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Australia District News Edition 28/2 -Winter 2013

In this issue: Confirmation 2013 Women’s Conference in NZ NSW Sunday School camp WA Project Choir

From the Desk of District Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Pentecost Service on 19 May 2013 was conducted by Chief Apostle Leber in the historic Borgfelde church in Hamburg, Germany and was transmitted to numerous receiving points throughout the world. By using a mixture of satellite technology and web streaming, millions of Brothers and Sisters were able to view the service live. Although this technology is not yet available to the majority of New Apostolic members due to where they live, the reach is increasing rapidly.

Chief Apostle Leber into retirement in the presence of all the District Apostles. Chief Apostle Leber had served in this ministry since Pentecost 2005 and had reached the retiring age of 65. During his term as Chief Apostle he visited numerous New Apostolic communities on all continents including making 2 visits to our district. He also introduced many advances in the understanding of our faith and these are now included in the newly completed Catechism of the New Apostolic Church.

This was the last service to be conducted by Chief Apostle Leber. During the service he ordained Chief Apostle Helper Schneider as Chief Apostle and he in turn placed

The text of this is available on our website www. and will be made available in hard copy in due course.

2 Australia District News

Apostle Andersen Chief Apostle Schneider was born in France and was ordained as District Apostle for the French District in 2004. He has extensive knowledge of the varying circumstances under which the Work of God operates in this time period, having cared for congregations in both Europe and in Africa as well as in some of the Pacific Islands. At 53 years of age, he comes to the Chief Apostle ministry with a youthful vibrance, a mature spiritual outlook and supported by a great deal of management experience gained in both his profession and his responsibilities as a leader of a large church district.

September this year when he will visit Adelaide and Brisbane. The Brisbane service will be transmitted to receiving points throughout our district as far as technology permits. Let us continue our preparations both inwardly and outwardly for this historic visit.

We can now look forward to his visit to our district in

Andrew H. Andersen

With loving greetings

Australia District News 3

Chief Apostle Schneider An insight So that we can “get to know” our new Chief Apostle, the following are a few details of interest.

for France, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (southeastern part), Tahiti and New Caledonia.

Jean-Luc Schneider was born into a New Apostolic family on 18 September, 1959 in Strasbourg, France as the eldest of three children.

Jean-Luc Schneider becomes the ninth Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Church. In the history of our Church, there has never been an active Chief Apostle as well as two retired Chief Apostles at the same time.

As a young man, the Chief Apostle studied at a management school and was employed by a French gas company after the completion of his military service in 1982. After working in various capacities within the company he was later assigned as manager in the Strategy and Finance department. In 1983 he married his wife Pascale and they have two adult daughters. He and his wife live in Souffelweyersheim, part of metropolitan Strasbourg, North-Eastern France. In 2001 as District Elder he was placed in charge of youth care for France. As District Apostle he was responsible 4 Australia District News

Ministerial timeline: • • • • • • • • •

Sub-deacon - 10 January 1980 Priest - 24 November 1985 Evangelist - 17 September 1989 Shepherd - 1 January 1993 District Elder - 14 November 1993 Apostle and District Apostle Helper - 22 June 2003 District Apostle - 26 September 2004 Chief Apostle Helper - 27 May 2012 Chief Apostle - 19 May 2013

District Apostle Andersen visits Germany All District Apostles of the world gathered together in Stuttgart, Germany for the first District Apostles’ Meeting of 2013. This was a very moving two day gathering as it was the last District Apostle Meeting that Chief Apostle Leber conducted prior to his retirement. On Wednesday evening 6 March, the day before the meeting commenced, all District Apostles were assigned to various congregations in the South German District. District Apostle Andersen was sent to the congregation of Backnung. He was greeted by a Sunday School choir who he said sang ”as angels” in both German and English whilst each held a combined Australian/German flag; enough to melt the heart of the District Apostle! A warm and joyful congregation filled the large church and again proved the words of a past Chief Apostle ”everywhere (in God’s work) it is the same”. After the divine service the District Apostle took the opportunity to greet the members and also took great delight in renewing the special bonds he has with those present who had visited various parts of the Australia District in the past. He had met many of these during their visits. The District Apostle brought many wonderful impressions home with him and is delighted to have a continuing bond with such faithful congregations and members around the world.

6 Australia District News

District Apostle Andersen visits Papua New Guinea The congregation of Kerowil in the central highlands of PNG had long waited for the visit of District Apostle Andersen. A planned visit 2 years prior had to be postponed but the members had never given up hope ...... Together with members from neighbouring congregations (mostly within a day’s walk), they had held regular choir practices over the 2 year period. The brethren had also cleared a large piece of land and built a beautiful church building. On this occasion, the building was not large enough to house the 500 members who gathered for the combined service, so the front of the building served as an elevated stage for the altar whilst the members sat on the ground in the open air for the service. The District Apostle was accompanied by Apostles Pouru and Wasimbai and Bishop Yasi. During the service a number of souls were sealed and a faithful Deacon was retired. Joyful hours were spent with the members after the divine service before all had to find their way home again.

Apostle Lodewick visits Guam & Solomon Islands Apostle Lodewick recently travelled to Guam, the largest island in the Pacific region known as Micronesia. He also travelled to the Solomon Islands. He reports on the work being done in these regions.... I arrived in Guam where I have contact with a sister originally from American Samoa. On Sunday morning, our Sister arrived with her daughter, and a friend with her two children and a divine service was conducted in the hotel room. We have also learnt that a family originally from Pohnpei is now living in Guam, and we have since made contact with them. In the Solomon Islands, I travelled to the island of Malaita and after a 5 hour truck drive we arrived in Lu-Ma Alu village. Here a new church building was dedicated and 13 souls were sealed. The Sunday School children and youth both presented a musical program. We then continued to Aekafo village where 6 souls were sealed and a Priest ordained for the congregation. Our journey then took us in the opposite direction to Small Malaita. After a 7 hr boat ride and a walk up a very steep and slippery mountain, we reached WaiKouKou village. During the divine service 60 souls were sealed, and two Priests and a Deacon were ordained.

Australia District News 7

Women’s Conference New Zealand After nine months of planning, the inaugural “EmpowHERed Women of Faith” Women’s Conference took place in the congregation of New Lynn, NZ. Ninety ladies, both members and guests, enjoyed a day of fellowship and spiritual enrichment. The aim of the conference was to provide an opportunity for women to share experiences of faith, receive spiritual nourishment and to take a day out from their busy lives to celebrate being women. The theme of the day was “Arise and Shine” taken from Isaiah 60:1. The day started with registration and the receipt of goodie bags. A special letter to the ladies, from our Chief Apostle, was shared with everyone after the opening prayer. The women were treated to uplifting and motivational messages from a range of speakers covering topics such as the importance of prayer, how we can rely on our faith to help us through difficult journeys, work-life balance and seeking inspiration 8 Australia District News

from female biblical figures. Others included: nutrition and exercise for women, encouraging families to talk about their faith and domestic abuse awareness. A donation drive was set up to collect toiletry items to support ”Shine”, an organisation dealing with domestic abuse against women. There was an overwhelming response to this request. The talks were interspersed with a number of exercises, to encourage the women to interact and get to know each other. Lunch and tea breaks provided great opportunities for the women to enjoy healthy and nutritious food, while reconnecting with one another in a relaxed and positive environment. The day was closed with a few pertinent remarks and a prayer, by an Evangelist from a local congregation. The women felt truly inspired and empowered after a wonderful day together and cannot wait until the next conference.

Western Australia Project Choir NACAUWACD1

Jesusnever fails Performed by the Western Australian Project Choir

e sn su Je

pro duc ed b y New


le da ren





45 00


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ox 5 Apostolic Church (PO B

ver usne

Au str alia )

| al l wo

rks u

13 sed with permission - 20

Available from July 18 Faith-inspiring Hymns

The choir was formed by volunteer members of the Western Australia district with the aim of producing the first ever audio Choir CD in Western Australia. In order to attend the practices, some of the Brothers and Sisters travelled nearly 350 km each fortnight.

The overall goal for the Project Choir is to help in the development of music across Western Australia and into each local congregation. There are no auditions or scrutiny of members or voices. The only requirement is a high level of commitment to the task ahead.

$14.00 On the day of recording there was a mix of emotions, however the plus $5.50 postage (if not sent via congregation) professional approach of the Music Producer calmed everyone’s nerves. In total, three sessions of five hours each were required to record the tracks.

The WA Project Choir members proved their dedication to this venture and the final product is something they can be proud of. The CD, aptly titled ”Jesus never Fails”, will be available for purchase soon from Head Office.

1 what a friend we have in Jesus 2 glorify Thy name 3 Lord, how can i ever praise You? 4 praise, i will praise You, Lord 5 His love 6 schmucke dich, o liebe seele 7 Saviour, lead me lest i stray 8 Jesus through apostles leads us 9 a mighty fortress is our God 10 when i'm with Him 11 as water to the thirsty 12 let the children to Me gather 13 prelude in c 14 Holy Spirit, heal my soul 15 trust and obey 16 Jesus never fails 17 as the deer 18 take my life and let it be

Place your order at

NSW Sunday School Camp 26 Sunday school children together with parents, teachers and ministers from Sydney congregations spent a weekend at Merroo Christian Camp in Kurrajong. Torrential rain during most of Friday evening and Saturday didn’t stop us from having loads of fun. A convoy of 15 cars and over 50 adventurers drove to the nearby dam to.... 1) Get Wet? 2) Have Fun? 3) Go for a swim? For Aiden & Nicholas who capsized their canoe it was all three... Saturday’s indoor activities included choir practice, creating a church anniversary poster, face painting, games, craft, Celebrity heads, charades and a talent show at our own Mini Cinema. On Sunday Bishop Green conducted a Children’s Service at the camp.

Sydney, NSW

Hope Valley, SA

Croydon, Vic

Ashmore, Qld Silkstone, Qld

Kingston, Qld Newcastle, NSW

Howick, NZ

10 Australia District News

Drury, NZ

Braybrook / Hallam, Vic

Confirmation Message from our Chief Apostle I greet you warmly at this important moment in your lives. You stand before the congregation and are about to give your confirmation vow. You thereby make a promise to our great God. May it always remain sacred to you! May the Lord, for His part, also grant you His blessing! The Bible text for your confirmation also refers to this blessing.

Perth, WA

It is recorded in Deuteronomy 28:2 where we read: ”And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God.” In this text you receive a special key which will guarantee your access to the blessing of God. This key is obedience of faith. May the blessing of the Lord be with you • • •

Redcliffe / Caloundra, Qld

in school and at your job, in the circle of your family and friends, in the congregation and in your interactions with your brothers and sisters!

In the confirmation vow you will give the promise: ”I .... surrender myself to You...” To surrender oneself to the Lord means to entrust oneself completely to His leadership. Please trust Him every moment of your lives! This also includes maintaining a solid connection with Him - by absorbing His word and through prayer. Let me emphasise once again: allow yourselves to be led by the Lord! And now I wish you all the best, as well as a richly blessed future. I greet you and your parents in love and in heartfelt unity with all the Apostles around the world. Yours truly,

Mackay, Qld

Australia District News 11









12 Australia District News





Around the Congregations 1. Rectors & wives from NZ enjoyed an afternoon with the District Apostle 2. Bishop Green visited Townsville (Qld) congregation 3. NSW Youth participated in Kayak for Kids to raise money for charity 4. Priests from Ashmore (Qld) shaved their heads to raise funds for Leukemia research 5. Seniors from Auckland (NZ) went on a trip to Waiheke Island 6. Sunday School in Mandurah (WA) 7. A Ministers & Wives Conference was held in Sydney (NSW) 8. Apostle Lodewick enjoyed lunch with the congregation in Hackham West (SA) 9. The combined choir of Mackay and Townsville (Qld) 10. Sunday School children from Mackay and Townsville (Qld) 11. Canberra (ACT) congregation on Palm Sunday 12. The Victorian Concert Choir performed in Croydon (Vic) Australia District News 13






6 8
































1. Dcn Tyrone & Sis Nicolette Frost received Silver Wedding blessings in Karratha (WA) 2. Dcn Daniel & Sis Nadia Schmidt of Ascot Park (SA) received Wedding blessings 3. Br Jacob Sickinger & Sis Debra Schmal received Engagement blessings in Braybrook (Vic) 4. Ev Dion & Sis Arlene Viljoen of Silkstone (Qld) received Silver Wedding blessings 5. Br Norman Davids of New Lynn (NZ) celebrated his 70th birthday 6. Pr Oliver & Sis Sherna Hammacher received Silver Wedding blessings in Croydon (Vic) 7. Pr Martin & Sis Colleen Geach received Silver Wedding blessings in Silkstone (Qld) 8. Sis Thelma Higgins of Windsor (Qld) celebrated her 85th birthday 9. Sis Ena Morris of Ascot Park (SA) celebrated her 90th birthday 10. D/Ev (ret) Ivan & Sis Brenda Barendse of Gosford (NSW) received Ruby Wedding blessings 11. Br David & Sis Jenny Heynes of Croydon (Vic) received Golden Wedding blessings 12. Pr (ret) Jeffrey Fish of Springvale (Vic) celebrated his 80th birthday 13. Holy Baptism of Sienna Phillips of Croydon (Vic) 14. Bishop John & Sis Karen Green of Lane Cove (NSW) received Ruby Wedding blessings 15. Sis Erika Hammacher of Beverly Hills (NSW) celebrated her 70th birthday 16. Sis Helene Gerber of Canberra (ACT) celebrated her 85th birthday 17. Sis Jean Davids of New Lynn (NZ) celebrated her 70th birthday 18. Holy Baptism of Flynn Hearns in Geelong (Vic) 19. Holy Sealing of Leisl Timmins in Croydon (Vic) 20. Holy Baptism of Cienna Nagel in Beckenham (WA) 21. Holy Baptism of Kaiser Evans in Hahndorf (SA) 22. Sis Dolly Dietz of North Ipswich (Qld) celebrated her 99th birthday 23. Dcn Shanly O’Connor & Sis Kim Petersen received Engagement blessings in Beckenham (WA) 24. Dcn Stephen & Sis Kate Kogler of Croydon (Vic) received Wedding blessings 25. Br Reinhold Schaefer of Hahndorf (SA) celebrated his 70th birthday 26. Pr Renato & Sis Wendy Franz received Silver Wedding blessings in Rockingham (WA) 27. Holy Sealing of Ezekiel Henry-Helluer in Paihia (NZ) 28. Sis Irene Kirchner of Newcastle (NSW) celebrated her 70th birthday 29. Br Udo Martens of Redcliffe (Qld) celebrated his 88th birthday. 30. Holy Baptism of Liam February in Werribee (Vic) 31. Holy Sealing of Harlem Wells in Paihia (NZ) 32. Sis Helena Katterns of Caloundra (Qld) celebrated her 80th birthday 33. Sis Lillian Ludecke of Windsor (Qld) celebrated her 80th birthday 34. Holy Sealing of Xander Kidston in Toowoomba (Qld) 35. Adoption of Br Don Robertson, Sis Zara Bucknell & Br Geoff Bucknell in Croydon (Vic) Australia District News 15

For your Information

Our Chief Apostle is scheduled to conduct the following Services:

July 2013

Aug 2013

Sept 2013

7: London, United Kingdom

18: Chisinau, Moldova

1: PforzheimBayernstrasse, Germany

14: Kampala, Uganda

25: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

8: Berlin-Weissensee, Germany 15: Metz, France 22: Nan, Thailand 29: Brisbane, Australia

Our District Apostle’s visiting schedule:

July 2013

Aug 2013

Sept 2013

7: Papua New Guinea

4: Marshall Islands

1: Tonga

14: Townsville, Qld

11: Beenleigh, Qld

8: Kingston, Qld

21: Toowoomba, Qld

18: Bundaberg, Qld

22: Nan, Thailand

28: Ashmore, Qld

25: Canberra, ACT

29: Brisbane, Qld

Upcoming Events: July 2013 7: Service for the Departed

Aug 2013 18: 50th Anniversary of Bundaberg church

Sept 2013 1: Father’s Day 28/29: District Youth Convention

Contact Details: New Apostolic Church Office address 1A 3 Deakin Street, Brendale, Qld. AUSTRALIA Postal address PO Box 5903, Brendale BC. Qld 4500, AUSTRALIA Phone: +617 3480 0400 Fax: +617 3480 0444 Email Photos: Admin:

Ordinations / Retirements: Dcn Nixon Martin ordained as Priest in Pohnpei, Miconesia Pr Brian Bester commissioned as Rector for Rockhampton, QLD Pr Leon Trosky (Rector) of Highton, Vic placed into retirement D/Ev Trevor Hearns commissioned as Rector for Highton, Vic Pr Sydney Muller ordained Evangelist for Fairfield. Pr Leonard Jackson (Rector) of Rivervale, WA placed into retirement Ev Ryan Labuschange commissioned as Rector of Rivervale, WA Pr Charles Kaluwasha commissioned as Rector for Wellington, NZ Br David Oldham ordained Deacon for Wellington, NZ Br Keith Pretorius ordained Deacon for Wellington, NZ Pr Neville Sleigh of Box Hill, Vic placed into retirement Br Shaun Lewis confirmed as Deacon for St Marys, NSW Br Thomas Arpin confirmed as Evangelist for St Marys, NSW Br Leonard Viviers confirmed as Priest for St Marys, NSW Dcn Andre Fredericks ordained as Priest for Elizabeth, SA Br Peter Mwale confirmed as Priest for Braybrook, Vic Br Wade Henry ordained as Deacon for Braybrook, Vic

In Memoriam: Br Erwin Sauerwein of Box Hill (Vic) Sis Hilda Thorne of Caloundra(WA) Br Johann (Chris) Wider of Hobart (Tas) Sis Kathy Hoffmann of Windsor (Qld) Br Edward Kenzler of Bundaberg (Qld) Sis Conradine (Gracie) Probst of Riverleigh (Qld)

13 March 2013 27 March 2013 15 April 2013 17 April 2013 26 April 2013 28 April 2013


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