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LOUDNESS AUDIO METERING Keeping one eye on the loudness levels in a mix can often be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be, as the metering tools in this tech focus show.

RTW Smart Series The Smart range adds extra functions, facilities and flexibility to the meters in the TM3 series and the dual-stereo TMR7. The ultra-compact TM3S is a six-channel meter offering moving coil emulation of broadcast PPMs and loudness scales. The four-channel TMR7S has two AES I/O, a full range of loudness measurement tools and a 7in screen. The TM3-3GS features 16 audio channels of 3G-SDI with a maximum of eight channels displayed at once, offering DPP-compliant loudness measurement, a 16-channel 3G-SDI de-embedder and a monitoring controller with onscreen fader. Touchscreen and flexible user interface enables the selection of presets quickly with just a finger swipe „ Timecode reader on TM3S and TM3-3GS models „Loudness conforms to all relevant international standards: EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB

Wohler AMP2-E16V

Wohler’s AMP2-E16V series 16-channel modular audio/video processing monitor provides a complete suite of tools for analysing and managing audio quality, level and loudness, metadata and more. Dual high-resolution LCD screens auto-detect 3G/HD/SD-SDI video and enable monitoring, metering, mixing and routing of embedded AVB, SDI, AES, analogue and TOSLINK audio. „ „ „


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Displays critical measurements: loudness (LKFS or LUFS) within window, maximum true peak, maximum loudness, programme loudness and LRA Compatible with all worldwide loudness standards Interface provides convenient colour-coded alarm indications to speed up identification of loudness issues Start, pause, reset and stop functions facilitate manual monitoring, while pause and reset controls support continuous monitoring Adjustable tolerance allows users to enable and disable alarms according to their loudness monitoring requirements

DK Technologie es DK-T7 The DK-T7 delivers metering precision and clear read-outs across a full range of audio metering tools, and includes eight-channel AES I/O, HDMI and headphone out and true peak logging and readout. „ „ „ „ „

Bargraphs or Moving Coil – choice of metering tools Real time True Peak PPM – no hidden ‘overs’ SMPTE reader Loudness automation – instant loudness results Features SDI 3G I/O, AES3 eight channel I/O, analogue two channel

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AMI February 2015 Digital  
AMI February 2015 Digital