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H EX New Art Exchange presents its first ‘Open’ exhibition, a chance for regional and national artists to submit their work for public display.

As well as being an opportunity to showcase talent and sell artworks, the exhibition will provide a national survey of contemporary creative practice that stimulates new perspectives about the value of diversity in art and society. Application packs will be available from late February 2012. Artists should email now to join the NAE Open mailing list,


Images from to right: Adil Ray, Shazia Mirza, Hetain Patel, Rashid Rana

P2 / P3 NAE

WELCOME TO 2012... AN OLYMPIAN YEAR... Launching 2012 with Rashid Rana is thrilling. Rana works out of Lahore, Pakistan and brings to the UK a body of work challenging the representation of photography within objects. His practice is informed and contextualised by paradox and contradiction, capturing simplicities, extremities and opposing perspectives in his art. Rashid’s work is shockingly brilliant in both size and concepts. He is recognised as one of the most significant artists from the South Asian region. His work of course transcends borders and his place in contemporary visual art is recognised globally. With his entourage of enthusiasts, he could be likened to a travelling rock star; apt considering contemporary Pakistan’s fascination with rock music. To complement the show we have a full programme of events. Highlights include walk and talks by Alnoor Mitha and Sarah Perks - the curators, a triplet series of talks by Shaheen Meralli. In conversations with successful British-based Pakistanis including Adil Ray (Citizen Khan) and Shazia Mirza, comedian and award winning columnist. Our new Academic in Residence Paul Gladston from the University of Nottingham joins us a key note listener throughout the period. With all of our plans in Nottingham, Hetain Patel, also launches in Mumbai at the Chaterjee & Lal gallery. Our development programme, nurturing creative talent: experiMENTOR, introduces new names and cultural agitators. We continue to offer audiences the opportunity to swap books with our growing collection through ‘Hisaab kitaab’. Also four new volunteers from Italy, Spain, France and Egypt join us through the European Voluntary Service scheme. Our new initiative for 2012 is VOCAL, a genuine platform for ‘brutal truth’ and debate, driven by local community issues in context to global affairs. We explore Pakistani culture in the UK and then feature NAE’s Annual Public Meeting - do join in. Be sure to pop in and experience our diverse programme, especially our children and families programme and do support YARD Theatre who recently were awarded a place with Contacting the World, with our practitioners now travelling to Thailand via Contact Theatre’s development programme for youth theatre. Finally if you’re looking for a bite to eat do try our guest chef Zarina Iqbal’s Zarda dish (sweet rice) from Lahore, in our friendly café. I very much look forward to seeing you in due course. Enjoy and engage with us in the year ahead. Skinder Hundal Chief Executive, New Art Exchange




14 JANUARY - 31 MARCH 2012

LAUNCH EVENT FRIDAY 13 JANUARY, 6PM - 9PM Everything Is Happening At Once was curated by Alnoor Mitha and Sarah Perks and presented at Cornerhouse, Manchester as part of ATM11. The exhibition has been developed with the support of Lisson Gallery.

P4 / P5 NAE

Everything Is Happening At Once is the first major UK public solo show from Rashid Rana, widely considered to be the most prominent and original contemporary artist working in South Asia today. The exhibition includes new and recent work that cuts across conventional notions of the scale and status of the photographic object, opening up its potential to represent cultural, social and physical realities. The works in this exhibition, spanning the last six years, blur the divide between two and three-dimensional forms to challenge the viewer’s understanding of the world in which they live, on both a macro and micro-scale. Photo sculptures and large-scale photo mosaics subvert perception of size and structure and urge us to look deeper into the relationship between the fragment and the bigger picture.

‘We live in a world of images – I decided to become an editor of these.’ 1 Rashid Rana’s digital photo mosaic prints combine the artist’s own photography with imagery borrowed from pop culture and the world around us. Comprising thousands of individual pictures, which are re-cast as pixels within a single image, the works encapsulate the artist’s desire to document paradoxes and contradictions. Upon closer inspection by the viewer, it is revealed that the carefully selected micro-content of the pixels offsets the perceived serenity of the larger image. An often unsettling dialogue is created through the dual reading of the work, and the viewer is forced to consider the relationship between the two perspectives.

P6 / P7 NAE

Contemporary Pakistan and South Asia’s struggle between tradition and modernity are key routes of enquiry in Rashid Rana’s practice. Having also lived in Canada, Rana now continues to live and work in Lahore Pakistan, the city he was born in, and cites his experience of ‘living the city everyday’ 2 , as the fundamental driving force behind his work. Exploring notions of identity, gender, politics, environment and the role of the media; the polarity and extremes he experiences resonate and have meaning for both local and global audiences.

1 & 2. Rashid Rana in conversation with David Elliot, Manchester, 1st October 2011. Image credits; page 4: What Lies Between Flesh and Blood III, 2009, LightJet Print + DIASEC, Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery page 5: Desperately Seeking Paradise II, 2010-11, UV print on aluminium and stainless steel, Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery page 6: Language Series 2, 2010-11, LightJet Print + DIASEC, Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery page 7: The STEP, 2010-11, UV Print on Aluminium, Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery

Image: Rashid Rana, Language Series 1, 2010-11, LightJet Print + DIASEC, Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery.


The public programme of film screenings, debates and talks developed for Rashid Rana’s exhibition, take contemporary Pakistan as its starting point. We explore contemporary Asian art and photography, and address the context and politics of Pakistan, the effect this has on creativity, and its impact and relationship globally. This season we have a special contribution from curator and writer, Shaheen Merali. Shaheen will lead three talks, each raising pertinent issues about the state of ease and unease within the contemporary international fold of art producers and their relationship to wider issues of reception and production. We also present projects by artists in our experiMENTOR programme, a creative development initiative that allows artists to experiment at all stages of their career, and to increase their skills and experiences. Details of all our current experiMENTORS are on our website. New Art Exchange also supports local creative initiatives by providing a launch pad for their projects. This season, regular community driven sessions such as BlackDrop and Kathak Dance are joined by the Stella Visual Film Club. Stella Vision is a new monthly film club run by a group of people who are passionate about films. The group aims to introduce world cinema to new audiences and to promote the best of British independent films that represent diverse communities. See for more information.

P8 / P9 NAE

Image: Rashid Rana, by Paul Greenwood

GALLERY WALK & TALKS Join the NAE team and other professionals to tour the show, learn more about the artistic themes, and share your opinions about the work.

Alternate Wednesdays at 1.30pm

Alternate Saturdays at 12pm

Wednesday 18 January Melanie Kidd, NAE Director of Programmes

Saturday 28 January Tasawar Bashir, NAE ExperiMENTOR and Artist

Wednesday 1 February Sarah Perks, Co-curator of Everything Is Happening At Once

Saturday 11 February Paul Gladston, Academic in Residence

Wednesday 15 February Sam Chambers, NAE Volunteer

Saturday 25 February Saira Lloyd, Independent Curator

Wednesday 29 February Lydia Coles, NAE Volunteer

Saturday 10 March Mervyn Mitchell, NAE experiMENTOR & Photographer

Wednesday 14 March Oliver Scutt, NAE Volunteer Wednesday 28 March Jenna Finch, NAE Volunteer Admission: FREE | Age range: All are welcome

Saturday 24 March Saima Masud, Clinical Psychologist Admission: FREE | Age range: All are welcome

Images courtesy Rashid Rana by Calvin Sit, Shaheen Merali by Katharina StîgmÅller, Shad Ali, Rashid Rana

LECTURES, Q&A, DEBATE As places are limited please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Saturday 14 January, 12pm – 2pm

Thursday 9 February, 7pm – 9pm

Rashid Rana in conversation with Shaheen Merali

Asia in the age of digital imagery Illustrated lecture with Q&A

A unique opportunity to hear internationally acclaimed artist Rashid Rana discussing his practice with Shaheen Merali. This insightful event, set within the intimate setting of our performance space, will reveal Rana’s personal perspectives on his exhibition, Everything Is Happening At Once.

Shaheen Merali explores the converging use of digital imagery by contemporary artists who live and work in Asia. This illustrated talk will examine the implications of aesthetic and socio-political constructions within the vast continent by examining five artists’ practices.

Admission: £4 (£3 concessions) Age range: All are welcome

Admission: £4 (£3 concessions) Age range: All are welcome

P10 / P11 NAE

Thursday 23 February, 6pm – 8pm

Thursday 1 March, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

VOCAL: Pakistan Zindabad

Paul Gladston: An introduction to contemporary Asian art

VOCAL broadcasts local voices and issues from the perspective of cultural commentators and activists. This season we bring together Tasawar Bashir (NAE ExperiMENTOR and creative agitator), Shad Ali (community activist and change agent), and Salma Yaqoob (media current affairs commentator and leader of the Respect Party). The panel will discuss issues facing the Pakistani community in the UK today, including: the impact of substance abuse amongst young Mirpuri boys/men; the impact of arranged marriages on children (where one partner has migrated from Mirpur); the low academic achievement amongst Mirpuri boys; the disproportionate number of young Muslims going into custody; and issues around ‘integration’. FREE | Age range: All are welcome

Rashid Rana is representative of the influential collective of artists who have emerged from the East since the 1990s and taken centre stage on the international arts platform. With the 21st century, dubbed the ‘Asian century’, the Asian art world has ‘boomed’ in line with the economic and political transformation of the East. NAE’s academic in residence, Paul Gladston, will cast light on the rise of the Asian artist and provide an accessible introduction to a range of key issues related to the production of contemporary art in Asian contexts. Through this illustrated lecture, Paul will draw comparisons between Rashid Rana’s work and the work of other Asian and Chinese artists. FREE | Age range: All are welcome

Image: Rashid Rana, by Paul Greenwood,

LECTURES, Q&A, DEBATE As places are limited please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Thursday 15 March, 7pm – 9pm

Saturday 24 March, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Self and other modes of censorship

VOCAL: NAE Annual Public Meeting

A small group discussion moderated by Shaheen Merali, with invited guests who have been touched by circumstances that sometimes defy logic, yet which, nevertheless, continue to be addressed in their public statements. Details of other speakers will be released in February via our website.

Join the NAE team for a complimentary lunch, a special performance, and the opportunity to find out about our future plans. We would also like you to share your ideas and views directly to our team.

Admission: £4 (£3 concessions) Age range: All are welcome

To book your slot please email FREE | Age range: All are welcome

P12 / P13 NAE

experiMENTOR ARTISTS’ PRESENTATIONS As places are limited please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Saturday 28 January, 2pm – 4pm

Thursday 8 March, 6pm

Thursday 29 March, 6pm

How to make a million dollar idea (workshop)

An Understudy (work in progress performance piece)

My Grandad’s Car (talk, discussion and video presentation)

Alia Pathan invites you to discuss the idea of art as work or labour to consider how we apply these definitions to our own making. Can we negotiate a value for an artwork based on how it was made and who the artist is? The workshop will consider authorship, intellectual property and immaterial labour as legitimate artistic production, and discuss the value we attach to this kind of working method.

In this performance piece, a narrator attends a group seminar as a proxy for Alia Pathan who is presenting her new work. The absent author becomes a character in the play, the narrator joins the audience and a critical, objective discussion space becomes acutely self-aware. Here, Alia Pathan will present new work dealing with artistic authorship as a way of authenticating an artwork and its original means of production.

After travelling to Pakistan and Nigeria, Sayed Hasan and Karl Obulo have set in motion the task of bringing their grandads’ cars to the UK. It has been a challenging journey for both artists so far, as they attempt to park their grandfathers’ cars side by side. This symbolic act expresses their feelings towards the complex issues of identity and cultural inheritance.

For more information see: experimentor

For more information see: experimentor

FREE Age range: All are welcome

FREE Age range: All are welcome

In this, the second part of their New Art Exchange talk series, they will discuss their on-going project in an upfront discussion and video presentation. For more information visit FREE Age range: All are welcome

FILM SCREENINGS As places are limited please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Thursday 19 January, 7pm

Slackistan (2010) 85 minutes. Dir: Hammad Khan Islamabad, Pakistan. A group of privileged and westernised twentysomething friends while away their days and nights driving around town, partying, surfing the internet and smoking shisha pipes. As the country outside their world starts to crack, Hasan and his friends must face up to relationships, internal angst and life choices before it is too late. The screening is followed by a Q & A session with the Director Hammad Khan. Admission: £4 (£3 concessions) Age range: All are welcome

Friday 20 January, 7pm – 8.45pm

On The Flats (A Stella Visual film club screening) 34 minutes followed by Q&A This documentary film, a result of a local history project led by the Partnership Council, explores and celebrates the fascinating history of the Hyson Green Flats, which were built in 1965 and demolished in 1988. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and produced in collaboration with The Partnership Council and Donkey Stone Films. This event is funded by the Partnership Council. Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Friday 10 February, 7.30pm

BOL Light Night screening 165 minutes. Dir: Shoaib Mansoor Start your Light Night with a delicious dinner in our twinkling, candle lit cafebar where fire artists will entertain you as you eat. Follow this with a screening of the second feature film from Director Shoaib Mansoor - BOL. BOL (roughly translated as Say, Tell or Speak) focuses on topics such as equality, transexualism, women’s emancipation , a patriarchal society and more. The entire story unveils in flashbacks as Zainab (Humaima Malick) narrates her life story to the media, minutes before being sentenced to death. This brilliant drama is also the debut of superstar Atif Aslam, and officially the highest grossing Pakistani film ever. Admission: £4 (£3 concessions) Age range: All (PG)

P14 / P15 NAE

Friday 17 February, 7.30pm – 11:30pm

Friday 16 March, 2pm

The Story of Lovers Rock A Stella Visual film club screening and ‘Lovers Rock’ Reggae session

The Lion Mountains: A journey through Sierra Leone’s history A Stella Visual film club screening

96 minutes. Dir: Menelik Shabazz

54 minutes. Dir: Louis Buckley

The Story of British Lovers Rock Reggae is told through live performances, comedy sketches, dance, interviews and archive; including music from leading reggae artists Janet Kay, Maxi Priest and UB40. Lovers Rock, often-dubbed ‘romantic reggae’, is a uniquely black British sound that developed in the late 70s and 80s against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems.

Louis Buckley a 25-year-old JamaicanEnglish man heads out to Sierra Leone to discover firsthand the country and its history. The documentary looks at pre-colonial Sierra Leone: the beginning of African & European trade; the effects of Western imperialism; and colonial rule. The soundtrack fuses hip-hop with reggae, and the film presents stunning landscape visuals.

Join us in the bar after the film for a ‘lovers rock’ reggae session. This event is supported by: Jamaican Ways Restaurant: and The Hubb Bar, facebook: facebook/thehubb294. Admission: £4.50 (£3 concession) Age Range: 12A

Admission: £3 (£2 concession) Age Range: 12A

PERFORMANCES - COMEDY, MUSIC, THEATRE, SPOKEN WORD As places are limited please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Saturday 11 February, 7pm – 9pm

Thursday 16 February, 7pm – 9pm

Kobo Town

Shazia Mirza: Live and In Conversation

Founded by Trinidadian Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves, Kobo Town is named after the historic neighbourhood in Port of Spain where calypso was born. The six piece outfit explore the rich lyrical tradition and compelling rhythms of calypso’s formative years - the age of the Roaring Lion, Mighty Spoiler, Lord Invader, King Radio and Attila the Hun. Kobo Town strive to demonstrate the contemporary relevance of their art by engaging the pressing concerns of our time. “Merging calypso, roots reggae, acoustic performance, dub studio techniques and Trinidadian / Jamaican cultures, Kobo Town is a unique, stylistic, transnational composite of rhythm, poetry and activist journalism.” Brent Hagerman, Exclaim! Admission: £9 (£8 concessions) Age range: All are welcome

Shazia Mirza, comedian and award winning columnist for the New Statesman and Guardian, will be joining us at NAE to deliver her stand-up comedy routine before talking about her perspective and journey with the NAE team. Shazia, who has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes and Have I Got News For You (BBC), could have married a rich man and lived in a mansion on The Bishops Avenue, with servants, bidets, and horses. But instead, she chose to drive up and down the country for as little as ten pounds, staying in dirty lurid bed and breakfasts, trying to make people laugh. She thought of giving up, but no Muslim man wants to marry her, now that’s she’s dabbled in jokes and ‘fingered a few white men on the 38 bus!’ “Her laconic one-liners represent something quite unique in modern comedy.” William Cook, The Guardian Admission: £9 (£8 concessions) Age Range: 16+

P16 / P17 NAE

Thursday 2 February & Thursday 5 April, 8pm

BlackDrop Hear vibrant spoken word performances by local artists. Performers of all ages and backgrounds share their dynamic words with tongue twisting poems, exploring life’s seven emotions. A great night out where you hear the impossibility of ideas translated through the art form of spoken word, performed with intensity and style in an intimate cafe setting. Admission: £3 (£2 concessions) Age Range: 18 +

Friday 23 March, 7pm

Thursday 5 April, 6.30pm

Adil Ray In Conversation

We Are Here

Actor, broadcaster, comedian and British Pakistani, Adil’s career began in 1994 in mainstream commercial radio, and has continued on through BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 4. Adil’s TV career includes the award winning Desi DNA (BBC2), numerous documentaries and the hugely popular Bellamy’s People (BBC2). In 2012 we will see Adil in his self created sitcom - Citizen Khan, for BBC1. The first ever Asian sitcom, it’s set in Sparkhill, Birmingham and revolves around a self-appointed Muslim community leader and his long suffering family.

YARD Theatre Company Performance Never failing to entertain and connect with their audience, YARD Theatre Company endeavours to push boundaries and challenge perceptions of theatre practice by incorporating music, dance, and art with physical theatre.

Adil talks about his varied career to date, his outlook and hopes for the future. A must see for any fan or anyone with an interest in working in the media.

We Are Here promises to be an innovative performance which mixes multi-media technology with visual theatre. The piece will respond to Rashid Rana’s exhibition and the participant’s own experiences of living in world dominated by TV, video games, internet and social media. How do these elements obscure our notion of reality? YARD will be collaborating virtually with the young people from Corby’s The Core theatre to create their production.

Admission: £8 (£6 concessions) Age range: All are welcome

Admission: £5 (£3 concessions) Age range: All are welcome


Saturday 21 January, 2pm – 4pm

Saturday 18 February, 2pm – 4pm

Lego Wonderland

Modern Origami

A workshop aimed at the youngest audience; we encourage children and families to take part in an enormous Lego building extravaganza. We will be using the Lego pieces to construct a giant maze of interesting design and imagination!

Calling on all families to explore how a two-dimensional image can be manipulated to create non-functional three-dimensional paper objects through the ancient art of origami with a modern twist.

Admission: FREE, but a donation to support the event would be appreciated. Age range: All (particularly suitable for 0-4 yrs, accompanied by an adult)

Admission: FREE, but a donation to support the event would be appreciated. Age range: All are welcome

Saturday 3 March, 2pm – 4pm

Recycled Sculpture Come along to explore how to create beautiful sculptures from everyday recycled materials. Admission: FREE, but a donation to support the event would be appreciated. Age range: All are welcome

P18 / P19 NAE

Saturday 17 March, 2pm – 4pm

Saturday 31 March, 2pm – 4pm

Photographic Mosaic

Camera Obscura

Let’s create a photographic mosaic with pictures taken by you! Come along to this workshop to take photographs using your mobile camera or a compact camera and contribute to the growing mosaic image.

Camera obscuras are simple optical projection devices, pre-dating the invention of photography! Using recycled materials and simple lenses, participants will be guided through building their own camera. Everyone will build a ‘box’ camera obscura to take home with them.

This session is led by Mervyn Mitchell, a Nottingham based photographic artist whose images have been exhibited in the UK and recently at the Qual Henry Jay, Saint-Louis, exhibition in Senegal. Mervyn is currently part of NAE’s experiMENTOR programme. Admission: FREE, but a donation to support the event would be appreciated. Age range: All are welcome

Admission: FREE, but a donation to support the event would be appreciated. Age range: All are welcome


Monday 13 February 10am – 1pm: 11 to 15 yrs 2pm – 5pm: 16 to 19 yrs

Blend! Pendulum, Kissy Sell Out, Krafty Kuts – Have you heard of them?! Blend Visuals have been performing live visuals for years, supporting the biggest names in dance culture with their live VJ performance. Come along and learn to VJ to YOUR favourite music. All ages welcome, no computer experience required. Admission: FREE

Tuesday 14 February 10am – 1pm: 11 to 16 yrs

Studio Photography How do you see yourself? How do you want others to see you? Come along and use professional photographic equipment to find out. Bring props, clothes, accessories if you want (although no pets please)! You will have a chance to be both model and photographer. No experience required. Admission: FREE

P20 / P21 NAE

Tuesday 14 February 2pm – 4pm: 11 to 15 yrs

Comedy Workshop Ever wondered why you laugh? Come along to the comedy workshop and find out what tickles your funny bone. Explore different ways to make people laugh and develop your comedic and performance skills. Admission: FREE

Wednesday 15 February 10am – 12pm: 11 to 15 yrs 1pm – 3pm: 16 to 19 yrs

Acrobalance and Clowning Learn how to mix comedy with acrobatic movement and balances in this fun session. Master your handstands or learn from scratch. Work up to using each other’s body weight to create exciting balances and counter balances. You will learn from experienced circus teachers in a fun environment and develop strength, flexibility and trust. So why not have a go? Admission: FREE


Monday 2 April 10am – 1pm: 11 to 15 yrs 2pm – 5pm: 16 to 19 yrs

Tuesday 3 April 10am – 1pm: 11 to 15 yrs 2pm – 5pm: 16 to 19 yrs


Pixelated Power: Graphic Art

Pendulum, Kissy Sell Out, Krafty Kuts – Have you heard of them!? Blend Visuals have been performing live visuals for years, supporting the biggest names in dance culture with their live VJ performance. Come along and learn to VJ to YOUR favourite music. All ages welcome, no computer experience required.

Pixelated Power is a creative workshop led by graphic artist Honey Williams, that will explore pixelated art inspired by the work of artist Rashid Rana. This workshop is a chance to create colourful striking mosaic wall pieces, collage, decoupage and mirror image art. Using a mixture of block printing, paint, magazines, newspapers, and illustration you will make a bold statement about your identity via your own unique art work.

Admission: FREE

Admission: FREE

P22 / P23 NAE

Wednesday 4 April 10am – 1pm: 11 to 15 yrs 2pm – 5pm: 16 to 19 yrs

Wednesday 11 April 10am – 1pm: 11 to 15 yrs 2pm – 5pm: 16 to 19 yrs

Language of Self dance workshop

Street Re-Seen

Exciting dance workshops designed to discover, encourage and create! In this insightful session Dwayne Antony will encourage you to respond through the body to the fantastic Rashid Rana exhibition. Designed to ignite a creative habit, this workshop is fantastic and fun for everyone.

In this workshop participants will work with photographic artist Sian Stammers to make a 3-D model of the street they see around them. They will work with different camera techniques, digital imaging software - using blur, colour and collage to create an inside out street sculpture using Rashid Rana’s exhibition as a starting point and source of inspiration.

Admission: FREE

Admission: FREE

Tuesday 10 April 10am – 1pm: 11 to 15 yrs 2pm – 5pm: 16 to 19 yrs

Behind the Veil of Photography Does photography tell us the truth? Is the reality sometimes distorted? Come and join us for a creative session that explores ideas of self presentation, heritage and identity through the use of photography, sound, collage and discussion. We will investigate the innovative artworks made by the artist Rashid Rana as a basis for this workshop. Admission: FREE

REGULAR WORKSHOPS YARD (Youth Arts Research and Development) is a creative hub for young people aged 11-25 where they develop skills as performers and creative producers. New members to the YARD groups are encouraged to attend on Tuesday 10th January in order to join the new season of activity.

YARD Theatre

Young People’s Panel

Kathak Dance

YARD Theatre is a peer-led young actors company who meet twice a week and take part in a variety of theatre master classes.

Made up of 15-25 year olds who are passionate about visual and performing arts, these sessions provide insight and experience of working within a creative organisation. The panel meet monthly to vision and shape the Youth Programme at NAE.

Participants are required to pay for the full 10 week run of classes at the start of the season. Beginners may also come along for an individual taster day, £5 adults (£3 concessions) per week.

Yard is currently looking for young people aged 11-14 years old to take part in the new exciting theatre collaboration with Corby Youth Theatre. Places are limited so please contact NAE as soon as possible to secure one of the six remaining places on this project. Every Tuesday from 5pm aged 15+, Wednesday from 5pm for 11-14 year olds.

These monthly sessions are held on a Tuesday, 5pm – 7pm and will take place on the following dates: 10, 24 January, 7, 21 February, 6 March and 3 of April.

Vina Ladwa of Manushi Dance will work with the group to develop their skills in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak. The workshops will break down the classical style to create a language of movements with the participants, representing an identity rooted in two cultures. 12pm - 2pm Intermediate to advanced classes 2pm - 3pm Beginners classes Admission: £5 adults (£3 concessions) per week Age range: All are welcome

P24 / P25 NAE



April 2012

Hetain Patel It’s a pleasure to welcome back Hetain Patel to New Art Exchange this April through the launch of a major national touring exhibition of new and existing works in photography and video. Following the success of ‘To Dance Like Your Dad’ here in 2009, NAE has continued to observe and support Hetain’s dynamic and engaging practice. Over the last three years he has persistently challenged the conventions of visual arts practice through incorporating video, sound, photography, live art, performance and dance. Continually stretching the limitations of his work, Hetain’s experimental approach has provoked critical reflection and interest from the sector, and ensured an ever-increasing profile in the UK and beyond. This major touring solo exhibition will take in major arts institutions here and abroad, representing a significant moment in Hetain’s career. Ahead of the British tour, selected works will show at Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai, India in January before the exhibition is premiered in full at NAE this April.

Paul Gladston Paul Gladston, published author and Associate Professor of Critical Theory and Contemporary Visual Cultures at the University of Nottingham, joins us as NAE’s Academic in Residence from January 2012. During his time with us, as well as reflecting on Rashid Rana’s exhibition through the public programme, Paul will seek to develop ambient circumstances for critical interaction between artists, curators and audiences.

Photographs by Bartosz Kali, Ashok Mistry, David Sillitoe, UrBen Media

SPACES FOR HIRE AT NAE Meeting, conference or away day? We have the perfect space for you, with a wide range of facilities, in-house catering and multi-media support. A comprehensively-equipped and versatile venue, we can fully cater to your organisations’ needs. All our spaces benefit from natural light and are ideal for creative thinking! For more information please contact the Bookings Team on or 0115 924 8630

WHO’S IN THE KITCHEN? This season guest chef Zarina Iqbal will extend the Pakistani flavour of Rashid Rana’s exhibition into the café with a delicious dish developed especially for the exhibition. Originally from Lahore (Pakistan) Zarina joins the NAE café team, Steve, Ben and Treasa, in making Zarda / Mithae Chaul (Sweet Rice from the Punjab region) and more dishes for your enjoyment!

P26 / P27 NAE


By car


We are approximately 7 minutes away from the city centre by tram, which run every 5 / 10 minutes in and out of town. Whichever direction you’re travelling in, get off at ‘The Forest’ stop and walk towards the traffic crossing. We are the big black building across the road.

From the city centre: Leave the city centre via Mansfield Road / A60 following signs for M1 Mansfield. At both subsequent roundabouts take the first exit on to A6130 (signposted M1, Matlock A610). Go forward passing the Forest Recreation Ground on your left. Cross over the tramlines and New Art Exchange is on your right.

The building and facilities are fully accessible on most levels. We have parking spaces available for people with disabilities at the rear of the building, just off Noel Street.For access to these spaces, simply call us on 0115 924 8630 to arrange.

By bus

From the North or South: M1, at junction 26, take the A610 exit to Nottingham, and continue straight over subsequent roundabout and traffic lights. Take a slight left at A6130, and you will be on Gregory Boulevard. Go past the Mary Potter Centre on your right and the traffic lights, New Art Exchange lies on your left.

Bus services 78, 79, 80, 81 & L12 all travel from Nottingham City Centre to Gregory Boulevard. Get off at Gregory Boulevard and walk towards the Forest Recreation Ground. We are across from ‘The Forest’ stop on the tramline, next to Hyson Green Library.

There is free parking available on Gregory Boulevard and nearby.

Cycling It takes about 10 minutes to cycle to us from the city centre using the city’s cycle lanes or following the tram route. We have bike racks at the side of the building.

Community group tours and workshops Please contact New Art Exchange to book a group tour, or to take part in a workshop with your community group. We can cater for all ages, please get in touch on

This brochure is available in large text, audio and other formats. If you would like it in a different format, please get in touch with us. Please note: All information is correct at the time of going to press. Whilst every effort will be made to keep to the programme, it may be necessary to make changes with or without notice. New Art Exchange apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Noel Street

Hyson Green Market

Towards Town / Mansfield Road

New Art Exchange is proud to be a part of

The Forest

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Young People’s Panel Everything Is Happening At Once Shaheen Merali in conversation with Rashid Rana Walk & Talk with Melanie Kidd Slackistan (2010) On The Flats Lego Wonderland Young People’s Panel Walk & Talk with Tasawar Bashir How to make a million dollar idea Walk & Talk with Sarah Perks BlackDrop Young People’s Panel Asia in the age of digital imagery BOL: Light Night special screening Walk & Talk with Paul Gladston Kobo Town Blend! Studio Photography Comedy Workshop Acrobalance and Clowning Walk & Talk with Sam Chambers Shazia Mirza: Live and In Conversation The Story of Lovers Rock Modern Origami Young People’s Panel VOCAL: Pakistan Zindabad Walk & Talk with Saira Lloyd Walk & Talk with Lydia Coles Paul Gladston: An introduction to contemporary Asian art Recycled Sculpture Young People’s Panel An Understudy Walk & Talk with Mervyn Mitchell Walk & Talk with Oliver Scutt Self and other modes of censorship The Lion Mountains: A journey through Sierra Leone’s history Photographic Mosaic Adil Ray In Conversation Walk & Talk with Saima Masud VOCAL: NAE Annual Public Meeting Walk & Talk with Jenna Finch My Grandads’ Car Camera Obscura Blend! Pixelated Power: Graphic Art Young People’s Panel Language of Self dance workshop We Are Here BlackDrop Behind the Veil of Photography Street Re-Seen

5pm 6pm 12pm 1.30pm 7pm 7pm 2pm 5pm 12pm 2pm 1.30pm 8pm 5pm 7pm 7.30pm 12pm 7pm 10am & 2pm 10am 2pm 10am & 1pm 1.30pm 7pm 7.30pm 2pm 5pm 6pm 12pm 1.30pm 7.15pm 2pm 5pm 6pm 12pm 1.30pm 7pm 2pm 2pm 7pm 12pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 6pm 2pm 10am & 2pm 10am & 2pm 5pm 10am & 2pm 6.30pm 8pm 10am & 2pm 10am & 2pm

YARD Open Forum Launch Event Artist Talk Gallery Tour Film screening and Q&A A Stella Visual Film Club screening and Q&A Family Friendly workshop YARD Open Forum Gallery Tour Community workshop Gallery Tour Spoken Word / Poetry YARD Open Forum Illustrated lecture with Q&A Film screening Gallery Tour Live Music Performance Half Term workshop Half Term workshop Half Term workshop Half Term workshop Gallery Tour Comedy Performance A Stella Visual film club screening Family Friendly workshop YARD Open Forum Panel Discussion with Q&A Gallery Tour Gallery Tour Illustrated lecture with Q&A Family Friendly workshop YARD Open Forum Performance piece Gallery Tour Gallery Tour Interactive discussion A Stella Visual film club screening Family Friendly workshop Comedy / Artist Talk Gallery Tour Public Meeting / Feedback Session Gallery Tour Talk, discussion and video presentation Family Friendly workshop Easter workshop Easter workshop YARD Open Forum Easter workshop Theatre Performance Spoken Word / Poetry Easter workshop Easter workshop

YARD Theatre Kathak Dance Class

5pm 10am

Theatre workshop Classical Indian Dance

Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge the financial support New Art Exchange has received from our Funders and Partners. Revenue Funding

39-41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6BE

Capital Funders

Gallery Opening Times Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday Closed Please note we are closed on Bank Holidays

T: 0115 924 8630 E: W:

Registered Charity No. 1121755, Company No. 04899786 Registered in England & Wales

NAE Brochure: January – April 2012  

Featuring Rashid Rana's exhibition, Everything Is Happening At Once

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