraries and archives, effectively kicking off the next wave of archive migration – likely Zettabytes of library migrations. Our strategy is to position our Medway technology and ‘in-cloud’ Medway Engine Web Service on both sides of the archive transformation, so we can provide low-risk integration to legacy infrastructure whilst automating the transformation to on- and off-premise storage. Many legacy libraries use obsolete codecs and wrappers, for example, LXF and GXF, so we can also transcode, re-wrap and re-index the assets to contemporary standards during the migration. The re-indexing is critical as this allows us to retrieve sub-clips directly from onand off-premise storage. If sequences have multiple sources, we can also track the source genealogy of all the partial files, critical to managing rights. We’re also building in support for AI analytics, since during the migration, the full library of media is exposed at full resolution within Medway. Disaster recovery and business continuity are also transformed by on- and off-premise storage. We now natively support cloud storage in our Workspace Backup disaster recovery product for Avid ISIS and NEXIS. WHAT IS YOUR PRODUCT OFFERING AT BVE THIS YEAR? We will be showing our project parking and workspace backup featuring delta parking. It includes a new versioning capability for Avid projects that have been externalised to cloud or Tier 2 storage by Marquis Project Parking or Workspace Backup. It enables external projects to be restored and modified by editors with subsequent edit changes versioned back into the external project.n


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