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From Sea to Whitewater River in One Easy Swim Paddling on the moon?

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Multisport Preparing for the Kaimai Classic



Issue 62

Summer is almost here Accountants, economists and political commentators may have numbers at their finger tips to prove that our NZ standard of living has fallen a long way from being second in the world. But we kayakers live hugely better lives than millions who are wealthier in dollars. Extraordinary, beautiful, adventurous experiences are on our doorstep. Canoe & Kayak Centres and the Yakity Yak Kayak Club exist to help you and yours with equipment, training and trips to enjoy the outdoor part of the world’s best standard of life. Before your diary becomes chock-a-block with competing ‘engagements’ have you reserved your time to enjoy summer paddling? For me? I want to explore the Hauraki Gulf. I am going to take a double, have some fun with the family and island hop around our stunning Auckland playground. Camping in some of the prettiest places known to man, enjoying kai moana every day, climbing trees, snorkelling on reefs, watching the birds and the stars. This is our back yard and boy we are spoilt. The cost for camping is a few dollars a night. The food is basic with rice, pasta or potatoes and cabbage, beans or courgettes and then crayfish or kahawai, snapper or john dory, or if it is really bad then it’s white wine sauce on tuna or salmon, canned of course. Hot chocolates with Tim Tam slams or S’mores for dessert and “a glass of something nice, a red or a white, depending on your mood tonight” (lyrics stolen from Billy Joel). The cool thing is that it does not matter if you are not one of the privileged few (1.4 million) who live in Auckland with the Hauraki Gulf right on your doorstep. You too have your local great outdoors. Do use some of what makes us the most spoilt people on the planet,

EDITOR: Peter Townend Ph: 0274 529 255 / (09) 476 7066 Email: PUBLISHER: New Zealand Kayak Magazine is published five times per year by Canoe & Kayak Ltd. PRINTING: MHP Print DISTRIBUTION: Gordon & Gotch SUBSCRIPTIONS: (see page 7) New Zealand – 6 Issues = $40 Overseas – 6 Issues = $60

grab a kayak, learn about being safe in it and start your adventures this summer. Through the New Zealand Kayak Magazine, the Yakity Yak Kayak Club and Canoe & Kayak you will find all the support that you need for safe kayaking and in a short time you will be enjoying a deserted beach only minutes away from hustle and bustle. Secret recipes. Tim Tam Slams. Required for this experience are a Hot Chocolate, a Tim Tam and a steady hand. Take the Tim Tam and nibble both ends off. Then using it as a straw suck up the hot chocolate through it. As soon as you taste the hot chocolate pop it all in your mouth. The result will surprise you no end. YUM! Note of caution; if you are slow you will be licking it off your shirt. A S’more is made by taking a couple of Chocolate Thins and a marshmallow. The trick is to melt the marshmallow over the fire (if permitted) or a cooker will do, then squash the hot marshmallow between the two biscuits and consume. The local French bakery would be proud of our efforts to bring sophistication and fine dining to the great outdoors. Cheers Peter Townend.

Copyright: The opinions expressed by contributors and the information stated in advertisements/articles are not necessarily agreed to by the editors or publisher of New Zealand Kayak Magazine. Pricing: At the time of printing the prices in this magazine were accurate. However they may change at any time. CONTRIBUTORS: We welcome contributors’ articles and photos. Refer to New Zealand Kayak Magazine ‘Contributors Guidelines’ for more details. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO: James Fitness Email: New Zealand Kayak Magazine

Front Cover: Lake Rotoiti, Nelson. Photo by: Karl Stapleton

Contents page photo: Maori Carvings, Taupo.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



Safe Kayaking

by Pete Townend

Over the years I have spent a huge amount of time focused on making kayaking safer. It has been a passion, or obsession I suppose. Often I have been criticised, when the safety issue appears an overreaction. Some years ago, though it seems like yesterday, a senior paddler was angry. “Pete, what right do you have to alter a natural obstacle?” We were on a river used for instruction. I thought the log that we removed with ropes, saws and two hours of team work was a potentially fatal trap. He insisted it was useful in showing paddlers how to deal with danger. Our differing opinions on safety were akin to teaching swimming. Some parents support a beginner in shallow water, and then supervise practice until the child can face the ocean alone. My critic was perhaps more inclined to throw the child in and rescue when necessary. Both methods have been used for generations, but with decreasing enthusiasm to ‘throw the boy in’ at the first opportunity. Why? Avoiding a negative outcome requires a dash to the rescue. And the supervisor’s attention can wander. For years kayaking safety has been taken seriously by Canoe & Kayak Centres who have sold kayaks, taught and then ‘supervised’ kayaking activities. We often hear comments that there is nothing to it, anyone can kayak. True, but it is wrong to assume that anyone can fix every small problem that may become big without some training and the correct equipment The Industry now expects all commercial operators to have at least one working form of communication wherever they go. This means that in an area in which cell phones don’t work a PLB (Personal Locator


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Tony & Dan practicing their stern deck rescue.

Beacon), a satellite phone or mountain radio is required. At sea, a VHF Radio to communicate with Coastguard or other vessels should be carried. This begs the question, what does a recreational kayaker need to carry? My thoughts are to question, why would you go boating without your cell phone in a proper waterproof dry bag? Why not have a VHF Radio to call for help from other boaties or the Coastguard? Is the main reason cost? If so, what would you think of someone in trouble who lacked the equipment with which to call for help? Obviously an estuary paddle, or playing at the local beach with parents supervising the kids, requires less back up, but kayak fishermen out on the reef or exploring the coast are alone and need more. Adventurers covering long distances, anyone paddling in a busy harbour or in extreme weather, need to kit up with all the bells and whistles. However, adventure contains a challenge, excitement, novelty and inevitably involves risk. A friend said to me, “I’ve tramped for more than twenty years and never taken anything with me. Why should I start now? I tell someone where I’m going, when to expect me back and I’m off to explore and pitch myself against the elements.” Like my tramping friend I know, when I’m paddling in big surf and my heart rate is up, I depend on my skills to get through. I am concerned with safety, but why? Well, I suppose as a youth I spent a fair amount of time doing risky things that were considered normal for my age. But I would be mortified if my children tried some of these. I have seen many accidents that were totally avoidable. In the outdoors, we all need to balance exciting gains with risk. The risk is easily minimized by taking basic safety precautions.

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Gear in or on my PFD

Compass Folding Saw

Parachute Flares (8)

Take 5 Form

Knife & Whistle Lanyards on the Knife & VHF Chap Stick Emergency light Waterproof Matches

PFD (Personal Flotation Device, also known as a Buoyancy Aid) If I’m swimming is it robust enough and will it stay on me? The PFD contains the most important emergency equipment I carry. Then when I’m sitting on the beach contemplating why my Eskimo roll did not work I can expect someone to find me before it’s too late. Missing from the picture above is the cell phone also in a drybag and in my PFD. (below)


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Waterproof VHF in a drybag

The Take Five Form - Personal Gear List and Group Check List is used as a final reminderto be discussed at the pre-launch briefing on the beach.

Gear in my emergency dry bag.

Emergency Procedures Booklet

Transistor Radio in a dry bag

Spare Batteries

Duct Tape Spare string/ Rudder cable

First Aid Kit


Emergency Blanket

Spare Polypro

PVC Tape Fire Lighting Kit Torch & Spare Batteries

I carry two dry bags. The red one with my emergency gear and the blue with more spare polypro (you can never have too much) towel and tarp. The tarp has so many uses. A ground sheet, emergency shelter, sun shade and even a sail. The pump is stowed on deck in the bungies.

If you want a canoe that will handle a month’s worth of supplies to head out on a wilderness adventure, this is the canoe for you. In the Outfitter 16 you’ll find all the great things that have made these canoes a paddling legend in places like the Yukon and Canadian Arctic. Or use that space and stability for some quiet fishing or family fun. Add good tracking and hull speed plus durable materials and you have a canoe for all seasons. A quality canoe made in Canada. Nova Craft canoes are available at leading kayak retailers and distributed in New Zealand by Great Stuff Limited. For further information on your closest retailer, email:

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



One For The Family

By Estelle Leyshon

Tucked away in the Kaimai Ranges is McLarens Falls Park, 190ha of lake, native bush, pastoral farming and horticulture. A beautiful waterfall is the starting point for kayaking and white-water rafting on the Wairoa River. Attractions are year-round fishing on McLaren Lake, great views, walking tracks through native bush, glow worms, ducks and swans to feed and a farm animal park nearby. There’s a good hostel on site and campers are welcome. This is ’one for the family’, a super place for adults and children. Kayakers paddle into narrowing waterways and stunning rock-sided canyons that can only be reached by boat. Paddling or on foot you can enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife. You may wish to go white water rafting. And surely, after dark, you’ll venture into the wondrous Glow Worm Canyon.

If you would appreciate a ‘guide’, or if members of the family have never kayaked before, help is at hand. Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty run a popular daytime tour to explore the lake and its picturesque canyon at a gentle pace. Their evening tour takes you to the Glow Worm Canyon. Paddling in the dark takes a little getting used to but you will become more aware of sounds and smells. At first you may think that eyes are staring at you, but in the canyon these turn into many thousands of glimmering Glow Worms. With the stars above it’s a truly magical place. The team at Canoe & Kayak BOP never tire of the experience and neither do our visitors!


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty Tours run daily (weather, numbers depending). No experience is necessary although an adventurous spirit does help. Children 8+ years are welcome, younger if the conditions are suitable. The qualified guides provide stable, double sea kayaks, paddles, splash jackets, bouyancy aids and lights (for evening tours). Drinks, chocolates and photos of your experience conclude the tour. Inclusive prices are $75 PP For further information please go to and click on the Tours tab.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



Kids Day Out


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

After two very successful days last summer, the Auckland Yakity Yak Club is organising another ‘Kids Day Out’. This involves an afternoon of paddling between playgrounds on the banks of the Panmure Basin. The aim is to provide a fun day on the water for children associated with club members and provide short safety and paddling training sessions. A must for all budding kayakers. All sit-on-top kayaks are provided. Outline of the afternoon… • • • • • • • •

Registration & sign in Sausage sizzle Fitting of buoyancy aids Paddle games Safety briefing using games Paddle strokes Practice paddle strokes around slalom course Follow the leader among the

mangroves to the second park • Raft up and walk across raft • Play on park, snack provided • Paddle back, follow the leader • Water fight • Lollie scramble • Finish (Train ride - if running)

So, come along for a playground paddle Sunday 20th November, Meet 1230 at Peterson Road Park.Bring a big person with you from the Yakity Yak club and register your interest with Canoe & Kayak Auckland. E-mail:

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Escapade F

- ‘F’ is for Fishing

Reviewed by Chris Nicholls

From the manufacturer: The Escapade is a multipurpose kayak suitable for touring and fun in the waves. The Escapade has an innovative ‘tri-keeled’ hull to give greater speed and stability, especially when loaded with skuba diving equipment or fishing gear. The hull shape and upswept bow ensure good surfing in the waves. Layout: The Q Kayaks Escapade F offers a simple but effective deck layout. A day hatch directly behind the seat, two open storage areas (bungee covered) and space to add a further 8 inch hatch between the paddler’s legs make the Escapade F an ideal budget fishing kayak. The seating position, slightly aft of centre, is comfortable enough for most activities. You’ll need a back support seat when paddling for longer than a couple of hours. For testing, the Escapade F was fitted with 3 x rod holders, running line, sea anchor, low back seat and an aluminium paddle. I had a Railblaza rod holder centre forward and two moulded-in rod holders behind the seat. Access to rods was excellent. The running line on the starboard side worked well, However, to drift on a straighter line, I suggest placing the rear pulley further aft.


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Weight/Balance: The Escapade F offers flexibility for any paddler. With its tri-hull design the Escapade F tracks well and just 180 mm freeboard makes for excellent stability. In rougher seas this can, if side on to the white caps, make the boat a little wet.

Paddling Characteristics: Its tri-hull and low freeboard help the 3.45 metre Escapade to track really well. The seat pad is only 60 mm above the waterline so stability is great. In a following sea the kayak is easily controlled by paddle steering. Breaking out through small to medium waves (0.2 to 0.8 metre) is comfortable. Its hooked bow wants to lift the nose over breaking waves. Conclusion: The Q Kayaks Escapade F will appeal to the paddler looking for a fun sit-on-top that offers good paddling characteristics, able to get out and catch a good feed. Starting at just $975.00 for the bare Escapade, and $1295.00 for the Escapade F. A great buy!

Main picture: Chris enjoying a quiet day off the North Shore. Below left: Bringing home some dinner. Above right: The Escapade F as tested.

Escapade F

Length 3.5 m Weight: 32 kg Width: 750 mm Depth: 320 mm Recommended for paddlers between 50 – 150 kg

Rod Holder II Mobi Mobile Device Holder

FlagWhip (1200 mm)


CupClam Drink Holder

Adjustable Platform Mount

G-HOLD Pole Holders

STARPORT: A System For ALL Kayaks! • Easy to install • Recess or Surface Mount • Versatile, Value For Money

StarPort allows easy retasking for our wide range of accessories!

Made in New Zealand

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



Lake Okareka - One day of a great trip.

By Diana Austin

Navigating through the tunnels while being careful not to scratch our boats.

Ten enthusiastic Auckland Yakity Yakkers led by Luke and myself were paddling Lake Okareka’s 10 km circumference clockwise on the windless Monday of Queen’s Birthday weekend. Mist created an eerie atmosphere in which we explored the beautiful, bush covered shoreline and mysterious caves. Shortly after venturing onto the water we discovered several moss shrouded tunnels along the lake’s edge. The tunnels intersected and were a boat length or two long. There was some boat scraping and head banging as each group member travelled through in all directions (everyone except me in our shiny new Wind 585!). Further along reflections of the bush to the water’s edge with a touch of mist were stunning. After lunch and chatting with knowledgeable locals who were on the walkway we paddled past the south and southwest wetland of giant,


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

rush-like plants and massive water lilies. Then we ‘real estate dreamed’ about the lawns, deck chairs and houses with wonderful views. The lake had charmed us. Our weekend trip had included three of Rotorua’s lakes; a brave trip in the wind and rain to explore Lake Tarawera , the traditional hot water pools on Lake Rotoiti and lastly by vote (with a marginal win) Lake Okareka. Lake Okareka is close to the Blue (Tikitapu) Lake and 15 minutes drive

from Rotorua. It drains into Lake Tarawera underground. Although not a big lake, this group of paddlers made it last several hours leaving no corner, cave or tunnel uncovered. There was something awesome and tranquil about Lake Okareka that we all experienced that day. A less well known lake provided one of those memorable paddles you treasure. P.S. The boats and gear were cleaned between lakes to avoid the spread of didymo.

Join Us For A Kayaking Adventure - Specialty Tours

Taupo Maori Carvings Half day guided trip to the rock carvings, Lake Taupo... only accessible by boat. A leisurely paddle of about 3 km to the rock carvings. The largest is over 10 m high and from below in a kayak it is imposing.

$85 per person (bookings essential). Phone 0800 KAYAKN for details.

Waikato River Discovery 2 hour guided kayak trip. Experience the magnificent upper reaches of the mighty Waikato River - Soak in the geothermal hot springs - Take in the stunning environment... a perfect trip for all the family...

Adult $45, Children $25 Special group and family rates. Call 0800 KAYAKN for details.

Customized Tours Whether it’s an afternoon amble, a full day’s frolic or a wicked weekend adventure we can take you there. If there’s somewhere you’d like to paddle we can provide you with experienced guides, local knowledge, safe up to date equipment and a lot of fun.

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 529 2569 for details

Join the Yakity Yak Club We’d love to tell you more and get you hooked on the wonderful sport of kayaking and probably the best kayak club in the world! So give your local Canoe & Kayak centre a call or better, come and see us.

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 529 2569 to find out more or send the form on page 7.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



OutdoorsMark – what it means to you

By Steve Smith, Manager, Canoe & Kayak Manukau

You’d want to know that you are dealing with an organisation that can demonstrate its abilities to give you the best start in your new sport, wouldn’t you? The government recognises that certification of training providers and adventure tourism operators can greatly help protect the public. This scheme proves members have relevant skills and systems in place and can demonstrate proficiency in their field. The Minister for Sport and Recreation, Trevor Mallard, launched OutdoorsMark in the New Zealand Parliament on 1 March 2004. Outdoors NZ is a membership organisation representing the New Zealand outdoor recreation and education sector. It administers and manages the OutdoorsMark scheme. It is the lead organisation supporting and representing outdoor recreation and education in New Zealand. Its members include outdoor educators, industry training organisations, volunteer groups, professional associations, and adventure tourism operators.

OutdoorsMark certification: Only certified organisations are permitted to display the above logo



The magazine for New Zealand’s outdoor community CONT ACT




















E4 • MAY








Ki Waho - ‘Into The Outdoors’ is a 64 page magazine published by Outdoors New Zealand. The articles are designed to foster learning, innovation, best practices, knowledge transfer and collaboration within the outdoor recreation and outdoor education sector, both nationally and internationally. NZ Kayak has 40 complimentary copies of Ki Waho Issue 4 to give away – be quick! email:






Ki Waho is printed twice a year in May and October and can be purchased for $12.95 incl gst and postage. For subscription enquiries contact: Outdoors New Zealand, PO Box 6027, Wellington 6141 • tel: + 64 4 385 7287 •








Unko wn, Otago

, New


nd. Danil o Hegg

1 Octob Do you


Willia m Pik er 201 e Challe 1: Wh nge Aw at does ard this da When te me an for nature you? chang your mo es you untains r landsc with or ape witho ut han Comp drails? etency vs Qu alificat Outdo ions or Exc ellence Award s



I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

PHONE 0508 5292569

On the 15th of December 2010 The Minister of Labour announced that new safety regulations for the adventure tourism and outdoor commercial sector will come into force from 1 October 2011. They then announced in August, that adventure tourism operators must be registered and undergo a safety audit. The new regulations come under the Health and Safety in Employment Act. I believe that these make it an offence to provide activities involving significant hazards and some level of instruction or leadership without a current safety audit certificate. All Canoe & Kayak centres are committed to this and are already certified or working towards OutdoorsMark. Some of the benefits of the scheme include: • Promotes safe participation in outdoor recreation and education and raises standards in outdoor programme delivery • Provides assurance that national outdoor sector standards for safety and professionalism are being met • Reduces the risk of injuries and accidents in the outdoors OutdoorsMark certification is proof that benchmark standards are being achieved. It demonstrates a commitment to participants and staff that sound policies, procedures and practices exist and provide an assurance of safety and quality. Equally important - for you there’s the guarantee that you are dealing with a professional company that is focused on safety and robust systems. After all, if you took your car for its next service and wanted to guarantee that the job is done to a particular standard then you’d probably look to take it to an outfit that is a member of an appropriate industry body giving you a level of assurance of their capabilities.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



City Cycling for the Kaimai Classic

By Estelle Leyshon

After supporting others and watching the Kaimai Classic in May I thought that next year Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty should enter as a team. The Kaimai Classic is the signature multisport event for elite and casual athletes in the Bay of Plenty region. Its spectacular 67 km course can be tackled by individuals or teams. Huge on community spirit and enjoying massive spectator support, everyone crosses the finish line in Te Puna. The event includes: • 5 km Off-Road Run. A stunning collection of trails inside McLaren Falls Park • 17 km Mountain Bike. Varied terrain alongside the picturesque Ruahihi Canal • 11 km Kayak. Safe and scenic paddle down the Wairoa River • 23 km Road Bike. Predominantly a flat blat through the streets of Te Puna • 11 km Road Run. Testing finale through the Te Puna countryside


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

build up my fitness and then choose. Dave and I have found some really great places for biking and running. My favourite, because the dogs are allowed, is the Waikareao Walkway. It is quite flat, 9.5 km long through bush, open grassland and along wooden walkways through the Waikareao Estuary’s mangroves It’s beautiful, 5 minutes from Tauranga’s CBD, but it feels a world away, a great place to lose a few pounds and build stamina. With variation of vegetation in stunning surroundings, the estuary teeming with life, tuis and kingfishers in the trees, herons and schools of leaping fish in the channels it’s impossible to become bored. Dave drools over bikes. Obsession Cycles, kindly let us try them out. So he’s happy, I’m enjoying getting fitter and we’ll be ready to play our parts with the Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty team.

In putting the team together we discussed who would do which part. Dave’s background in K1 racing makes him the obvious choice for the kayak section. His technique for marathon racing is best. Dan has a background in running competitively so he is an obvious choice for one of the running sections. We’d heard the off-road 5 k run was really tough. It had steep scramble sections. I knew I wouldn’t cope and would put the team way behind right at the beginning. So we still have the 5 k Run, the 17 km Mountain Bike Ride, the 23 km Road Bike Ride and the final Road Run to fill. Some of us are still weighing up the road or mountain biking. I’ve done a bit of running but I also enjoy cycling, particularly if the dogs can run with me. I decided to

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Visit to see it on your car

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



From Sea to Whitewater River in One Easy Swim!

By Dave Atkins

After the success of our Refresher Course, which saw our keen sea kayaking club members paddling white water kayaks to improve their boat handling skills, we organised a club trip to test their abilities and their nerves. The Tarawera River, running through Kawerau, is a Grade Two river ideal for starters. Dan & I took five clubbies for a bit of white water action. Little did we know that they would surprise us and themselves. On the way to start point we stopped in Kawerau to view the river and its toughest section. The group, unaware they would be completing this section by the afternoon, happily chatted amongst themselves about how difficult it looked. 1st Run - from the old Slalom site in the forest was a steep learning

curve for all and the rain didn’t seem to dampen their spirits! “Swimmer!” – nobody wants to be the first to swim but it didn’t take long for Andrew to meet the Tarawera close up and personal. We knew he wouldn’t be the last. We practised ferry glides and eddie turns at the top of the section. When everyone was more comfortable in their boats, we headed into the harder water. All made it to the bottom upright but Don fell over, twice at the very end, but managed to stay in his boat to be barrel rolled up. The tough bit was trekking back to the start along the forest road and through the bush, carrying our kayaks and paddles. 2nd Run – more practice at the top on eddie turns and ferry glides, emphasising edging, which was lacking. Support strokes were


Ruahine Kayaks Designers and Manufacturers of Multisport & Adventure Racing Kayaks Phone: 021 273 0550 Ruahine 11-07 22 I S SV1.indd U E 1S I X T Y T w o • S p r i n g 2 0 1 1

w w w . k a 25/07/2011 y a k n z10:23:11 . c o .a.m. nz

We then discussed running the tougher town section of river which they’d viewed at the beginning of the day. By this stage confidence was high and they all wanted to give it a go. 4th Run – The water was faster and whiter than anything they had paddled but while apprehensive they were eager. Dan led under the bridge to the first eddie in which Don learnt that hands don’t give any support. He took a swim. A quick empty out and we went into the biggest white water they’d experienced. Mike, Laraine and Dave W ‘styled’ it up, going down the right line to the big eddie at the bottom, whilst Andrew and Don checked out the fish life! Don’s original excuse was that our official photographer Karen, who was on the bank, put him off with her camera flash. At which point Karen replied “ It was your camera I was using, Don!”.

The BOP clubbies

encouraged but the ‘wave your paddle in the air with one hand’ technique was preferred. As Mike found out, this isn’t always successful. But he did stay in his boat to get rescued, which was great. On down the river into the 1st eddie without dramas! Out of the eddie, down through the bouncy stuff and Don took another swim. Compliments to Dave W. for staying with him until Dan made the rescue. Meanwhile Andrew, missing his breakout to stay with the group, headed into the sunset quickly followed by me. We trekked back for a well deserved lunch, with no rain! 3rd Run - started like the 1st run. Andrew swam while practising eddie turns and ferry glides. Soon back in his boat, everyone completed the course upright, hitting all the eddies they were supposed to.

Dave Wilson practising eddy turns

Join Us For A Kayaking Adventure - River Tours

River Tours

Mokau River

White Water Paddling

Waitara River Tours

Exploring beautiful estuaries. Enjoy a scenic trip with wildlife and wonderful views.

Enjoy this beautiful scenic river which winds through some of New Zealand’s lushest vegetation. Camping overnight and exploring some of New Zealand’s pioneering history. A true Kiwi experience.

Need some excitement? Take a kayak down a wicked Grade Two river run... this is a whole day of thrills and fantastic scenery down some of New Zealand’s best rivers.

For those who are slightly more adventurous at heart, this is a scenic trip with the excitement of Grade Two rapids. Midway down, we paddle under the historic Betran Road Bridge where we will stop for a snack.

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 529 2569 for details

Phone Canoe & Kayak 06 769 5506

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 529 2569 for details

Allow 2 hours paddle only. Priced at $70. Phone: 06 769 5506

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011


Final Run – Don watched while I led the other four who were keen and promised not to swim. There were no dramas until I looked back to check on the group and was caught by a wave side on. Rolling up super quick I hoped no one had seen. I had forgotten that I had a video camera on my helmet. This proves that even when you know what you are doing you can still get it wrong, which was of some comfort to the group, and gave them all a laugh!! At the end everyone had lots of smiles and I even got a hug from Laraine. Now they know that white water kayaks aren’t scary I hope they’ll be back for more. Thanks to everyone for effort, persistence and determination and for making Dan and I practise rescues. See you on the next WW trip. For more photos and video footage of the trip visit our Canoe and Kayak Bay of Plenty facebook page.

Laraine Highes gaining confidence

1st run with Mike Skiffington hot on Dan’s tail

Andrew Stanley concentrating hard to stay upright. (Above)


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

e r o l p Ex

g n i t i Exc

g n i p Cam


North Shore - Auckland - Manukau - Waikato

Join in today

s d n e i Fr

y t e i r Va

e r g u n t i n x e a Rel Adv Rock gardening, Lake Okareka. Photo by Diana Austin

Bay of Plenty - Taupo - Taranaki - Wellington


Southern Endeavour

A month ago James, who produces this magazine, asked me to take Southern Endeavour, the new double sea kayak from Q Kayaks, for an editorial trial. I had planned to do this one Saturday while running a leader development day at Orewa and Okura for the Manukau team. We had way too much fun surfing so missed the opportunity. However my neighbour was about to paddle in two sea kayaks; with three in the family, one was going to watch, so I offered them the Southern Endeavour. A few hours later they returned the kayak from its first editorial trial with many thanks for a great time and the yummiest Apple Pie. I got around to the ‘official trial’ on a sunny morning the day before taking the family to Australia for a three week holiday. My second daughter Shae and I loaded Southern Endeavour on our Canoe & Kayak wheels and launched at 7.30 am for a 45 minute play. Southern Endeavour feels solid; its weight is ok and wheeling 200 m to

By Pete Townend

the water and back was no effort. Two of its three hatches have neoprene and hard covers. The foremost hatch has a robust clip down cover. The Rudder system is simple, functional and turns the kayak well. Happily the up and downhaul does not have a lock down cleat. I welcome this as uphaul lines frustratingly, can get stuck in it. However, you could add this cleat if expecting to reach high speeds in ocean swells which cause the rudder to lift. The seats and cockpits are the standard Q Kayaks design, continually updated over the years. They are very comfortable and paddler friendly. The Southern Endeavour is stable and easy to paddle. We had all the normal day trip safety gear on board. With Shae, aged 10 in front and a 100 kg dad behind, it felt great. Between the mangroves steering was easy with and without the rudder. The cockpits are well spaced so paddles never clashed. We had a bit too much fun, missed the family trip to school and as

Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers N.Z. Inc. (KASK) Annual subscription is $35.00.

Kask PO Box 23, Runanga 7841, West Coast


KASK is a network of sea kayakers throughout New Zealand KASK publishes a 200 page sea kayaking handbook which is free to new members: the handbook contains all you need to know about sea kayaking: techniques and skills, resources, equipment, places to go etc. KASK publishes a bi-monthly newsletter containing trip reports, events, book reviews, technique/equipment reviews and a ‘bugger’ file. KASK holds national sea kayaking forums.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

usual Mum came to the rescue. An excellent father and daughter paddle in a great kayak, crystal clear water, fish splashing, kowhai flowering, tuis and bell birds singing. Why are we holidaying in Australia? If you would like a paddle in this great kayak give your Canoe & Kayak Centre a call to arrange a demo for you. P.S Shae’s birthday treat this year is a weekend exploring the Hauraki Gulf with Dad in a double Sea Kayak. The Southern Endeavour will be an excellent choice for the trip.

Below: Shae has plenty of room to swing her paddle.

Above: The Southern Endeavour in Taupo. Photo courtesy of Q Kayaks.

Specifications: Length 5.6 m, Width: 800 mm, Weight: 46 kg

Tui Excel A versatile, go anywhere kayak

Penguin A tried and true winner that delivers affordable excellence

Shearwater A proven design that just got better

Skua An exceptional performance sea kayak

Southern Endeavour

For all the kayak specs. and stockists, visit or phone 06 326 8667 Skua - 1st Plastic Sea Kayak -Trans Taupo Race 2011 - Circumnavigation around the South Island.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



Canoe & Kayak Stainless Steel Wheels By Pete Townend

The Canoe & Kayak stainless steel wheels are great. These pictures show just how easy it is to move a kayak to the water without any heavy lifting. The stainless steel wheels have a stand that allows them to sit beside the kayak unaided. You simply lift one end of the kayak over the wheels, pop it on and do up the clips. By positioning the wheels in the centre of the kayak, all the weight is on the trolley and not your arms. You pull the kayak along on the easy rolling wheels. I push the kayak into the tide until it is floating, then un-clip the wheels and simply fold down the wheel assembly to stow them in the hatch. I do the reverse on return and then wheel the kayak home again. Surprisingly there is enough buoyancy in the tyres so that the whole assembly floats. I have used these wheels over many years with fully laden kayaks and on all sorts of surfaces. They have only been rinsed off occasionally, and because they are constructed of good quality stainless steel and with no bearings to clog up, they are still as new. These trolleys are proudly made in New Zealand.


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

New Tahe Marine models available before Christmas

Demo kayaks available to test paddle, then talk to your retailer about what colour combinations are available - Full specs - Greenland T’s, Reval’s and Reval Midi’s AVAILABLE IN STORE NOW

5.85 meter ‘Wind’, test paddle now as demo available - December Delivery

WIND 585 - Very fast, tonnes of storage, stable and given its length turns amazingly well. Ask someone who has paddled one. Length: 585 cm - Width: 54 cm - Carbon/aramide Weight: 24-26 kg - Retractable skeg+rudder

Reval Mini - one of the most playful sea kayaks made - AVAILABLE NOW

REVAL MINI LC - Like the popular Reval but smaller making this model even more playful and particularly suitable for the smaller paddler who wants good speed with little effort. Length: 490 cm - Width: 54 cm - Capacity: Approx. 120 kg - Carbon/aramide Weight: 21-23 kg - Retractable skeg only

n d nylo dle an Solo’s d a p ind er Tahe FREE skirt for Wh Novemb t y 0 a r 3 p s ore d bef order

4 only Wind Solo’s at once only special price $3,490 - December Delivery $700

Save WIND SOLO - Innovative, fast and stable cruising sea kayak with low V shaped hull for both speed and manoeuvrability. Length: 505 cm - Width: 54 cm - Carbon/aramide Weight: 22-24 kg - Retractable skeg and rudder

n d nylo dle an pirit’s d a p er Seas Tahe FREE y skirt for h Novemb t a 0 r 3 p s ore d bef order

2 only Seaspirit’s at once only special price $3,290 - December Delivery $700

Save SEASPIRIT - Very stable, very manoeuvrable and suitable for beginner paddlers. Enjoy the benefits of carbon aramide construction in a stable touring kayak. Length: 520 cm - Width: 56 cm - Carbon/aramide Weight: 22-24 kg - Retractable skeg and rudder

DISTRIBUTORS DEMO SALE - One only - Zegul 550 and Coastspirit 0.00


ZEGUL 550 - Zegul is Tahe Marine’s up market performance brand. Full retail would be over $5000.00. Carbon Aramide, red with black hull. Usual minor scratches of a demo kayak but otherwise in great condition. Available for viewing at Canoe and Kayak Manukau. Length: 550cm - Width: 54cm - Weight: carbon/aramide 24–26kg Retractable skeg+rudder. Something special at a demo price $3,490.00



Plastic Coastspirit, Red. Been in the water twice. Basically new. Length: 503 cm - Width: 56 cm - Weight: 26-28 kg - Rudder only 3-layer polyethylene. This is a fast kayak for a fitness paddler wanting touring features or a sea kayaker willing to lose some stability to gain speed. Usual Tahe Marine high quality finish. Given quality you will not get better value than this. $1800.00.

Available at leading kayak retailers and distributed by Great Stuff Ltd. - For additional information, or your closest retailer, email

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



The new Rhino-Rack T-Loader The new Rhino-Rack T-Loader product ( RTL001 ) has been designed to cover several roof carrying needs in one item. The unit makes loading of kayaks a simpler and easier job, particularly on those vehicles with cross bars mounted central on the vehicle. The T-Loader’s tow ball location essentially adds a convenient 3rd bar to the extreme rear of the vehicle. The design is such that it tilts back allowing a kayak to start the loading procedure at a more manageable lower level. The kayak is pushed forward either onto conventional cradles or just tied to the roof bars. T-Loader is supplied with the tilting, ball mounted post which is key lockable, 1250 mm cross bar and sling kit. In addition to kayak use it is equally at home with those in the trade with utes and vans. Loading ladders, timber or any cumbersome long load becomes easy and gives extra third bar support.

Thule WingBar

– a new generation of quiet roof racks The latest innovation from Thule breaks new ground in the growing market for roof racks. Thule WingBar is inspired by airplane wings and sets a new standard for quietness and safety. Thule WingBar has been developed by Thule’s design team and tested in Thule’s specially built Thule Aerolab in order to obtain the most efficient air and weight capacities possible. The result is a roof rack that is nearly noiseless and can be mounted on all cars. Thule Aerolab tests show a sound level 13 decibels lower than the Thule AeroBar – which means that Thule WingBar only produces six percent of the predecessor’s sound energy and is nearly noiseless. from Thule breaks new55% ground in Thule WingBar isThe also latest good forinnovation the environment and your wallet, generating less drag than previous themodels. growing market for roof racks. Thule WingBar is The roof rack has been crash and approved for a maximum load ofstandard 100 kg, as inspired by tested airplane wings and sets a new per ISO standards. for quietness and safety. “With the Thule WingBar, we have created a product that places itself in its own part of the market and, through its combination of noiseless design and easy Thule WingBar has been developed by rack Thule’s mounting, distances itself from all other competitors. The roof also design has a team and tested in Thule’s specially built Thule Aerolab in order form factor that lives up to high consumer demands for an attractive and slender to obtain the most efficient air and weight capacities appearance,” says Greger Juhlin, Vice President of Thule Vehicle Solutions. possible. The result a roof rack thatwith is nearly The Thule WingBar is compatible withisThule accessories T-tracknoiseless and can be mounted on all cars. Thule Aerolab mounting and Thule boxes with PowerClick mounting. Thule WingBar istests show a sound level 13 decibels lowers than the Thule equipped with the following: AeroBar – which Thulenoise WingBar only • WindDiffuser™ - textured rubbermeans strip for that maximum reduction produces six percent of the predecessor’s sound • SmartSlide™ - easy rack measurement system (utility patent pending) andthat is easily thereby nearly noiseless. Thule. • WingPlug™ energy - end piece opens to attach accessories WingBar is also good for the environment and your • Light-weight aluminum wallet, generating 55% less drag than previous • Rack has a slightly curved design to fit the shape of the car roof models. • T-track for easy mounting of the rack and additional accessories

Thule WingBar – a new generation of quiet roof racks


The roof rack has been crash tested and approved for a maximum load of 100 kg, as per ISO standards.

I S S U E “With S I X the T Y Thule T w oWingBar, • S p we r i nhave g 2created 0 1 1 a product that places itself in its ownwpart w wof. kthe market and, through its combination of noiseless design and easy mounting, distances itself from

Kokatat light breeze paddle jacket A fantastic medium weight jacket for NZ conditions. Perfect for the Speight’s Coast to Coast, sea kayaking and touring. • TROPOS Light waterproof, breathable fabric • Adjustable coated Lycra® splash collar and cuffs • Zippered, self-draining left sleeve pocket with key lanyard • Adjustable bungee drawcord waist • Factory sealed seams Sizes S, M, L, XL Colours: Available in yellow or blue RRP$195

Dynamo wing and polo paddles.

Made in New Zealand by World Masters Slalom Champion - Andy Fuller

Carbon paddles from Dynamo. These paddles are very lightweight and strong. The wing paddles are user friendly, feel beautiful and are powerful in the water. Blade size 490 mm X 160 mm, The polo paddles have been flying off the shelves and have proven themselves well in competitions all over NZ and the World. RRP $545


Features: • 30 second install with innovative ‘Master-Fit ‘ claw fitting. • Dual side opening • 75 kg rating • 3 sizes available in Black or Grey. • Best $ value for features – bar none.

07 345 7647

Check them out now!

For Product Advice & Stockists Phone

0800 866322

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



Go With The Flow

What’s coming up in your region

Centre Auckland

OCTOBER 21st Urupukapuka, Bay of Islands - Labour weekend 31st Leader’s Development Camp


5th Marine Medic First Aid Course (2 days) 8th Sea Kayak Skills Course 13th Beginner’s Paddle 20th Kids Day Out 25th Kawhia Harbour (weekend trip) 29th Sea Kayak Skills Course

4th Beginner’s Paddle 13th Sea Kayak Skills Course 18th Beginner’s Paddle

North Shore

21st Tauranga Bay (Labour Weekend) 30th Super Sunday Paddle

12th Kawau Kayak Race 18th Taiharuru Estuary Trip (Whangarei) 19th Steve Gurney Seminar 27th Super Sunday Paddle

3rd Beginners Camping


Kayak Skills Course & Eskimo rolling every Monday (Lloyd Elsmore pool)

10th Summer Swin Series (Kohinmaramra) 23rd Triathlon 2XU Stroke & Stride Mission Bay

3rd Steelman Ironmaiden Festival of Multisport Waiuku 7th Triathlon 2XU Stroke & Stride St Heliers Bay 11th Road Cycling TelstraClear Challenge Auckland Downtown/ North Shore.


21st Hahei trip - Labour weekend

7th Club meeting 12th Maratoto Challenge Paeroa 15th Kayak Fishing Seminar 19th Lake Tarawera

Bay of Plenty

23rd Wairoa release

4th - 6th Tauranga Boat Expo & Water Festival 19th BOP Super 12 Dragon Boat Festival 13th & 27th Wairoa release dates

20th 2011 NZ Kiteboard Freestyle Nationals - Fergusson Park Taupo 31st Leaders Development Camp

26th Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge


22nd - 24th East Bay of Plenty club trip 29th - 30th Whanganui River Challenge

19th - 20th Rangataiki River trip


28th & 29th Outdoors NZ Forum 20th - 25th Hahei

5th Guy Fawkes paddle 5th Big Bang Adventure Race Horowhenua 17th - 22nd Lake Tarawera & Rotomahana


10th & 11th February Speight’s Coast to Coast



3rd March NZ Ironman

23rd - 25th March Coastbusters

11th Give it a go day

2nd - 4th Marlborough Sounds

26th - 30th March International Kayak week

For more details go to www.canoeandkayak/events I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

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See us for all your training and equipment requirements. Freephone 0508 529 2569

Suppliers of spot prizes including the Beachcomber Ultralight, Cobra Tandem, Seattle Dry Bags and NZ Kayak Magazine Subscriptions.

Join Us For An Adventure - Family Tours

Twilight Tours

Glow Worm Kayak Tour

Departs from one of your local beautiful beaches. Enjoy the scenic trip with the sun setting as you paddle along the coastline.

Join us for a picturesque paddle on Lake McLaren to view glow worms by night or beautiful waterfalls by day. This trip takes about 1.5-2hours and is suitable for paddlers with no experience. All gear, hot drinks and nibbles are supplied. Price $75 per person.

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 529 2569 for details

Phone Canoe & Kayak BOP for bookings 07 574 7415

Paddle to the Pub Kayaking to a local pub is a unique way of spending an evening, bringing your group of friends together by completing a fun activity before dinner and making a memorable experience.

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 529 2569 for details

Sugar Loaf Island From Ngamutu Beach harbour we head out on the open sea to Sugar Loaf Island Marine Reserve. View the scenic & rugged Taranaki coastline as we draw closer to the Islands. Enjoy the seal colony and experience the thrill of close up views of these fascinating marine mammals. Allow 3 hours subject to weather. $70.00 per person. Phone 06 769 5506

We Want Your Photos! Have you got a photo for the centre pages or even the front cover. - Yes? We want it! If your photo is published on these pages, you will receive a years subscription to the New Zealand Kayak Magazine for you or a friend. Just e-mail your photo to the address below with who, what and where your photo is taken. It’ll need to be in high w wresolution w . k a y a(300DPI) k n z . c oand . n zin portrait if you are aiming for the front ISSU E S E-mail I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011 cover.


*Terms & Conditions can be viewed at:




SKILLS COURSE Our most popular course. Come and learn all the skills you need to become a confident and competent kayaker. Over the weekend you will learn paddle skills, rescues and what’s more you’ll meet other awesome people like you! All paddlers who complete this course become members of the ‘Yakity Yak Club’. Don’t have a kayak? Don’t worry, all paddling gear and even a yummy lunch is supplied.

KAYAK SURFING Surfing is fun when you know how, and guess what? It’s easy! We’ll start you in small surf sit-on-tops and build your skills until you’re a pro. Surfing builds confidence for all kayakers, plus it is a great way to spend a day at the beach. All paddling gear provided, just bring a smile.

ESKIMO ROLLING Learning to Eskimo roll is easy. With the right techniques you’ll be rolling in no time. Learn in a heated pool over four evening sessions, starting in a white water kayak and progressing to a sea kayak. If you’re learning to surf, having a confident Eskimo roll will double the fun! And you’ll look impressive too.

OCEANS COURSE This weekend course will build on your skills in a realistic environment, based at a remote camping site. Along with paddling technique we cover trip planning, preparation and decision making on the water. A must for paddlers planning overnight trips or multi-day expeditions.


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

CANOEANDKAYAK.CO.NZ INTRO TO WHITE WATER White Water paddlers must have a solid base of skills and this is the course to get you started. This weekend course starts in a heated pool, progressing from flat water to moving water, always at a pace you are comfortable with. It’s a great way to meet paddlers and build your skills together.

RIVER SKILLS Designed to build on skills learnt on the Intro Course, this weekend focuses on building your confidence on fast moving water and culminates in a Grade Two river paddle on the Sunday. The course will help you fine tune eddie turns, ferry gliding, rolling, surfing, and introduces new skills in river rescue and river reading techniques.

MULTISPORT & WHITE WATER This course is a comprehensive package of instruction and coaching designed to progressively build your kayaking skills to Grade Two racing certificate level. Run over three weekends, your confidence on the water and river reading skills will help make your day a huge success.

ADVANCED WHITE WATER Ready for Grade Three Rivers? Sharpen up your white water skills and be prepared to negotiate higher Grade Three rapids with confidence. Learning some simple rodeo moves, advanced paddle technique and playing in holes will help you achieve your goals in advanced white water paddling. This weekend course has a strong focus on safety and sound decision making.

RIVER RESCUES Are you a confident paddler in Grade Two rivers? Before you make the big move to Grade Three you must have the skills covered in this two day River Rescue Course. We will teach you the skills required to cope with entrapments, kayak wraps, swimming kayakers and their equipment.

WEATHER & NAVIGATION There’s not always a TV where we end up, so knowing how to understand the weather is an important skill. You will learn how to forecast weather using maps and the clouds. Navigate using charts and a compass over four evening sessions. Another essential course for paddlers getting right out there.

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011





PLAY The Play is the perfect kayak for the family. The Play is lightweight and compact, simple to transport, load and unload and can be quickly launched and easily manoeuvred. Stability is provided by a shallow V-shaped hull that enhances manoeuvrability and tracking. The clean deck design, comfortable cockpit area make it easy to use. Three foot positions for different length legs make it an excellent choice for sharing by the whole family or a group of friends. Length: 3.1 m Width: 710 mm Weight: 18 kg

Prices start at $545

ESCAPE The Escape is the perfect sit-on-top to throw in the water at a moments notice for a float, a quick fishing trip or to catch a sunset. Perfect for women, children and average size men. The Escape can be outfitted with Cobra’s large ‘A’ hatch, as well as the 10” round hatch. It has plenty of space for rod holders on the side rails and gear in the tank well.

Length: 3.2 m Width: 790 mm Weight: 16 kg

Prices start at $795

EXPLORER We think that the Cobra Explorer is as close as you can get to the perfect all-purpose boat and one of the driest sit-on-tops you’ll find. Stable and fast with superb tracking, it is versatile for all sizes, shapes and varying expertise of paddlers. A great day trip kayak for exploring those hard to get to inshore caves and coves. An oversized external rear tank well holds all types of sports gear or picnic supplies. For fishing and camping there is a flush foredeck with plenty of space for a large storage hatch. Length: 3.4 m Width: 790 mm Weight: 18.2 kg

Prices start at $895

NAVIGATOR The Cobra Navigator, with its longer cockpit, is perfect for taller paddlers and anglers who are looking for the features of a larger kayak, but still want the manouevrability and easy use of a smaller boat, while maintaining stability, speed & tracking. The navigator can be fitted with Cobra’s ‘A’ hatch, as well as our small rectangular hatch. It has plenty of space for rod holders on the side rails and for gear and accessories in the tank well. Length: 3.8 m Width: 790 mm Weight: 22 kg


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Prices start at $995

CANOEANDKAYAK.CO.NZ TANDEM When one is not enough - the Cobra Tandem. One of the lightest twoseaters on the market, it is more manageable than other tandems and can be easily loaded on top of the car. The Tandem is easy to manoeuver and offers a fast stable ride. The top deck design allows for both a forward and rear seat. With deck space for up to five storage hatches, there is plenty of room to stow cargo. Reconfigured, the Tandem also makes a great fishing kayak with room for the long-line or the crayfish pot plus up to six rod-holders. Length: 3.8 m Width: 915 mm Weight: 26 kg

Prices start at $995

FIRE FLY Here is a little cracker! The Firefly is designed so the kids can have fun. Little and light, easy to handle and stable. The kids will love it, if they can get Dad off it!

Length: 2.4 m Width: 700 mm Weight: 16 kg,

Prices start at $535

ESCAPEE A great general-purpose kayak. The Escapee’s upswept bow and long keel enable the kayak to ride well over waves especially in choppy conditions. Its straight tracking gives good forward speed. You can have loads of fun in the surf carving in and out of the wave, or you can go for a leisurely cruise without realising just how far you’ve travelled.

Length: 3.3 m Width: 740 mm Weight: 23 kg,

Prices start at $775

ESCAPADE The Escapade is a multipurpose kayak suitable for touring and fun in the waves. The Escapade has an innovative tri-keeled hull to give greater speed and stability especially when loaded with scuba diving equipment or fishing gear. The hull shape and upswept bow also ensure good surfing in the waves. Fit a rod holder to this kayak and you won't see Dad for hours! Length: 3.5 m Width: 750 mm Weight: 27 kg

Prices start at $975

KIWI The fantastically stable and manoeuvrable Kiwi has room for an adult and small child. It has two dry compartments for gear. Light, super comfortable and fast for its length. An awesome, all round kayak. The Kiwi comes standard with front & rear hatches and bulkheads fitted, while the excel & lightweight models are fitted with a retractable rudder. The ideal kayak for multi day trips, it’s the perfect craft to use in the outdoors for fishing and duck shooting. Length: 3.75 m, Width: 740 mm Weight: 20 kg Std, 23 kg Excel & 18 kg Light.

Prices start at $1365

BARRACUDA SOT The team at Barracuda are breaking new ground with the development of the newest member to their kayaking family. Many people have been asking for the inclusion of a sit-on-top kayak so they can get the benefits that Barracuda has brought to the kayaking world. Bringing together breakthrough thermoforming technology and a wealth of kayaking knowledge, has produced the revolutionary SoT Ultralight kayak for all types of paddlers. The Barracuda SoT Ultralight Tourer includes 3 hatches, bulkheads & saddles for seat/backrest. Length: 4.2 m Width: 680 mm Weight: 18 kg

Note:Rod holders not included

Prices start at $2500 I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011





MARAUDER The Cobra Marauder has been extensively remodelled and is now a pure performance fishing kayak from every angle and offers excellent stability. Ample rocker provides manoeuvrability and smooth paddling as well as stability during surf launches and landings. The keel design and tracking channels in the hull make for excellent tracking. A user friendly deck design offers you more than enough options to truly customize the Marauder to fit the way YOU want to fish, and you’ll see why the Marauder is raising the bar on what a fishing kayak should be. Length: 4.3 m Width: 780 mm Weight: 28 kg

Rudder & O hatch are not included in base price.

Prices start at $1345

FISH N’ DIVE The Cobra design team have created the Cobra Fish N’ Dive multi-platform fishing kayak. Ideal for day fishing, the kayak features one centrally located seat and a smaller reverse companion jump seat near the bow for another passenger or additional gear. There is no other kayak on the market this size that offers as much storage space. A large well is located in the stern and holds up to three tanks. Scuba divers love this unique arrangement that allows for heavy loads and provides a stable exit and re-entry platform. Length: 3.8 m Width: 915 mm Weight: 28 kg

Prices start at $1145

TOURER A performance sit on top touring kayak. Designed for the athletic paddler who wants to paddle with maximum efficiency and speed. A great fishing boat that is stable and easy to paddle. Very popular with free divers for its speed through the water. The low profile of the Cobra Tourer cuts down on the windage, enabling paddlers to maintain high speed and straight tracking with easy handling. Easily equipped with an optional rudder system. Length: 4.6 m Width: 710 mm Weight: 23 kg

Rudder & hatch are not included in base price.

Prices start at $1295

PRO FISHERMAN For long reach fishing expeditions the Pro Fisherman is the ideal kayak. More than 300 mm longer than the Fish n’ Dive, the Pro Fisherman has a narrower beam and is lightweight at 24 kg. This means a fast manoeuvrable kayak, able to handle more challenging sea conditions. It comes standard with covered side storage compartments, covered bait well, tank holder, front bungy and rudder system. Length: 4.15 m Width: 730 mm Weight: 24 kg


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Prices start at $1945

CANOEANDKAYAK.CO.NZ ESCAPADE F The Escapade F is a great starter kayak suitable for fishing and diving . It’s an innovative tri-keeled hull that gives greater speed and stability, especially when loaded with scuba diving equipment or fishing gear. The hull shape and upswept bow also ensures good surfing landings. Price includes 3 x rod holders, running line, sea anchor, low back seat and an aluminium paddle. Length: 3.5 m Width: 750 mm Weight: 32 kg


Prices start at $1295 Note: Centre console not pictured

The Barracuda SoT FishPro is an ideal fishing kayak. The newest edition to the SoT ultralight is the centre storage compartment. The large center well keeps things at easy reach with a lid designed to enhance the working area and a bait board lid with separate storage tray. An optional internal rod chute for protecting rods in surf is in development. Standard features include centre console, 2 hatches, bulkheads, 4 flush mounted rod holders, Railblaza Star Ports, thigh braces & saddles for a seat/backrest. Length: 4.2 m Width: 680 mm Weight: 18 kg


Prices start at $3000 HELIOS Helios I offers plenty of storage space under the front and the rear decks, the adjustable foot rest provides a good brace. The decks are provided with elastics for stowage of small items that you would like to keep handy. Also available as a double. Length: 3.1 m, Width: 710 mm Weight: 13.5 kg

Prices start at $1630 TWIST A single seater sit-on-top kayak that you can take out of your carry bag and get onto the water in minutes for spur-of-the-moment exploring! Made out of a revolutionary lightweight and durable Lite-Pack® material, Twist 1 weighs only 6 kg and is undoubtedly the lightest inflatable kayak made of quality reinforced materials. Twist has an extremely stable hull with comfortable back and foot rests. You can stow your dry bag and gear in the secure cargo space at rear. Also available as a double. Length: 2.6 m Width: 790 mm Weight: 6 kg

Prices start at $1015

SUNNY A sit-on-top kayak with modern sports design. The Sunny keeps on course well and is suitable even for beginners. With the symmetrical design and the simple seat fastenings, Sunny can be reconfigured from a double kayak to a properly balanced single in moments. Sunny includes: Two padded seats, 70 ltr backpack-able Dry bag /Carry bag, foot pump, repair kit and manual. Length: 3.8 m Width: 800 mm Weight: 16 kg

Prices start at $1935

K40 TASMAN Incept sea kayaks bring a totally new dimension to the world of touring kayaks for ocean, lake and gentle river kayaking adventures.These inflatable sea kayaks offer the convenience and portability of an inflatable without compromising the performance expected from a hard-shell. Incept inflatable sea kayaks pack down into light, compact airline baggage including kayak sprayskirts, seats, pedals, rudder and pump. Length: 4.4 m Width: 670 mm Weight: 15 kg

Prices start at $3036 I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011





SHEARWATER This comfortable performance orientated sea kayak suits all sizes of paddler. It handles well in rough conditions, it’s a fun boat to paddle. A modern deck on the Shearwater allows more leg and foot room. Combined with a new seat and padded backrest, the Shearwater offers maximum comfort for all day paddling. The rudder system is mounted to the hull of the kayak giving excellent strength and allows easy lift.

Length: 4.8 m Width: 610 mm Weight: 26.5 kg std, 23 kg Llite

Prices start at $2650

SKUA For expeditions where distances are to be covered in varying sea conditions. Because the Skua has a low deck profile it performs extremely well in windy conditions, while its longer hull gives it greater speed and allows it to respond in a following sea to surf the waves. The Skua has several new features to ensure maximum safety on the sea, including new adjustable thigh braces, paddle holder, rescue system and an easily accessible day hatch behind the cockpit. Length: 5.2 m Width: 600 mm Weight: 27 kg std, 24 kg lite

Prices start at $2890

TASMAN EXPRESS The Tasman Express is an exceptional performance sea kayak. At 5.3 metres long, this sleek looking craft maintains good forward speed, especially when loaded with gear. Its low profile and flared bow enables this kayak to perform extremely well in adverse or windy conditions. An aerodynamic rudder blade is fitted to prevent drag and increase forward speed and turning performance.

Length: 5.3 m Width: 620 mm Weight: 29 kg std, 25 kg lite

Prices start at $2890

BEACHCOMBER ULTRALIGHT Designed and manufactured by Barracuda Kayaks New Zealand, the Beachcomber combines the best innovations from existing kayak designs to attain the finest quality and performance achievable in recreational ocean kayaks. These features have been streamlined into a new, high quality, rigid and safe kayak for novice and professional users alike.

Length: 4.9 m Width: 600 mm Weight: 17 kg


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Prices start at $3099

CANOEANDKAYAK.CO.NZ SOUTHERN ENDEAVOUR The Southern Endeavour double is the ‘mother ship’ of Q-Kayaks’ fleet. Its length, combined with a wider beam, allows for excellent stability and positive forward speed. This kayak is fitted with all our latest paddle rescue fittings, stainless steel towing bar and moulded in paddle holders at the front of each cockpit.

Length: 5.6 m, Width: 800 mm, Weight: 46 kg,

Prices start at $3540

BEACHCOMBER DUO The “Beachcomber Duo” has great lines, looks fantastic, and performs unbelievably well. Its low windage design offers an easy to control double kayak. It has a fast hull and excellent tracking. The kayak has ample storage with the expedition model even offering extra storage compartments between both paddlers’ legs.

Length: 5.8 m, Width: 700 mm Weight: 28 kg

Prices start at $4299

SEABEAR II PACKHORSE Cruise in Comfort and Safety! With its Flowtech Progressive Chine Hull, this is the choice of tour operators and keen double-paddlers. Large central hatch, as well as bow and stern storage; perfect for extended expeditions along the coast, as a duo or part of an exploration group. Easy and stable handling for kayakers of all levels. Designed to take paddlers of different weights and still give maximum performance. Length: 5.9 m, Width: 850 mm, Weight: 40 kg fiberglass, 38 kg kevlar

Prices start at $5995

K50 PACIFIC Incept sea kayaks bring a totally new dimension to the world of touring kayaks for your ocean, lake and gentle river kayaking adventures.These inflatable sea kayaks offer the convenience and portability of an inflatable without compromising the performance expected from a hard-shell.

Length: 5.35 m Width: 670 mm Weight: 20 kg

Prices start at $3670

NOVACRAFT - CANOE 16 The Nova Craft 16ft (4.9 m) Outfitters SP3 canoes are ideally suited for lake and river exploring. An awesome camping and exploring canoe. *Note: NZ models have plastic seats.

Length: 4.9 m, Width: 915 mm, Weight: 34 kg,

Prices start at $2385

NOVACRAFT - CANOE 17 The Nova Craft 17ft (5.2 m) Outfitters SP3 canoes are made for lake and river exploring and those extended canoe trips of many days. The load carrying capability of canoes is legendary and this makes them ideal for our camping and exploring life style. Many commercial operators choose Nova Craft Canoes because they are great to paddle and built tough. *Note: NZ models have plastic seats. Length: 5.2 m, Width: 915 mm, Weight: 36 kg

Prices start at $2495 I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011





GREENLAND T This is the kayak you have to try out if you are into Greenland style of paddling. This must be one of the most well recognised kayaks on the market today. With the classic lines and low volume it has given many paddlers the joy and the interest of trying something new, or going back to basics. Tahe Marine Greenland style kayaks have a particularly low volume and a tight fit to your body, which gives you full control of what you are doing and provides you with the feeling of being closer to water than ever. Length: 5.45 m Width: 530 mm Weight: 22 - 24 kg

Prices start at $4270

REVAL The Revals hull with rocker and upswept bow provides a dry and smooth ride over waves with precise and confidence inspiring handling and stability. The relatively low rear deck helps prevent weather cocking in windy conditions and allows easy rolling. The elegant Reval is ideal for the medium to large sized paddler looking for a versatile easy to use boat that is agile enough as a day boat but with plenty of carrying capacity for multi day trips. The kayak is equipped with Kajaksport skeg and the original Smarttrack rudder system. Length: 5.5 m Width: 540 mm Weight: 23 - 25 kg

Prices start at $4125

REVAL MIDI The Reval Midi is an ideal choice for adrenaline seekers, as this kayak has a wonderful stability and navigability even in breaking waves and strong winds. The hull is designed with rocker and upswept bow and stern to handle any challenging sea conditions. The kayak deck is equipped with 2 oval hatches and a day-hatch for easier entry into compartments. As the name suggests the volume of the Reval Midi is sufficient for weekend trips or shorter expeditions. The kayak is equipped with Kajaksport skeg and the original Smarttrack rudder system. Length: 5.2 m Width: 540 mm Weight: 21 - 23 kg

Prices start at $4050

REVAL MINI The Reval Mini has wonderful stability and navigability even in breaking waves and strong winds. The kayak deck is equipped with 2 oval hatches and a day-hatch for easier entry into compartments. As the name suggests the volume of the Reval Mini is sufficient for weekend trips or shorter expeditions. The kayak is equipped with Kajaksport skeg and the original Smarttrack rudder system.

Length: 4.9 m Width: 540 mm Weight: 21 - 23 kg


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Prices start at $4050

CANOEANDKAYAK.CO.NZ KEKENO The Kekeno kayak is designed with comfort in mind and is perfect for exploring, whether you are taking on the foaming waves of the east coast or the calmer waters of the country’s lakes. The Kekeno is ready to handle all the conditions and our unpredictable weather.

Length: 4.0 m, Width: 630 mm, Weight: 21.5 kg fiberglass, 19 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3595

SEABEAR WAITOA The SeaBear Waitoa has been modernised to give today’s paddler modern comforts on the proven hull design. The SeaBear remains the classic touring kayak but has combined this with high standards in deck design.

Length: 5.5 m, Width: 600 mm, Weight: 26 kg fiberglass, 24 kg kevlar

Prices start at $4395

BREAKSEA The BreakSea is round-hulled with soft edges - this means lower primary stability, but great secondary stability - and it tracks nicely. It can be paddled with the rudder, or if you’re keen, you can test your skills by leaving the rudder stuck onto the deck.

Length: 5.2 m Width: 540 mm Weight: 22.5 kg fiberglass, 21 kg kevlar

Prices start at $4495 TASMAN ELITE A true high performance sea kayak with maximum rigidity. Fully constructed of kevlar with a mix of carbon through the cockpit area, this model weighs only 22 kgs. The Tasman Express Elite is also a narrower kayak with less volume than the polyethylene models, which combined with the lighter weight, make this a kayak which will maintain a greater speed in all conditions. Length: 5.3 m, Width: 600 mm Weight: 22 kg kevlar

Prices start at $4590

FOVEAUX EXPRESS The Foveaux Express is a responsive and playful sea kayak. Q-Kayaks’ original composite design, with a redesigned deck configuration, gives it the sporty look and practicality of a third hatch. The dolphin nose with flair, allows lift in the ocean swell while dispersing the water, and the low peaked deck performs well in strong crosswinds. A fun, nimble kayak.

Length: 5.0 m Width: 600 mm Weight:19 kg kevlar

Prices start at $4460

SOUTHERN SKUA The Southern Skua has a low deck profile enabling it to perform extremely well in windy conditions, while its longer hull gives it greater speed and allows it to respond in a following sea to surf the waves. It gives maximum stability in the open sea.

Length: 5.4 m Width: 600 mm Weight: 22 kg kevlar

Prices start at $4590 I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011





HURRICANE New, fast, and not so tipsy. The hurricane gives you the very best balance of speed and stability. The sleek deck is designed to be less vulnerable to strong cross winds, while the raised bow provides extra lift to prevent the front of the kayak being submerged in rapids and small waves. The Hurricane is user friendly with an adjustable seat and footrests, plus it is fitted with front and rear end loops for ease of lifting.

Length: 5.9 m Width: 490 mm Weight: 12 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3170

MAXIMUS Fast ocean going Racing Sea Kayak. The broad bow allows this kayak to ride over waves like a surf ski without losing any speed. It is easy to control while surfing. In adverse conditions a low profile reduces buffeting by the wind. The Maximus gives maximum speed and good stability in moderate sea conditions. The broad bow allows it to ride over waves like a surf ski without losing any speed, and makes for easier control while surfing a wave. Length: 6.4 m Width: 510 mm Weight: 16 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3890

EXCALIBUR Used in New Zealand’s ultra-rough Speight’s Coast to Coast annual race across the South Island, the yearly ‘Motu Challenge’ in the North Island, and many other multi-sport events, Excalibur is the kayak for competition at the highest level. Like the TriBear, Excalibur handles white-water rivers or flat water easily, and its proven hull shape has helped create winners. The gel-coated construction gives the kayaks needed sun protection. The kayak is light and manoeuvrable yet offers good stability and great speed. Length: 5.7 m Width: 550 mm Weight: 15 kg kevlar

Prices start at $2945

BEACHCOMBER ULTRALIGHT One of the most popular kayaks for the Speight’s Coast to Coast. Designed and manufactured by Barracuda Kayaks New Zealand, the Beachcomber has been developed using the best innovations from existing kayak designs to attain the finest quality and performance achievable in recreational ocean kayaks. These features have been streamlined into a new, high quality, rigid and safe kayak for both novice and professional users. Length: 4.9 m Width: 600 mm Weight: 17 kg


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Prices start at $3099

CANOEANDKAYAK.CO.NZ REBEL KEVLAR The Rebel is designed for paddlers of both genders up to 75 kg. At 5.65 metres long, the Rebel is half way between the length of the Swallow and the Firebolt and is faster than them all.

Length: 5.65 m, Width: 450 mm, Weight: 11 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3210

SWALLOW The next step up from the entry level kayaks. Fast with good stability. Medium skill ability is required to enjoy racing this kayak. A very popular Coast to Coast kayak.

Length: 5.4 m, Width: 480 mm, Weight: 12 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3000

INTRIGUE This kayak is ideal for the beginner/entry level kayaker who is looking for a quick, light kayak with great stability. Also suitable for first time Coast to Coasters.

Length: 4.95 m Width: 540 mm Weight: 12 kg kevlar

Prices start at $2900

GLADIATOR The Gladiator is the latest design from Ruahine and is our top seller. This exciting new kayak meets the needs of the larger novice/intermediate paddlers looking for a lively, railable, stable, safe kayak with a good turn of speed. It is fitted with our larger cockpit, making it very suitable for the larger/heavier paddlers from approx. 80 kg upwards.

Length: 5.9 m, Width: 530 mm Weight: 13.5 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3210

FIREBOLT The Firebolt is fast, smart looking and has excellent balance between speed and stability. It has an easy paddle entry, a fine ‘cutting’ bow, a low foredeck and a wider rear deck for more secondary stability. The Firebolt is faster and more stable in white water and less vulnerable to strong winds in open water. Suitable for paddlers from about 70 kg upwards.

Length: 5.9 m Width: 450 mm Weight: 12.5 kg kevlar

Prices start at $3250

ADVENTURE DUET The Adventure Duet racing double is suitable for use on rivers, lakes and the sea. It has decklines, bulkheads and hatches and is great for recreational paddling and adventure holidays or adventure racing where one wants to carry gear in a lighter weight, fast double. The Adventure Duet is ideal when one paddler might be stronger than the other ( such as a mix of gender and/or generations). Length: 7.0 m Width: 550 mm Weight: 26 kg kevlar

Prices start at $5760 I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011



Paddling on the moon? Josh Neilson gets a taste of what it could be like, by paddling the Upper Cherry Creek in Yosemite National Park, California. Upper Cherry Creek 2011 Tyler Fox on Breakfast Slide - Photo Daan Jimmink

If you have ever seen Yosemite National Park in California from the air, you will know how precariously it sits in a long mountain range of massive trees and deep river gorges. Coming home this year, I was lucky enough to fly right over this amazing park, where the trees seem to subside as the massive petro glyphs tower out of the granite fields below. The terrain, stretched over a number of valleys, is what I imagine the surface of the moon looks like.

Walking down stream to run safety on “the moon”. Photo Tyler Fox


I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011

Most people probably look out the windows and check out El Capitan and the famous Half Dome within the park boundary but I was checking out the waterfalls from Styx Pass down to Cherry Lake on Upper Cherry Creek which partly forms a boundary for the park. Cherry Creek has two forks of Grade 5 rapids that join the Tuolumne River, one of Yosemite’s major drainages. On 3rd of August, a few weeks before flying over these deep gorges, I was sitting 100 km away in Coloma, a base for all the kayakers and raft guides in California. A friend said, “Tyler just paddled past and said to pack your gear for Upper Cherry Creek. They are walking in tonight”. Ever since my surgery on the 12th of January it had been my goal to be fully fit for this run. The California season was holding out due to a huge snow pack, giving me ample time to decide to go in or not. My excitement levels went through the roof with Tyler’s news and the decision was made that my shoulder was up for it! In two hours I had packed my limited amount of gear, borrowed a paddle, kayak, helmet, spray deck and a drytop and was sitting on a couch like a kid waiting to open Christmas presents! Planning to start hiking at 5.30 in the morning we left Coloma just on dark for a three hour drive and camped with the rest of the crew at the trailhead. I had what seemed like 15 minutes of interrupted sleep before my phone rang. I rolled over to turn it off, remembered where I was and prepared to get over the first hill while it was still dark. Time passed. It was 7 am before we found our lost shuttle driver, packed up

Louise Urwin hiking in with kayak and gear on her back. Photo Tyler Fox


NEW & EXISTING TERRITORIES AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT NEW ZEALAND Leaders in the kayaking industry Over 20 years experience Full training and ongoing support Be up & running this summer Lifestyle opportunity

our boats and headed up Kibbie Ridge on route to Styx Pass. After six months of low activity I knew it was going to be a tough challenge as I waddled up the hill, my kayak on my back and carrying just enough food and gear for two days. Five and a half hours later, close to passing out, I unclipped my carry system and crashed in a heap. 12 miles (19km) from the car there was only one way out! With the recent shoulder surgery on my mind I walked the first, biggest drop of the day, and ran safety as the rest of the crew dropped into ‘Breakfast slide’. The rest of the day was sweet slides and smaller drops over the moon-like terrain. Running safety, scouting and even portaging in these drainages can be difficult, but our great crew made good speed. As the sun was setting we entered the ‘Class 4 gorge’, camping for the night at the exit. When the sun reached us at 9 am we packed our kayaks and planned to tackle Cherry Bomb Gorge. One by one we dropped in. The first drops were slides, then a few small waterfalls and suddenly we were looking up to the top of the gorge hundreds of metres above. Feeling the pains from the walk and a day’s paddling I dragged my kayak over the rocks to the lip of Cherry Bomb Falls, slipped into my boat and paddled off the lip. We had caught up with another crew. They ran safety for me as I came down, and then I ran safety for the rest of our group. Everyone had sweet lines and, grinning from ear to ear, made it to the bottom. Half the crew decided to camp at the exit to the gorge and the rest of us made the paddle out! This has to be one of the steepest sections of runnable whitewater anywhere and the reason why this is regarded as one of the best multi day kayak runs in the world. With a smaller crew we picked up some speed and made our way past the confluence of the West Fork of Cherry Creek and out to the Lake. This trip marked twelve months off paddling waterfalls with my best mates and I was stoked to be able to get back out there! This was the first and last big trip for my season and soon enough we were back out to civilisation and filling up on some well-deserved fast food! Thanks to Tyler Fox and Lou for taking me on this mission and Daan Jimmink, Jess Matheson, Matt Coles, Shannon Mast, Dave Maurier and Tera Muir for making up the rest of the awesome crew this year!

Let’s talk - Call Pete Townend e-mail or phone 09 476 7066

I S S U E S I X T Y Tw o • S p r i n g 2 011


Cherry bomb gorge - Photo by: Tyler Fox

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