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What’s Up at New Heights


Help New Heights raise $100,000 by September, 2010! The Foundation for Seacoast Health has offered New Heights a $50,000 Challenge Grant if we raise $100,000 by September, 2010, which is why we are reaching out to the Greater Seacoast and beyond to help us reach this goal. NOW, MORE THAN EVER, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Join the Foundation for Seacoast Health as New Heights works to help Seacoast youth make the successful transition into adulthood.

Dawn of a New Era After more than 20 years as a program of Seacoast Mental Health Center, New Heights will form its own 501c(3) corporation by July 1st, 2010. With the strategic planning process already underway, New Heights Director Tracey Tucker expressed excitement at the program’s evolution as well as appreciation for the support offered by Seacoast Mental Health Center. “We are very grateful to SMHC for its support over the years,” said Tucker. “With their help, New Heights has developed a strong identity in the community.” According to Tucker, the main objective now is to “focus on the reason New Heights was started in the first place— to provide a positive and healthy program for teenagers throughout the Seacoast.” “This is about continuing our mission and increasing community investment in our program, which is why we are working hard to implement a smooth transition and continue to reach out to the community for their support,” she added. For Seacoast Mental Health Center Executive Director Jay Couture, who has seen the program evolve through the years, the move makes sense on a number of different levels. “Based on the strategic planning process, it became clear New Heights would benefit in the long run,” Couture said. “We founded New Heights and have helped nurture its development. However, at this stage of the program’s life, they will benefit from having an independent status and their own board that is 100 percent focused on New Heights.”

Mentor Program Defined as the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change, resiliency has been identified as the key personality trait New Heights seeks to promote within its youth. In order to achieve this goal, the staff actively work to increase the protective factors surrounding their participants. Protective factors are those qualities or situations that help alter or reverse expected negative outcomes. They may be internal (within the individual) or external (involving the family, school, and the community). With results from the past 3 years clearly demonstrating New Heights’ ability to promote such protective factors, Tracey Tucker, New Heights’ director, said such demonstrated success is crucial to their mission. “It’s more than a catchphrase or just the words contained in our mission,” said Tucker. “Through our mentor program, we are truly seeing the positive results in black and white. It’s what we are actually doing each and every day. Promoting resiliency changes lives.” However, Tucker cited a number of risk factors present within the Seacoast youth population that make their job that much more difficult. Risk factors are defined as disabling cultural, economic, or medical conditions that could increase a person’s likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors. “Almost half our kids have four or more risk factors,” said Tucker. “We’re working now with a number of other agencies to determine how to best address these factors. As an out-of-school program, we are a key piece in what must be a long-term solution.”

Seacoast Women’s Giving Circle helping us reach new heights... Since being named the Giving Circle’s 2009 designated beneficiary, New Heights has received more than $32,000 in support of its Summer Junior Staff program as well as for general operating costs. Held on Monday, September 21st at the scenic Portsmouth Country Club, New Heights’ 4th annual Swing by the Sea Celebrity Golf Tournament eclipsed last year’s total in raising more than $37,000.

The Giving Circle’s financial contribution includes $7,940 in donations from a benefit reception they held at the Community Campus in November along with a $5,000 matching donation from Nike and David Speltz.

For New Heights Director Tracey Tucker, the show of support by the entire greater Seacoast community means a great deal--especially in light of New Heights’ future plans.

For Tracey Tucker, the support New Heights has received from the Giving Circle has been “extraordinary.”

“Our corporate partners have always been crucial to our success,” said Tucker. “Now, as we move forward in becoming our own 501c(3), it will become even more important for us to develop these relationships, which this tournament helps us cultivate.” In total, more than 100 businesses and corporations supported this year’s tournament and accompanying online auction. “We had corporate sponsors from as far away as Ohio and D.C.,” said Dwight Davis, former NBA star and tournament host. “The real winners from this tournament are Seacoast youth.”

“From the money they have raised to the time they have invested in learning about the real issues facing our young people today, the Giving Circle has made a significant difference in our very day to day operations,” she said. Tucker referred to the Giving Circle as an “inspiration to the entire Seacoast.” “It is because of the Giving Circle that organizations like ours will be able to provide programs that invest in the future of our community,” she said. “Their actions ultimately model for our children the true meaning of giving.”

New Heights Unveils Corporate Giving Inititative Having always enjoyed the support of the entire Seacoast community, New Heights recently unveiled a new corporate giving strategy designed to provide its sponsors with a comprehensive set of benefits designed to maximize their exposure within the community. According to Tracey Tucker, New Heights’ director, the idea behind the initiative is one of partnership. “I think in this economy it is important we forge relationships with our coporate sponsors where we can in turn provide real tangible value for their support,” said Tucker. “We want the community to know who our corporate sponsors are and this new initiative will be a way to help provide them with greater community exposure.” New corporate sponsors include Roost Bistro & Cafe, which will sponsor the Cooking Club in January and Golf & Ski Warehouse, which will sponsor the Ski/Snowboard program from January through March. For information about how to become a corporate sponsor, call (603) 422-8235.

To learn more about New Heights and its exciting winter programming, call (603) 422-8235 or visit

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Fall 2009 Newsletter  

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