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Ever dream of owning your own home business? It was diverted somewhere down the road and now your trapped in the plan 40-40-40? 40 minutes to and from work 40 hours of work each week 40 years dedicated to working in life or working for someone else? When the going gets tough unfairly at work, do you still dream of owning your own business? what we do, how it works of owning a home business, how you treat your employees, what kind of money you make, what products to sell. So when you decide to make changes in your life, is what you are looking for another job of 40-40-40, and put your own dream home business in the background for almost the same thing again? Do you know the final results of the 40-40-40 plan? 1% are wealthy enough to retire comfortably. 3% which would probably not be able to live. 27% which are dead. 69% are just plain dead broke. Want to be in the 1% who want to really do something about it right now, before it's too late? Because your still reading this article, I am assuming you are looking for a modification, and furthermore, the changes are just as soon as now. Two central points to consider in seeking a home business opportunity are those that do, have, and be and not be, have, and do but also optimize their efforts and time, to get the economic results. Here are 7 simple criteria to absolutley consider when your looking for some home business opportunities: 1. Look at the business opportunity offering products or services or to be used every day by all households and / or business. Think of a product or service in your home can all people around the world use every day. For example, services such as utilities, communications, equipment, etc.,

or products such as shoes, soap, clothing, etc. Now to think big, a product or service that is used daily and represents a paradigm shift. For example, will create a paradigm shift in global communications, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. By 1885, no phones, or let alone even hear the word phone. Today, how many people that you would know, do not have a phone or cell phone? Another paradigm shift is created when the first flight of the Wright brothers in 1903. Now, man stood on the moon. 2. Find a business opportunity with products or offering services with a global market, it really is a small world. Just plain old common sense will tell you that home business opportunity products or services with a global market that would produce revenue, compared to the speed of light is only in the local area, regional or national level. For example, the revenue generated from Microsoft's global marketplace is light years more than a shoe repair shop locally. In addition, as you probe this business opportunity you want to make sure that you do not need to stock the product. It takes a long time to make a request, receive and ship products, portfolio management, etc., not even to mention the additional costs out of pocket for shipping and distribution. We also find that the product changes or upgrades to make them obsolete stock. Therefore, you want to avoid this kind of opportunity in a home business like the plague. 3. This is an absolute must! Looking for a home business that combines some advantages of the business opportunity in your payment plan. A business opportunity that combines leverage in your payment plan offers the best of both worlds. Its a relatively simple concept. The best example is probably the Ray Kroc and McDonald's. Ray Kroc founded the McDonald's franchisee and agrees to pay 3% of their income. In essence, McDonald's sat back and collected 3% of profits and benefits off others time and efforts. With leveraging ones home business you can minimize your time and effort while maximizing the economic benefits. In a relatively short time, you will face a home business with its own life, and is on the fast track towards a healthy wealthy outcome. To find the home business opportunity rocket to financial freedom, companies should include leveraging, not just the business plan, but also economic benefits, preferably, weekly, monthly and yearly which should be one of the others. Residual is very important because you will have some sort of steady income you can count on. 4. Find a business opportunity that has 24 / 7 support available. Perhaps you are having a nightmare trying to make automatic payments that you do not know which button to press next, or what is meant by the option of their choice, and not able to talk to a real individual to get answers to your questions. Failures, even when the compounds involve a deadline for the continuation of services. Repeat customers account for 75% of businesses and satisfied customers is the main reason for their repeat business with you and your product or services. Even in automated society, a person to contact is preferred, at least for the customer. Therefore, its success depends on a home business opportunity or company supported by 24 / 7, if you need support, or customer support that you need.

Another important aspect of a business opportunity from home with a company that provides support 24 / 7, but has a global view. What is the morning for some, is the next day for other people in other parts of the world. Frankly, I'm hard pressed to think of an international company with direct personal support. So, when you see a global home business with such a personal touch, you truely have found a diamond in the rough. 5. Find a business opportunity with a company with a proven track record. Do not be afraid to ask questions like what they are making on a weekly, monthly or yearly operation with their business. Ask how long they have been managing their own business. Determine how many hours a day, week or month they spend working for your business. Ask them to give examples of how to market the business. Most important is, ask if they have to spend extra money for items such as business cards, advertising tools, etc. 6. Find a business opportunity from home with a company that combines training and other professional experts. Most people online do not know how to use the power of an Internet machine and turn into wealth for themselves. Most people do not know how to even market a business from home. Therefore, a internet home business opportunity and a company that combines vocational expertise, which will take you from the basics through advanced stages of marketing systems, including the use of software programs, marketing tools, etc., is literally a virtual gold mine. Like most people on the Internet that is not familiar with how to use its power, a business opportunity from home with a company that combines expert professional training is a requirement for real success. 7. Find a business opportunity where the company is working as a team. We all know that we have our own weaknesses and strengths. Everyone likes to have fun from time to time when we work. If you find a business opportunity where a company works together, your vulnerability could force a team members strength. For example, you can go in detail and have more difficulty conceiving or see the whole picture. However, someone on your team can be just the opposite. The combination of these forces will optimize productivity. Besides, we all will have our good and bad days. Have you ever been around someone who is always negative? They can and do Pull you down too! If you have your own business, you should be optimistic and project a positive attitude at all times. Therefore, when were having one of our bad days, it helps to have someone on the team to refocus on the positive side of things. Then, when everyone is sitting on the beach in a place to share stories of war and battle wounds, each one will have a great laugh. If you want to minimize the time to locate and find a home that combines business opportunity with all seven criteria, I can offer one last nugget - go to: ==== ==== To Learn More Information About This Visit : ==== ====

What to Look for in a Business Opportunity  

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