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Image Credits: Front Cover: J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, Abebe, 1975, gelatin silver print © J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere. Courtesy Galerie MAGNIN-A, Paris.



How do you wear your hair? Welcome to Autumn at NAE. A photographic exhibition by J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere launches in the main gallery with his themes and concepts resonating throughout the season. Coinciding with Black History Month we reflect on history, tradition, culture and ritual, aiming to unlock its relevance in shaping our contemporary lifestyle.

Sardul Gill, the 2012 NAE Nottingham Castle Open prize winner, presents new works inspired by the cosmos and spirituality. Rising star Nadim Chaudry, features at Asian Triennial Manchester, and NAE hosts a pop-up exhibition featuring the story of entrepreneur George Africanus who settled in Nottingham in the mid-18th century .

Widely regarded as one of the greatest 20th century African photographers, Ojeikere earned international acclaim through his Hairstyles series, on display at New Art Exchange as part of a new Hayward Touring exhibition. The black and white portraits of women’s hair identify, document and archive, what seem to be impossible works of art in their own right. The hairstyles photographed offer a myriad of reasons, rituals and narratives in Nigerian culture. We are also looking forward to working with Ben Harriott, Rachel Young and Richard Houguez in our pop-up hair salon, and engaging with local communities and barber shop.

The Nottingham arts and cultural scene is buzzing, weaving neatly into our season. There are many debates, discussions, film screenings, multilingual guided gallery tours and artist occupations. We feature live performances by saxophonist Jesse Bannister, rhythm machine Bernhard Schimpelsberger and poetry from Yusus Afari and Daljit Nagra. We also launch our very own Craft & Culture: Family Festival Day containing a Nubian Market and, as ever, we provide a programme for young people and families with a special feature, ‘Weave.’

The wider exhibitions programme features both new and established voices including Said Adrus, who explores forgotten memories and histories from WW1, and

I look forward to seeing you at NAE over the season.

Entangle yourselves with us, by exploring history and culture through the prism of Art.

Skinder Hundal

Image right: J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, Modern Suku, 1979, gelatin silver print © J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere. Courtesy Galerie MAGNIN-A, Paris.



LAUNCH EVENT: FRIDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2014, 6PM – 9PM Hairstyles and Headdresses presents the work of Nigerian photographer J.D. ´Okhai Ojeikere, widely regarded as one of the greatest African photographers of the 20th century. Ojeikere earned international acclaim through this collection, a series of beautifully composed black and white photographs that capture the elaborately sculpted hair of Ojeikere’s fellow countrywomen. ‘There are hundreds of ethnic groups in Nigeria, each with its own language, traditions and as many different hairstyles… The hairstyles are never exactly the same; each one has its own beauty...’ J.D. ´Okhai Ojeikere

This personal project began in 1968 and grew to encompass 1,000 photographs taken over 40 years – only reaching its conclusion following the artist’s death earlier this year. The series simultaneously celebrates hairstyling as a monumental yet ephemeral art form and represents an extensive visual archive reflecting Nigerian cultural traditions.


Image credit: J.D. ´Okhai Ojeikere, Checheezeagu, 2005, gelatin silver print © J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere. Courtesy Galerie MAGNIN-A, Paris.


Utilising both street and studio photography, Ojeikere meticulously documented the many different fashions and nuanced meanings of his subject matter. These ever-evolving hair designs symbolised key life events such as weddings or birthdays, and often denoted social status – with unique family hairstyles being passed down through generations. The styles became known by their nicknames, which emerged from either their geographic area, or from the natural and manmade forms they imitated including pineapples, crabs, suspension bridges or tower blocks. To Ojeikere, the hairstyles celebrate uniqueness, imagination and tradition.

the Hairstyle series against the backdrop of immense social and cultural change following post-colonisation Nigeria.

To preserve the rich heritage, Ojeikere labelled each photograph with the hairstyle’s place of origin, meaning, name and its history. This archival approach relates to the artist’s photojournalist background, setting

J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere: Hairstyles and Headdresses is a Hayward Touring exhibition from Southbank Centre, London. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Galerie MAGNIN-A, Paris.

Alongside the J.D. ´Okhai Ojeikere Hairstyles collection, we present two new commissions by artists who have responded to the theme of the main exhibition in a local context (see page 7). The outcomes from these research-based projects will feature in the pop-up hair salon adjacent to Ojeikere’s exhibition. Learn more about Ojeikere’s work by connecting with our programme of free gallery tours, panel discussions, presentations, film-screening and creative family workshops.

Image credit: Ben Harriott.



27 September 2014 – 11 January 2015

22 November 2014 – 11 January 2015

Ben Harriott

Rachael Young & Richard Houguez: Crowns of Confidence

Launch Event : Friday 26 September, 6pm – 9pm Pop-up hair salon (ground floor) Ben Harriott is driven to explore and celebrate the cultural richness of minority communities in Britain, and to create a platform for their documentation and representation. Through the lens of his camera, he seeks to reveal the unseen and little-known. For this research-based commission, Harriott has spent time in the West Indian barbershops of the Hyson Green and Radford Road areas of Nottingham. Looking beyond the service of cutting hair, Harriott will explore the alternative functions of the all-male, West Indian barbershop to reveal the complexity of these environments and to understand the role they play in shaping the lives of those that frequent them.

Launch Event: Saturday 22 November, 3.30pm – 5pm Pop-up hair salon (ground floor) Performance artist Rachael Young and self-taught hairdresser Richard Houguez will set up a hairstyling laboratory in NAE’s pop-up hair salon. Here, working with a range of voluntary participants, they will use the process of hairstyling to explore the cultural significance of hair and the role persona plays in hairdressing. The artists’ hair salon workshops will take place 8, 9, 15 and 16 November, 10am–5pm. Participants will reflect on the significance of their current styling choices and create a hairstyle that reflects their own Crown of Confidence. Want to get involved? Contact Roshni@nae.org.uk. The results of the Crowns of Confidence research project will be shared in the popup salon from 22 November. Young and Houguez’s project at NAE builds on their ongoing Intersections commission with Primary, Nottingham.

Image credit left and right: Bartosz Kali.


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Discover NAE’s exhibitions through a FREE gallery tour:

Friday 24 October

Saturday 11 October, 12pm BSL gallery tour for visitors with hearing impairments. See page 11 for details.

Dir: Andy Mundy-Castle

Saturday 18 October, 12pm Arabic and Farsi gallery tour, delivered by Mohammed Elzohiry and Armindokht Shooshtari, NAE team members

Screening: 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Saturday 25 October, 12pm Ben Harriott, Exhibiting Artist Saturday 1 November, 12pm Honey Williams, Artist and Founder of Pickyheads Saturday 15 November, 12pm Spanish gallery tour, delivered by Laura Hervas Tuesday 2 December, 12pm Verbal Imaging gallery tour for the blind and visually impaired. See page 11 for details.

Tea, Talk and a Tasty Treat Fancy a relaxing and stimulating afternoon for you and your group? We will provide a free informal tour of our art exhibitions, complimentary tea and delicious treat sized cakes to enjoy in our café. Get in contact to find out more.

The Fade (2012) Introductory Panel Discussion: 7pm – 7.30pm Exhibiting Artist Richard Houguez will be in conversation with Creative Producer Roshni Belakavadi to draw parallels between the spaces depicted in the film and barber shops within Hyson Green. The conversation will draw upon the two research-based commissions presented in the main gallery (see page 7 for more details) and Houguez’s wider artistic practice. The Fade presents an exclusive window into the lives of four barbers, including Johnny “Cakes” Castellanos; responsible for styling the likes of hip-hop’s icons, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams. The observational film seamlessly transports us between Accra, London, New Jersey and Kingston drawing on common themes of identity, business, masculinity and culture. Admission: £5.00 (£3.00 concession) Age range: 12A

Image credit left: J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, Onile Gogoro or Akaba, 1975, gelatin silver print. Courtesy Galerie MAGNIN-A, Paris. Right: Aida Muluneh.

Thursday 13 November, 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Saturday 22 November, 12pm – 2pm

J.D. `Okhai Ojeikere: Geometry, Repetition and Form

Untangling the Politics of Black Hair

Hansi Momodu-Gordon is a curator, writer and cultural producer. As Assistant Curator at Tate Modern, she works on exhibitions, commissions and supports the research and development of Art from Africa and its Diaspora within the Tate collection.

How do you wear your hair? Why?


Does popular culture propagate an unrealistic, Eurocentric ideal of beauty? What impact is this having on young people today?

Looking beyond the social commentary of the Hairstyles images, Momodu-Gordon will also address the aesthetic value of Ojeikere’s images and consider how the artist chooses the subject of the hairstyle to explore geometry, abstraction, repetition and form within the photographic frame.

NAE hosts a panel discussion chaired by Hannah Pool, Chair of UKFeminista, published author and journalist (The Guardian, The Times, Grazia.) Taking the political and cultural significance of black hair as our starting point, the panel – artists, cultural commentators, academics and activists – will discuss the relationship between hair and post-colonialist beauty ideals, and the impact this has had on perceptions of identity. Local young people will lead a discussion around how popular culture is influencing the next generation’s sense of self-worth. The event will also explore how we can begin to eradicate negative reinforcement and promote positive experiences. Join us to share your views and play a key part in moving the debate forward. Further panel members will be announced soon.

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

This illustrated talk will provide audiences with a deeper insight into Ojeikere’s fascinating practice. Momodu-Gordon will draw parallels between the artist’s Hairstyles collection, and his lesser known photographs depicting the architecture and built environment of Nigeria over the past 50 years. The image shown above, for example, is of a hairstyle designed to represent and commemorate the rebuilding of Eko Bridge, Lagos, in the 1970s, and was popularly named after the bridge by its wearers and makers.

Image credit left: Sardul Gill, right: Said Adrus.


17 September – 2 November

8 November – 11 January

Dark Matter: Sardul Gill

Recaptured 2014

Launch Event: Tuesday 16 September, 5.30pm – 8pm

Launch Event: Saturday 8 November 6pm – 8pm

Dark Matter brings together a collection of new work by Sardul Gill which are stimulated by the artist’s fascination with nature and theories related to energy and chaos. Works include black and white abstract paintings, monoprints, and an installation made from found objects. Sardul Gill won the NAE Award at the Nottingham Castle Open in 2012 and this exhibition has emerged as part of that prize.

Lost memories and histories are captured in the new media installation by British artist Said Adrus. At the centre of this exhibition is the forgotten contribution of Indian soldiers during the First World War, a subject matter that Adrus has been working on over the past eight years. Coinciding with the WW1 centenary, the exhibition pays homage to this lost chapter in history. Said Adrus work explores global issues about the diaspora communities and the notion of Britishness in contemporary society.

Talk: Prior to the launch event, writer François Matarasso will join the artist for an informal conversation about his exhibition and wider work. Arrive by 4.45pm to join this session. Monoprints workshop, 11 October 2014, 12pm – 2pm: In this innovative workshop led by Sardul Gill, participants will learn how to create monoprints inspired by his exhibition. The session is free, suitable for all abilities, and includes light refreshment.

Talk: During the exhibition launch, Adrus will be joined by Amna Mallik to discuss the wider research around this project. Amna Malik is Senior Lecturer in Art History and Theory, at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Arrive by 7pm to join this free session (suitable for all ages.)

Continuing from last season, Our History – Our Story: Polish Heritage in the East Midlands is on display in the Central Gallery until 19 October.

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Image credit: Mohamed Elnahhas.


Our access programme engages diverse audiences of different abilities and needs with our exhibitions and events. Please contact Bethan@nae.org.uk for more information or to book a place for you or your group.

Thursday 27 November 10.30am & 1.30pm

Body as Canvas Specialist organisation First Movement are back! Experts in delivering creative experiences for adults with learning disabilities, this season they have collaborated with colleagues in Australia to create the SMALL WORLD project. Participants will create their own life-sized paper bags and use digital projections, movement, and sound to bring them to life. Admission: FREE (advanced booking required) Age range: 16+

Saturday 11 October, 12pm

Tuesday 2 December, 12pm

BSL Gallery Tour

Verbal Imaging Gallery Tour

Visitors with hearing impairments are invited to join us for a gallery tour delivered in British Sign Language (BSL). The tour, led by a member of the NAE team and a fully qualified interpreter, will communicate the ideas and themes within the exhibition. Participants will be able to pose questions and express their opinion of the work on show. Admission: FREE (advanced booking required) Age range: All are welcome

Jeanne Roberts, Arts Development Officer at My Sight Nottinghamshire, will deliver a specialist gallery tour suitable for blind and visually impaired visitors. Jeanne will be using verbal descriptions to help participants form an internal visualisation of the exhibits. Admission: FREE (advanced booking required) Age range: All are welcome

Image credit left and right: Glenis Williams.


Our exhibition by leading Nigerian photographer J. D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere marks the start of Black History Month (BHM) at NAE. As well as the events connected to the exhibition (see page 8 – 9) we have created an additional programme in partnership with local people and organisations. The BHM programme intends to explore and celebrate black culture and history in fun and informative ways. Friday 17 October 6.30pm – 11pm

Saturday 25 October 8pm – 11pm

Monday 27 October 7.30pm – 9pm

DREAM presents... Urban Expression

The Power in Poetry

Afrovibes at NAE

Poetry can motivate, inspire and create connections on so many different levels. Join Jamaican born ‘More Culture,’ Yusus Afari, and other spoken word artists as they share their words of wisdom and humorous anecdotes from Jamaica’s rich and diverse culture.

Elusive Spring – Rehearsed Reading Directed by Kate Stafford

6.30pm – 8.30pm Suitable for families and participants under 16yrs 8.30pm – 11.00pm Suitable for participants over 16yrs. In this open talent showcase, see the best urban talent in Nottingham. Calling all MCs, DJs, singers, dancers, poets, filmmakers and actors-it’s your time to take the stage! To perform contact Syreeta, DREAM, on 07583900917 or nottingham@dreamtalent. co.uk by 10 October at the latest. Admission: Adults £2.00, 11–18yrs £1.00  (FREE to under 11yrs and performers) Age range: All are welcome

Admission: £10.00 (£8.00 concession) Family ticket £20.00 (2 adults 2 children) Age range: All are welcome

Box office: Lakeside Arts Centre, University of Nottingham, 0115 846 7379 Elusive Spring is a political thriller set in post-colonial Africa. It interweaves a series of stories, reflecting the impending threat and dark undercurrents of a rotten system. There will be an opportunity to discuss the play in a Q&A session hosted by Theatre Performer and Writer Sooree Pillay after the readings. Age range: 12yrs + Admission: FREE

Image credits left: Florian Jenkins, Malcolm X mural, Dartmouth College, 1972. Right: Mike Sapiecha Photography.

12 / 13

Tuesday 28 October 6pm – 7.30pm

Thursday 30 October 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Friday 31 October 9pm – 11pm

Malcolm X in Britain

Black Hidden Histories

Ram One and the Ites Band

This lecture on race, immigration and the transatlantic civil rights movement is presented in association with University of Nottingham, American & Canadian Studies Department. Stephen Tuck, Lecturer in American History at University of Oxford, will describe Malcolm X’s culturally influential visits to Britain in the 1960 exploring issues of Black Power, the end of empire, British race relations, immigration, and student rights.

Black Hidden Histories is an exciting opportunity to share little known gems of knowledge from the past in a community talent show. Join us as we invite a local gospel choir to raise the roof as they share echoes of sacred spirituals. In memory of the great writer Maya Angelou, we have brought together a collective of local black writers to showcase their work during the event.

To mark the last day of Black History Month, Ram One and the Ites have teamed up to launch their new partnership. Two generations of modern black history in Nottingham unite, celebrating the youth and context of Ram One and the pioneering history of the Ites- the musicians behind the reggae greats The Natural-Ites.

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome To book, please visit www.tuck.eventbrite.co.uk

If you want to share your histories or talents, please contact Glenis@nae.org.uk. Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

Continuing the themes of Black History Month, in November a pop-up exhibition at NAE describes the story of the first known black person to live in Nottingham, George Africanus. See page 21 for details.

Image credit left: Frank G Brody.


Tuesday 16 September

Sunday 19 October

Wednesday 5 November

7.30pm – 8.45pm

7.30pm – 9.30pm

7.30pm – 9pm

Rhythm Diaries: Solo Percussion by Bernhard Schimpelsberger

Ramayana Retold

British-Austrian drummer Bernhard Schimpelsberger is a rhythmic visionary who has unified the percussion traditions of India and the West. In Rhythm Diaries, Bernhard takes his audience on an exciting voyage through melody and rhythm, weaving together stories of his extensive travels, encounters with many great musicians and how these influences have shaped his personal journey today. Age range: All are welcome Admission: £5.00 (£4.00 concession)

Presented in association with Writing East Midlands and Jay Bird as part of the Nottingham Festival of Words. When poet Daljit Nagra was a boy in the 1970s, his relatives told him stories of Rama’s quest to rescue his wife Sita from her abduction by Raavana, Lord of the Underworld. Versions of these stories – The Ramayana – have enchanted audiences across the Eastern world for 1000s of years. Daljit’s adaptation (published recently by Faber) is retold for a modern multi-cultural, multi-faith audience. Admission: £10.00 (£7.00 concession) Age range: 11yrs+

l! Diwali Specia

Bonfire Night Special: Outdoor Projection Look beyond the Forest Recreation Ground fireworks this Bonfire night for an alternative outdoor visual spectacle at NAE! An innovative digital artwork, created by our collective of resident artists and architects, will be projected on the outside of the NAE building. Ensure you pass by to pick up some warming winter refreshments and to feast your eyes on this visual treat. Admission: FREE Age range: All are welcome

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Image credit left: Almeida, right: Mohammed Elzohiry.

Friday 14 November

Monday 24 November

Friday 12 December

7.30pm – 9.15pm Interval: 8.15pm – 8.30pm

5pm – 6pm

7pm – 7.45pm: Open Mic. 8pm – 8.45pm: Headlining Act

Play Out UK’s leading Indo-Jazz Saxophonist Jesse Bannister performs with his new quartet, featuring MOBO award winning pianist Zoe Rahman, highly acclaimed drummer Eddie Hick, and groove infused baselines by the highly original and talented, Kenny Higgins. This powerful and uplifting performance features tracks from Jesse’s long awaited new album Play Out. “An intricate and evocative fusion of Jazz and Indian music” Jazz FM Admission: £10.00 (£7.00 concession) Age range: All are welcome

Navrasa: Healthy Creative Movements with Older People Funded by Big Lottery, Manushi Dance have collaborated with care homes in Nottingham to deliver South Asian dance workshops for older people. During this showcase, participants will present their own stories developed with techniques borrowed from the traditional storytelling of Navrasa (Nine Moods). Admission: FREE Age Range: All are welcome

Live @ NAE Presented in association with Cultural Vibrations Join the festivities in our regular open mic nighttake part or just enjoy the best of Nottingham’s local music scene. Headlining the evening is Nottingham-born singer/songwriter Monique, who combines her powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and a fantastic vocal range to present a mixture of old school soul and modern R&B. Hosted by music promoter, Rastarella Falade. You can sign up for Open Mic from 6pm onwards on the day. Please note that there will not be any backlines provided. Admission: £4.00 (£3.00 concession, FREE entrance for those who sign up for open mic) Age range: All are welcome

Image credit right: Mohammed Elzohiry.


Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

We want families and young people to get involved in the arts! Our programme for young people and families combines creativity, learning and fun, to build artistic skills and to encourage a greater understanding of the arts and our exhibitions. Pick up our special guide for young people and families for full details.

Family Friendly Workshops: WEAVE! Led by local textile artist, Ali Brusby, this season we will be making wall hangings using all manners of textiles. Taking our inspiration from the main exhibition, we look at hair and portraiture to make artworks of our own. We will then sew them all together to make a beautiful collage!

Holiday Programme: Half Term Dance Workshops Tuesday 21 October – Friday 24 October 10am – 2pm Jay Pollitt returns to NAE in this exciting half-term workshop, where participants create their own dance performance pieces. We look at appearance and reality, using movement as well as costume design to explore the idea of worlds outside and inside ourselves. There will be a sharing of the work on the last day. Age range: 7 – 11yrs Admission: FREE

Saturday 4 October 1pm – 4pm

Sewing Machine Embroidery Suggested age range: 8yrs – 16yrs Saturday 11 October 1pm – 4pm

Confetti Fabric Collages Suggested age range: 8yrs – 16yrs Saturday 18 October 1pm – 4pm

Wet Felt Fun

Age range: All are welcome (smaller children will need adult supervision) Saturday 25 October 1pm – 4pm

Needle, Felt and Stitch

Suggested age range: 8yrs – 16yrs Saturday 8 November 1pm – 4pm

Painted Patterns

Age range: All are welcome (smaller children will need supervision) Admission: FREE

ecial ive gift in a sp Create a fest vember. No 29 ay Saturd workshop on r details See page 2 fo

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Photo credit left and right: Bartosz Kali.

9 September – 26 November

Wednesday 26 November

Tuesdays, 5pm – 7pm (fun drama sessions for 7 – 11yrs)

6pm – 7.30pm

Wednesdays, 5pm – 7pm (performance skills session for 11 – 16yrs)

YARD Young People’s Theatre Have fun and learn performance skills with our YARD programme. These weekly sessions develop theatre and drama abilities, exploring movement and developing original and devised texts. On Tuesdays we play games using drama and dance, and in our Wednesday sessions participants develop performance skills. There will be more excursions to see theatre pieces, weekend workshops where participants craft their own set and costume, as well as having lots of fun working towards a performance at the end. Throughout the season, young people will have the option to earn the nationally recognised Arts Award qualification. They will create a portfolio of work and receive a certificate from Trinity College, London, on completion. Please note parental/legal guardian permission is required for all participants. Admission: FREE Please contact Sooree@nae.org.uk for further details, or pop in for a chat!

YARD Young People’s Theatre presents: Deeper… and other stories Using devised and original work, our young performers find new meanings in some of the work they have created over the year. We revisit Endgame, A Drop in the Ocean, and other previous YARD productions, exploring how we can reinterpret, lighting design, soundscapes, set and costume, and continue to push the boundaries of performance! There will also be a presentation of some of the work produced as part of Arts Award. Admission: £4.00 (£3.00 concession) Age range: All are welcome

Photo credit left to right: Richard Kensington, A. Ibrahim Traore, Bartosz Kali, Mohammed Elzohiry.


Singing for The Orishas 7 September, 5 October, 9 November 1pm – 4pm

Songs from the Afro-Cuban tradition of Santeria will be taught by Daniela De Armas from The London Lucumi Choir, accompanied by the Batá drums of The Axis Trio. Join in, learn and enjoy singing together. Please contact Richard Kensington on 07957209930, richardkensi@hotmail.com for bookings and queries. Admission: £10.00 (£5.00 concession) per session Age range: Under 16’s should be accompanied by an adult

Kathak Dance

Sunday 14 September

Moving with Meaning Nottingham based Creative, Victoria Munro, programmes a day to dance, develop and dream. Her installation, Beneath the Sun’s Song, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, directly precedes the workshop. Acogny Dance Technique Workshop + Q&A 12.30pm – 3pm Alesandra Seutin will lead this Contemporary African Dance Workshop. Accompanied by Musicians Mohamed Gueye and Dembis Thioung. Admission: £10.00 (£8.00 concession) Age range: 16yrs+

Every Saturday from 4th October

ADAD Trailblazer Surgery

Beginners and children (6 years +): 10am – 11am Advanced: 11am – 12.30pm

Professional Development Session

Kathak is one of the eight classical dances from India that has strong emphasis on rhythm, footwork, expression and grace. Join Vina Ladwa, a trained Kathak dance artist, choreographer and tutor for this 8 week course. Please call NAE in advance to confirm class details.

Find out how The Association of Dance of the African Dispora’s Trailblazer Bursary can support your artistic practice.

Admission: £40.00 (£32.00 concessions) for the full 8 week course £6.00 (£4.00 concessions) for each session paid separately

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Admission: FREE Age range: 16yrs+

18 / 19


NAE’s Annual Public Meeting

Spaces for Hire

Saturday 25 October, 12pm – 3pm

Inspire creative thinking during your conference or away day, or give your next social or celebratory function the edge by hosting it in one of the nation’s leading contemporary arts spaces. Just minutes away from the city centre by tram, our spaces provide an inspiring environment for presentations, meetings or workshops. Contact Bookings@nae.org.uk for more information.

NAE invites you to learn more about the organisation, discover forthcoming opportunities, and share your views about our work. Join a discussion with the staff team, NAE’s collaborators, and take part in a fun creative break-out session. A complimentary buffet and a special performance will also be available to all participants. Admission: FREE (advance booking is advised) Age range: All are welcome

International Week of Peace at NAE Thursday 25 September 1pm – 4pm

Join Faiths in Action in exploring different faith and cultural understandings of peace and human dignity. There will be creative activities and discussions with local speakers. Led by the women’s group, this event is organised in partnership with NAE and Antonia Zenkevitch MA, who has worked locally and internationally within interfaith organisations developing peace initiatives. Age range: All are welcome (Women only event) Admission: FREE

Café Visit our café/lounge and enjoy locally sourced home cooked food, a full range of hot and cold world cuisine, freshly filtered coffee, teas, speciality beers, wines and spirits. Set within our award-winning building and featuring commissioned artwork, the sun-filled café is a great place to eat, meet up with friends or hold a business meeting.

Images from left to right: Mohamed Elnahhas Bartosz Kali, Nadim Chaudry, anonymous.



Community at NAE

Are you looking to improve your skills and employability whilst giving back to the community? We are constantly looking for people to volunteer as gallery invigilators, events assistants and more! For more information or to apply please contact volunteer@nae.org.uk.

We welcome opportunities to work with new groups and to make links with new audiences. If you would like to work more closely with NAE or have a project that you would like to develop, please contact Glenis@nae.org.uk.

Learning at NAE Our Learning programme offers a variety of experiences to suit your school or college. We offer a range of educational resources and curriculum linked activities, creative learning opportunities and self- led sessions, all free of charge. To find out more contact Glenis@nae.org.uk.

Artist Occupations The Occupations Programme is an opportunity for local artists, groups and organisations to animate the space at NAE. Do you have a creative event, workshop or pop-up exhibition you want to share with the community? If so, contact Roshni@nae.org.uk.


Academic in Residence: Tasawar Bashir

ExperiMentor is a support programme for creative practitioners which provides the space and time and resources for research and development. This seasons ExperiMentors are Shane Solanki, Trevor Woolery, Roy Pickering and Lisa Jackson. To find out more email Roshni@nae.org.uk or visit our website.

(Qawwali Research Unit, University of Birmingham)

Artists in Residence: Mahtab Hussain Mahtab Hussain is a social commentary artist who uses photography to explore the relationship between identity, heritage and displacement. During his residency, Mahtab will discover NAE’s culturally diverse neighbourhood, Hyson Green resulting in an exhibition at NAE in January 2015.

Tasawar and associates will map the Islamic sounds and music experienced in Hyson Green, by interviewing local residents. During the year Tasawar will also share his academic journey, doctoral research on Sufi sound and music, in a series of talks, collaborations, and listening labs. EVS This year we are working with talented European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers: Imma Alianelli, Mohammed Elzohiry, Antonio Guerrieri and Reem Soliman.

20 / 21



Touring Exhibitions

Bubble is an action-research initiative coordinated by New Art Exchange and funded by The Mighty Creatives. We are working with numerous key partners across the city to inform creative practice with young people, and shape the strategic landscape. The project uses the curriculum, but is based on non-traditional and experimental models of engagement using creative media.

New Art Exchange curates a number of exhibitions annually, some of which are available to tour nationally and internationally. For details of the exhibitions currently available, please contact Armindokht@nae.org.uk.

Get Up Stand Up! is a collaborative project between New Art Exchange and Galleries of Justice, exploring notions of International Civil Rights with young people. The sessions will inform a brand new gallery tour using digital technologies, to be launched at Galleries of Justice in January 2015. Art Bike Safari, a joint initiative by TravelRight and New Art Exchange, evokes new perceptions and unexpected encounters through artist led bike rides. The project explores themes of sustainability, environment, health and identity. Screens in the Wild: located on the exterior of New Art Exchange’s building, University of Nottingham have deployed a public screen which explores the role and effects of interactivity in urban space.

Partner Exhibitions As part of Asian Triennial Manchester, Manchester Craft and Design Centre present Swags and Tails, a solo-show by Kashif Nadim Chaudry, past exhibitor at NAE. Inspired by the artist’s biography, the exhibition explores family traditions, religion, sexuality and politics, represented through adorned and bejewelled animal skulls. Runs from 27 September 2014 until 31 January 2015.

George Africanus Pop-Up Exhibition at NAE 17 – 24 November

Nottingham based charity, Belong, have rediscovered the story of George John Scipio Africanus, the first known black person to live in Nottingham. Born in West Africa in the age of slavery, he became a successful businessman, a property owner and a prominent citizen of Nottingham. Concluding an extensive period of research, this exhibition documents Africanus’s life, his work and his links to Nottingham.

Real Creative Futures Real Creative Futures offers free support to Nottingham’s creative businesses and practitioners working in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Crafts, Design, Film, Photography, Broadcasting, Advertising and Publishing. The programme includes a creative business diagnostic, appointments with Industry Experts, support from a business coach, workshops and networking opportunities, Industry Weekender events to take your business to the next level, use of facilities such as our editing suite, access to the Cinema Arts Network (CAN) and the potential to apply for a business grant. Real Creative Futures Industry Weekender #2: Breaking Down Barriers and Building Relationships

Pecha Kucha Friday 10 October, 4pm – 6pm at New Art Exchange

Saturday 20 September, 9.30am – 6.30pm

FREE: All are welcome

Sunday 21 September, 9.30am – 3pm at New Art Exchange

Commissioning and Programming Saturday 1 November, 1.30pm – 6.30pm at Curve theatre, Leicester

FREE: RCF participants only

Out of Office Day Thursday 2 October, 11am – 4pm at Wired Café FREE: RCF participants only

FREE: RCF participants only

Interested in finding out how Real Creative Futures could help you and your business? Get in touch with RCF@nae.org.uk to find out more, or call 0115 924 8630.

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Booking Tickets

The easiest way to get to NAE from Nottingham city centre is by tram. NAE is located opposite The Forest tram stop. Trams depart every 7–8 minutes from Nottingham train station and Old Market Square, and it takes approximately 10 minutes.

We have limited spaces for our events, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. You can book over the telephone, through our website or in person at NAE’s reception area.

REVENUE FUNDING Parking There is on-street parking near NAE and we have parking spaces available for people with disabilities at the rear of the building, just off Noel Street. This can also be used for temporary parking for group visits. For access to these spaces, simply contact us prior to your visit.


Additional Information The building is fully accessible on all levels and baby changing facilities are available. For our full building access information, please visit our website.


Address New Art Exchange 39 – 41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6BE

Contact Us T: 0115 924 8630 E: info@nae.org.uk W: www.nae.org.uk Facebook: New Art Exchange Twitter: @NewArtExchange

Gallery Opening Times Monday, 10.30am – 3.30pm Tuesday – Friday, 10.30am – 6pm Saturdays, 9.30am – 5pm Sundays, 11.30am – 5pm Please note, the café opens from 9am on weekdays. Registered Charity No. 1121755, Company No. 04899786 Registered in England & Wales


PROGRAMME Month September


Event / Activity Sunday 14

Dance Workshop and Installation: Moving with Meaning

12.30pm – 4.30pm

Tuesday 16

Exhibition Launch Event: Dark Matter

4.45pm – 8pm

Tuesday 16

Music Performance: Rhythm Diaries

7.30pm – 9pm

Saturday 20

Real Creative Futures: Industry Weekender #2

9.30am – 6.30pm

Sunday 21

Real Creative Futures: Industry Weekender #2

9.30am – 3pm

Thursday 25

Discussion: International Week of Peace at NAE

1pm – 4pm

Friday 26

Exhibition Launch Event: Hairstyles and Headdresses

6pm – 9pm

Thursday 2

Real Creative Futures: Out of Office Day

11am – 4pm

Saturday 4

Family Workshop: Sewing Machine Embroidery

1pm – 4pm

Friday 10

Real Creative Futures: Pecha Kucha

4pm – 6pm

Saturday 11

Workshop: Mono-print

12pm – 2pm

Saturday 11

Gallery Tour: BSL


Saturday 11

Family Workshop: Confetti Fabric Collages

1pm – 4pm

Friday 17

Performance: Urban Expression

6.30pm – 11pm

Saturday 18

Gallery Tour: Arabic and Farsi


Saturday 18

Family Workshop: Wet Felt Fun

1pm – 4pm

Sunday 19

Performance: Ramayana Retold

7.30pm – 9.30pm

Tuesday 21 –

Holiday Programme: Half Term Dance Workshops

10am – 2pm

Friday 24

Film Screening: The Fade

7pm – 8.45pm

Saturday 25

Gallery Tour: Ben Harriott


Saturday 25

Discussion: NAE’s Annual Public Meeting

12pm – 3pm

Saturday 25

Family Workshop: Needle, Felt and Stitch

1pm – 4pm

Saturday 25

Performance: The Power in Poetry

8pm – 11pm

Monday 27

Performance: Afrovibes at NAE

7.30pm – 9pm

Tuesday 28

Lecture: Malcolm X in Britain

6pm – 7.30pm

Thursday 30

Performance: Black Hidden Histories

6.30pm – 10.30pm

Friday 31

Performance: Ram One and the Ites Band

9pm – 11pm

Friday 24



Saturday 1

Real Creative Futures: Commissioning and Programming

1.30pm – 6.30pm

Saturday 1

Gallery Tour: Honey Williams


Wednesday 5

Bonfire Night Special: Outdoor Projection

7.30pm – 9pm

Saturday 8

Recaptured 2014

6pm – 8pm

Saturday 8

Painted Patterns

1pm – 4pm

Thursday 13

Lecture: J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere: Geometry, Repetition and Form

6.30pm – 7.30pm

Friday 14

Play Out

7.30pm – 9.15pm

Saturday 15

Gallery Tour: Spanish


Saturday 22

Discussion: Untangling the Politics of Black Hair

12pm – 2pm

Saturday 22

Exhibition Launch Event: Crowns of Confidence

3.30pm – 5pm

Monday 24

Performance: Navrasa

5pm – 6pm

Wednesday 26

Performance: YARD Young People’s Theatre

6pm – 7.30pm

Thursday 27

Access Programme: Body as Canvas

10.30am, 1.30pm

Saturday 29

Craft & Culture: Family Festival Day!

12pm – 5pm

Tuesday 2

Verbal Imaging Gallery Tour


Friday 12

Live @ NAE

7pm – 9pm

New Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 6BE, T: 0115 924 8630, W: www.nae.org.uk

Profile for New Art Exchange

NAE Brochure: September – December 2014  

Featuring J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere's exhibition, Hairstyles and Headdresses

NAE Brochure: September – December 2014  

Featuring J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere's exhibition, Hairstyles and Headdresses