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New John Nissen Mannequins - Hyperrealistic mannequin collection K

Producing realistic mannequins for decenniums, Kim and Klio collects all our experience and the newest improved techniques to create the most realistic display mannequin available on the market today.

Like each of our mannequins Kim & Klio, are completely customizable and individually produced on request.

All mannequins are hand-painted, all make-ups and wigs are handmade. Model shown: Klio - Position A9 >

Each part carries an individual serial number and is created in combination of modern production processes and manual craft finishing techniques.

Scuplted by Alex Thorup, New John Nissen Mannequins are passionate products created with the honest goal to be as pure as possible, thus allowing display set-ups in every stylistic direction.

Our years of experience and our optimized production techniques allow us to offer a true high quality product at a highly competitive price. < Model shown: Kim & Klio - Position A13

Model shown: Klio - Position A5 >

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, we offer regular updates on compatible wigs. Model Shown: Klio - Position D6 & D3

Kim & Klio are available in 16 positions allowing you to create endless combinations in your display window.

< Model shown: Kim - Position A4 & A15

Position A3 (Klio)

Position A6 (Klio)

Position A8 (Klio)

Position A15 & A4 (Kim & Klio)

Position A10 (Klio)

Position A16 (Klio)

Model shown: Klio & Kim - Position A6 & A11

Position A4 (Kim)

Position A12 (Kim)

Position A11 (Kim)

Position A1 (Kim)

An option for both hyperrealistic and sculpted versions are split-toe and sculpted shoes.

Position A9 (Klio)

Position A2 (Klio)

Position A5 (Klio)

Position A13 (Klio)

Position A7 (Klio)

Position A14 (Kim)

Each position is also available as headless version.

Kim & Klio are also available as sculpted versions.

Sculpted Head AB47

Sculpted Head AB46

Sculpted Head AB45

Technical data and options:

Make-up & wigs:




For different choice please consult our make-up and wigs catalog.

height bust waist hip inside leg collar shoe size heel height

180 cm 88 cm 76 cm 90 cm 81 cm 32 cm 39 cm 7 cm

5’11” 2’10” 2’6” 2’11” 2’8” 1’1” 51/2 3”

Options: - sculpted shoe - split-toe (standard) - sculpted heads - headless - leg-fitting Available in different body colors. Custom colors on request. Fittings: All mannequins are delivered with a tempered glass base equipped with a stainless steel foot spike. Split-toe As an option a leg-fitting (to fit standard shoes on the mannequin) can be provided. *All measurements are approximate only. Sculpted shoe /S

Position A3

Position A6

Position A8

Position A15/A4

Position A10

Position A16

Position A4

Position A12

Position A11

Position A1

Position B

Position C

Position A9

Position A2

Position A5

Position A13

Position A7

Position A14

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K&K Hyper-Realist Collection