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Information for Designers All copy and artwork must be supplied by 17th September 2010. If you are designing an advert for a client advertising in either the ‘Welcome to Scotland’ Guide or the ‘Welcome to Edinburgh’ Guide, please note: • The artwork should be supplied as a QuarkXPress document suitable for an Apple Mackintosh computer. • To enable us to translate text for the foreign language editions, the text must be supplied in a Quark text box either: - in black, or - in white reversed out of a black background. As a range of language editions will be printed only text in the above formats can be translated.

Advert sizes


Double Page Entry

210 x 297mm (plus 5mm bleed)*

Full Page Entry

210 x 148mm (plus 5mm bleed)*

Half Page Entry

93 x 137mm

Quarter Page Entry

93 x 67mm

Eighth Page Entry

45 x 67mm

Sixteenth Page Entry

45 x 32mm

*Please note that printers reserve a tolerance of up to 3mm: As we cannot guarantee to accurately reproduce content within a 3mm margin inside your full page advertisement, we advise you to leave this area clear of any essential design information.

If you are unable to supply the artwork as a QuarkXPress document, then please supply all of the following: • • • •

Pdf of complete advert Pdf of advert, minus any text which is to be translated Word document containing the text for translation Fonts required for the text which is to be translated (including information on font)

All copy and artwork must be supplied by 17th September 2010. Foreign language text generally takes up more space than English, so we reserve the right to edit text down to fit the available space. For more information or advice on advertising design please contact Fiona on 01479 841 903.

Contact Us Carrbridge


Station Road, Carrbridge, Inverness-shire, PH23 3AP

c/o Len Lothian U Store, 2 Bankhead Drive, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4EJ

T. 01479 841 900 F. 01479 841 750 E.

T. 01479 841 900 F. 01479 841 750 E.



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