Rising Stars 2014: Catalogue

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Anum Khan 2014 BA Three Dimensional Design (glass), University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Living in the hustle and bustle of London is stressful and hectic after a busy day, everyone including Anum, hasten to return back home and relax. Anum Khan aims to produce a piece that captures and communicates a sense of stillness, of calm and quiet in a demanding and chaotic world. Anum has chosen water and ice trays as one way to explore the transparency of both water and glass. Water is restful and calming, when frozen as snow and ice it is still and quiet. Glass with heat in the kiln can transform from solid to liquid and back again, as water does with cold in a freezer. Anum uses the lost wax process for these pieces: casting multiple ice cube trays in wax then using these for a mould that, once the wax is removed, filled with glass in the kiln. Ice Table Glass, kiln cast

The work is then cold worked and bonded with epoxy to create a base. The top of Ice Table is cloudy with veils and hints at movement in the water while the curved, kiln slumped legs create another sense of movement and change as ice becomes water. It can also be placed as a sculptural piece that can enhance an environment as well as being functional. Anum Khan lives and works in London and Farnham.