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Issue 47 Upper Ruamanga.


Save Tie Arai.


Icy Bay, Alaska.


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Chill factor zero.


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Learn to kayak Luuka Jones at the Olympics.



Paddling the lakes of the Bay of Plenty.


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Abel Tasman 2008


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Front cover photo: Ian Cheeseman, This photo: Lisa Edge Photos by: Peter Townend

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Lets all have fun this spring and enjoy the outdoors to the max. Life is a balance of things we have to do and things we want to do. Lawns or kayaking, dishes or cards, friends or TV. We make these choices every day if not every minute. Driving a car we make choices every second, speed up or slow down, when and how much to turn, ball on road - kid to follow - hit the brakes. In the outdoors many decisions also have to be made and doing it well is the trick to having heaps of fun. First of all the equation, Safe plus Fun equals A Great Time We all know what Safe is. It is getting home with your mates without risking injury or scaring yourself to death. And we all know what Fun is. It is doing something to make you smile or laugh or which sends you into a talking fit when you get back to work. It is seeing new things and surviving a challenge which almost scares you to death. Isn’t it interesting that in Safe, Scare is a negative and in Fun it is very often a positive. In Safe it is a measure of how close you are to hurting yourself and in Fun it is an adrenaline buzz that many of us need to have Fun. Having fun in the outdoors has risks; we minimize them and increase safety with training, knowledge, equipment and good planning. We are safer staying at home, there is no doubt about that. But we want to live too, and living is very much about educated risk taking. Have fun, be safe and have a blast this spring. Cheers Peter Townend


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The Upper Ruamahanga

by Tony Warren

Sea kayaking is great fun and it can include river kayaking. I don’t mean white water paddling, but more down rivers with small ripples or rapids, easily paddled by intermediate paddlers. On such rivers you experience ever-changing sweeping views of cliffs, birdlife and bush. You’ll enjoy visually interesting paddling. The Upper Ruamahanga in the Wairarapa is a beautiful, long, winding river with very mild rapids. It’s ideal for learning to paddle. The get in point for the five hour trip is by the bridge on Kokotau Road. The three hour trip get in is by Morrison’s Bush. The get out for both is at the bridge near Martinborough. As long as the water level isn’t low it can be paddled in sea kayaks with rudders up. On the last trip most interest came from multi-sporters. The upper reaches are clear and many people fish there. On a gloriously fine Saturday, the shortest day of the year, three of our club members paddled the river: Juliana Jarvie, Simon Barrows and myself. David Blake, our driver, prevented from paddling by other commitments, shuttled Simon’s van to the get out.. We set off at 11.00 am. I know this as my watch was attached to the bungy on the deck and, would you know it, it unknotted itself. The last I saw of my watch was at 11.05 when it dropped to the bottom of the river!

The five hour get in.

The first rapid comes shortly after the bridge. A swirl from a log forces the water upstream over a shingle bank too shallow to paddle. You have to power through the water or edge along the shingle. As Simon found out, tackled so soon after the put in, it can be disconcerting. We paddled on round bends, enjoying a succession of pleasing vistas. The rapids, what there are of them, are grade one or less, and most can be avoided or passed over quickly. Simon and I paddled sea kayaks and Juliana a Dancer. Juliana learnt to paddle in faster moving water on the outside of curves and then kept up with the sea kayaks during two hours paddling at Morrison’s Bush. After lunch she led the way for much of the time. For anyone keen to play in rapids there is an easy one above Morrison’s Bush. In a sea kayak you power up to the rapid, sit in the stopper and watch the water flow past you. It is most satisfying! The challenge is to sit in the rapid for as long as possible.

The three hour get in.

Juliana’s burst of speed put the sea kayakers to shame . We completed the remainder of the river in two and a half hours. It should have taken three! The section below Morrison’s bush is less interesting but there are a few rapids and fine views. We got out at the bridge near Martinborough well satisfied. There was no drama, no one swam and we all had an enjoyable time. Great weather, great company, and a fun river.

The get out for both trips.

Note: I completely forgot to take my camera. I have included pictures from previous trips to give you some ideas of the river. Most of these shots are of white water boats, but sea kayaks are just as much fun in high water levels.

The bush comes right down to the waters edge.

Putting the power on.



even • 2008

Help Save Te Arai Te Arai Beach has some of the most outstanding scenery on the East Coast of New Zealand and is the last untouched ocean beach in the Auckland region. It is now in danger of becoming a large scale development site. Plans for 850 houses, a hotel, conference centre, tennis courts, shops and a golf course have been submitted to Rodney District Council. With 1666 written submissions against the development it is clear where the public stand on this issue.

by Grant La Hood

The last untouched ocean beach in the Auckland region.

For many of us Te Arai offers solace from city life and a chance to completely free ourselves from the stress of urban living. Building hundreds of homes on the beach will only replicate the very thing Te Arai offers respite from. Te Arai should be preserved for current and future generations to enjoy. Te Arai is a large regenerating eco-system with high ecological and scenic value. It is home to some of New Zealand’s most endangered birdlife including the fairy tern and the northern NZ dotterel. There are estimated to be only 700 pairs of the northern NZ dotterel and only 35-40 individual fairy tern left. This makes the fairy tern New Zealand’s rarest bird, even rarer than the iconic kakapo. The Department of Conservation has described the area as “clearly an area of outstanding significance for shorebirds” The Auckland Regional Council (ARC) and the central government have made an offer to buy the land back and turn it into a regional park. With public pressure it is possible to stop the development and have Te Arai returned to government ownership. The ARC recently brought Eyres Point which overlooks Te Arai and Pakiri, this was the first step in saving Te Arai.

Tony carving it up, Jim checking the Kawhai!

There is wave of emotion in New Zealand regarding coastal development, if you are tired of seeing our coastal regions swallowed up by housing developments then now is the time to make your voice heard. If you would like more information on how you can help save Te Arai please visit my website at

Look out for this postcard to lodge your support. Help save New Zealand’s coastline and native wildlife

Contact: Grant La Hood Email: Web: Whanga rei


Hen & C hick Islands en

Te Arai Wellsford


Great Ba rrie Island r

Warkwo rth Helensville

Sign this postcard and send it to the Prime Minister (freepost) 8


even • 2008


Aucklan d

Coroma ndel

Correction: In Issue 46 we had a formatting problem that affected page 10, an article on paddling Lake Rotoiti. I wish to apologise to the author Stephen Le Couteur, and readers for missing the final paragraph. - the Editor

Memories of Te Arai Many years ago I was asked to take a young lad camping for a night. He hadn’t been out of the warm environment of suburbia and his parents thought it would be good for him. I rang my sister and asked, “Would your 10 year old like to join us on a surfing safari?” Her response was, “Yes please!” The three of us spent Saturday afternoon on a deserted white sand beach, surfing in crystal clear water. We camped on the beach with a small fire and waited for the sun to go down. Then, with some trepidation, we went down to the water’s edge. In the light of a couple of torches and with nips to slower fingers, we caught a bucket of crabs. Juggling hot crabs from the fire, cracking them between our teeth and sucking the meat out was great fun, and doubly rewarding when very hungry. Sleeping under a tarp with the surf crashing at our feet was idyllic.

by Peter Townend

We still talk about that trip and the ranger giving us a bit of a telling off about camping! Even way back then our increasing population was gobbling up our cherished ‘outdoors’. It is still possible to enjoy the space and remoteness of this beach, but without your help it won’t be for long. Please support this campaign, and pressure the Government to restrict coastal development. Peter Townend

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Icy Bay, Alaska

Icy Bay, Alaska.

by Jim Young by Jim Young

Exquisite natural sculptures.

Icy Bay. No points for guessing the origin of the name, nor for guessing what paddling lay ahead of us. Formed after a century-long retreat of the Guyot, Yahtse, and Tindall Glaciers, Icy Bay is an amazing place to kayak. In the 1700’s discoverer George Vancouver’s artist painted a scene depicting the ice wall of a giant tidewater glacier across what is now the opening of the bay. These days the bay stretches almost 50 kilometres inland and is ready-made for exploration by kayak. I’d met my Israeli mate Doron on Everest in 1992 where he summitted and became the first Israeli to climb Everest and where, on the Lhotse Face, I suffered frost-bite and missed out. We’d remained good friends ever since and the chance to join him on this trip was too good to pass. In the week before our arrival at Icy Bay we had trekked across trackless Lake Clark National Park with three other Israelis. Another four joined us for the Icy Bay paddle. Some of these guys were ex-commandos and their camp-fire stories in the ensuing days highlighted yet again our isolated paradise we call New Zealand. Piloted by seasoned and charismatic local bush pilots, our three Cessna’s, loaded to the roof with gear, bumped and bounced along on a narrow, sloping, shingle beach where



even • 2008

George, the owner of the Icy Bay Lodge, greeted us. The lodge provided a selection of sturdy plastic single kayaks, all with rudders, plus a couple of open two-person rudderless plastic canoes, frustrating to navigate, especially in a cross wind. George ferried us across the bay in his flat-bottomed boat, his boatman using a long pole to prod the smaller icebergs away from vital propeller

Mt. St.Elias, stunning back-drop.

blades. Low tide in the bay compacts the bergs leaving only narrow channels. George was uneasy so we hurriedly unloaded our gear amid icebergs stranded on the sandy beach and found an idyllic camp-site, plenty of firewood, and, ominously, lots of bear and wolf tracks. To minimise bear attacks it’s important to keep the food storage and cooking area at least fifty metres away from the sleeping tents. No food whatsoever, not even toothpaste, should be kept in the tents. Normally bear resistant containers (BRC’s) are available from the Ranger Stations but we were unable to locate any for the kayak trip. We’d had a fortuitous close encounter with a bear during the Lake Clark segment but we were in no rush to repeat the experience! Our arrival on the beach stimulated an assault by the local mozzies backed up by all manner of other biting insects. I’m sure the mozzies here are on steroids, they are big sods. A liberal dosing of insect repellent and a mozzie head-net are the only answers. Once the camp was set up I took the party through a kayak orientation and safety briefing. I’d forgotten how much needs to be explained and this took some time, especially since some detailed and technical information had to be translated. Eventually we paddled off for a practice. Most of the group had not paddled much before but they were naturals, their abilities enhanced by military training. They paddled like maniacs, leaving me in my rudderless plastic bath-tub struggling in their wake.

Melting icebergs form the most exquisite natural sculptures. I marvelled at the incredible shapes delicately fashioned by sun on ice. The bergs are constantly moving and it would be so easy to stop paddling and drift lazily amongst them. When the cloud cleared we were treated to yet more breathtaking scenery. Cameras clicked endlessly. The 18,000 ft., Mt. St. Elias with its beautiful sweeping ridges left and right provided a stunning back-drop to the iceberg-littered bay. We threaded our way, kayaks scraping and crunching between the bergs and broken off chunks of ice. We could now hear the booms from further up the bay as huge seracs of ice calved off the glaciers. I’d seen film footage of this spectacle and eagerly anticipated my first live view. Low tide caused the bergs to bunch together and previously relatively open sea was now choked with ice. Progress was difficult and slow. Eventually, experiencing continual grinding and crunching over chunks of ice, and facing an impenetrable cover of ice we turned back to seek the shoreline, hauled up the kayaks and climbed to a vantage point for a look, ever-present bearspray cans at the ready. It appeared that we could make progress if we kept close to the shore. So we paddled around a point and could then see our next camp-site atop an atoll of vegetation covered moraine. This was beautiful elevated spot with a grand-stand view of the glaciers and

Grand-stand view with full surround sound.

These guys had little fear. One wanted to practise a paddle-float self-rescue. I spent a few minutes explaining why that would not be such a great idea in such freezing water. He took some persuading. A very civilised start at 10am the next day saw us paddling through easilynegotiated larger bergs, but, as the day wore on and the tide receded, our passage became more and more constricted.

Noises like the crack of a rifle shot penetrated the calm air when bergs split and blocks of ice tumbled into the icy water. Even the smallest chunk upset the delicate balance of the ice-bergs and was usually enough to provoke the berg into a slow-motion roll until, ine Kayaks balance restored, it settled into a new position. We kept a healthy distance from the larger bergs.

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Gladiator ISSUE FORTYs

even• 2008


"you don't see these in the Negev, mate!"

the upper bay. It featured full surround sound of reverberating booms, ample reward for strenuous portage of the kayaks and gear up the slippery moraine slopes. We saw moose tracks in the sand and it was here that I first heard wolves yelping and howling.

the front of the glacier, toppling in slow-motion against each other then into the sea. This caused a domino effect as the already tightly packed ice moved and shuddered from the immense power. Mesmerising stuff.

Our delightful camp-site became Misery Hill when the rain started and the ground turned into a bog complete with running water. Everything was damp or wet. Waterfalls and streams reminiscent of Fiordland sprouted from nowhere, the landing beach turned to mud, our views up the bay disappeared in low moist mist.

Although we carried and used a liquid fuel stove, we preferred to cook over an open fire. At the end of the day it provided warmth and a place to sit around while chatting.

Our tent was pitched in a slight hollow which became a stream forcing a late-night exodus to a better site. I shivered in my damp sleeping bag and pondered the sanity of it all. The rain persisted and we spent most of the day in our sleeping bags. I could not remember ever spending a more miserable time in a tent. Mercifully, a watery sun the next day allowed some drying out before we paddled back down the bay and across to the southern shore to our final camp-site. A diversion up to the snout of the Tindall Glacier provided one of the highlights of the trip for me. We witnessed five or six huge multi-storey seracs calve off

Icy points for guessing the origin of the name!



even • 2008

Our final camp was another idyllic spot with plenty of firewood.

There were plenty of bear tracks but I think we made enough noise to warn off any wild-life. Next day, back at the Icy Bay Lodge, we unloaded once more in the rain, but the hot showers and fabulously cooked fresh halibut were more than compensation. Like all good trips the dismal days were soon forgotten and stories became taller with each telling. I’ve done a fair amount of sea-kayaking, but this trip was a unique experience for me. Witnessing first-hand the awesome power of enormous blocks of ice calving into the sea was spell-binding, and sharing the experience with a great bunch of guys from an entirely different culture to my own enriched my appreciation of nature even more.

Resounding booms as the glaciers calve off into the bay.

Kiwi - new for 2008/09 The fantastically stable and manoeuvrable Kiwi has a cockpit with room for an adult and small child. Its load capacity in two dry compartments makes it great for family paddling and camping. In surf it is user friendly and forgiving. It’s light, super comfortable and fast for its length. An awesome, all round kayak. The Kiwi comes in three models. Standard with no rudder, The Excel ( with a rudder) and in Lite weight plastic with rudder.

Prices start at $1270 Length: 3.75 m, Weight: 20kg Std, 23kg Excel & 18kg Lite , Width: 740 mm

TUI EXCEL The Tui is a great kayak for a family adventure or escape into the wilderness. This sleek kayak has been designed to give the paddler maximum speed and comfort. It can be used in triathlons, river cruising or coastal touring. The Tui has watertight storage areas in the bow and stern of the kayak.

Prices start at $1930 Length: 4.5 m, Weight: Std 23kg, Width: 620 mm


even• 2008


shearwater Compass mount, Paddle lock, Security rescue bar, Comfortable padded seat and backrest, lots of thigh and foot room. The modern deck allows plenty of leg and foot room. Combined with a padded backrest, the Shearwater offers maximum comfort for all day paddling. Available in Standard plastic and Lite weight model..

Prices start at $2475 Length: 4.80 m, Weight: 26.5 kg std, 23kg lite, Width: 610 mm

Tasman express At 5.3 metres long, this sleek looking craft has been designed to maintain a good forward speed, especially when loaded up with gear. Its low profile and flared bow enables this kayak to perform extremely well in adverse or windy conditions. There is a centre storage area, located just behind the cockpit. This provides a watertight centre compartment with easy access.

Prices start at $2695 Length: 5.3 m, Weight: 29 kg Std 25 kg lite , Width: 620 mm

SOUTHERN SKUA Designed for expeditions where distances are to be covered in varying sea conditions. The Southern Skua has a low deck profile enabling it to perform extremely well in windy conditions, while its longer hull gives it greater speed and allows it to respond well in a following sea to surf the waves. The Southern Skua gives maximum stability. A handy third compartment behind the cockpit can be reached while paddling.

Prices start at $4235

Length: 5.4 m, Weight: 24 kg F/G 22 kg kevlar , Width: 600 mm

TASMAN EXPRESS KEVLAR A true high performance sea kayak with maximum rigidity. Fully constructed of kevlar with a mix of carbon through the cockpit area, this model weighs only 22kgs. With the lighter weight, this kayak will maintain a greater speed in all conditions.

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maximus The Maximus is designed to give maximum speed and good stability in moderate sea conditions. The broad bow allows this kayak to ride over waves without losing any speed. It is easy to control while surfing. A low profile reduces buffetting by the wind. Its construction, using a mix of carbon and kevlar, keeps it light with no flexing in the centre. This kayak is an ideal craft to use in Adventure kayak races.

Prices start at $3620

Length: 6.43 m, Weight: 16.5 to 19 kg, Width: 510 mm

Seabear Waitoa - Paddling Perfection A highly stable craft provides an ideal platform in rough or challenging conditions, allowing you to complete your plans for the day and reach your destination in safety. Ideal for camping trips or expeditions on lakes or sea alike. The SeaBear Waitoa is the pedigree blue-water tourer’s choice.

Prices start at $4045 Length: 5.5 m, Weight: 26.5 kg F/G, 24.5 kg kevlar , Width: 600 mm



even • 2008

Foveaux Express

This is a very responsive and playful sea kayak that comes with a moulded thigh brace. The dolphin nose with flair, allows lift in the ocean swell while dispersing the water. The low peaked deck performs well in strong crosswinds. A fun, nimble kayak. Construction: Kevlar

Prices start at $4160 Length: 5.0 m, Weight: 19 kg, Width: 610 mm

Contour 480

The ‘Contour 480’ is highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle. A channelled hull provides outstanding tracking which keeps you on course throughout extended trips, and its upswept, flared bow makes crossing rough water a breeze. With generous storage capacity, the ‘Contour 480’ is an outstanding weekender or day-tripper that features a moulded seat, foam bulkhead flotation, bow and stern grab handles, and lots of room and comfort.

Prices start at $2550 Length: 4.8m, Weight: 27 kg , Width: 620 mm

Contour 490 The ‘Contour Tandem’ has two large roomy cockpits, forward up/down haul rudder controls in the rear cockpit, multiple carry handles for ease of portage, excellent tracking and easy to turn, excellent stability in rough conditions.

Prices start at $3199.00 Length: 4.8m, Weight: 35 kg , Width: 800 mm


Current crafts sea kayak flagship heads the way in innovative design and performance. So much has been made of the latest design from the ‘Dobbe’ team. It has fully moulded integrated foam bulkheads, moulded foam lightweight hatches, and watertight day hatch. A large comfortable moulded foam seat removes an amazing 4kg from the previous plastic versions. The single seater is up to ‘Expedition’ specifications with a long waterline, shallow arched hull and soft chines.

Prices start at $3199.00 Length: 5.4m, Weight: 27 kg , Width: 590 mm


The latest model in the ‘Eco Series’ Massive weight reductions give you the volume of the commercial version but with innovative foam fittings. It has lightweight moulded foam seats front and rear and the centre pod is replaced with ‘membrane’ bulkhead. Sturdy, lighter weight rudder pedals. Deck fittings include flare holder, camera box and paddle recesses. All this adds up to a remarkably light-weight expedition tandem kayak with proven performance in all weather conditions.

Prices start at $4250.00 Length: 5.6m, Weight: 45 kg , Width: 770 mm


even • 2008



by James Fitness

“Chill Factor Zero” the ad claims.

the day someone will ask, nervously, “Do we have to get wet?”

Our readers confirm this!

In the water, wearing a Sharkskin, you’ll feel a little trickle and then you are warmer than when you were dry. As a wet suit does, your body warms the layer of water trapped in the pile of the garment. But, the Sharkskin allows you much more freedom of movement. Tony Barrett of Hamilton C&K told me “I was on the Mohaka River in May, wearing just a Sharkskin and dry top. Although I was wet all day, I never felt the cold. When I took it off, it felt as if there had been no water in it. The water vanished very quickly.”

All over the Country the Sharkskin brand of thermal wear is flowing off the shelves. Its fleecy Polartec® lining makes it the most comfortable paddling wear available. The fabric has three layers. The inner is the Polartec® lining, the middle is wind proof & water proof , the outer layer is a durable UV resistant lycra nylon blend. Who said lycra’s not cool? Andy Blake, from the Wellington Canoe & Kayak Centre, was out on the harbour when the first of winter’s low pressures came through. Including some exciting paddling he was Toastie warm throughout the day.

There’s no need for anyone to put up with the cold any more. Happy paddling!

Even off the water, some C&K staff wear their Sharkskins to keep warm. And then there’s Robbie (gawd bless ‘er), an instructor in the Bay of Plenty. Having paddled all day in her top, she crawled into her sleeping bag still wearing her Sharkskin! “Way too cozy to be taking it off!” With the right gear, you can paddle all year round, and some of the best is in winter’s crisp, clear calm days. Sharkskins are great for white water paddlers who expect to get wet, partly because rolling is easier when cold water doesn’t frighten you. What’s more, your confidence and paddling will improve. You probably know that all who are taking a kayaking course are prewarned, “You’ll be getting wet!” But on

How does it work? Polartec® Windbloc® fabrics block 100% of the wind and offer maximum protection from the cold and the elements. A soft hand, stretch, and a durable water repellent finish (DWR) make this the highest quality, most comfortable windproof fleece product on the market. Polartec® Windbloc® fabrics combine the warmth of Polartec® thermal fabrics with a polyurethane barrier membrane that allows moisture vapour transmission and is completely windproof and waterproof, eliminating the need for a windbreaker or additional shell. This reduces the weight and number of layers needed to protect and insulate. These fabrics are very durable, quiet, and non-pilling, and have enhanced stretch and recovery, making them appropriate for general outerwear and accessories where weather protection is desirable. Technical Highlights • Blocks 100% of the wind to prevent wind chill •Water repellent surface sheds rain and snow • Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics • Non restrictive fit for full range of motion • Creates less noise than a traditional shell • Polyurethane film membrane allows internal moisture to move to outer surface, leaving you dry and comfortable in all but the most active sports • Durable and will outlast traditional fabrics • Machine washable



Award Scheme The NZKI Award Scheme was formed in response to a growing need in the Kayaking Industry to have more people with Kayaking qualifications, to encourage more kayakers towards expanding their skills and knowledge and to continue to increase the safety of our sport. The NZKI Award Scheme is structured around the assessment of skills and knowledge that are required for the type of activity to be undertaken by the Instructor or Guide. A star is awarded for each level achieved, starting off with the NZKI One Star for personal paddling skills and knowledge and moving up to the NZKI Five Star for an Assessor. For more information phone 0508 5292569

even • 2008

BEACHCOMBER The next Generation in kayaking has arrived with the Beachcomber, Fantastic design coupled with the latest technologies, The Beachcomber is made of thermo formed plastic which makes it the lightest kayak around, resiliant and stiff, What more could you ask for in a kayak?

Prices start at $2950 Length: 4.88 m, Weight: 17kg , Width: 600 mm


This, very user friendly kayak with its excellent combination of speed and stability. It is suitable not only for the intermediate / advanced paddler, but also for the busy, but keen ‘Weekend Warrior’.

Prices start at $2860 Length: 5.9m, Weight: 14.5kg Glass, 12.5kg Kevlar, Width: 455 mm


A fast, stable kayak with its larger cockpit is built for the bigger paddler looking for a longer, stable kayak for Coast to Coast etc.

Prices start at $2860

Length: 5.9 m, Weight: 15.5kg Glass, 13.5kg Kevlar, Width: 530 mm


This kayak is ideal for the beginner/entry level kayaker who is looking for a quick, light kayak with great stability. Ideal for first time Coast to Coasters.

Prices start at $2460 Length: 4.94 m, Weight: 14.5kg Glass, 12kg Kevlar , Width: 540 mm

Point 65 5-0-5

The Point 65 - 5 0 5 is fast and handles the rough stuff really well. Fully loaded she sits well in the water without compromising stability and still cuts through any chop nicely. A quality kayak that will do everything a sea kayaker needs.

Prices start at $2299

Length: 5.05 m, Weight: 25kg, Width: 580 mm


This single-seater kayak is fast and sleek – great for day trips or weekend. Its double chines and obvious keel provide excellent handling in a variety of water situations. With two storage compartments, the Euro-X is ideal for overnight camping, and even when fully loaded it can handle waves and rough water easily.

Prices start at $3895 Length: 5.4 m, Weight: 24kg Glass, 22kg Kevlar , Width: 570 mm

seabear II packhorse This a popular choice of tour operators and keen double-paddlers. Large central hatch, as well as bow and stern storage; perfect for extended expeditions along the coast. Easy and stable handling for kayakers of all levels. Designed to take paddlers of different weights and still give maximum performance.

Prices start at $5495 Length: 6.0 m, Weight: 40kg Glass, 38kg Kevlar , Width: 850 mm


even• 2008



The “Flow” has excellent stability. User friendly handling makes it ideal for families and fun seekers at the beach, lake or river.The flared bow and tracking hull give smooth predictable performance for all paddler abilities even in choppy conditions. The moulded seating area features integrated footrests and a moulded backrest for instant comfort and added control.

Prices start at $879

Length: 2.95m, Weight: 19kg, Width: 750 mm


You can relax in the comfortable moulded seats and enjoy the ‘Surge’s’ fun, stable and very forgiving temperament. This user-friendly tandem is perfect for exploration from the bank or shore, catching a wave or just milling around.

Prices start at $1299

Length: 4.80 m, Weight: 26.5 kg, Width: 610 mm

Catch 390

The stable Catch 390 has features to satisfy the keenest angler. It is ideal for a beginner and upgrade kits are available for experienced fishermen. Moreover there is enough space for a DIY enthusiast to customize. Guarding against Murphy’s Law, the Catch 390 has a front bulkhead to create two sealed compartments. So when a hatch pops during a surf landing, or a rogue wave catches you with a hatch open, the chance of swamping is minimal. A unique feature is the watertight fishing rod chute. When negotiating large swells it keeps your rod out of harms way. To secure your gear there are plenty of bungies and anchor points, and flush mount rod holders behind the seat are excellent for trolling. You will punch easily through surf because the Catch 390’s hull is designed for stability and speed.

Prices start at $1650 Length: 3.90 m, Weight: 28 kg, Width: 850 mm



even • 2008



Designed to be both stable and manoeuvrable it makes for a great small adult’s or kid’s ideal kayak. The ‘Squirt’ seats are contoured and recessed to support your back. A great first class designed, ‘moulded in’ side handle makes for easy carrying. Dual tracking lines ensure directional stability, a feature the kids will appreciate. Its manoeuvrability appeals to the adult, so easy to paddle!

The Point 65 Nemo is a cute, comfortable and stable recreational kayak for the whole family, made for day excursions, fishing, or simply playing. It is designed for stability and comfort and is aimed at entry level paddlers looking for an affordable kayak that is easy to handle on and off the water. It is small and light enough for easy carrying and loading so you can take it with you wherever you go. At 3.5m, the Nemo cruises along nicely and tracks surprisingly well for its length. It has enough volume to carry a heavy paddler and gear.

Prices start at $449

Prices start at $1099

Length: 2.7m, Weight: 15 kg, Width: 780 mm

Length: 3.5m, Weight: 22 kg std, Width: 630 mm


Here is a little cracker! The Firefly is designed so the kids can have some fun. Little and light. Easy to handle and nice and stable. Here is a kayak the kids will love, if they can get Dad off it!


A great general purpose kayak. With upswept bow and long keel the Escapee rides well over the waves, especially in choppy conditions, and tracks straight, giving good forward speed. You can have loads of fun in the surf curving in and out of the wave, or you can go for a leisurely cruise without realising just how far you’ve travelled. The Escapee has a sealed forward storage area, and a gear carry compartment at the rear. Fitting a seat/backrest to the plastic saddle clips adds comfort and support while paddling.

Priced at $449

Prices start at $810

Length: 2.4 m, Weight: 16 kg kg std, Width: 700 mm

Length: 3.3 m, Weight: 23 kg , Width: 750 mm


The Escapade is a multipurpose kayak suitable for touring and fun in the waves. The Escapade has an innovative “tri-keeled” hull to give greater speed and stability especially when loaded with scuba diving equipment or fishing gear. The hull shape and upswept bow also ensures good surfing. Fit a rod holder to this kayak and you won’t see Dad for hours! Fitting a clip-on seat/backrest will provide comfort and support for those lengthy paddles.


A double kayak of great versatility, which can be used on the river, lake, estuary and sea. The Wanderer is very stable and does not get blown around by the wind like some of the large doubles. The hull is the same as the Sprite II in our recreation range, giving it excellent stability, while the enclosed deck provides better handling in changing weather conditions. This model has a watertight storage area at the stern with a back hatch for easy access.

Prices start at $1020

Prices start at $1965

Length: 3.46 m, Weight: 27 kg std, Width: 750 mm

Length: 4.5 m, Weight: 34 kg std, Width: 820 mm


even• 2008


Be safe, be seen - use a safety light & flag! Your kayak is not easily seen in even the best sea conditions. In a swell and between the waves, your kayak can be invisible to speeding power boats and larger vessels. Carry a bright coloured flag attached to a flexible pole and you will be seen in most sea conditions. In our experience, the movement of the flagpole is as important for visibility as the flag itself. Along with a bright coloured kayak and paddling gear it makes sense to fly a safety flag. At night you need to show a white light. This is a legal requirement. Finally for best results place your light as high as possible… meaning on top of your safety flag. Prices for safety flags start at $49.90 For safety flag and night light combination, prices start at $119.90. Both options are easy to fit with 2 or 3 rivets or bolts and can easily be removed for transport and storage. e me

ou se

Now y

Now y

ou do


Do you paddle or fish during dawn or dusk? Yes? – then you must have a two tone kayak flag to make sure you are visible in the changing light. Better yet, add the waterproof safety light, visible for up to 2 nautical miles in good conditions (running on 2 AA batteries it lasts up to 8 hours.) The flouro red and yellow safety flag is mounted on a light but strong fibreglass rod and comes with a threaded nut that is easily installed onto any kayak. If you prefer the fitting can be mounted onto a board and placed under a deck bungy. All flags, lights, or flag light combos have a float just in case! Prices: Deck flag by itselt $75.00

the tandem Length: 3.81 m, Weight: 25.90 kg, Width: 915 mm

A ‘two person’ kayak, ideal for fishing, surfing and exploring. It has room for great hatches to store your adventure equipment. Can be used by upto three people and is often used by one.


Deck light & flag $155.00

fish N’ dive Length: 3.81 m, Weight: 25.85 kg, Width: 914 mm (hatches & accessories not included)

The ultimate fishing/diving kayak. A large well is located in the stern and holds up to three tanks. There is one centrally located seat and a smaller companion seat near the bow.

marauder Prices start at $1395

Prices start at $995 Length: 3.43 m, Weight: 18.18 kg std, Width: 790 mm

Ideal for exploring, and one of the driest ‘Sit-ons’ you will find. Great hatches for storing your goodies are available.


Deck light by itself $125.00

Prices start at $1195

Prices start at $1295


even • 2008

Length: 4.27 m, Weight: 28 kg std, Width: 750 mm

The Marauder is for the serious kayak fisherman. Fast, stable and loads of deck space. Excellent performance in surf.


A Wave Ski which the whole family can enjoy. Fantastic in the surf, it‘s fast and manoeuvrable on the wave.

Prices start at $895 Length: 2.92 m, Weight: 15.4 kg, Width: 685 mm


Great for the paddler who wants a fun fast surf and flat water kayak. Kids love this Sit-on as it is not too wide for them to paddle and yet is very stable. Great for exploring local beaches & lakes etc.

Prices start at $749 Length: 3.10 m, Weight: 17.27 kg, Width: 710 mm

tourer The low profile hull of the Cobra Tourer cuts down on windage, enabling paddlers to maintain high speed and straight tracking with easy handling in all conditions.

Prices start at $1295 Length: 4.55 m, Weight: 22.68 kg , Width: 711 mm


even• 2008



by Mike Scanlan

Orca: Photo Neil Tonks

At 10am, Tuesday July 8th, Neil and I paddled from Snell’s Beach into Kawau Bay looking for snapper. Since I now live there I do this often but it was new for Neil, who was keen to get into soft bait fishing, After several weeks of continuous strong winds we had a mild 15 knot southerly and sunshine. We were good to go. A couple of kilometres out what looked like distant whale spouts in only 10 metres of water puzzled us. They were close to a rocky headland where the swell was too small to cause breaking waves. Drawing closer we could see black shapes, too big to be dolphins. Then Neil spotted they were black and white and with rising excitement we knew we were headed for a pod of four Orca. Two, bigger than our Kayaks, had curved dorsal fins, a third was much smaller, and the fourth was huge with a high triangular, jet black,

Two female Orca, plus calf. Photo Neil Tonks

glistening dorsal fin. It was distinctly intimidating. We guessed he was a male and the others females. They dived and reappeared together. Diving seabirds picked up pieces of what looked like gut. We found out later that they were all feeding on stingrays Following a Great Barrier Reef’s diving instructor warning we took care not to appear aggressive and paddled parallel to the Orca. I wanted to avoid getting between the calf and the adults, and did not feel at all aggressive, but the young one did not make this easy. She seemed playful, swimming all over the place. Neil had his camera out to take photos but as the Orca pressed on, appearing and diving, he found it difficult. The time delay on the shutter of his digital camera did not help. We paddled ahead of them and stopped about twenty metres apart, hoping they would swim between us to give Neil a good photo shot. Coming closer the big male changed direction and came straight for me. I was pretty sure people were not on the Orca food list but it gave me a heart stopping moment to think he might be irritated and knock me over. At the last moment he dived, clearly visible under my kayak, and turned back to rejoin the others. I mentally rehearsed my roll in case he tipped me over, but there was no contact and I breathed again. When the Orca dived and reappeared some distance away we thought they had probably had enough of us. Not wanting to harass them, but buzzing with excitement we paddled off to find elusive snapper, and left them to their meal. That night I phoned Ingrid Visser, the marine scientist and founder of the Orca Research Trust. She had spent the whole day with Jean-Michel Cousteau and his documentary film group touring the Hauraki Gulf looking for Orca and had seen none. The news excited her as, I later discovered, any mention of Orca would!



even • 2008

The next day there was no sign of them in the Bay, but on Thursday they were back. I raced out in my kayak, this time with my camera. Orcas were everywhere watched by Ingrid in her red IRB. Another boat was packed with the Cousteau contingent of divers and filmmakers.

Ingrid (in red) + Jean -Michel Cousteau film crew. Photo: Mike Scanlan

We followed the Orcas up and down the Bay while from time to time a diver jumped into the water to catch them on film while feeding. I paddled with them chatting to Ingrid. She was surprised that I was keeping up with her IRB. “We’re doing five knots” she exclaimed. I think the adrenaline was helping. This time the Orca did not investigate closely and, incredibly, I was quite relaxed as they swam underneath, or close alongside my kayak. Divers jumping in next to feeding Orca were reassuring! That night Ingrid had a scheduled public presentation on Orca at the Snell’s Beach Lifeway complex, with the Cousteau’s in attendance, an extraordinary timing coincidence. Ingrid has a PhD in Orca research. She is young, energetic, very friendly, totally enthused and persevering. Aged six she had a dream of working with Orca. She overcame discouragement from her school teachers, academic roadblocks and dyslexia to fulfill that dream. She generates her own funds for Orca research. She has written four books. Awesome. Her IRB sits on its trailer ready for immediate action on a reported sighting.

Birds feeding on Sting ray remains from Orca feeding. Photo Neil Tonks

Her presentation, sharing amazing experiences with this mammal, the largest member of the dolphin family also known as ‘Killer Whale’, kept the big crowd of adults and children spell bound. . Around 200 Orca live off New Zealand’s coastline, many known to Ingrid. Each is patterned uniquely in black and white, and many have distinctively scarred dorsal fins, damaged by propellers or fishing lines. After Ingrid’s presentation Jean-Michel Cousteau showed a stark film clip of Orca isolating, killing and eating a baby whale. This chilled the atmosphere noticeably. We were reminded that Orca are not warm and fuzzy, but apex predators feeding off everything in the ocean including sharks and whales. If humans were included in their diet we would probably regard them like Great White Sharks. Jean-Michel pointed out that both Man and Orca are at the Top of the food chain, apex predators of their respective environments. His dispassionate perspective contrasted with Ingrid’s emotional bond. My two days were quite overwhelming. I had long dreamt of being close to Orca in my kayak and so much exposure was surreal. Ingrid is very keen to hear of Orca sightings. Her free phone Hotline is 0800 SEE ORCA. (0800 733 6722) The website is well worth a look. Ingrid’s book ‘Swimming with Orca’ is a great read.

WWW.DAYTWO.CO.NZ 07 345 7467

I’m still buzzing.

Orca under and around kayak. Photo: Neil Tonks

Kayakers should note that if they are lucky enough to encounter Orca, the Marine Mammal Protection Act stipulates a minimum approach distance of 50 metres (though the Orca may decide to come closer to you) and prohibits swimming with them without a permit. Power boats are a big risk to Orca and are required to move parallel to, and behind, Orca and at an idle ‘no wake’ speed.

Luuka Jones, New Zealand’s first female slalom Olympian chooses Day Two kayak gear ISSUE FORTYs

even• 2008


Learn To Kayak

Phone 0508 529 2569 to book

Sea Kayaking


A comprehensive course designed to cover the skills required to become a technically correct and safe paddler. The course progresses so you develop techniques and confidence at an enjoyable pace with great end results. This course is run over a weekend or by request in the evenings.

COST $399

white water


This course covers the skills required to become a technically correct Eskimo Roller. You increase your confidence, allowing you to paddle in more challenging conditions. Being able to eskimo roll will make you a more competent, safe and capable paddler.

INTRO TO WHITE WATER A comprehensive course designed to cover the skills required to become a technically correct paddler. Starting off in a heated pool and progressing through flat water to moving water, it allows you to develop techniques and confidence at an enjoyable pace with great end results.

Course: Weekend COST $349

Course: 4 evening sessions COST $200

ESKIMO ROLLING This course covers the skills required to become a technically correct Eskimo Roller. This will increase your confidence, allowing you to paddle in more challenging conditions.

Course: 4 evening sessions COST $200



Understanding the weather and ability to navigate in adverse conditions is vital when venturing into the outdoors. Learn to use charts and compasses and forecast the weather using maps and the clouds.

An advanced course designed to build on your skills. Covering paddling technique, kayak control, rescues, preparation, planning and decision making.

Course: 4 evening sessions COST $150

Course: Weekend/overnight. COST $350


On this course we continue to build on the skills gained on Stage One and Two Courses. Developing your skills, technique and confidence on the faster moving white water of the Waikato River and progressing on to a Sunday day trip on the Mohaka River. Includes, eddie turns, ferry gliding, rolling, surfing and building new skills in River Rescue techniques and River Reading.

During this course we build on the skills gained on the Stage One to Three Courses. Developing your moving water skills, technique and confidence in your Multi Sport Kayak. We start on the Mohaka River on Saturday and progress to the Whanganui on Sunday for some big water paddling. River racing competency letters are awarded to those who meet the standard and criteria as outlined on the Grade Two Competency Certificate. A copy is available from Canoe & Kayak Centres.

Course: Weekend • COST $349

Course: Weekend • COST $349

Stage 5 KAYAKING SURF COURSE Surfing is heaps of fun when you know how. We will spend the evenings starting off in small surf and building up to one and a half metre waves. We will use a range of sit-on-tops and kayaks to make it fun and easy to learn. Skills to be taught include surfing protocol, paddling out, direction control, tricks and safety

Course: 4 evening sessions COST $349

RESCUE COURSE You need rescue skills to look after yourself and your paddling buddies in adverse conditions. This course covers towing systems, capsized kayaks, T Rescues, paddle floats, stern deck carries, re-enter and roll.

Programme One Evening Cost $60



This course is designed to sharpen your whitewater skills and start learning simple rodeo moves. We will focus on skills such as river reading, body position and rotation, advanced paddle technique, playing in holes and negotiating higher Grade 3 rapids. We recommend you are feeling comfortable on Grade 2+ rapids. Ideally you should already be paddling the mid section of Rangitaiki or equivalent.

This course is covers likely scenarios on white water rivers. It is suitable for paddlers who feel comfortable on Grade One to Two rivers. You learn rope skills, muscle techniques, team control, heads up, risk management and combat swimming. Also covered are skills required in the following situations: entrapments, kayak wraps, swimming kayakers and their equipment.

Course: Weekend • COST $349

Course: Weekend • COST P.O.A.

Awards Contact your nearest Canoe & Kayak centre to develop a personalised course to suit your needs. For more information phone 0508 5292569



even • 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 I had always followed the dream; one day I’d compete among the best at the most prestigious sporting event in the world. That chance came four years earlier than expected when I qualified for New Zealand’s Olympic spot in the sport of Canoe slalom. I set off to Beijing on the 27th of July, not knowing what to expect. What I encountered was better than I ever imagined. The atmosphere among the Kiwi team was terrific, and I was grateful to be a New Zealander. Leading up to my event I had really good sports people, who had been to previous Olympic Games, to talk to. Sarah Ulmer, Hamish Carter, Ben Fouhy and others offered great advice, and helped put things into perspective.

by Luuka Jones

were extremely low. My second run was a lot better and I was pleased with my performance. After my event, I went to the athletics, hockey, track cycling, BMX and the flat water kayaking. Finding out so much about other people’s sports was great. I also met more of the Kiwi team and made a lot of friends. It had been such a privilege to represent New Zealand at the Beijing Olympics and an invaluable experience. In Nottingham until December I am so motivated to train really hard to qualify for London, 2012 and achieve my goal of standing on the world stage podium. .

Luuka Jones with Mahi Drysdale

I had not attended any training camps in China prior to the games, so I was really excited about paddling on the course and tackling what some described as “One of the biggest slalom courses in the world”. It was great to have Tim Baillie from the British Slalom coaching me in Beijing. He was a really good coach, and I learnt a lot from him. A video review and assessing my paddling in detail after every session was incredibly beneficial. Everyone in the New Zealand team was impressed with the course, and with my sport. People who watched some of my training sessions gained a new appreciation for canoe slalom. Not many people really know what this sport involves and it was really great to see people understanding how exhilarating it is. Before the race I felt nervous, but also excited. Everyday at training, I looked at the grandstands around the course, and imagined them filled with 12,000+ people. When race day arrived, I walked the course with Tim and figured out which lines I wanted to take. A challenging feature of slalom, you are not allowed to paddle on the course once the gate sequence has been set. You have to look at it from the side, and imagine yourself paddling it. You also have to be reactive on the course, as the changeable water ensures that no one can stick to their plan exactly. The K1men and C1s competed on the first two days. It was really exciting to watch them. The water was so unpredictable and many really good paddlers didn’t do as well as everyone expected. The previous Olympics C1 champion, Tony Estanguet, didn’t make the final. On my race day, I felt confident that I could do the course well. I planned my lines and when I was warming up, I saw that heaps of New Zealanders had come to watch me. It was great to have a huge level of support. My first run was not so good. I started off really well but at the top got a bit stuck in a stopper. The rest of the run was good until the third to last gate. I didn’t quite get through, and got a 50 second penalty. At the finish I was really gutted. I knew that with a 50 second penalty, chances of making the semi final

Register with your local Canoe & Kayak store to receive a car sticker and go in to win a $500.00 gift voucher If your name is drawn, all you have to do is show your car has a Canoe & Kayak sticker on it to claim your prize.

Email if you cannot get to a store. ISSUE FORTYs

even• 2008







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710 Great South Road, Manukau Auckland

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For up coming Yakity Yak trips see

Whanganui River Trip 18th - 24th April 2009

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Be a part of it. Join today! NORTH SHORE




Unit 2/20 Constellation Drive (off Ascension Place), Mairangi Bay, Auckland

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DISTRIBUTION CENTRE 6 Tavern Road, Silverdale Auckland

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50km of Kayaking.....20km of Portaging by Steve Knowles

Another tough day in the office!

Some would say “stupidity”, I say “just another challenge”. It was time to do the paddle and portage I’d been thinking about for the last couple of years. Six of the Rotorua Lakes in two days, starting in Half Moon Bay on Lake Rerewhakaaitu and finishing in the bright lights of downtown Rotorua.

checked the map and pushed on hoping to make Lake Okataina. This track was a lot steeper than I expected, with more tree roots and slumps than the previous portage. It made for very slow going. In failing light I risked twisting an ankle or losing the kayak off the side of the track so I bivied on the track, where there wasn’t enough space to pitch my tent and the ground wasn’t the flattest, but I made the most of it.

After talking to a local land owner for permission to cross his property I raced to launch in thick fog and sub zero temperatures. BANG ! A shot gun went off not too far away. “ Great”, I thought to myself, “It’s duck shooting season and I’m going to get shot on the first lake”. Maybe the Kevlar kayak would have been a better option than the plastic Point 65 Five o Five.

Morning broke to another foggy day. I stuffed my dry bags and carried them to Lake Okataina. It was then much easier to haul the kayak along the track. I had timed the walk and knew how long it was going to take to get the kayak down (light at the end of the tunnel stuff). In 200m visibility at best, on another compass heading to the boat ramp at the far end of the lake, there wasn’t much to see, but steering by the compass was not only good practice, it kept my mind occupied. Eventually the lights of the Fishing Lodge twinkling through the fog reassured me that I was heading in the right direction.

With my compass set for the other end of the lake I set off. Apart from an occasional glimpse of Mt Tarawera there wasn’t a lot else to see but after 30mins the road end where I was getting out appeared out of the fog. I made a quick inspection for water weed, wiped the kayak with soapy water, got out my wheels and began the 6 kms portage to Lake Rotomahana on a good road. The fog started to lift. But on the last 1km of bumpy ground my top heavy kayak put forces on the trolley it wasn’t designed for. It fell over several times and I wondered if the whole trip was coming to a grinding halt. Luckily, I was able to fix the wheels with a piece of discarded plastic well enough to carry on. A couple of hours behind time I reached Rotomahana. The I km track to Lake Tarawera was on the opposite side. I began the second portage taking extra care not to damage the wheels and not to topple the kayak down 10 metre banks. Each tree root and stump threatened disaster for the trip. After an hour I broke out of the bush on Lake Tarawera’s shore. I had a short trip to Hot Water beach for a soak, then off on a compass bearing for Humphrey’s Bay and the track to Lake Okataina. It was now a beautiful day with little wind and the sun was low when I reached the next portage. I



even • 2008

The 10 km road from Okataina was steep, slow going and carried traffic. While blisters on my fingers and heels were making themselves known I’m sure people found the sight of a straining portager entertaining. “No pain no gain”, I thought to myself. I went on anticipating the achievement of completing the trip. With less than 1km to go a tourist walking towards me asked, “Is it far?” I replied, “About 9 kms.” He groaned, and he wasn’t towing a fully loaded kayak! After a couple of hours I could hear the sound of traffic on the Rotorua to Whakatane road, then Lake Rotoiti came into view. Back in cell phone reception a barrage of calls from people wanted to know how things were going . I paddled to the Rotoiti hot pools to meet Al, who had paddled the 16km from Ngongotaha, for a decent lunch break . The hot pools looked inviting, but a quick dip could very easily turn into a two hour soak. So Al and I paddled to the Ohau channel between Lakes Rotoiti and Rotorua. We had to go round the new diversion wall. It diverts water from Rotorua

straight into the Kaituna River to reduce the summer months’ algae bloom on Lake Rotoiti. We were now paddling upstream and progress was slow as we approached the weir where the water flows fastest. In my loaded kayak I began the charge. The 3 metres wide gap has a dangerous steel fence on each side, not something a kayaker would really want to get tangled in. Paddling as hard as I could, the kayak just got through. We were on the home run to the Rotorua waterfront.

Making for the weir.

The lake was flat calm, the sun was setting with a red glow and the temperature was dropping as we passed Mokoia Island. With guidance over the phone from Bryan, my father in law, we picked out the leading lights to bring us in through the waterfront channel. The two cars waiting to take us home were a welcome sight. After 50kms of paddling and 20kms of portaging I was off home for a hot shower and a beer....but not necessarily in that order.

She was pretty choppy.

Big Steve preparing to leave.

Now available in New Zealand Contact your local Canoe & Kayak Centre ISSUE FORTYs

even • 2008


Canoe & Kayak BOP is For Sale! Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty benefits from a high exposure site in Mount Maunganui with time to run on the lease. It includes a specialist kayak store with retail and on water activities. It is the Home of the BOP Yakity Yak Club, BOP kayaking school and is the specialist BOP Roof Rack Centre. Above the kayak shop is a 65m2 self contained unit, currently rented to a small business. Steve and Karen started the Centre in 2003. Since then it has been a tip top, well regarded, profitable and growing business. It is now run by one owner and one staff member.

Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty.

BOP Canoe and Kayak Centre is one of 8 linked to the largest specialist Kayaking Company in New Zealand. Licensed to Canoe and Kayak Ltd the owner enjoys the Company’s proven business systems, purchasing power and on going head office support. To ensure continuing business success from day one, the Company provides a comprehensive training course for new owners followed by bi-monthly meetings of fellow owners to discuss and share strategies, marketing and operations. A rare opportunity to purchase a profitable life style business in this exciting and growing industry. Please call me on 0274 529255, for a chat. Peter Townend, Managing Director,

In store BOP

Canoe & Kayak Ltd

Taupo Canoe & Kayak For Sale. This fantastic lifestyle kayaking business is for sale. Canoe & Kayak Taupo has been established for over 10 years and is now in a superb location in the most recognisable building town.

The Castle

‘The Castle’ is on one of Taupo’s busiest roads, with huge exposure. The business - a specialist kayak store with amalgamated Roof Rack Centre - has a healthy turnover and continues to grow. We also offer White Water, Multisport and Sea Kayak instruction. Our guided trips on Lake Taupo and the surrounding rivers are extremely popular. Hire of kayaks and equipment is also offered. Above the shop is a 3 bedroom, 95sqm Flat. Open plan, 1 bed en suit, mountain A Fantastic Lifestyle! and lake views, currently rented out. Canoe & Kayak Taupo is 1 of 8 stores on the North Island, part of a licensed operation. Income is approx 50% retail and 50% tourism and instruction. At present it employs 3 full time members of staff and many ‘on call’ guides and instructors. Thorough training is given by Canoe & Kayak Ltd with plenty of on-going support. Also there is the opportunity to buy the Kayakers Lodge, a 4 bedroom self contained house on the banks of the Waikato River. 14 beds, a renovated, 1 bedroom sleepout (also rented out) and double garage. The house is set up to accommodate clients while on kayaking courses, and and is shared with the current owner. This business is reluctantly for sale due to change in circumstance. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, live the dream...give me a call on 0274 529255 and I will happily talk to you. Peter Townend, Managing Director

The Lodge Taupo 30


Canoe & Kayak Ltd

even • 2008

CANOE & KAYAK Liberty loader

CANOE & KAYAK Roller Loader


This quick and easy device makes loading your kayak a breeze. Having pre-set the height of the loader and mounted it on your tow bar, you simply lift the rear of your kayak into the webbing cradle, with the nose pointing away from the car. Then lift the nose and walk it 180 degrees to rest on the roof mounted cradles. The Liberty loader acts as a third bar as well.

This version has two rollers in a V shape. Simply load the bow of your kayak in the roller, lift the stern and push the kayak into position.

For very long loads, or for the ute. The Third bar is mounted on the tow bar and has a bar across the top at the same width as a standard roof rack bar. Room for two kayaks.

Priced start at $364.00 All three systems can have a bike bar added as an optional extra.

Priced start at $337.30

Priced start at $445.55



Mark Jones Adventure Philosophy chose the SeaBear for its stability in extreme conditions

The new SeaBear Waitoa takes stability on the water to a new level. Designed to withstand even the roughest of seas, the SeaBear Waitoa has an improved deck and cockpit design on a proven kayak, making it the natural choice for our most successful kayak adventurers. Visit for details.



Available from the Roof Rack Centre.

even • 2008


Thule Kayak Carrier 874 These cradles make transporting your kayak a piece of cake. They mould themselves to the shape of your kayak, holding it securely in place on rubberized pads. The cradle is easily adaptable to fit both square and aero bars. A pair of Thule webbing tie downs are included in the pack.

From $209.00

Thule Hull-a-Port 835 Easy to load, a stable space-saver, for those who want a clever solution for kayak transport. Thule Hull-a-Port has a unique and incredibly smart design. It sits at an angle to save space – allowing you to carry two kayaks or one kayak plus extra equipment on the car roof. The unusual design also makes it a little easier to load, as the kayak can easily be lifted into the angled pads, keeping it conveniently in place straight away. You’ll be glad of this when your arms feel like lead after a long and strenuous kayaking trip.

Priced at $319.00

THULE professional range. Thule Conduit Box 317 Loading, separating and transporting conduits has never been easier. This unique, heavy-duty Conduit Box takes care of a few of the most annoying aspects of loading conduits and similar objects. The double openings at the front and rear ensure easy access to the load, while slam locks provide reliable theft protection. Perfectly ideal for quick, secure and efficient storage of piping. Size: 320x22x12 cm.

Priced at $1199.00

Thule Awning 326 For working under cover You may have to work outdoors despite poor weather conditions, but there’s no need to to suffer while doing it. With the Thule Professional Awning fitted to the side of your car you can keep up the good work, come scorching sunshine or pouring rain. Just pull it out when you need protection and push it back in when you’re done. Mounts onto the crossbars and operates from the side of the vehicle. The universal mounting system allows it to fit the majority of work vans. Available in three lengths. Heavy-Duty materials

Priced at $1799.00

Rhino-rack commercial range Rhino-Rack produces a huge array of roof rack products. They are particularly well known for their heavy duty systems for Vans, Utes and 4x4’s. Rhino can offer their heavy duty leg systems with the choice of commercial, or heavy duty aerodynamic bar system, that provides both strength with style.

Rhino-rack roof racks Rhino has a great range of Roof Racks and Roof Rack Accessories including Bike Carriers , Roof top luggage boxes, Kayak Carriers, Ski & Snowboard Carriers, Windsurf & Surfboard carriers. Plus Alloy Trays, Steel Mesh Baskets, Ladder Racks, Boat loaders and much much more.....



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For all your roof rack requirements.


BAY OF PLENTY: 07 574 7415 WAIKATO: 07 847 5565

NORTH SHORE: 09 479 1002 WELLINGTON: 04 477 6911 HAWKE’S BAY: 06 842 1305 AUCKLAND: 09 815 2072 TARANAKI: 06 769 5506

TAUPO: 07 378 1003 MANUKAU: 09 262 0209

NEW FROM PRORACK - THE WORLDS QUIETEST ROOFRACK- THE S- WING. Prorack has released a new design in Roof Racks. The S wing is an innotive solution to an age old problem. When changing cars you need to replace your roof rack too. This unique system utilises the core foot pack and bar which can be upgraded, at a modest expense, to suit all styles of roof. Unlike many other roof rack systems, S-Wing offers a choice of bar style designed to suit different load types and personal preferences. The European-style Through bar extends out over the mounting foot to accommodate wide or larger loads. The Flush bar is ideal for those looking for a more streamlined, ‘factory-fitted’ look. With the correct fitting kit they will also fit the roof rails on your station wagon.(Available November 08) The aerodynamic shape reduces noise and wind drag – tests by Canterbury University show the S-Wing crossbar has 40 to 70% less wind drag than leading competitors’ roof racks, making for great fuel savings.

From $399.00

Prorack range of rail-mounted roof Many modern vehicles, particularly station wagons and SUVs come with factory-fitted roof rails. The Prorack range of rail-mounted roof racks have been specially developed to be compatible with the roof rails on a wide range of vehicles. In most cases, the stylish and practical Prorack removable rail-mounted roof racks look as if they were installed at the factory. Easy to fit, they are another great practical option adding value to your prized vehicle.

From $299.00

Prorack Cycle Holders The Prorack Cycle Holder range includes both Frame Mounting (pictured here) and Fork Mounting options. The Prorack Frame Mounting system means you can carry your cycle as a complete unit with no need to disassemble it. The Fork Mounting system gets the cycle close to the roof of the vehicle and is adjustable for any kind of fork.

Prorack Frame Mounting Cycle Holder (Pictured) This lockable holder is fast and easy to use thanks to the quick release clamp unit which holds the bike frame securely. The arm on the clamp unit folds conveniently away when not in use.

This bike holder is only $279.00

Kayak Cradle This cradle has always been popular for the acute angles available to suit even the narrowest multisport boat. The flexible rubber pads mould to the shape of your hull to cradle your kayak perfectly. The pivoting heads allow even pressure distribution across the surface of the pad. In addition, the cradle pad flips over for easy side loading. The cradle is now designed to fit the standard 25 x 20mm bar and slide into the ‘T’ groove in most aerofoil bars. If you have that ‘odd ball’ roof rack – Prorack have come up with a set of extra fittings to allow fitting to almost any roof rack. Tie down points are incorporated into the base of the cradle.Tie down straps which incorporate a cam-lock buckle for speedy tightening, are also included in this kit.

From $199.00

Prorack Roof Boxes Prorack Roof Boxes open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and your vehicle. No longer do you need to hit the road with your passenger space cramped by luggage and equipment and your boot overflowing. No more stopping to see that your luggage hasn’t blown away or been drenched by a sudden downpour. Prorack Roof Boxes are available in three handy sizes to take almost anything, from fishing gear or skis to golf clubs, camping equipment and just about anything else you can think of. Box it and go with Prorack! Prorack roof boxes attach to roof rack cross bars. While designed to fit Prorack roof racks they are also compatible with most other brands of roof rack. Installation and removal is quick and convenient, no tools are required, and for security the clamping knobs are located inside the box.

Box pictured just $699.00

the explorer kayak carrier from Rhinorack Rhino-Racks popular roof rack products are available from any Canoe and Kayak Store and Roof Rack Centres. Amongst these racks and accessories is the ‘Explorer’ kayak carrier system in either 560 or 561 models. These carrier models are distinguished as being side or rear slide mount carriers. They stand out from others as being simple and quick to both fit and remove. The innovative ‘wrap’ mounting system allows fit or removal in seconds meaning there is no need to have these on the roof rack when not in use therefore saving on fuel consumption. A useful multi purpose holder is available also using the same fit method. These systems can fit other bar profiles and rack brands as well.

Model 560 - 561 RRP: $175



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Micro Dry Stuff Sacks

Compact splash proof protection for all your valuables and electronics. Constructed with 70D Hex rip-stop nylon with an easy-to-use three roll closure system.


opti dry stuff sack

The Opti Dry is super-tough and super-clear. Constructed with heavy-duty clear vinyl and an abrasion resistant bottom.

omni dry backpack

140 litres Huge says it! Put a guitar in one, huge storage! It has a heavy-duty 3-roll closure system and adjustable, padded shoulder straps.

- 10Ltr $29.90 - 21Ltr $34.90 - 41Ltr $44.90


Canoe & Kayak Trolleys The Canoe & Kayak trolley is one of the toughest on the market. Made of stainless steel, these trolleys will last a life time. Two sets of straps stop them twisting out from under the kayak, while the solid wide wheels reduce sinking into soft sand. Of course they also have a stand which allows easy loading. These trolleys come in two models, the standard will fit most kayaks. More suited to sit on tops, this model folds flat with the removal of a bolt.

The heavy duty is designed for fully laden sea kayaks. The reinforced pads have a greater angle to suit the ‘rounder bottom’. Fold the trolley and the wheels are removed for easy storage.

Price for the Standard trolley $199. Heavy duty $349


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Paddle/ ROD Leash Unique quick-release-at-paddle feature allows the paddle to be quickly and easily attached/ detached to/from its leash. The streamlined, low profile retractile cord is easy to pack. It stays out of the way, while providing an eight-foot expansion. It is constructed with a heavy-duty snap hook for maximum durability and an internal Kevlar cord filament for maximum breaking strength.

Price: $34.90

Camp Shower

The Camp Shower is great for washing. Constructed of durable PVC, it has a separate fill cap, on/off valve and a hanging/carrying handle. The Camp Shower is also great for washing dirty hands and feet.

Pack Sink

The 14 litre capacity square camp sink can’t be beat. The Pack Sinks unique square shape makes cleaning larger items simple and it folds flat for easy (out of the way) storage when not in use. The Pack Sink is constructed with waterproof, rugged vinyl; radio frequency welded seams; webbed carrying handles; with additional top stiffeners to hold it open when in use.

Price: $35.90

Paddlers Bilge Pump

A must for any boater.

This 30 litre per minute Bilge Pump features an easy-grab handle, super-strong pump shaft and heavy-duty impact resistant plastic.

Price: $59.90

Paddle Float

An essential self-rescue device for kayakers. This dual chambered paddle float is designed with an extra large capacity for maximum buoyancy, quick release buckles for easy attachment to kayak paddle and clip-on safety tether to eliminate loss in windy conditions.

Price: $84.90 ISSUE FORTYs

While the dual-chamber inflatable paddle float offers convenient storage; it was recognize that some paddlers want a paddle float they don’t have to inflate; and our BoosterBlox.TM paddle float is the perfect solution. A unidirectional trapezoidal shaped foam block enhances stability of the float to reduce the chance of it flipping over. The reflective webbing trim and a metallic chrome front panel enhance visibility when you need it; while an integrated whistlelock quick-release provides an added safety feature. Deployment is quick and easy with a large pocket for your paddle blade, and a wide adjustable leash to secure the paddle shaft.

Price: $109.90

Price: $24.95


BoosterBlox Foam Paddle Float

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Sportsman’s Sea Anchor A great small-craft safety accessory. These heavy duty Sea Anchors are built with RF welded seams and tough PVC for maximum abuse. With tubing sewn into the top hem, they stay open to deploy quickly. Afishermans must have. They work both as a sea brake while drifting, and sea anchor. 300mm dia. opening

580mm length

Price: $79.00

Sea Rover compass A must for any Sea Kayaker The Sea Rover features a large compass with easy to read markings—no squinting here to read where you’re going! With a simple, yet elegant base, the Sea Rover attaches easily to deck lines or sits nicely on top of a deck bag. Quick-release buckles allow for easy attachment.

Price: $79.90

MIGHTYMITE CART With integral stand. The MightyMite Cart is small enough to fit in most Kayak holds, yet strong enough to take a 90 kilo, loaded canoe. With pneumatic wheels, galvanized bearings, anodized aluminum frame, a loop cinch strap tie-down, and a single leg kickstand, this cart offers great features at a great price. Collapsed: 550mm length 266mm height 100mm width Weight of cart – 2.9kg. Weight capacity – 90kg

Price: $149.00

Deck Mate Deck Bag The Deck Mate Deck Bag offers exceptional value!

deluxE deck bag Keep that gear close at hand.

The entire bag is radio frequency welded to keep waves and rain out. Our splash proof HydroKiss™coated zipper is sealed in with no excessive needle holes for water to find. An internal plastic stiffener keeps the whole bag lifted open for easy access to your essentials, while a universal anchoring system allows easy lashing to any boat.

The Deluxe Deck Bag offers a clear window for easier gear location and a higher profile for better gear storage. With its multiple tie down points, bungees and side straps for added storage you will have plenty of room for added gear. Fully RF welded seams will keep most water out, while a reflective end with lashing for strobe mount will help to keep you visible.

Priced at just $149.00 Price: $119.90 ISSUE FORTYs

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KOKATAT TROPOS Re-Action Semi-dry Jacket TROPOS waterproof, breathable fabric, latex wrist gaskets with protective coated Lycra® over-cuffs, APT neoprene neck closure, Smoothskin neoprene waistband with adjustable drawcord waist, fully sealed seams for touring or whitewater paddlers who prefer a double skirted paddling jacket to pair with spray skirt or Whirlpool Bib.

RRP $348

KOKATAT TROPOS Deluxe Boater Pant

A lightweight, waterproof and breathable pant for general paddling use. Keeps spray and splash off with neoprene waist and ankle closures.

Kokatat, Distributed by Day Two.

TROPOS waterproof, breathable fabric Smoothskin, high-back neoprene waistband Adjustable bungee drawcord


Adjustable neoprene ankle cuffs Self draining thigh pocket with “hook & loop” closure and key lanyard Factory sealed seams

RRP $190

RRP $198

Canoeists, rafters and kayakers will appreciate this lightweight version of our Super Breeze jacket. Adjustable coated Lycra® splash cuffs and collar, plus bungee waist keep out wind, water and too much sun. TROPOS Light waterproof, breathable fabric Adjustable coated Lycra® splash collar and cuffs Zippered, self-draining left sleeve pocket with key lanyard Adjustable bungee drawcord waist Factory sealed seams

Rasdex Adventure open neck cag Our upgraded version of last year's basic jacket - now with textured, non-shiny fabric that feels much nicer, and a comfortable drawcord waistband. Originally designed for sea kayakers who like cags with opening necks for ventilation, this cag is equally at home on lakes or rivers. It's especially useful if you're going to be out paddling for a while and the weather could warm up or cool down while you're out. Or use it when it's just a bit too warm for a cag with a tight neck seal. Opening neoprene neck seal - with velcro fastener for easy adjustment. Adjustable neoprene wrists - keep them as loose or tight as you like depending on the conditions. Neoprene drawcord waist - a slim neoprene band with adjustable elastic drawcord secured inside for maximum comfort and a good seal. Performance cut - arms, cut with a single long underarm panel to give you the maximum range of movement without the waistband pulling upwards. Fabric: A 4oz 'Tactel' textured nylon with a breathable, delamination-proof Exeat coating. As with all our garments, all seams are factory seam sealed. Colours: Blue/Black. & Gold/Black

RRP $234.95

RASDEX NEOPRENE SHORTS Cut for the correct fit when sitting down, these neoprene shorts have an eye-catching metallic blue panel down the sides. 3.5mm neoprene is used for the back for extra padding, and 1.5mm for the front for greater flexibility and comfort. Available in black/blue, S-XL.

Red/Black as pictured is no longer available.



even • 2008

RRP $99.95

RASDEX ADVENTURE SEMI DRY CAG If you’re tired of looking at expensive dry cags or want something clean and simple that will stop all that cold water running down your sleeves, this is for you: a slim-line semi dry cag with super-comfortable neoprene neck and textured breathable fabric. No unnecessary frills on this one, just what you need to keep warm and dry. Ideal for many kinds of paddling, whether you’re using a kayak or a sit-on-top, on a lake or a river, in competition or just plain having fun. Folded neoprene cone neck - a redesigned neck using soft, supple 1.5mm neoprene for a non-restricting seal which avoids any ragged edges. Latex wrists with covers includes a drainage eyelet to stop water building up between the layers. Neoprene waist - a deep band for a good comfortable single seal.

These paddling pants have been updated and improved for the new season based on feedback from our customers. We've slimmed down the cut of the legs to take away some of the bulkiness, and changed the waist to streamline things there too. Now you can be warm and comfortable when waiting in the wind, or putting up the tent, or scouting rapids, or having lunch, or just paddling - everybody who's tried paddling pants knows how valuable they are, and now you can try them too at a very, very good price. Unisex cut, with gusset - makes for a good fit for both male and female paddlers.

Fabric: A 4oz ‘Tactel’ textured nylon with a breathable, delamination-proof Exeat coating. Colours: Blue/Black.


All this for only $229.95

Neoprene cone ankle seals - for a comfortable, easy-to-get-into solution (no need to be hopping around on a river bank with one foot half through a latex seal). Deep neoprene waistband with wide elasticated braces - so that the waist doesn’t have to be too tight. Fabric: A 4oz ‘Tactel’ textured nylon with a breathable, delamination-proof Exeat coating.

RRP $244.95

Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers N.Z. Inc. (KASK) KASK is a network of sea kayakers throughout New Zealand KASK publishes a 200 page sea kayaking handbook which is free to new members: the handbook contains all you need to know about sea kayaking: techniques and skills, resources, equipment, places to go etc.

RASDEXCLASSIC 2OZ OPEN NECK CAG This cag was developed especially for New Zealand paddlers. It suits multisport paddling in particular, with the opening mesh neck for ventilation and a lightweight fabric. The neoprene drawcord waist and adjustable wrists make it easy to pull on in transitions. The long sleeve version will suit those who prefer to keep their arms covered for sun protection, and also makes it suitable as a lightweight windbreaker when training. Apart from racing it’s great as a summer cag just to keep the wind and sun off when paddling around the beach or lake, or on a calm river on a hot day. Drawcord waist - inside a neoprene band for comfort and easy adjustability. Open neck - mesh insert for even more ventilation if you get too hot. Adjustable wrists - designed to allow you to push the sleeves up if you want to, have the wrists loose or quickly adjust them to a nice tight seal. Fabric: Lightweight 2oz ripstop with Exeat or Vent-X breathable waterproof coating. Colours: Orange/charcoal or blue/charcoal.

Great Value at $234.95

KASK publishes a bi-monthly newsletter containing trip reports, events, book reviews, technique/equipment reviews and a ‘bugger’ file. KASK holds national sea kayaking forums.

Website: Annual subscription is $35.00.

Kask PO Box 23, Runanga 7841, West Coast


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Warm, water proof pants.

Short or long sleeve first layer.

‘Bollocks’ shorts from Mission are warm, comfortable and hard wearing Kayak shorts. Made with a brushed Lycra front, and a 3mm Neoprene back for a warmer and drier derriere. RRP $145.00

The 4-way stretch fabric moves with you to keep you warm and the flat locked seams mean you look good too. Made from comfortable brushed Lycra fabric.

Long Sleeve $269.95 Short Sleeve $249.95

The ‘Teaser’ jacket No more drips running down your arms The ‘Teaser’ jacket is a Wind resistant and 1/5 metre water proof nylon multi purpose jacket with neoprene cuffs and collar. Waterproof sealed seams means you’ll stay drier for longer. Available in short sleeve or long sleeve.

Long Sleeve $159.00 Short Sleeve $149.00

Roof Racks for all occasions The ‘Groover’ jacket

The ‘Duck’s Nuts’ of paddling jackets

  

   

 40


even • 2008

The ‘Groover’ is a 100% wind proof and up to 5 metres waterproof, fully breathable, two layer hydrotex/ microfibre jacket. Waterproof sealed seams, neoprene cuffs and waistband means no more drips (except the ones you’re paddling with). Available in short sleeve or long sleeve.

Long Sleeve $269.95 Short Sleeve $249.95

Long Sleeve RRP $124.95 Short Sleeve RRP $14.95

RRP $99.95

RRP $199.95

RRP $74.95


even • 2008


Abel Tasman - 2008

by Meghan Glue and Laura Blake

A six days’ kayaking trip in the Abel Tasman began when 10 adults and 5 kids from the Wellington Yakity Yak Club reached Marahau and launched. After discovering that pumps can be used as water guns, the fight was on with everyone getting soaked by Laura and Andy before we’d even reached Fishermans Island for lunch. Our first night was at Anchorage . Each day we paddled a bit further up the coast, staying at places including Bark Bay, Appletree Bay and Tinline Bay. Adventures included a paddle round Tonga Island, where we saw LOADS of seals and their babies. They were so playful and we were sure they were about to jump onto our kayaks. Each day we explored the coastline and found many caves that we could paddle into. It was an awesome time with plenty of photo’s taken. There are a lot of great memories from the trip. ‘ACTION MAN’ who led the way on the front of Christine and Meghans kayak, all five kids trying to stand up on Andys double kayak, the easter egg hunt which revealed the kids (and the adults) competitiveness and the great conversations around the campfire. Quote of the day; “where-ever I sit ,I break wind”. One of our party was lectured by a foreigner on ‘the appropriate material to be burnt on the camp fire’. On our way back to Marahau , we rafted up and anchored our kayaks in a sheltered bay on

Split Apple rock, Marahau. Meghan Glue and Laura Blake with crossed paddles and Paddy Gordon in the kayak. Adele Island. From here we followed a steep track up to the main ridge and panoramic views of Golden Bay. The weather was superb with no rain and very little wind-except around the campfires. The excitement never stopped.

Rock gardening.

Andy & Laura Blake



even • 2008

PADDLES by Mission Kayaking Your paddle has a big impact on how enjoyable paddling will be. One that’s poorly made and doesn’t fit you, can make for a miserable day on the water, while a high quality, well selected paddle is a real delight. Personal preferences should definitely figure in your selection. How does it feel? How fast are you going to paddle? How far? These are important questions to consider and discuss with your dealer. If you can, try out different styles and lengths to get a feel for what’s most comfortable. When choosing a paddle keep these important characteristics in mind. DESIGN * Wide blades provide better acceleration, while long and narrow blades are good for paddling long distances. * ‘Feathered’ paddles are easier to use when paddling into the wind since the blade that’s out of the water is horizontal and offers no wind resistance. * Oval shaped shafts tend to better fit the hand, helping with both comfort and control. CONSTRUCTION * Paddles are made from many materials – lighter is usually better (and more expensive). * Paddles made from synthetic materials require less maintenance than timber ones. * Paddles can be made with a take-apart joint that allows the paddle to be broken down for easier storage and transport, and allows the blades to be set feathered or straight. SIZE Paddle length is really a matter of personal preference. Go with what feels best. Keep in mind that a longer paddle tends to be necessary if your kayak is wide or if you’re more comfortable with a slower paddling stroke. Before buying, try different lengths to find what feels most comfortable. The following chart makes a good starting point: Paddler Height 152-160cm [5’ - 5’3”] 162-170cm [5’4” - 5’7”] 173-180cm [5’8” - 5’11”] 183-190cm [6’ - 6’3”] 193-200cm [6’4” - 6’7”]

Whitewater 197-200cm 197-203cm 200-203cm 203-206cm 203-209cm

Touring 210-220cm 210-230cm 220-230cm 225-240cm 230-240cm

7 DECEMBER 2008 Run 12km Cycle 58km Kayak 19km 89 kilometres coast to coast across the Auckland isthmus. From North Head, Manukau Harbour on the Tasman Sea, to North Head, Waitemata Harbour on the Pacific Ocean, the course is distinctive and challenging. “Head to Head” is an exciting race and also an adventure, a journey of discovery through Auckland’s surprisingly wild and scenic places. Compete as an individual or in a three person team. For further information or an entry form, contact the event organisers: Nelson Associates, PO Box 25 475, St Heliers, Auckland. Phone (0274) 821 562, email:

Paddle control when you need it. ISSUE FORTYs

even• 2008


Recreational Paddles from Mission

White Water Paddles

Splash Paddle


An entry level general purpose paddle fitted to a 29mm alloy shaft.

A basic whitewater paddle ideal for surf & whitewater touring.

Taupo A great all round symmetrical paddle complete with a raised index hand control & covered handgrips for comfort.


Nevis Bluff Asymetrical paddle with a large blade area for greater power & acceleration. Ideal for whitewater, surf, rodeo & creeking.

The asymmetrical blade on this paddle makes it ideal for touring and extended use. Complete with a raised index hand control & covered handgrips you can choose the type of shaft you require for your intended purpose.


Touring Paddles

Asymmetrical shaped whitewater paddle for surf & rodeo & creeking, smaller blade area than our Kaituna.

Resolution Our smallest paddle ideal for windy conditions, the smaller paddler and long distance paddling.

A more radical asymmetrical shaped whitewater paddle with a large blade area ideal for surf, rodeo & creeking.


Carbon White Water Paddles Jazz Forte

Nortwest Passage For the medium sized paddler, or smaller paddler looking for a bit more power. The dihedral blade offers smooth & effortless performance for maximum efficiency.

Hauraki Gulf For the larger paddler, or one who needs plenty of power. A large asymetrical blade is ideal for experienced paddlers who require power & control.

Resin Transfer Moulding [RTM] full carbon, a great all round whitewater performer

Jazz Finesse 10% smaller than the Forte suited to playboating for a faster stroke rate or a smaller paddler.

Jazz Fulcrum Resin Transfer Moulding [RTM] full carbon whitewater blade the largest of the Jazz series for more power.


Carbon Touring Paddles Opo A long narrow blade for easy paddle strokes. Light weight for long distance paddling or the smaller paddler.

An innovative design allowing you to customise your offset & feather and length of your paddle by up to 14cms. 29mm shaft size allows this system to be fitted to most of our top end range of paddles.

Recreational Paddles from Q Kayaks Safari Touring

Albatross Full carbon touring paddle with a wider blade for more power.

Safari Recreation

Tripper First of the carbon paddles. It is light weight, with plenty of power. The long blade allows for quick acceleration & confident bracing.



The Safari touring paddle has the same strong features as the recreation version, but has asymmetric shaped blades and a longer shaft to provide maximum ease through the water on longer trips. The fibreglass shaft option is fitted with rubber drip rings.

even • 2008

The Safari paddle is a practical recreation paddle that is strong enough to stand up to everyday paddling. The shaft is available in anodised aluminium or fibreglass.

Aquatx Cobra Paddles Aquatx Cobra Paddles are designed to meet every cruising paddling need. Shafts are available in anodised aluminium or strong lightweight fibreglass in either one piece or in handy two piece ‘snap ons’. The strong glass filled polypropylene asymmetric blades come in three sizes and give the optimum combination of lightness and strength to get the most out of every paddle.

Velocity paddles by Descente There is a Velocity paddle to suit any paddler. These paddles, are available in 1 piece, 2 piece split or with a ‘Quiklok’ adjustable split shaft. The ‘Energy’ nylon blade, and the carbon ‘Impetus’ identical in shape and of a medium size, are nicely balanced units equally at home in a lake, river or sea environment. Plenty of power available from the larger tip area compared to more conventional blades. The smaller ‘Finesse’ nylon blade is the baby of the group and perfect for the smaller person who requires light weight at 980 grams* and economy. The largest blade in the range, the carbon ‘Impetus’ at only 720 grams* is a lightweight powerhouse for the larger, stronger paddler. * on a 1 piece shaft. GRN KY 01

Vote for me Only one Party has a clear vision of how we can live well and protect this beautiful planet we call home. The Green MPs work hard to provide practical and effective solutions to achieve this goal. We need more of them in Parliament. If you share our vision, make it happen.

Authorised by Jon Field, 73 Eden Street, Wellington.

Find out more about our vision for New Zealand at


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Rhino Decks Rasdex are now the manufacturers of Rhino Decks, the wellestablished New Zealand brand. We were so impressed with the seemingly ever-lasting colourful coating on the top, and the super-sticky printing on the underside, that we just had to do whatever it took to be able to offer them ourselves! This deck sticks to plastic like only Rhino Decks have ever done before, so if you’re not familiar with them yet you have to try one to believe it.

RRP $175.95

Rasdex Combination Deck The deck most used by multisport paddlers - also used by sea and touring paddlers. The deck has a neoprene deck section but with a nylon body tube which allows good freedom of movement. This is often more comfortable than a standard neoprene body tube if you’re wearing it for long periods of time. An added advantage is that on flat water the body tube can be loosened so you don’t get too hot. The nylon body also means that one body size fits most people, so it’s a good option for sharing between a family group or club as well as for individuals. Note the handy Mesh pocket: Ideal for a drinks bottle or handy snacks.

RRP $169.95

Rasdex standard Deck This deck is good for many different types of kayaking, and is often used by newcomers to the sport. It's also popular with those world-class paddlers who don't need rim protection. Deck section: High-density 3.5mm double-lined neoprene for durability.

RRP $149.95



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DAY TWO NYLOPRENE SPRAYDECK This deck is designed for touring, multisport or groups. 3mm Neoprene deck section and breathable ‘exeat’ nylon body. Big 10mm bungy around the edge for a secure fit (8mm bungy on multisport decks). Seam tape watersealed. One size fits all. Adjustable shoulder straps and waist size. Comes in five cockpit sizes to fit all cockpit shapes from multisport to big cockpit sea kayaks.

RRP $150.75

DAY TWO STRONG DECK This spraydeck is made from hardwearing diamond neoprene. It features a special wear strip on the top of the deck to protect it from little cuts and tears. The same print is on the inside to help the deck stick to the cockpit rim. We put an extra tight bungy on the rim to make sure the deck fits snugly to the cockpit.

RRP $180.00

DAY TWO NEOPRENE COCKPIT COVER Made from 3mm neoprene with a tight bungy elastic. Fitted to your kayak, it keeps out the rain and bugs, improves your petrol consumption and keeps your smelly kayak gear out of reach.

RRP $70.00

DAY TWO NEOPRENE SPRAYDECK This deck is snug fitting and warm for all kayak conditions. ‘Diamond’ neoprene deck section and stretchy neoprene waist. Comes in small to XL waist and 5 cockpit shapes (or whatever you need made). Strong 10mm bungy ensures tight fit to the cockpit (8mm on multisport cockpits).


even• 2008


Mission Splash Deck Ideal for club and school use That’s because they last for a long time. The ‘Splashdeck’ is a full nylon durable spraycover with a multifit waist. The reinforced edge band and the fact that it’s fully seam sealed will keep you drier. Suitable for Contour and Eco kayaks in the Mission range, as well as several models of Perception kayaks.

RRP $139.00

Mission Horizon An ideal deck for the mulitisporter or touring paddler. The ‘Horizon’ is great for paddling in warmer weather because the ‘Emphatex’ multifit waist is cooler than neoprene. It’s fully seam sealed, with 3mm neoprene deck, and has a bungy to make sure it won’t slip off your waist. It features an adjustable waist band & adjustable shoulder straps. Suitable for Contour and Eco kayaks in the Mission range, as well as several models of Perception kayaks.

RRP $159.00

Mission Skimpy Skirtz This full neoprene spray cover comes with a bungy cord to keep you snug. The 3mm neoprene deck & waist is all seam sealed, complete with safety grab loop. This is an ideal beginner deck for personal use. Suitable for Contour and Eco kayaks in the Mission range, as well as several models of Perception kayaks.

RRP $169.00

Mission Cockpit Covers Save petrol with less wind resistance when transporting your kayak!! Use a cockpit cover whilst travelling to & from your favourite paddling spot or even use it whilst storing your kayak away to keep out the little bugs. Suitable for Contour and Eco kayaks in the Mission range, as well as several models of Perception kayaks.

RRP $60.50



even • 2008

DAY TWO TRI/SEA This is a great touring or multisport buoyancy vest. Lightweight, comfortable and with five adjustments. More than 55N of comfy soft floatation. Front zip entry, three front pockets (one Velcro with a key clip) and large rear pocket for drinks bladder. Reflective piping on the rear. Comes in S/M/L/XL, Red, blue or gold.


RRP $229.50

A versatile starter buoyancy vest with five way adjustments to fit children and adults. More than 55N of floatation (industry standard) made from very soft and comfortable foam. Large front pocket. Reflective tape on the rear. Comes in red, blue or gold

mission freetime

RRP $149.00

The ‘Freetime’ with wide tooth zipper, reflective patches on the front, is easy to get into and the contoured shape gives extra comfort. Side and waist adjustments. Simple to use and highly visibile. Independently certified to meet Australia’s tough PFD type 2 safety standard ratings. Available in Yellow.


RRP $109.00

This is a great vest for racing, with lots of pockets including a huge rear pocket for your drinks bladder. The inside of the vest is lined with high wicking mesh to reduce sweating. The vest is easy to put on over your head and very light weight for those long races. Over 55N of floatation.

mission rapid

RRP $225.00

Its 3 dimensional ergonomic design provides a superb fit. It’s great to swim in, and doesn’t ride up when in the water. The unique outer skin provides durability while not absorbing any water. This means with just a quick shake, it’s dry, and ready to be used again. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

RRP $145.00

mission quest The ‘Quest’ is an excellent entry level touring and multisport PFD with all the bells and whistles. Padded shoulder straps, side and waist adjustments, 2 front Pockets, reflective patches and piping. Space for a 1.5L water bladder. Independently certified to meet Australia’s tough PFD type 2 safety standard ratings. Available in Safety Orange. Sizes: XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL.

mission leader Great entry level, rescue-capable, white water and touring PFD.It has padded shoulder straps, side and waist adjustments, front pocket, D-ring attachment, reflective patches and piping, 38mm quick release safety belt with Carabiner. It even has a knife pocket! Independently certified to meet Australia’s tough PFD type 2 safety standard ratings. Available in Safety Gold. Sizes: XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL.

RRP $210.00

RRP $185.00

c&k BUOYANCY Aids Increase your visibility in these yellow bouyancy aids. They have plenty of adjustment with side, shoulder and waist straps. There is a pocket with a ring to store keys, knife or whistle on the inside. A full range of sizes available.

These bouyancy aids are a great buy at only $99.50 ISSUE FORTYs

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Directory: Things To Do

TAUPO Maori Carvings Half day guided trip to the rock carvings, Lake Taupo... only accessible by boat.

$90 per person (bookings essential). Call freephone 0800 KAYAKN for details.

Waikato River Discovery


2 hour guided kayak trip. Experience the magnificent upper reaches of the mighty Waikato River - soak in the geothermal hotsprings - take in the stunning environment... a perfect trip for all the family...

Need some excitement? Take a kayak down this wicked Grade II river run... this is a whole day of thrills and fantastic scenery down the Mohaka River.

Price: $45 adult $25 children Special group and family rates. Call freephone 0800 KAYAKN for details.

TAUPO Accommodation

Waitara River Tours

Price: $125 per person. Call freephone 0800 KAYAKN for details. Phone: Taupo 07 378 1003, Hawke’s Bay 06 842 1305

Mokau River

Accommodation available to Yakity Yak club members and their families... Ideal for sport and school groups... Situated on the banks of the Waikato River our Kayakers’ Lodge accommodates up to 15 people, is fully furnished, with plenty of parking and a quiet location.

For those who are slightly more adventurous at heart, this is a scenic trip with the excitement of grade two rapids. Midway down, we paddle under the historic Betran Rd Bridge where we will stop for a snack.

Enjoy this beautiful scenic river which winds through some of New Zealand’s lushest vegetation. Camping overnight and exploring some of New Zealand’s pioneering history. A true Kiwi experience.

Allow 2 hours paddle only. Priced at $50. Phone: 06 769 5506

Two day trips $230.00 or one day $80.00. Phone 06 769 5506

Glow worms Cruise

River Tours

$30 per person per night. Phone: 0800 529256 for details

Join us for a picturesque paddle on Lake McLaren and into the narrow canyon to view glow worms by night or beautiful waterfalls by day. This trip takes about 1.5-2hours and is suitable for paddlers with no experience. All gear, hot drinks and nibbles are supplied.

Price $65 per person. Phone Canoe and Kayak BOP for bookings. 07 574 7415

Paddle to the Pub Kayaking to a local pub is a unique way of spending an evening, bringing your group of friends together by completing a fun activity before dinner and making a memorable experience. These trips are available to Riverhead, Browns Bay and Devonport Pubs. COST: $59.00 each • GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!

Exploring beautiful estuaries. Enjoy a scenic trip with wildlife and great views.

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 KAYAKNZ for details

Departs from one of your local beautiful beaches. Enjoy the scenic trip with the sun setting as you paddle along the coast line. Group discounts available!

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 KAYAKNZ for details

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 KAYAKNZ for details



Taupo - Open for the summer and by appointment. Long Bay, Auckland - by appointment only. Have some paddling fun on the beach or let us run a Tour for you and your friends and explore these beautiful areas.

0800 529256

Sugar Loaf Island From Ngamutu Beach harbour we head out to the open sea to Nga Motu/Sugar Loaf Island Marine Reserve. View the Taranaki scenic, rugged coastline as we draw closer to the Sugar Loaf Islands. Enjoy the seal colony and experience the thrill of close up views of these fascinating marine mammals.

Allow 3 hours subject to weather. $55.00 per person. Phone 06 769 5506

New Zealand Kayaking Instructors Award Scheme Become a kayaking Instructor and Guide. Get into gear and get qualified! It’s fun and easy to do.

Don’t delay phone 0508 5292569 now

Customized Tours

Join the Yakity Yak Club

• Work Functions • Schools • Clubs • Tourist groups

Want to have fun, meet new people, have challenging and enjoyable trips, and learn new skills? PLUS get a regular email newsletter and this magazine! Also, get a discount on kayaking courses and purchases from Canoe & Kayak Centres. Then, join us!

Whether it’s an afternoon amble, a full day’s frolic or a wicked weekend adventure we can take you there. If there’s somewhere you’d like to paddle we can provide you with experienced guides, local knowledge, safe up to date equipment and a lot of fun.

Contact your local store on 0508 KAYAKNZ

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Price on application.

Kayak Hire

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 KAYAKNZ for details

Twilight Tours

Whanganui River Trips Interested in a great adventure on this Magnificent River? Give us a call and we will give you a memory of a lifetime. Canoe & Kayak Taupo

Phone Canoe & Kayak on 0508 KAYAKNZ to find out more






Telephone: 06 842 1305





































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Canoe & Kayak Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak Hawke’s Bay







710 Great South Road, Manukau Telephone: 09 262 0209

Flood Howarth & Partners Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak North Shore

Canoe & Kayak Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak Distribution

ChallenorReynolds Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak Manukau













The Corner Greenwood St & Duke St, State Highway 1 Bypass Hamilton - Telephone: 07 847 5565

2 Centennial Highway, Ngauranga, Wellington Telephone: 04 477 6911

On Water Adventures Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak Waikato

J & M Downey Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak Wellington



3/5 Mac Donald Street, Mount Maunganui(Off Hewletts Rd) Telephone: 07 574 7415 Jenanne Investments Limited Trading as Canoe & Kayak Bay of Plenty

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