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Weaving life

the book: A Soul Song author: Maia Atanasova Pax Publishing Ltd. Sofia 2011 the play: Sounds of Silence author: Elisabeth Klein Aarhus 2013 the rest: Sofia 2014

A story, colourful and interconnected as life itself. Touch it, live it.

A book and a bike two of my favourite things, the third is bread My education didn’t provide me with the practical skills I wanted to gain from it, so after graduation I jumped into lot of projects. One of them started very close to me, as a book of poems by my mother. I was assigned as a designer - my first book (she had some previous experience). Step by step, somewhere in beginning of 2011 the book was fresh and warm from the print. Shortly after that my bike got stolen and a week later I bought a brand new one. To try it out, I joined a friend on a journey to a festival in a distant village (110km away from home). It was lovely and we spent 3 days in the nature palm of Gorna Bela Rechka. On the last day I met a german girl, participating in a theatre workshop “Journey of the fools”. It was fitting us both. So, she wanted to go to Albania by bike, and I offered her my place to stop over. And there she is, and not alone, but with another traveller - a friend from Finland, doing his first european tour. The more, the merrier. The book also continued travelling with them, around the continent.

soft cover (4 colours), 15x15 cm, 48 pages, 1 colour, printed edition of 300 pcs. 97 pcs. left.

The book continued to travel, t academy in Aar

(Det Jyske Musik Here is a good chance to say who this german friend is. Her name is Elisabeth Klein. She is a musician and a performer of her own, with love towards bulgarian folklore music.

till it made its way to the music rhus, Denmark

kkonservatorium) One day, I got an email from her, telling me something really nice - she is making a play, using the poems from the book. And I helped her with the posters and flyers.

Then, two weeks before the premiere, she invited me to be part of her team, since one person, responsible for the multimedia part of the play is absent. Then I thought about the constellation that happened this year - 2013 and back then, in 2011, when we initially met. It comes back, developed, like a tree, that you planted, and now you see its fruits. It turned to be an apple tree, growing on coast of Aarhus.

I had four days to work on the multimedia part of the play. It was intense. The overall peace I observed in Aarhus, helped me to focus and with the help of the team, to bring forward the pioneering project.

Trailer __ Film __

A glimpse of magic was created in the hall movements, music, chorus, text and image. A holistic approach towards one subject - life.

Life continued nice and calm, with fresh breeze, cycling through the city and the outskirts.

The first thing I noticed about Aarhus is his name. I love how the capital A receives an oriole, when written in danish - Ă…. Ă… like Angel, like Ahoj, like Apple.

I was drawing this Ă… often, and one day I carved it in a log. On that day, Gitte, my warm hearted host, holds her weekly inspiring workshops on ceramic. There I worked on the little sign, carved in the wood. I made some prints, which later she backed and further worked on them. Recently I got them in a package with a letter, suggesting some 1000 pieces to be made - probably just another step of the development.

Weaving life  

A diary, tracing the good fortune in life through people, places and projects. Presenting two done projects and one in development.

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