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“You are just moments away from having your Adwords Privileges RESTORED!”

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Ever seen this email from Google?

It is possible to get BANNED Adwords Privileges restored! I was running out of money to pay my bills FAST and needed to get my BANNED Adwords privileges restored so I set out on a quest to find exactly HOW to get my Adwords Privileges (and profits) back. I quickly discovered what NOT TO DO to get my account back;

 DO NOT seek help in Google’s Adwords forum and expect to get results that are favorable towards your web based business. IT ISN’T going to happen!

 DO NOT post comments in forums looking for someone to give you an answer to your Adwords Ban problem. These people have the same problem as you, “How can the blind lead the blind?” 

 DO NOT wait for a response from your Google appeal. Whether you have violated their Terms of Service (TOS) or not, they WILL NOT restore your banned account and it is almost certain that your appeal will NOT BE responded to!


Some reason you may have been banned;  Failure to deliver products to paying customers  Selling FREE Software (Hint: It is OK to use these as FREE BONUSES or give-aways with your main offer!)  POOR content and website quality.  Email Phishing Scams  Planting Mal-Ware  Misleading prospects and making unrealistic promises and when complaints are filed not issuing refunds.  Constantly running ads in very low performing keyword market

Warning: From this time forward, asking Google for help will only work against the doors of your web business opening back up. Did you know? Yahoo! Search Marketing, BING, MIVA and the other 9 ad services are competing for Google scraps. They control a measly 23% of the search market ALL TOGETHER! Google controls 69% so DO NOT waste time, effort or money. They cannot keep your business open.

Google Adwords doesn’t need a reason to ban you! Why do you think their Terms of Service are so vague? 3

Just a few things our Best Selling book will teach you;

 Why Google must allow you restored Adwords privileges.  What 15 steps (IN ORDER) you must take to GUARANTEE your business is operating just 72 short hours and NEVER banned again!

 Why it DOESN’T matter that you use your REAL NAME and the same Computer to run your restored Adwords Business.

 Why PAYPAL is KEY and NOT Google Adwords appeal forms to having your Adwords Privileges restored.

 How you can still compete in the same keyword markets as before you were banned and Google won’t stop you!

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IF you serious about;

 Getting your Adwords Account privileges restored in 72 hours OR less GUARANTEED?

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 Assuring that your business NEVER suffers another Adwords Ban by Google. It is decision time Adwords Advertiser. All of your Adwords Banned problems can be solved RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW. IF you don’t make the right choice and buy this book, you are going to go to sleep and wake up with the same problem tomorrow, banned from Adwords. I want to make this as easy as possible for so I will GUARANTEE your Adwords privileges will be restored for only $97.00!

You have spent MORE THAN THAT on Adwords Campaigns alone. It is time for you to make the most important business decision of your life and to express my absolute confidence in your success with being back in business with Google in as little as 72 short hours I am going to give you my own personal Welcome Back to Adwords Gifts at no extra cost to you.

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This software is the easiest mass mailing software ever. It allows you to send literally thousands of emails per day to SKY ROCKET your profits. No subscription agreements, no sign up costs, no re occurring costs. When I say FREE, that is exactly what I mean, FOREVER FREE!

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This Social Ad Blaster get your website and offer in front of HUNDREDS of people eager to come to your website and offer and this is FOREVER FREE!

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I am going to give you my hand selected website templates. This will totally eliminate any expense of web designers, totally eradicate the threat of Google saying you have „Poor Site Content‟ and is just a matter hitting a download button and this is also FOREVER FREE! And my final offer: IF you follow my processes in this book and your Adwords Business isn’t restored;


I offer you the following guarantee‌


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