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the big picture


program outcomes




year in review






Since 1997, New Avenues for Youth has offered programs and services that empower homeless youth to exit street life. Our values shape how we address the complex issue of youth homelessness and the solutions we offer. New Avenues believes that every young person should have food, shelter, and access to education and job training. We believe we must go beyond meeting basic needs and offer programs that heal young lives and foster growth and independence. Our mission is to work in partnership with our community to prevent youth homelessness and provide homeless and at-risk young people the resources and skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives.

Joyce N. Furman Building 1220 SW Columbia Street Portland, OR 97201 503-224-4339


Killough Building 314 SW 9th Avenue Portland, OR 97205


t has been just over a year since I had the honor of assuming the role of Executive Director for New Avenues for Youth. In this time, New Avenues has made real progress in improving the lives of at-risk and homeless youth. Our efforts in 2012 focused both on addressing the rising level of need in our community and on implementing year two of our five-year strategic plan.

Sean Suib Executive Director

As part of our commitment to prevention and early intervention in youth homelessness, we conducted a study of younger youth homelessness, which we will use to pilot new services aimed at interrupting youth homelessness as early as possible. We also continued to build partnerships with Portland State University and child welfare stakeholders who join us in recognizing foster care improvement as crucial for preventing youth homelessness. To increase opportunities for youth to build skills that lead to selfsufficiency, we are launching our third social purpose enterprise, New Avenues INK. New Avenues INK is a youth-conceived screen printing business that will provide real-world, on-the-job training experience for up to 30% more youth. Revenue generated by New Avenues INK will be reinvested directly into youth job training and will move our social purpose enterprises closer to financial sustainability. Despite adversity, the youth we serve continue to grow and flourish. If you walk by the future site of the Park Avenue West Tower in downtown Portland, you can see the “Billions and Billions of People� art installation that was created by New Avenues youth and local artists. This incredible exhibit beautifies our city and highlights the tremendous talent and potential of our youth. At New Avenues, we are reminded every day that every young person matters and that, given the right opportunities, young people will choose to contribute to their communities and achieve great things. It truly is your support that provides young people with this path of hope and possibility, and we hope you see firsthand the impact your support made in this annual report. Thank You. In gratitude, Sean Suib Executive Director


the big picture FY2012 4

The Need


in our community has never been greater.


Permanent housing and independent living

increase in families experiencing homelessness over the past year.


Employment & training


Specialized support and education for young parents Comprehensive recovery services Drug & alcohol counseling for youth not engaged in the homeless youth system

Advanced training academies






Accredited classes, tutoring, and G.E.D.




increase in youth accessing basic services over the past year.


of the youth we serve struggle with mental health issues.

OREGON leads the nation in youth unemployment.

OUR IMPACT 869 1481 93%

youth served

“New Avenues helped me the last two years-- now I have a great job, a new place to live, and wonderful people I call friends... I had my ups and downs but they stuck by me.” -Andrew

“I miss you all so very much. Thank you for helping me and always being there for me when I needed help or someone to talk to.” -Katie

hours of counseling

of youth were stable when they exited case management



youth served in our drop-in center


meals served in our drop-in center


hours youth had access to drop-in services 6

“In the three weeks Avenues, I’ve put time. The sta

and THE

Our drop-in center: so much more than a safe space for meals, showers, and laundry.

s since I’ve been at New t in so much productive aff see me being driven


- Clark

Five days a week, Clark bustles through the kitchen of our drop-in center, hauling food, chopping vegetables, serving meals he has prepared for his fellow youth, and cleaning dishes. When Clark first arrived at our drop-in center, staff instantly picked up on the young man’s high motivation and moved swiftly to connect him with educational and skill-building opportunities. Within two weeks, Clark was in a playwriting workshop that helped him begin processing trauma from childhood abuse, receiving GED tutoring in our education program, and building professional skills in our kitchen internship. He’s already looking at culinary schools to attend once he secures his GED. Hundreds and hundreds of youth find respite from the streets in our drop-in center every year, but the thousands of meals we serve are just a way to get youth in the door. The true value is in the gateway that our drop-in center acts as, where staff identify each youth’s needs and put them on individualized paths towards empowerment and success through therapy, education, job training, or—in Clark’s case—all of the above.

You made it possible by volunteering to serve meals with

youth like Clark, covering our food costs via corporate partnerships, and attending events like Avenues of Art that showcase youth talents while funding the very programs that help them.



youth received career services


hours of one-on-one career support


jobs and internship placements



“Mariana was promoted THREE ES in just eighteen months.”

Our Job Training program: producing a new workforce generation. Mariana came to New Avenues after being forced to leave home for being gay. She was living in our transitional housing program when she decided to enroll in our PAVE (Promoting Avenues to Employment) job training program. Soon after completing our job readiness training, she was assigned to one of our dedicated PAVE workforce case managers, who quickly placed her in an administrative internship with one of our local business partners. Emerging from the internship with glowing recommendations, Mariana was soon hired at a financial services company. Drawing on the skills she had gained, Mariana was promoted three times in just eighteen months. Mariana’s story is an inspiring illustration of the amazing things that are possible when a youth’s resilience and selfdetermination encounters our continuum of support services. And in the same way that Mariana couldn’t have gotten that first job without the services we provided, we in turn couldn’t have provided those services without the dedicated support of community members like you.

You made it possible by donating professional attire for

youth to wear in job interviews, volunteering to provide one-on-one professional coaching to youth, and giving youth a chance to apply their skills through work experience at your company. 11


G.E.d. awards and post-secondary enrollments


educational activities organized


youth receiving education services 14


and see what I can do, see what I c If it wasn’t for New Avenues these people, I wouldn

Our EDUCATION center: where the world is our classroom.


can accomplish. s, if it wasn’t for n’t be like that.” -Adam

Having never been taken to school by his abusive parents, Adam came to New Avenues with a reading level that most high school teachers wouldn’t have known what to do with. In fact, the vast majority of the 561 youth we provided education services to in 2012 had special needs that just couldn’t be met by traditional schooling. Adam’s street smarts showcased incredible underlying potential, but it was going to take more than textbooks to inspire the curiosity and drive needed for someone with so many barriers to conquer the GED. And that’s precisely what our alternative education center is for. Through the generosity of community partners, Adam was able to visit science museums, explore the world through the lens of a camera, and operate professional film gear for the first time in his life. It was the power of those new experiences that kept him coming back to work one-on-one with our teachers and volunteer tutors to learn hard skills like math and writing. Who could have imagined that today Adam is just one test away from completing his G.E.D.?

You made it possible by volunteering as a tutor in our Education Center, donating books and class materials, and partnering with us to provide unique experiences that pique the intellectual curiosity of youth we serve.



bed nights in our transitional housing program


meals served in transitional housing program


exited transitional housing into stable housing 12

“ I’m pr music


Our transitional housing program: giving the support needed to thrive. Growing up, Malik was shuffled back and forth between the homes of his mother, grandmother, father, and uncle, at one point living on the streets for a week. “It got to a point where I felt like I didn’t have any family. I thought there had to be something wrong with me, that I was a demon or something.” A sympathetic woman took Malik in, but when the landlord evicted her, Malik found himself with nowhere else to turn. That’s when he came to New Avenues. In our transitional housing program, Malik flourished. Now he writes poetry and makes films, but his major focus is recording his own album in our Artist Mentorship Program (AMP). He even has his first performance scheduled for March. With the savings he has accumulated at his full-time job, Malik is already preparing to move into his own independent housing.

roud of my progression, cally. I’m really into art— I’m not in it for money,


For all that he’s been through, Malik has a remarkably positive outlook. “I just believe that everything happens for a reason,” he explains, “because if you get everything handed to you, generally, you’re not going to have a higher understanding of what life is all about. But if you go through the struggle and actually make it out, it can make you a more humble person.”

You made it possible by giving generously.

Transitional housing requires significant resources, but the results are life-changing. Thanks to your confidence, our youth are able to transition into healthy, independent adulthood.



paid job opportunities provided


promotions or external jobs obtained


in wages paid directly to youth 8

Our SOCIAL PURPOSE ENTERPRISEs: ICE CREAM IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Before she came to New Avenues after being abandoned by her mother at age 15, Kim had always skipped from job to job, staying a few days or weeks before getting fired or moving on.


so it’s just awesome to see the younger trainees living in transitional housing and working hard to fix their lives.” -Kim

But after we hired Kim to become a scooper in one of our two Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShops, she vowed to do any work it would take to convince her supervisors she was worthy of becoming shift leader. Nine months in, Kim accomplished just that. And it wasn’t long before she was promoted into a management position. At New Avenues, we don’t just tell youth how to find a job. We’re creating our own self-sustaining social enterprises that are run by the youth we serve. More than just a job training endeavor, these enterprises produce revenue that fund themselves, creating a self-sustaining entrepreneurial machine of training and employment for youth who can’t find it elsewhere.

You made it possible by buying ice cream and catering

services from our Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShops, competing in our annual Scoop-a-thon, and contributing towards the capital investment we needed to house our newest screenprinting enterprise, New Avenues INK. 9


2012 was a tough year for many of our fellow nonprofits, and New Avenues is grateful that our fiscal foresight from previous years provided us with the buffer to stay financially stable despite the external economic instability. Government funding continued to decrease while the demand for our services increased. Despite external factors, “program expenses continue to be over 80% of New Avenues’ expenses” — Karin Wandtke, Lead Audit Partner, McDonald Jacobs. To meet the rising need in our community, we increased our budget by 15% over the last fiscal year. We minimized the financial impact of these increased operations by recruiting more volunteers, creating new and extended community partnerships, and leveraging in-kind services and donations. In addition to meeting increased needs, we continued to move forward with initiatives within our strategic plan. We budgeted to use a portion of our endowment earnings in order to invest in our social purpose enterprises initiative, which will deepen our impact through expanded job training opportunities and work experiences for youth we serve. The financial information presented is in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The fiscal responsibility of our organization has yielded positive net assets and a strong cash position, which has created the foundation for our stability. The change in net assets reflects the intentional decision to maintain our services while increasing our impact within the community. In addition, the timing of (contribution) receipts and recognition of certain non-cash and non-operating transactions contribute to the consolidated change in net assets. 16

Support and Revenue

Special Events, Net $709,304

Total: $3,468,425

Other Revenue $23,733

PartnerShop Revenue, Net $195,746


Administration $501,473

(Total Support & Revenue)

Government Grants $1,873,375

Corporate/ Foundations and Individuals $416,474


In-Kind Contributions $249,793

Fundraising $272,500

before depreciation


3,468,425 (Total Expenses before Depreciation)

3,851,757 (Change in Net Assets before NonOperating Costs & Depreciation)

-383,332 (Depreciation Expense)

-310,306 (Investment Returns)

Total: $3,851,757

-4,823 (Capital Campaign Contributions to

Program Services

Ben & Jerry’s PSU PartnerShop)


11,500 (Change in Net Assets)


Net Assets, End of Year



2012 in review << Avenues of Art Lobbying in Salem >> Rowing the Willamette



<< Youth film project Playwrite, inc. >>

>> Holiday cooking by our Ambassador Board Official dedication of the Ronald Killough Education Center


2nd annual Scoop-A-Thon


Brews For New Avenues


supporters $25,000 and above Bill Furman

KeyBank Foundation

July 1, 2011 - June 31, 2012

$5,000 - $9,999

Classic Wines Auction

Lucky Limousine

Greenbrier Companies

Nike, Inc.


Heather Killough

Northwest Health Foundation

Begonia Charitable Foundation

Providence Health Plans

Brian and Jeanne Rice

Hedinger Family Foundation JFR Foundation

Ray Hickey Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999 Ashley Campion and Matthew Semler Ed Cauduro Advised Charitable Fund - OCF Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation

Legacy Health Mitchell and Elisa Hornecker Pat and Tony Trunzo Foundation

Piper Park Safeco Insurance Foundation

John and Kim Bradley

The Windermere Foundation


TMT Development Co., Inc.

Andy and Laurie Teich Anne and Jung Yoo

Donald and Christine Washburn

Autzen Foundation

Donald N. McGregor Foundation

B. Douglas Bouland and Peter Wallmark

Ed and Christine Stair

Barbara and Milton Rice

Ellen Kodis and David Salmon

Juan Young Trust / Western Division

Beecher Carlson Insurance Agency

Ferguson Wellman Capital Management, Inc.

KeyBank National Association


Gary Maffei and Marcus Lintner

King Estate Winery Marcia Randall

Downtown Marketing Initiative

OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation

FLIR Systems, Inc.

Roger Coit

Fred Meyer Fund

Bruce and Brenda Burns Byron Tarr and Barbara Bassett-Tarr C.J. Gabbe

Gary Reynolds Geoffrey Bruce and Susan Parke

Carol and Jon Bradley

Gerard and Lucille McAleese

Caron and Larry Ogg

Guy and Alice Snyder

Stephen D. Gomez and Shannon Holt

Century High School

Steve and Marian Bailey

Chase Bank

Harder Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Joan and Brian Allen


Christiana Shi

Heffernan Group Foundation

John and Pamela Hren

The Park Foundation

Combined Federal Campaign

Herrig Charitable Foundation


Hibler Franke Foundation

Hoover Family Foundation

Peter and Christine Nickerson

Howard S. Wright Construction

LaMarcus Aldridge/Rip City Classic

Dan Wieden and Priscilla Bernard Wieden

$1,000 - $4,999


We try to be as accurate as possible, but if you see anything incorrect in this list, please contact us at or 503.517.3909

David and Christine Vernier De LaSalle North Catholic High School Diane Alexander

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church The Holzman Foundation Intel Volunteer Grant Program Jay & Diane Zidell

$1-$999 Charitable Foundation


Jeff Britt

Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon

Jerry and Sandra Rowe

Audrey Moore

Bryce Helgerson

Bank of America Foundation

C S Bray Accounting LLC

Barbara and David Dansky

Cafegive, LLC

Alan Bacharach

Barbara Cardinale

Caitlin Nugent

Alex Walford

Becky Lang

Camas Grocery Outlet

Alice Boyd

Ben Johnson

Candace and Douglas Morgan

Keith and Linda Lovett

Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust

Keller Foundation

Rod and Carol Crockett

Allen Frechette

Benjamin and Elaine Whiteley

Carey Higgins

Kerri Olsen

The Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust

Allen Geertz

Benjamin Jeffries

Carol Basch

Allison Pauletto

Beth Kellan

Carol Herzog

Amanda Crumbly

Betsy Bergstein

Carol Hutchison

Amanda Dittloff

Beverly Close

Carole and Eugene Best

Amanda Meyer

Bill and Tricia Hasbrook

Carole Lintner

Andrea and Jon Lamvik

Bill Nelson

Carrie Cohen

Andrea Kendrick

Blake Ellis

Caryn Lilley

Andrea Long

Bob Hatfield

Casey Shaar

Steven Reinisch

Andrew Ackman

Bobbi and Denis Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill

Catherine Wooden

Suzanne Geiss LLC

Andrew Colas and Lindsay Kagawa-Colas

Brad Simmons

Cathy Webb

Brandon Sprague

Charles and Catherine Garman

Brenda McLaughlin

Charlie Frasier

Andy and Ellie Gilbert

Brenda Scotton

Charlotte Jolma

Angela and Nelson Pratt

Brett and Paula Hayes

Chelsea King

Ann Taggart

Brian and Denise Doherty

Cheryl Cone

Anne Stone

Brian and Karen Comstock

Chester and Marilyn Guernsey

Annette Vecchio

Brian Joelson

Chris Benenati

Antonette and Gus Amato

Briana Gonzales

Chris Calarco

Ara Serjoie

Brittni Busch

Chris Werner

Ariana Heideman

Bruce Powell

Christopher and Kirsten Leonard

KGW Channel 8 Leupold & Stevens Foundation

Rudi and Jean Milpacher S. Kenneth Kirn

Linda Rae Hickey

Sandra McDonough

Linda Williams

Sarah Nesland

M. Ray and AnnBritt Mathis

Shelley Laurance

Mario and Anne Bisio

Spectrum Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

Mark and Kathy Kralj Mark Long and Elizabeth Schlenning Matt Reimann

Teresa and Damon Haggerty

Michael and Gail Davis

Tim & Mary Boyle Charitable Trust

Michelle Giguere Miki Iwai Norma Alberthal Northland Services, Inc. Northwest Evaluation Association

Timothy and Carol Stuckey Travis and Paige Talbot Tumac Lumber Company, Inc. Two Taurus Inc. W. James and Cherie Beatty

Patrick Julian

Washington Trust Bank

Penny and Jim Bewick


Peter and Kathy Francis

Wells Fargo Foundation

Andrew Olshin and Rebecca Mischel


Christopher Dieringer

Dave Biglen

Christopher Longinetti

Dave Henderson

Christy Shampine

David and Debbie Craig

Cindy Cooper

David and Julie Machado

City Center Parking

DeAnne Messias

Clarissa Jones

Deborah Kitchin

Clark and Pam Anderson

Deborah Shockley

Clark Matschek Landscape Artchitect

Dena Holley

Dr. Carl Pixley and Cynthia Pixley Dr. Gerald Hopkins Dr. Jen Brady Dr. Martin Muller Edward Altstock Edward Johnson Elizabeth Harrison Konez

Ginny Park

Janna Aginsky

Glenn and Adriana Kaplan

Jean McDowell

GlobalGiving Foundation

Jean Sanregret and Sandra Nishitani

Greenbridge Properties Gregg Kantor Gretchen Brask Gretchen Holce Gretchen Holzgang

Denece Messenger

Elizabeth Lee and Kenneth Berglund

Denise J. Roman-Goldstein

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Gus and Helen Antonis

Dennis Fritz

Emily Berry

Holland Family Foundation

Corree Conrad

Devlyn Swenson and Peter Keith

Eric and Ronna Hoffman

Hotel Modera

Craig Masback

Diana and William Deshler

Eric Markman

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Dina Bright

Eric Stephens

J.H and M.D. Richards

Culver Church of the Nazarene

Dominic Stelter

Erik Carter

Jack and Nancy Goetze

D. Bradley and Marla Koslin

Don and Cheryl Schollander

Ethan Elkins

Jack and Shirlee Hansen

Dan and Marilyn Durkin

Don and Eunice Waggoner

Eve and Alan Rosenfeld

Jahna Albertus and Terry Cross

Dan Criss

Don and Madeline Sprague

Dan Harris

Donald Klotter

Fox Erosion Control & Landscape

Dana Jones

Donald Krahmer and Suzanne Blanchard Krahmer

Fran and Robert Heinith

James McDonald

Fred and Michelle Chown

James Rudd

Gary and Renee Dillon

Jan Schierbaum

Gary Smith

Jane Dahl


Jane Gordon

George Vaughan

Jane Jacobsen

Gerald Allen Kehr

Janell and Cordon Bittner

Gerald and S. Bunny Sadis

Janie and Gary Hibler

Claudia and James Styrsky Cliff Lehman Connie Kroker

Daniel and Linda Diepenhorst Daniel Deutsch Daniel Jacobson Daniel Sholl Darcy Buerkle Darrell and Marilyn Brett Darrell and Sarah Hawkins


Donald Meyer Donna Campbell Dorothy Boothe Doug Stamm Douglas A. Cheesman II Douglas A. Crews

FEI Company

Group Mackenzie

Jeannette Toppel Jeff Hovey Jeffrey Jordan Jennifer Goldsmith Jennifer Jean Kozik Jennifer Rachiell Jess Richardson Jessica Elkan Jill and David Boeschenstein Jim Brunke Joe Dulaney John and Christina Blackwell John and Deborah Purcell John Clelen

James and Jennifer Bruce

John Jobe

James Dean Reed

John Nesbitt and Cindy Hickey-Nesbitt John R. Whittaker John Salmon John Stringer John Svicarovich John Trachtenberg Jon Connelly Jordan Leigh Jackson

Josh Frankel and Dr. Amy Frankel Joyce Postrel Judith Fehr Judith Johansen Judith Shanbeck Judy Robinson Julia Richert Julie and Alex Sutton

Kathryn Miller Kati Arko Katie Doherty Katie McRae and Roger Ikert Kay and Mike Stevenson Keeley Hoffman Hawkins Keena Hormel Kelli Busby

Laurel Dukehart and Joseph Cortright Lauren Shatz Laurie Goodman-Farley Laurie Scriven Leanna Johnson Lee Shaker Lee Weinstein

Marjorie Enneking

Michelle Park

Mark Eitzen

Mike Johnson

Mark Rittenbaum

Miriam Hecht and Ivan Zackheim

Mark Schaefer Martha Beinin Marti and Tim Uecker Martin and Lois Moll Mason Walker

Mollie Janssen Monte Joe Vaughn Nancy Koroloff Nancy Pruden

Kelly and Teri Johns

Leslie Bevan and Julie Huffaker

Kelly Schweiger

Leslie Rill

Matthew Kish

Ken Shaw

Linda Quandt

Matthew Presjak

New & Neville Real Estate Services, Inc

Kenneth and Mary Unkeles

Linda Robinson

Maura Hemann

Nick Gonzalez

Kenneth and Patti Cowdery

Lindley Morton

Megan Doern

Norm Henry

Kenneth Olsen

Lindsey Morrison

Meghan Masco

Kenton Collective LLC

Lisa Dohrman

Melinda Merrill

Northwest Grassroots and Communications Inc.

Kevin and Leigh Crabtree

Lisa Turpel

Melvin Oden-Orr

Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union

Karen Hughes

Kim Brown

Lisa Waltos

Merritt Yoelin

Pacific Personal Training

Karen Tabata

Kim Laramy

Logan Anderson, Jr

Karen Vanvleck

Kim Slack

Lois Barnum

Mesch Capital Management, Inc.

Pamela Brown and R.B. Pershadsingh

Kari Brenk

Kristen Hopkins

Lynda Clarke

Metro Multifamily Housing Association

Pamela Hannan

Karin Barber

Kristi Konrad

Lynn Dueltgen

Meyer Memorial Trust

Karina Figueroa

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Lynnae Berg

Michael and Gloria Olds

Katharine Cahn

Kristy Krueger

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Katherine and Dennis Clark

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Patricia Amedeo Patricia and Leo Gentry Pattiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Jewelry Paul and Karon Heineman

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Paul and Raelene Krueger

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Paula and Dan Kinney


Paula Dawley Peggy Suzio Petar Klaetsch Peter and Julie Stott Peter Davis and Karen Ross Peter Willis Phyllis Brown and Douglas Hagen

Richard Leman and Donna Ching

Sarah Patterson

Steven Nelson

Thomas Palmer

Schwabe, Williamson, & Wyatt

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Timothy and Laurie Stewart

Scott and Julie Gallagher

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Truist Comprehensive Distribution

Sean and Christy Suib

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Rob May Robert and Jean Wilson Robert and Lisa Franz Robert Farrell School Willamette Education Service District Robert King

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Portland State University Bookstore R & S Burke Family Living Trust R. Philip Flickinger Rachel Good Ralph Archenhold Randahl Finnessy Raymond and Dorothy Packouz

Robert and Mara Shlachter Robin and Ralph Guariglia Robin Balmer

Rory Hume Rosana McGill Rose Gonzales Ross Gould

Shirley and John Sutton Shirley Newcomb Skye Tyler Sophie Shesto

Synopsys Inc.

Tektronix Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Valerie Lehrkind Vanessa and Tony Sturgeon Vanessa Elkan Victor Thekkedom Vida and Eugene Edera Virginia Meade Von P. Summers

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United Way of the ColumbiaWillamette

Terri Park

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Umpqua Bank Associate Giving Campaign

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Spokane County United Way

Tyler Cox

Theresa Greer Theressa Davis

Thomas Gordon Thomas Hughes

WRG Foundation Yvonne Iverson Special thanks to Heather Barta and her team at CircleTriangeSquare for their creative consultation on this reportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design.

Brian Rice, President KeyBank Joan Allen Windermere Cronin & Caplan Realty Group, Inc.

Heather Killough Gary Maffei Sheryl Manning Professional Board Member

Penny Bewick Bewick Hoyt & Associates, LLC

Sandra McDonough Portland Business Alliance

Anne Bisio Mario’s

Martin Moll AKT CPAs

B. Douglas Bouland Bouland & Associates

Peter Nickerson

Carol Bradley Legacy Health John Bradley R & H Construction Ashley Campion Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation

Caron Ogg Judy Robinson Fred Meyer Elizabeth Schleuning Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Lisa Shim Point B

Andrew Colas Colas Construction, Inc.

Vanessa Sturgeon TMT Development

Scott Gallagher Portland State University

Julie Sutton Youth, Rights & Justice: Attorneys at Law

Brett Hayes Nike, Inc. Mitchell Hornecker Howard S. Wright

Pat Trunzo

ambassador board Dave Biglen, Chair Greenbridge Properties

Theressa Davis Comcast

Kristy Krueger Nike, Inc.

Janna Aginsky Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Tyler Dillavou Bonneville Power Administration

Rhys Konrad MacAdam Forbes

Paul Andrews Melvin Mark James Bruce James S. Bruce Attorney at Law Julia Burke Wells Fargo Brittni Busch Adidas International Tyler Cox Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon


BOARD of directors

Joseph Dulaney Symantec Josh Frankel Merrill Lynch Briana Gonzales Johnson & Johnson Keeley Hawkins Nike, Inc.. Jeremy Herrig Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C.

Taryn Lange Rena Satre Meloy RSM Design Colleen O’Neill Janrain, Inc. Robert Pile TMT Development Sara Vanderhoff Adidas International

Sean Suib: Executive Director Kari Brenk: Program Director Jessica Clark: Finance and Operations Director Jessica Elkan: Director of Development Caroline Pappajohn: Strategic Operations Director


All Young People Matter.

Annual Report FY2012  

New Avenues for Youth's annual report for the 2012 fiscal year

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