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MentalHealthNews Winter 2013 We need your help! New Horizons Youth Project needs your vote!!! Nudge digital is doing a ‘nudge of kindness’ and giving one lucky organization £10,000 funding to develop a website. This competition is for a completely free website worth £10,000, no hidden cost, no strings attached. The top 10 entries with the most likes will be shortlisted on 23rd December, 2013 and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. For New Horizons to have a chance in winning we need votes and likes on Facebook. New Horizons would like to set up a Young Persons mental health website so that information regarding mental health and support is readily available in an accessible format for young people at the click of a button.

To register your vote on with please go to www.nudgedigital. view entries and vote Janet Aberdare by 23rd December.

New Horizons - Mental Health


As 2013 is coming to an end we are taking this opportunity to wish volunteers, service users, partner organisations and supporters a “Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year” and hope that you all keep well and warm over the festive Period. Here at New Horizons we have been busy decorating trees and windows and taking part in Christmas celebrations including our annual Carol service in Hirwaun. We are very much looking forward to 2014 to strengthen the achievements of 2013 and to start exciting new projects and courses. This all starts with the launch of the youth project in the Rhondda on Thursday 16th January, new WEA courses in Anger Management and Money Management and the Aberdare youth project beginning their drama workshops with Spectacle Theatre (thanks to funding from Interlink).

Partnership Working New Horizons is delighted that we have continued to strengthen our partnership working during 2013. We are extremely pleased to have recently added B-eat, Women’s Aid and Too Good Too Waste to our list of partners providing a service at New Horizons and welcome them on board. B-eat hold a support group in New Horizons Abedare for people suffering from eating disorders the group is part of the Beat network of self help groups and is run by B-eat registered and trained group facilitators. Whether you are a sufferer of an eating disorder yourself or a concerned family member or friend, we would love to help in a pro-recovery environment where you are free to share experiences and support or simply listen if you prefer. The group will meet on the 1st Monday of the month for sufferers or people with concerns around eating and on the 3rd Monday of each month for carers, family and friends between 6.30 - 8pm. Women’s Aid provide the S.A.F.E. (support against female exploitation) Project at New Horizons Aberdare every Friday 1pm - 4pm. Their aim is to empower women to make more informed choices and develop skills, equipped individuals to take control of their lives and enable them to achieve their aspirations. The S.A.F.E project provides a rolling programme of life skills sessions, open access to information and support, outreach support and signposting to other organizations. If you want support or advice on domestic violence please drop into the session or contact Julie England on 01685 879673. Alongside adding to the service that we provide in house we are delighted to be taking the service to outreach and attending Too Good Too Waste monthly to offer their volunteers well-being sessions in the Rhondda.

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w w w. n e w h o r i z o n s - m e n t a l h e a l t h . c o . u k

RCT World Mental Health Week

Regional Mental Health Conference

RCT World Mental Health Week Friday 4th October-Friday 11th October

On Wednesday 23rd of October service users travelled by bus to the All Nations centre in Cardiff for the annual regional mental health Knowing me, Knowing you, knowing your rights.

-As always New Horizons was pleased to take part in an array of events throughout world mental health week in Merthyr, Pontypridd, Rhonnda and Cynon. Participating in quizzes, information events , open days, walks and a creative and a musical event organised in conjunction with Making Minds, Community Arts Cymuned, Journeys and the LHB in the atrium of Ysbyty Cwm Cynon. The organisations came Sarah the Mental together and provided Health Support Assistant at one of music, art displays, activities and information the events in RCT about local mental health services. The event was the first of its’ kind locally and was successful in giving information to an audience that we might have otherwise not reached. The range and level of events throughout RCT as always was enjoyable and an invaluable stigma reducing exercise.

Quotes about New Horizons Quiz at Ystrad Sport Centre

“A good night was had by all, it was great to see Boyd supporting the charity again and having his photograph taken with us. We were surprised at how well we come” -Team Ralph and his chicks

Quote about world mental health week

“It is nice to see all organisations coming together to promote mental health services and reduce stigma, such events are wonderful for networking opportunities and to strengthen partnership working and gives an opportunity to discuss joint projects” Kristy Davies- activity coordinator

Throughout the day there was information about current legislation, inspiring talks by Mark Smith of Making Minds on creativity and mental health (New Members taking part in a Horizons is spectacle theatre workshop very pleased to support and work in partnership with) and Laura Jayne Dernie on Perinatal depression an area alongside post natal depression that New Horizons hopes to develop a service for in the near future. There were also shows and workshops from Spectacle Theatre who are running drama projects with the New Horizons youth project in January. As well as all this the annual conference gave New Horizons and NH2 to provide information on the work we do and network with other organizations throughout Wales and will hopefully visit four winds in Cardiff in the New year who provide a similar service to New Horizons in Cardiff. Service users also enjoyed complimentary therapies such as reiki and massage and had their makeup done by a beautician.

Spectacle Theatre workshops

Thanks to funding from Interlink spectacle theatre will be providing drama workshops for the youth project for 8 weeks from Monday 20th January at 4.30pm. Spectacle Theatre came along and done a practice session with the youths to discuss ideas for workshops and done some fun practical exercises with the group. One of the young people feel the opportunity to do drama is positive as she often feels she has to put an act on to the outside world to disguise how she feels mentally however this will give her the chance to act in a positive manner and highlight mental health. Another member of the youth project feels that the workshop they done “was a good way of getting everyone involved, was great fun and a laugh and cannot wait to start it back up in the New Year”.-GL


w w w. n e w h o r i z o n s - m e n t a l h e a l t h . c o . u k

Cynon update Dates for your diary Give your Views!

Thursday 19th December Kathryn Doughton patient and public engagement manager of the NHS is coming to hear service users views on services you have received from GPs and hospital staff (including A&E departments) to NHS managers. This is your chance to express positive and negative experiences to help improve services.

Happy Christmas at New Horizons

Christmas and New Years Eve 9am - 3pm come and celebrate Christmas and New year in the centre - buffet and party atmosphere.

2014 Courses Anger Management course at Aberdare starting Thursday 16th Jan until Thursday 20th Feb from 10am - 12.30pm (8 weeks) facilitated by the WEA please contact the centre to enroll.

Money Management course - at Aberdare

starting Thursday 27th Feb until Thursday 6th March from 10am - 12.30pm (2 weeks)- facilitated by the WEA - please contact the centre to enroll.

C Y N ON Christmas Carol Service Friday 29th November New Horizons took part in the annual carol service at St Llewrigs church Hirwaun.

Service users travelled up on the bus together whilst others met at the church, It was nice to see others members of the congregation made up of New Horizons service users, independent service users and members of the Hirwaun community. As well as the typical hymns and sermons of a carol service members/volunteers of New Horizons and the Hirwaun community gave readings about the Christmas story. The New Horizons music group and Jason Samuel provided the music and played and sang songs such as rocking around the Christmas tree and silent night. After the service we went to the church hall (where there is a volunteer led outreach for mental health support every Friday 1-4) for a beautiful buffet and refreshments. “We all travelled up on the bus together and laughed our heads off I enjoyed singing along to the music”-JD “Everybody that took part done really well, everyone played their instruments well and sounded professional”- GJ Volunteer Music tutor

Up and Coming Courses New Horizons is offering courses in Anger Management and Money management Skills in the New Year.

Anger Management Thursday 16th Jan-Thursday 20th Feb 10am -12.30pm (8 weeks) to dentify the difference between emotions and behaviours, recognize that anger can be used in a positive manner and used in a negative manner, identify external and internal changes that happen to our bodies when we become angry, show that anger can be controlled and identify the differences between being passive, aggressive and assertive Money Management Thursday 27th Feb Thursday 6th March 10am -12.30pm (2 weeks)- looks at budgeting your money, ways in which we can make savings and an understanding of investments and savings Courses are facilitated by the WEA. For more information or to enroll on the course please contact The centre on 01685 881113. Smoking Cessation- Public Health Wales will be providing smoking cessation support and classes in February/March date is yet to be confirmed. Please call the centre to book your place on 01685 881113.25 and suffer with mental health problems and would like input into tailoring of the R2R course for fellow young sufferers please come along to the Aberdare youth project Monday 14th October at 4:30pm. Alongside this both organisations are working in partnership with New Horizons youth project to create apps for both courses.


Big thank you to Maggie for doing a fundraising through JustGiving. com for New Horizons

w w w. n e w h o r i z o n s - m e n t a l h e a l t h . c o . u k


New Horizons’ Youth Project Website for Youth Project Members Testimony “I am a service user at New Horizons I have been involved with the youth project since it started at the end of January 2013

Act of kindness-we need your vote

In that time I have had a lot of support from the workers as well as the other members in the youth project. The youth project is a good thing on a Monday night because a lot of others go to uni or college in the days so it’s a good thing as they have somewhere to go and access a service. I never got on with people my own age because I got bullied all the way through school and since coming to the youth project I have realized that not all people my age are going to be bullies and are very supportive.

For New Horizons to have a chance in winning we need votes and likes on Facebook. New Horizons would like to set up a Young Persons mental health website so that information regarding mental health and support is readily available in an accessible format for young people at the click of a button.

I have had a lot of opportunities to do different courses since for example depression busting, confidence building getting to know yourself, communication skills and a mental health first aid course which is very helpful to know. We also did graffiti art which was fun. We will be starting to work with Spectacle Theatre doing drama workshops to make a show. The main thing is New Horizons and all of the course are making us more confident to deal with situations. Before coming to New Horizons I have never given a talk infront of people and I recently spoke about the yout project infront of around 70 people left school with no formal qualifications and have now gained quite a few certificates.”

Nudge digital are doing a nudge of kindness and giving one lucky organization £10,000 funding to develop a website. This competition is for a completely free website worth £10,000, no hidden cost, no strings attached. The top 10 entries with the most likes will be shortlisted on 23rd December, 2013 and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

Early intervention has proven to be important to help young people deal with their mental health issues to prevent further deterioration of an individual’s health and well being later in life. Young people with mental health issues are faced with issues such as stigmatisation, bullying and isolation. As part of the Youth Project we offer volunteering opportunities and ideally we would like to give these individuals the confidence and knowledge to manage the website themselves. The young people volunteering could also help to run the website by regularly contributing, updating and managing it. The website could offer information on mental health issues and support to not only the young people of Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil, but to young people with mental health issues nationally. To register your vote on with please go to view entries and vote Janet Aberdare.


Interlink AGM

The youth project were delighted to be asked to go along to the Interlink AGM to outline the services we provide and explain how after piloting the scheme from funding by Lloyds TSB, it has now become part of our core services. Below GL who alongside JD came and discussed their experience of the youth project as service users. “The day was very interesting and informative and a great way to gather information on other services that we are able to access. Everyone was supportive and friendly as we got up to talk about the youth project and how it has helped us and other service users. It was a scary experience talking in front of others at the agm. Although it went well and everybody clapped and supported us and then came over to talk to us and was interested in what we had said and looked at the art items we had taken with us. It was good to have our voices heard and for people to hear from us about our experiences and how much New Horizons has helped us.”

w w w. n e w h o r i z o n s - m e n t a l h e a l t h . c o . u k

RH ON DDA New Horizons – Rhondda Tips – (Mid Rhondda Communities 1st) Courses at Appletree Tasty have run a 3 week course looking at which foods are healthy and what we need in a balanced Stores diet. Participants also cooked and tasted some Over the last 3 months there have been several accredited and non-accredited courses running in the centre with the WEA (Workers Education Association), Rhondda Mid Cluster Communities First and Artis Community.

These courses have been very successful in aiding people’s recovery with their mental ill health by giving them the tools, tips and knowledge to improve aspects of their lives in areas where they may have been struggling with. Others have been learning new interests while gaining a qualification through creativity. Below is a summary of some of the courses;

Developing Essential Skills – Be able to listen

and contribute in a discussion with confidence.

Knowing Myself – Understand significance of life experiences, identify own skills and qualities, know how to develop your self.

Confidence Building – Understand what confidence is and how to develop a positive self identity.

Anger Management & Emotional Wellbeing -

Identify the difference between emotions and behaviours, recognise that anger can be used in a positive manner and used in a negative manner, identify external and internal changes that happen to our bodies when we become angry, show that anger can be controlled and identify the differences between being passive, aggressive and assertive.

Art Worksop (Artis Community) – Learning

creative skills through various art forms from pottery, felting, printing and weaving, while participating in the workshop people will also have an OCN qualification. Below are some quotes and photographs of the pieces people have created.

easy healthy recipes which are not expensive to make.

New Year Courses

Money Management – Learn how to manage

your household bills on Wednesday 22nd January Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Young Peoples’ Project New for 2014 in Rhondda

Beginning in the New Year is a new project for those aged 18 – 25 years of age who suffer with mental ill health. The project aims to support and help young people develop the essential skills, tools and coping mechanisms to manage their mental ill health and live a fulfilling and active life, through the Recovery Star, Training, Volunteering, Signposting to Partner Agencies and groups/leisure activities. The project starts on Thursday 16th January at our centre in Dinas from 4.00 pm – 8.00pm. Anyone wishing to attend can be self or formally referred either by filling in the form on our website or by contacting us on 01443 681881 or 01685 881113. On Thursday 23rd January between 4.30pm – 7.30pm for 12 weeks a course called Routes to Recovery will run which helps a participant to gain knowledge, skills, experience and confidence. The course helps you understand your mental illness, pinpoint local mental health services. Find ways to build confidence and self esteem. Set goals for your future. Anyone wishing to participate please contact Gofals Pam Sargent on 01443 845970 or New Horizons Tracy Thomas on 01443 681881Please note: during the course a small buffet will be provided and once completed the participants will have a celebratory evening out.

Public Health Wales

New Horizons is working in partnership with Public Health Wales and in the New Year we will be setting dates for a Smoking Cessation Group at our Rhondda Resource Centre to support those who wish to stop smoking. So if you would like to attend please contact our centre for more details.

w w w. n e w h o r i z o n s - m e n t a l h e a l t h . c o . u k


NH2 Creative Design NH2 is an innovative social enterprise established by New Horizons. Building on the success of New Horizons in the local community and wider area, NH2 is here to offer a range of creative design services to other Third Sector organisations as well as small to medium size businesses. Businesses

Our team of experienced designers know how important it is to have a strong brand identity in todays challenging and competitive market. We offer our clients a professional creative design service. We offer cost effective solutions to your business or organisation.

Third Sector Organisations

Experienced & Supportive Our presence as a mental health charity enables us to provide expert knowledge and understanding of the Third Sector and partnership working. Engagement & Participation This enables us to support our customers in a very unique way. We are experienced in engaging with Service Users in the design of marketing materials, web design and development. We offer a range of creative design services and value for money. Call us today for a competitive quote on 01685 881113 Logo Design ~ Stationery Design ~ Corporate Branding ~ Flyers ~ Poster Design ~ Brochures Annual Reports ~ Newsletters ~ Advertising Start up packages for business ~ Web Design Web Management ~ Web Development ~ Website Rebranding ~ Print

Mental Health Support Mental Health Support is a partnership project between New Horizons Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Resource Centre, LHB and Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council. Mental Health Support aims to provide accessible advice and information about mental health issues and services to people with mental health problems, their carers, health professionals and anyone else with an interest in mental illness. We are always looking for Volunteers or even Virtual Volunteers. If you are looking for work experience or training, a boost in confidence and self-esteem, the opportunity to support others or to ‘give something back’, or just have some spare time...then come and help us! If you have time to spare and want to do something useful please get in touch and find out what Volunteering Opportunities are available. Join the websites Focus Group every Tuesday at 3pm in Aberdare or every Thursday at Apple Tree Stores (please call the centre for times). If you haven’t already done so check it out at

Contact Us New Horizons 16A Dean Street, Aberdare CF44 7BN Tel: 01685 881113 Email: New Horizons Apple Tree Stores, Apple Tree Avenue, Dinas, Porth, CF40 1JH Tel: 01443 681881


CYNON 16 Dean Street, Aberdare Open on Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday Check our website for opening times 6

RHONDDA Apple Tree Stores, Dinas 10am - 4pm Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Wednesday 10am - 1pm

HIRWAUN Volunteer led peer support group Fridays 1pm - 4pm St.Lleurwg’s Church

w w w. n e w h o r i z o n s - m e n t a l h e a l t h . c o . u k

New Horizons/Mental Health Support Winter 2013 Newsletter  
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