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ExperiMentor ExperiMentor is growing and developing with a new application round being launched in early summer 2014. This programme is designed to support the creative and professional development of visual artists and performance artists whose work aligns with the ethos of New Art Exchange. This programme provides the space, time and resources for research and development, allowing for artistic experimentation and building a lasting relationship with New Art Exchange. To find out more email Roshni@nae.org.uk

Real Creative Futures Real Creative Futures offers free support for Nottingham’s creative businesses and practitioners, working in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Crafts, Design, Film, Photography, Broadcasting, Architecture and Publishing. The programme includes a business diagnostic, access to an industry expert and business coach, workshops, use of facilities, and the potential to apply for a business grant. Real Creative Futures is delivered by NAE and NBV Enterprise Solutions Ltd. in partnership with Nottingham City Council and the Creative Quarter. To be eligible you need to be residing or running a business in Nottingham City. The first Real Creative Futures Industry Weekender is 21 – 22 June 2014 at New Art Exchange, with a programme of workshops and events over a weekend to take your business and practice to the next level. Get in touch with the team rcf@nae.org.uk to find out more.

Cover Image: The Current Situation, Yara El-Sherbini. Photography by Natxo Bassols Salles. Image courtesy of the NAE, LCB and the artist. Image below: The End Of The World, Yara El-Sherbini, 2014. Photograph by Natxo Bassols Salles, courtesy of the artist.



Why so serious? Let’s play instead. The art of play, exploring and sharing knowledge through games, is part of all cultures. Our summer season offers a rich playground of exhibitions, festivals and artistic encounters inspired by our Main Gallery exhibition, The Current Situation, by Yara El-Sherbini.

This year’s Mela celebrations take inspiration from a One Day International cricket match where South Asian and British cultures collide and combine. NAE presents a colourful weekend of live music, film screenings, performances, games, parades, digital archives of past Melas and kite flying!

Yara’s exhibition, uses the fun format of a buzz wire game to engage visitors with issues surrounding world borders. The artist’s alternative take on a pub quiz invites guests at The Lion Inn to become active participants in a live art piece. Exhibiting alongside Yara, Aya Haidar’s exhibition Year of Issue uses symbolic books to explore matters surrounding the notion of national independence. Through a series of special events for Refugee Week, the programme delves deeper into the impact of national identities and boundaries, physical and perceived, central to both exhibitions.

In the spirit of festivals, NAE joins with other Nottingham venues to present theatre and arts events from across Europe for neat14. We are also proud to host the launch of this year’s Carnival with colourful Caribbean entertainment and drinks.

This season we are introducing an exciting new activity kHELO! for families to enjoy. Inspired by Yara El-Sherbini’s playful exhibition, the giant soft board game is equally suitable for younger explorers and puzzle-solving adventurers.

Real Creative Futures, a new programme of support for creative talents of Nottingham, recognises the benefits that creativity has on the public, community, and economy. Be sure to find out more and connect. In honour of the late Professor Stuart Hall we will be screening John Akomfrah’s acclaimed film The Stuart Hall Project. There is so much to do and get involved with! I’d be delighted to see you around and experience the gift of creative expression. Skinder Hundal

Image right: A Pub Quiz, Yara El-Sherbini. Photography by Natxo Bassols Salles. Images courtesy of NAE, LCB and the artist.




Yara El-Sherbini’s interdisciplinary practice uses humour to question social and political systems of power and influence. The artist utilises recognisable formats within contemporary popular culture, such as pub quizzes and games, to playfully disarm viewers and the participants, engaging them with the socio-political ideas central to her work. Including both off-site and on-site interventions, at the heart of the exhibition will be the newly commissioned artwork, The Current Situation. The piece is a multi-player participatory artwork that subverts the traditional ‘buzz wire’ game into the form of a giant metal map of the world. Visitors to the gallery will take on the challenge of navigating the borders of the global map with a hand held device to avoid activating an electric charge and ‘buzz’. Some territories are more difficult to navigate and contour than others, examining notions around the establishment of borders, the division of land and expansion of empires.

The exhibition also includes a number of site specific works; Where are you originally from: Answer ‘Britain’ is a sound installation from the artist’s Public Address series, which uses the NAE tannoy system to ask us to consider how we, the public, assume and transfer knowledge of other cultures. A wordsearch created through engaging local communities, is placed in a local newspaper to explore what collectively, we may all be searching for. On Tuesday 20 May 7.30pm, join Yara El-Sherbini in the Lion Inn for her take on the traditional Pub Quiz! See page 8 for details on A Pub Quiz and other public engagements with Yara El-Sherbini. Yara El-Sherbini is represented by La Caja Blanca, and is an Artsadmin Associate Artist. This exhibition has been supported by Artsadmin.


Image: Year of Issue, Aya Haidar. Image courtesy of the artist.


10 May – 7 September Mezzanine Gallery

24 May – 8 June 2014 Central Gallery

Year of Issue Aya Haidar

Black Box: NTU BA Hons Photography Degree Show

Launch Event: Friday 9 May, 6pm – 9pm

Launch Event: Saturday 24 May, 3pm – 5pm

El-Sherbini’s exhibition is complimented by Aya Haider’s installations in the Mezzanine Gallery. Haidar’s practice focuses on the recycling of found and disposable objects to make poetic works that explore loss, migration and memory, with a particular focus on the Middle East. Her exhibition includes the work Year of Issue, 2013, an installation of 18 books representing the 18 countries across the MENA region, whereby each book shares the same year of publication as its respective country’s year of independence. The choice of books highlights the reciprocity to their country’s respective affairs of state and adds a certain ironic, incisive and perhaps even humorous dimension.

Black Box is the 18th annual Nottingham Trent University photography festival that takes place across various locations in the city. Selected students from the course present their work at NAE.

Image credit: Babak Bordbar



Central Gallery 14 June – 10 August 2014

Babak Bordbar: JIGSAW, the Eastern Piece Launch Event: Saturday 14 June, 12pm – 2pm Photography by Iranian photojournalist Babak Bordbar documents his time spent at the Komala camp, a Kurdish political party. 16 August - 19 October 2014

Our History – Our Story: Polish Heritage in the East Midlands Launch Event: Saturday 16 August, 3pm – 5pm An exhibition developed in association with Signpost to Polish Success (SPS) presents a snapshot of memories of Polish migrants who settled in Nottingham and East Midlands post WW2.

Discover NAE’s exhibitions through a FREE gallery tour. Saturday 17 May, 12pm Yara El-Sherbini, Exhibiting Artist in the Main Gallery Saturday 31 May, 12pm Laura-Jade Klée, Art Historian and Creative Practitioner Saturday 28 June, 12pm Laura Hervas, tour delivered in Spanish Saturday 12 July, 12pm Aya Haidar, Exhibiting Artist in the Mezzanine Gallery Saturday 19 July, 12pm BSL Gallery Tour. See page 11. Saturday 9 August, 12pm Verbal Imaging Tour. See page 11. All tours are FREE. To book on the Verbal Imaging and BSL signed tours contact Roshni@nae.org.uk, 0115 9248630

Images from left to right: Natxo Bassols Salles – image courtesy of Yara El-Sherbini, Bartosz Kali, Esmel May Woma, Glenis Williams.


Friday 9 May, 7pm - 8pm

Tuesday 20 May, 7.30pm

Yara El-Sherbini in Conversation with Manick Govinda & Aya Haidar

A Pub Quiz by Yara El-Sherbini

Yara El-Sherbini joins Manick Govinda (Artsadmin) for a stimulating conversation around her newly commissioned exhibition. As well as providing an introduction to Yara’s practice, the event will explore in depth her subverted version of a giant ‘buzz wire’ game that will occupy our Main Gallery over the summer period.

In this participatory live art piece, Yara subverts the contents of a traditional pub quiz through 36 politically charged and humorous questions. Presented in a fun format and hosted by The Lion Inn, the pub audience becomes active participants, where the conversations that arise have as much value as the questions asked.

Aya Haidar, whose exhibition opens in the Mezzanine Gallery over the same period, will also join the conversation.

Turn up, grab a drink and pay 50p quiz entry fee for a chance to win the £50 prize up for grabs!

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

The Lion Inn, 44 Mosley St, Nottingham NG7 7FQ

Admission: 50p Age range: All are welcome. The Lion Inn welcomes supervised well-behaved children.

Thursday 19 June, 7pm – 8.30pm

VOCAL: Refugee Week Special Celebrating Refugee Week, this season’s VOCAL event sheds light on the arduous journeys that asylum seekers undertake in hope of a better future. Panellists include Aya Haidar, Exhibiting Artist and Director of Al Madad Foundation, and Roger Bromley, Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies. Samuel Javid, Director of Journeys Festival will moderate the discussion. The debate invites the audience to contribute to the discussion with comments, experiences and views. This event has been supported by ArtReach, the producers of Journeys Festival, Leicester. Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome


Saturday 2 August, 10.30am – 4pm

Friday 8 August, 6pm – 8pm

Sunday 10 August, 12pm – 4pm

Sugar Was King

Carnival Launch

Wonderland Picnic

Oral History Intergenerational Workshop

The summer festival season is in full swing and Nottingham’s Carnival is on its way! Join us to launch this year’s Carnival with an evening of carnival themed live music, entertainment and drinks in the NAE café bar.

Wonderland is an ongoing research project created by Rhiannon Jones and Saira Lloyd that explores and reveals the hopes and dreams of the people of Nottingham. Using Art as a universal language, Rhiannon and Saira have delivered a series of creative workshops and debates with groups across Nottinghamshire with the aim of bring together the voices of many different communities. This celebratory picnic event will present Saira’s and Rhiannon’s research to date and once again, will bring together local communities for a final public debate. The event will be hosted on the Forest Recreation Ground, or inside NAE if it rains!

Share your Jamaican heritage and contribute to NAE’s 2015 exhibition Jamaica Hidden Histories (see page 16). Bring artefacts, childhood photographs or edible treats of Jamaican origin, and participate in an informal one to one oral history interview. A delicious complimentary buffet lunch will be available for all! This workshop starts with a short film screening produced by Lorna Holder. Historian Donald Hinds will highlight the links between Jamaica and Britain through sugar. The day concludes in a conversation with local photographer, Esmel May Woma. An event by Full Spectrum Productions Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Image: © Smoking Dogs


Sunday 4 May, 3pm – 5pm

The Stuart Hall Project Dir: John Akomfrah, 2013 As a tribute to the life and work of the late Professor Stuart Hall, NAE presents a screening of The Stuart Hall Project. We are proud to welcome back the work of John Akomfrah one year on from the launch of his exhibition here at NAE, The Unfinished Conversation. A founding figure of contemporary cultural studies, Professor Hall was also one of the most inspiring voices of the post-war Left – his resounding and ongoing influence on British intellectual life commenced soon after he emigrated from Jamaica in 1951. The film will be introduced by Roger Bromley, Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies. Age range: All are welcome Admission: FREE

Sunday 20 July, 2pm – 4pm

The Film Open Presented by New Art Exchange in association with Stella Vision, The Film Open is a unique development opportunity for local filmmakers to showcase their films. The programme provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to present their work in a cinema setting and gather critical but supportive reflection from peers and other film enthusiasts. If you are based in Nottingham and would like to get involved in this programme please contact Roshni@nae.org.uk. Please note that the deadline for the submission is 20 June and the final list of the film screenings will be advertised on 30 June. Age range: £3.00 (£2.00 concession) Admission: FREE

m me in our progra Select films n io at ci so as d in are presente a collective n; sio Vi la el with St cated to usiasts dedi am of film enth rse Nottingh ve di to m fil showcasing formation on in e or m r . Fo communities can work with your group how you and . see page 16 NAE, please

10 / 11

Image: © First Movement


Our growing access programme is aimed at engaging diverse audiences with different abilities and needs with our exhibitions and events. Please contact Roshni@nae.org.uk to request further information or to book onto an event.

Thursday 5 June 10am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Body as Canvas NAE collaborates with First Movement, a specialist organisation that caters for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Audiences are invited to interact with this quirky, obscure and humorous performance about setting up a space for an important meeting to take place. Admission: FREE (advance bookings required) Age range: 16+

Saturday 19 July, 12pm

Saturday 9 August, 12pm

British Sign Language Gallery Tour

Gallery Tour with Verbal Imaging

Visitors with hearing impairments are invited to join us for a gallery tour delivered in British Sign Language (BSL). The fully qualified guide and NAE staff will communicate the ideas and themes within the exhibition, and participants will be able to pose questions.

Jeanne Roberts, Arts Development Officer at My Sight Nottinghamshire, and NAE’s curatorial team will deliver a specialist gallery tour suitable for blind and visually impaired visitors. Jeanne will be using verbal descriptions to help participants form a mental image of the exhibits. There will also be opportunity to touch and interact with the artworks.

Admission: FREE (advance bookings required) Age range: All are welcome

Admission: FREE (advance bookings required) Age range: All are welcome

Images from left to right: Matt Squire, Robert Covell, Mohammad Elnahhas, Daniel Whiston


Saturday 17 May, Performance: 7pm – 8pm Q&A: 8pm – 8.30pm

States of Verbal Undress By Rani Moorthy Directed By Ruth Carney-Nash, Cast: Rani Moorthy and Curtis Cole Based on two years of interviews with immigrant communities, the show will unveil a variety of characters as diverse as a Vietnamese drag artist, a Burmese activist, and a Tamil who grew up in Bavaria. Two actors play a multiplicity of richly drawn characters and in knowing them we can come to understand the complexity of migration. There will be further opportunities to engage with themes of the performance through workshops. Please visit our website for details. Admission: £10.00 (£8.00 concession, booking essential) Age range: 12+

neat14 at NAE neat14 is Nottingham’s international arts festival, celebrating the vibrancy of dance, music, film, theatre and art from Europe and across the city. NAE will be hosting the events below in our performance space. To book contact Nottingham Playhouse Box Office, Wellington Circus, Nottingham NG1 5AF, 0115 947 4361. Please note that booking is essential.

Friday 30 May, Performances at 10am and 11.30am

Boy and His Box A show for kids and families about the magic of imagination and how much fun you can have with a simple cardboard box. Admission: FREE Age Range: All are welcome

Friday 30 May, 8pm, Saturday 31 May, 6pm

Raising Lazarus by Kat Francois A one-woman show by Kat Francois about her relative who was a West Indian solider fighting for Britain in WW1. Admission: £9.00 (£7.00 concessions) Age Range: All are welcome

12 / 13

Friday 4 July, 7.30pm NAE in association with Tommy Farmyard presents

Sura Susso A virtuoso Kora player, percussionist and singersongwriter, Sura is known to captivate his audience with soothing melody. Susso was born into a griot family; cultural figures in society across West Africa who carry the cultural knowledge and regional identity of their communities with them through song, music, poetry and spiritual guidance. Join us for an enchanting performance, where Susso will perform a selection of new material. Admission: £9.00 (£7.00 concession) Age range: All are welcome

Sunday 13 July, 6pm – 7.30pm YARD Young People’s Theatre presents:

Endgame Exploring the themes within Yara El-Sherbini’s exhibition, our fledgling theatre creators use a gigantic board game as the starting point for this exciting theatre presentation! Come and enjoy their alternative interpretations of the notions of play. Immerse yourself as they take you on a journey to different places and spaces, in our minds and all around us! Admission: £4.00 (£3.00 concession) Age range: All are welcome

Friday 18 July 7pm – 7.45pm: Open Mic 8pm – 8.45pm: Headlining Act NAE in association with Cultural Vibrations presents

Live @ NAE Live @ NAE is a growing platform for Nottingham’s local musical talent. Headline act, Nottingham born singersongwriter Nadia LaToya, mixes her love of R&B with her Jamaican roots creating a fusion of modern day UK Reggae-Soul. The evening is hosted by Rasterella Falade. You can sign up for Open Mic from 6pm onwards on the day. Please note that there will not be any backlines provided. Admission: £4.00 (£3.00 concession, free entrance for those who sign up for open mic) Age range: All are welcome


kHELO! Family Friendly Workshops This season at NAE we bring you kHELO! Inspired by the work of our Main Gallery exhibiting artist, Yara El-Sherbini, we have worked with Playworks to create a giant 3D board game. Play and explore our planet, see some of the wonders of the world, collect points! Workshops are FREE No need to book just drop in!

kHELO! sessions run throughout the season at NAE on the following dates and times:

kHELO! Launch at New Art Exchange

Friday 9 May, 4.30pm – 6.30pm Be the first to see Yara El-Sherbini’s exhibition and play kHELO! Complimentary refreshments and a light bite will be provided.

Visit Playworks for a special kHELO! Fun Day Saturday 3 May

Sessions: 10.30am - 12.30pm 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Saturday 7 June Saturday 12 July Sunday 10 August 1.30pm – 2.30pm: Join play sessions for our younger explorers in this sensory multi-textured 3D board. (ages 0 – 5yrs) 2.30pm – 4pm: Play the game and learn about other cultures as you go! (aimed at ages 6 – 12 yrs)

outdoor r an exciting Watch out fo here in ew m held so session to be mer! m su is th Nottingham

Playworks is located at Alfred Street North, Nottingham, NG3 1AE, 0115 958 9199, info@playworks.org.uk

14 / 15

Image left to right: Erica Melloni, Melanie Kidd


Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited. Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 May 10am - 2pm

Tuesdays 5pm - 7pm (fun drama session) Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm (performance skills session)

Half Term Drama Workshops

YARD Young People’s Theatre

Explore the notion of play through drama, music and movement. We will have fun, play drama games and share our work at the end!

Join our growing YARD programme to learn drama and movement skills and to take part in our seasonal performance! Contact Sooree@nae.org.uk for more information, or drop into the gallery to find out more and sign up for a trial session!

Age range: 7- 11yrs Admission: FREE

Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August, 10am - 2pm (Friday 10am - 4pm – sharing at 3.30pm)

Summer Holiday Workshop If you love theatre and you’re aged between 12 and 16 years, join us for an intensive summer theatre course. Learn about costume, lighting, set design, scriptwriting and performing. The week ends with a sharing of the work created. Age range: 12 - 16yrs Admission: FREE

This season NAE has teamed up with Dance4 to welcome U.Dance 2014. Over three days there will be a series of dance workshops held for young people coming from all over the UK! If you would like NAE to help support your event, get in touch info@nae.org.uk.

Please note, parental/legal guardian permission is required for all participants Age Range: Tuesday session 7 - 11yrs, Wednesday 11 - 16yrs From 6 May - 25 July Admission: FREE

Young People’s Panel Gain experience of working on projects with other young people and professionals, and earn Bronze and Silver Arts Awards accredited by Trinity College, London. We are recruiting now! If you would like to be part of the panel please get in touch with Roshni@nae.org.uk. Age range: 15 – 25yrs Admission: FREE

Images from left to right: Glenis Williams, David Sillitoe, Bartosz Kali, Mohammad Elnahhas


Learning at NAE

Community at NAE

Our learning programme offers a wide range of experiences to suit your school or college. Be inspired by our public exhibition programme and work with us for free. We offer a range of educational resources and curriculum linked activities, creative learning opportunities and self-led sessions.

Community engagement and working in partnership is an important element of our work at NAE. We welcome opportunities to work with new groups and to make links with new audiences. We are currently working with Faith in Action, Tuntum Housing Group, The Renewal Trust and the Black History Month Planning Group to develop new engagement opportunities.

To find out more about our learning offer and future exhibition programme contact: Glenis@nae.org.uk.

Jamaica Hidden Histories Teacher’s Event

If you would like to work more closely with NAE and have a project that you would like to develop, please contact Glenis Williams, Glenis@nae.org.uk or 0115 924 8630.

Tuesday 13 May, 4.30pm - 6.30pm Full Spectrum Productions is collaborating with NAE to develop Jamaica Hidden Histories, an exciting educational project and exhibition for September 2015 that shares Jamaica’s history, its distinctive cultural identity and the country’s links with Britain. This teacher’s event informs educators how Jamaica Hidden Histories connects with the cultural diversity of Nottingham and with National Curriculum Learning Objectives for KS3/Year 9. We will also share ideas about the Education Resource Pack with DVD and online resources. Complimentary refreshments will be available. Admission: FREE Interested secondary school groups can contact Glenis@nae.org.uk for advance bookings.

Spaces For Hire Inspire creative thinking during your next conference or away day, or give your next function an edge by hosting it in one of the nation’s leading contemporary arts spaces. Just minutes by tram from the city centre, our spaces provide an inspiring environment for presentations, meetings or workshops. For more information or to tour our facilities please contact the booking team on bookings@nae.org.uk or 0115 924 8630.

16 / 17

Kathak Dance Every Saturday, 26 April – 28 June Beginners and Children (6 yrs +): 10am – 11am Advanced: 11am – 12.30pm

Kathak is one of the eight classical dances from India that has a strong emphasis on rhythm, footwork, expression and grace. Join Vina Ladwa a trained Kathak dance artist, choreographer and tutor for this 8 week course. Admission: £40.00 (£32.00 concessions) for the full 8 week course £6.00 (£4.00 concession) for each session paid separately.

Who’s In The Kitchen ? Joyce From Malawi introduces Zitmbuwa to our menu this season. These banana fritters are one of the most popular desserts in Malawi. They also masterfully demonstrate the resourcefulness of the culture in creating mouth-watering dishes from very simple ingredients. Enjoy a special café discount on this dish during Refugee Week (17 – 22 June 2014)

Occupations Occupations is an opportunity for local artists and communities to animate the spaces at New Art Exchange. Are you an artist or a creative, living and working in Hyson Green or Forest Fields and keen to occupy? If so please get in touch with Roshni@nae.org.uk.

Special Projects at NAE Academic in Residence: Over the next year Tasawar Bashir (Qawwali Research Unit, University of Birmingham) will be NAE’s Academic in Residence, exploring the ideas of contemporary Islamic sound through interacting with the people and spaces of Hyson Green. International ExperiMentor: This season we launch the International ExperiMentor programme by hosting artist/curator Shehzad Chowdhury from Dhaka Bangladesh supported by the Charles Wallace Trust. Art Bike Safari: During August, NAE has teamed up with TravelRight North and RideWise to launch Art Bike Safari, an initiative where artists and fellow riders explore ideas and memories the landscapes of Nottingham evokes. For more information on these projects, please visit NAE’s website.



A WEEKEND OF SOUTH ASIAN CULTURE, GAMES AND HISTORY! This year Mela celebrates South Asian Culture through sports, music, history, art and cuisine. Coinciding with the England - India ODI at Trent Bridge, this year’s Mela recognises that sports and art have common groundings. Come along to enjoy traditional and popular indoor and outdoor games, enjoy live music from a high profile line up, and enjoy the specialist cuisine to have a truly dhemakedar experience.

Saturday 30 August

Sunday 31 August



Traditional board games and indoor games from the Indian Subcontinent/ Lagaan: Film Screening/ Kite making workshops/ Performance by Black Ink and digital immersive musical experience

Live Music/ Guest appearance from the Cricketing fraternity/ Kabaddi Field/ Kite Flying/ Bazaar

18 / 19


Booking Tickets

The easiest way to get to NAE from Nottingham city centre is by tram. NAE is located opposite The Forest tram stop. Trams depart every 7–8 mins from Nottingham Railway Station and Old Market Square, and it is approximately a 10 minute journey.

Please book in advance to ensure a space at one of our events. You can book over the telephone, through our website or in person at NAE’s reception area.


Parking There is on-street parking near NAE, and Forest Recreation Ground has a sizable car park. We have parking spaces available for people with disabilities at the rear of the building, just off Noel Street. This can also be used for temporary parking for group visits. For access to these spaces, simply call us on 0115 924 8630 to arrange prior to your visit.

Additional Information The building is fully accessible on all levels and baby changing facilities are available.



Address New Art Exchange 39 – 41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6BE

Contact Us T: 0115 924 8630 E: info@nae.org.uk W: www.nae.org.uk

Café and Gallery Opening Times Monday, 10.30am – 3.30pm Tuesday – Friday, 10.30am – 6pm Saturdays, 9.30am – 5pm Sundays, 11.30am – 5pm

Registered Charity No. 1121755, Company No. 04899786 Registered in England & Wales



Event / Activity


Saturday 3

Family: kHELO!

10.30am / 1.30pm

Sunday 4

The Stuart Hall Project


Friday 9

Family: kHELO!


Friday 9

The Current Situation and Year of Issue: Exhibition Launch

6pm – 9pm

Friday 9

Yara El-Sherbini in Conversation with Manick Govinda & Aya Haidar


Tuesday 13

Jamaica Hidden Histories Teacher’s Event


Saturday 17

Gallery Tour: Yara El-Sherbini


Saturday 17

Performance: States of Verbal Undress


Tuesday 20

A Pub Quiz by Yara El-Sherbini


Saturday 24

Black Box: Exhibition Launch

3pm – 5pm

Tuesday 27 – Thursday 29

Young People: Half Term Workshop


Friday 30

Performance: Boy and His Box

10am / 11.30am

Friday 30

Performance: Raising Lazarus by Kat Francois


Saturday 31

Gallery Tour: Laura-Jade Klée


Saturday 31

Performance: Raising Lazarus by Kat Francois


Thursday 5

Body as Canvas

10.30am / 1.30pm

Saturday 7

Family: kHELO!

1.30pm / 2.30pm

Saturday 14

Babuk Bordbar: Exhibition Launch

12pm – 2pm

Thursday 19

VOCAL: Roads to Nowhere


Saturday 21

Real Creative Futures Industry Weekender

All day

Sunday 22

Real Creative Futures Industry Weekender

All day

Saturday 28

Gallery Tour: Laura Hervas


Friday 4

Performance: Sura Susso


Saturday 12

Gallery Tour: Aya Haidar


Saturday 12

Family: kHELO!

1.30pm / 2.30pm

Sunday 13

Performance: Endgame


Friday 18

Performance: Live @ NAE


Saturday 19

Gallery Tour: BSL


Sunday 20

The Film Open


Monday 28 – 1 August

Young People: Summer Holiday Workshop

10am – 2pm

Saturday 2

Sugar Was King: Oral Intergenerational Workshop

10.30am – 4pm

Friday 8

Carnival Launch


Saturday 9

Gallery Tour: Verbal Imaging


Sunday 10

Wonderland Picnic

12pm – 4pm

Sunday 10

Family: kHELO!

1.30pm / 2.30pm

Saturday 16

Our History – Our Story: Polish Heritage in the East Midlands

3pm – 5pm

Saturday 30

Mela Weekender

All day

Sunday 31

Mela Weekender

All day




Regular Workshops Tuesdays and Wednesdays


YARD Young People’s Theatre

Kathak Dance

Profile for New Art Exchange

NAE Brochure: May – August 2014  

Featuring Yara El-Sherbini's exhibition, The Current Situation.

NAE Brochure: May – August 2014  

Featuring Yara El-Sherbini's exhibition, The Current Situation.