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NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY 2014-2015 Undergraduate Viewbook

Meet our faculty and students 2

Gabriela St. Pierre is passionate about geology


Jesus Quinones’s study abroad was an exciting cultural adventure


Assistant Professor Youkyung Bae offers hands-on learning opportunities


Assistant Professor Douglas Cortes brings the real world into the classroom


Volleyball player Desiree Scott found her place among friends


Contents 12 Degree programs 14 Financial aid and scholarships 16 Admission and transfer requirements 18 Housing and dining 20 Academic resources 22 Extracurricular Activities 24 Campus visit

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xplore the many exciting opportunities to shape your future at New Mexico State University. Any of our real-world degree programs will lead you to a rewarding and dynamic career.

Join our celebrated faculty and distinguished researchers who are working

on innovative projects and seeking solutions to today’s challenges. NMSU’s

culture of discovery will help you reach your academic and personal goals.

Make friends and create memories by getting involved with our student clubs, groups or organizations. Our friendly campus community is here to support you on your path to success in the classroom, in the lab and out in the field.

NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 1

Education with unlimited opportunities

GABRIELA ST. PIERRE Geology Major, Class of 2013


his native Californian loves to be outside. From the rolling hills of Orangevale (her hometown) to the desert landscapes of the Southwest, Gaby loves to be in touch with nature. She is president of the Geology Club at NMSU and is in the Alpha Chi Honors Society (an honor for the top 10 percent of the junior and senior classes). She also is involved with the Undergraduate Research for Geologic Experience group and hopes to continue her research as a professor at a top research institution in the Southwest.

2 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015


decided to study geology because it gave me the chance to be outside, hike and be active. I wanted to try something new, so in high school I joined the Science Olympiad team. My teacher put me in rocks, minerals and fossils, and I absolutely loved it because it was handson and natural – it had such a connection to the outdoors. I decided to come to NMSU because it was so different from what I was used to. It’s diverse, so close to the border and in the desert. I also got the chance to tour the geology department and loved how it was a small, tight-knit community that supported its undergraduates and undergraduate research.

Faculty members are incredibly accessible and help each and every student do their best. They are more than happy to help students in and outside the classroom. They are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge with us.

My favorite spot on campus is definitely the geology department in Gardiner Hall. I love all the gorgeous rock samples, the community we have and the crappy coffee. Someone is always up for sitting outside on the grass or playing soccer on the Horseshoe to enjoy the beautiful New Mexico weather!

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Memories to last a lifetime

JESUS QUINONES Criminal Justice and Spanish Major, Class of 2013


esus is a native New Mexican studying for a career in law enforcement. As a double major in criminal justice and Spanish, he is well on his way to reaching his personal and professional goals. Coming from a close-knit community, Jesus decided to study at NMSU because it reminded him of home—warm, inviting and friendly. Like many of his fellow Aggies, Jesus received a global college experience: he did a semester abroad in South Korea.

4 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015


ne of the best things I have done is participate in a study abroad. I went to South Korea and met great people that I will never forget. It was an awesome journey full of surprises.

I was also able to go to Japan and stayed in Tokyo for a week. There is so much more out there than we realize. My

education was not only books and papers but it also was about life, people and knowing that there is so much more to learn about our world. NMSU provides students with everything—facilities, resources and support. And the professors are supportive, too. They help you get to where you want to go. They are easy to talk to and helpful in many other ways other than teaching. All of this helped me with my studies tremendously. On campus I like to spend time with friends and sometimes alone enjoying the grass and trees that surround our beautiful campus. Off campus I spend time with family. I also like going out to the mountains, camping and enjoying the beautiful scenes of New Mexico and Texas.

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Life-changing discoveries

YOUKYUNG BAE Assistant Professor, Special Education and Communication Disorders


ae is an expert in resonance disorders and cleft lip and palate, a specialty that is available at few universities. A winner of the Donald C. Roush Excellence in Teaching Award, she manages the Voice/Resonance Lab, where researchers are looking to better understand normal and abnormal speech production. Bae received her first bachelor’s degree at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea. She went on to receive another bachelor’s, a master’s and Ph.D. degrees in speech and hearing science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

6 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015


he NMSU Communication Disorders program trains students who will become speechlanguage pathologists. They will be the ones who make important clinical decisions for their patients based on their clinical expertise.

I would like my students to experience how research and clinical practice are interconnected and mutually beneficial while thinking critically and conducting research. My work corresponds well to what I teach undergraduate students, including anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism, phonetics and speech science. Students are invited to join my research team after taking basic courses in the Communication Disorders Program. Selected team members go through multiple phases: training in basic research ethics, reviewing the relevant literature, brainstorming ideas, analyzing data, discussing research findings and interpretations, and co-presenting the research output at scientific meetings. My research interests are in the anatomic, physiologic and acoustic aspects of the speech production mechanism. In particular, my research focuses on the anatomic deviations of the soft palate muscles and their acoustic consequences in individuals born with cleft palate.

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Captivating the imagination

DOUGLAS CORTES Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering


ortes, who received his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, has been a member of the Aggie family for almost two years. Before coming to NMSU he was a senior staff engineer with Geosyntec Consultants, a specialized consulting and engineering firm that works with clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving the environment, natural resources and civil infrastructure. Through his real-world experience and hands-on learning activities, Cortes engages his students and brings complex ideas to life.

8 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015


ndergraduate research should be a key component of an engineering student’s education. The

depth of understanding gained by conducting research cannot be replaced by a lecture, nor can the thrill of discovering something new be substituted by a good grade on a final exam. I have found it very useful to introduce modern challenges, present their links to the classical theories through lectures and class assignments and then point toward the gaps in knowledge—the research needs. This captivates my students’ interest while demystifying their concept of research. My research focus is related to sustainability. Some of our current projects pertain to pavement structures and novel concepts in energy geotechnics. I would also like to create a research group that focuses on the development of engineered thermo-active geomaterials designed for energy-related applications. Through research in this area, we could cost effectively improve the safety of nuclear power plants, save energy in the storage and distribution of liquefied natural gas and significantly reduce electric power consumption in residential and commercial heating and cooling.

NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 9

Finding a community of friends

DESIREE SCOTT Public Health Major, Class of 2014


esiree was born in the Netherlands and raised in Tucson, Ariz. At six feet, two inches she is a blocker and hitter for the Aggie volleyball team, the 2012 WAC tournament champions. Off the court, you will find Desiree at the College of Health and Social Services, attending public health classes. A career in the health field runs in the family – her mom is a nurse.

10 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015


decided to come to NMSU because the volleyball team was like a family and I wanted to be part of that close-knit group. The team has accomplished a lot and I wanted to be on a team where I have the opportunity to shine.

The community surrounding the university is great! I love how it’s a college town and people often know who you are and what sport you play. The

community gets involved on campus and its wonderful knowing they support you.

Teachers are helpful in and outside of the classroom. They come out to watch our games and cheer us on. They also recognize that we have to go out of town for games. Professors are easy to talk to and are very accessible during their office hours, and sometimes will even come in for extra office hours. After graduation, I hope to play professionally overseas. I would like to spend as many years abroad as possible, and then come back to the states and go to nursing school or coach.

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Agricultural Biology Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business Agricultural and Extension Education Agriculture and Community Development Agronomy Animal Science Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising Conservation Ecology Environmental Science Family and Child Science Family and Consumer Sciences Education Food Science and Technology General Agriculture Genetics Horticulture Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Human Nutrition and Dietetic Sciences

12 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015

Natural Resource Economics and Policy Rangeland Resources Soil Science Turfgrass Science and Management Wildlife Science


Animation and Visual Effects Anthropology Applied Studies Art Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Communication Studies Computer Science Conservation Ecology Criminal Justice Digital Film Making Economics English

Foreign Languages Genetics Geography Geology Government History Individualized Studies Journalism and Mass Communications Mathematics Microbiology Music Music Education Philosophy Physics Psychology Sociology Studio Art Theatre Arts Women’s Studies COLLEGE OF BUSINESS

Accounting Economics Finance General Business Information Systems International Business Management Marketing PGA Golf ManagementTM Program COLLEGE OF EDUCATION

Athletic Training Education Communication Disorders Dance Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Bilingual Education Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Kinesiology (non-teaching) Secondary Education Business Education Foreign Languages General Sciences Biology Chemistry Earth Sciences Physics Language Arts English Mathematics Physical Education Social Studies Special Education

Mechanical Industrial Engineering Information and Communication Technology Mechanical Engineering Surveying Engineering COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES Community Health

Nursing Social Work HONORS COLLEGE

The state’s first honors college, the NMSU Honors College provides motivated undergraduate students with opportunities to enrich their academic programs. PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS

Pre-professional programs are not majors but special programs of study for students of various majors who are preparing to enter a professional school. Pre-chiropractic Pre-dental Pre-law Pre-medicine Pre-pharmacy Pre-physical therapy Pre-veterinary COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUSES

More programs of study are available at any NMSU community college campus. Alamogordo: Carlsbad: Doña Ana: Grants:


Aerospace Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering Physics Engineering Technology Civil Electronic Information NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 13


We offer many different options to finance your future Grants, loans and work-study programs are available. Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form at to see if you qualify. Apply between January 1 and March 3 for priority consideration. NMSU’s FAFSA school code is 002657. You can apply to all NMSU scholarships with just one click! Scholar Dollar$, NMSU’s single online application system,

is available at For more information, go to or call 575-646-4105 (toll-free: 877-278-8586). EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS

Earn money, college credit and real-world experience through cooperative, part-time and work-study positions or internships. For more information, go to


























* These are estimated expenses for a typical freshman. Costs for transfer students or upperclassmen may vary.

14 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015

Take a look at our top scholarships These scholarships are for eligible new students admitted to and enrolled in coursework at NMSU’s Las Cruces campus. A student may receive only one of the major scholarships listed below per semester, but is eligible to apply to NMSU’s many other scholarships. All GPAs listed below are cumulative unless otherwise noted. Further requirements may not be listed here. Awards may be limited and depend on availability of funds. Many scholarships awarded to first-time entering freshmen are good for eight consecutive semesters or until graduation, whichever comes first (if GPA and enrollment requirements are met). Students must accept all awards by June 2, 2014. View the most current scholarship information at ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS







High school diploma from a N.M. accredited school OR N.M. GED. Students must enroll full-time in the first regular semester following high school graduation to be eligible.

3.75 GPA and 28 ACT† OR 3.5 GPA and 30 ACT†

3.75 GPA and 24 ACT† OR 26 ACT†

Standard tuition and fees + $1,625/sem. Awarded on a competitive basis; limited number of awards are available. Standard tuition and fees + $1,000/sem. Awarded on a competitive basis; limited number of awards are available.

3.25 GPA first semester (3.5 GPA thereafter) 15 credits/sem.‡

Standard tuition and fees + $500/sem. Awarded on a competitive basis; limited number of awards are available.

Scholar Dollar$ application must be submitted by December 2. Must be admitted to NMSU Las Cruces campus and have the required credentials on file by December 2. Completed FAFSA.

IN-STATE SCHOLARSHIPS It is understood that any item in this chart is subject to modification at any time by proper administrative procedure. The amount of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is subject to change by the New Mexico Higher Education Department or the New Mexico Legislature. †ACT/SAT equivalents: 21 ACT = 990 SAT 23 ACT = 1070 SAT 24 ACT = 1110 SAT 25 ACT = 1150 SAT 26 ACT = 1190 SAT 28 ACT = 1260 SAT 30 ACT = 1340 SAT NMSU uses combined scores from the critical reading and math portions of the SAT for admission and scholarship purposes. ‡Requirements shown are graded credits completed per semester and cumulative NMSU GPA. Typically, each university course is worth three or four credits.

NEW MEXICO SCHOLARS New Mexico resident.


High school diploma from a N.M. accredited school OR N.M. GED. Students must enroll full-time in the first regular semester following high school graduation to be eligible.

Awarded in the second semester of the freshman year for qualified students.

25 ACT† OR top 5% of high school graduating class AND qualifying family income

Standard tuition and fees + stipend for books.

3.0 GPA 12 credits/sem.‡ (24 credits/year)

3.5 GPA and 23 ACT† OR 3.75 GPA

Standard tuition and fees.

3.0 GPA first semester (3.0 cumulative GPA thereafter) 15 credits/sem.‡

3.0 GPA OR 21 ACT†

$1,000 first regular semester only.

No renewal

First semester college GPA of 2.5 AND 12 graded credits earned

Standard tuition. ($2,445.80 for Fall 2013) Does not include required fees.

2.5 cumulative GPA 12 credits/sem.‡

No application is required.

3.5 GPA 15 credits/sem.‡ (30 credits/year)

Must be admitted by February 17 to NMSU Las Cruces, have required credentials on file and a completed FAFSA. Must submit NMSU’s Scholar Dollar$ application by March 3.

No application is required. Must be admitted to NMSU Las Cruces campus and have the required credentials on file by February 17. Completed FAFSA.


Nonresident award, semesters are prorated for transfer students, based on prior total semesters.

3.5 GPA and 23 ACT† OR 3.0 GPA and 26 ACT† (3.5 cumulative college GPA for transfers)

In-state tuition + $100/sem.



Texas resident within 135 miles of the NMSU Las Cruces campus. Residents from participating states (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, ND, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY and U.S. Pacific Territories)

General freshman requirements. 2.0 cumulative college GPA for transfers

Reduced tuition and fees. 135 mile rate.

In-state tuition.

2.5 semester GPA 12 credits/sem.‡ at NMSU Las Cruces campus

Must be admitted in good standing to NMSU Las Cruces campus.

NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 15


Make your move to NMSU Apply today! Send your admission application, official ACT or SAT scores and high school transcripts (or GED test scores) to University Admissions. Find out more about the application process at Regular Freshman Admission Requirements –A graduate of an accredited high school. –Have met the minimum high school course requirements and have ONE of the following: • a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or above, OR • an ACT composite score of 21 or above (SAT of 990* or above), OR • a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above and an ACT score of 20 or above (SAT of 950* or above). * NMSU uses combined scores from the critical reading and math portions of the SAT for admission and scholarship purposes. NOTE: All entering freshmen must submit official ACT or SAT scores before final admission is granted. (ACT code = 2638, SAT code = 4531)

16 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015

Minimum High School Course Requirements English..................................................... 4 units* Mathematics............................................. 3 units** Science..................................................... 2 units*** Foreign Languages or Fine Arts................ 1 unit

* Must include at least two units of composition, one of which must be a junior- or senior-level course. **Algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry or advanced math. ***Beyond general science, preferably lab sciences.

Provisional Admission Requirements Students who meet one of the regular admission GPA and/or test score requirements but are missing one of the minimum high school course requirements are eligible for provisional admission. Students who complete all course units and have a 2.25 GPA and 19 ACT (SAT 910) are eligible for provisional admission. Students who have received a GED may be considered for admission.

Be prepared! ACT National Test Dates

SAT National Test Dates

September 21, 2013 October 26, 2013 December 14, 2013 February 8, 2014 April 12, 2014 June 14, 2014

October 5, 2013 November 2, 2013 December 7, 2013 January 25, 2014 March 8, 2014 May 3, 2014 June 7, 2014

Transfer Achievement Scholarship Available only to new students transferring from community colleges and who are starting in the fall or spring semester. This scholarship awards $1,500 for the year if the transferable GPA is 3.00-3.49, and $2,500 for the year if the transferable GPA is 3.50-4.00. Requirements: • Complete a minimum of 30 (90 maximum) transfer- able semester hours with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. • Scholarship application and FAFSA submitted by March 3 for fall attendance and December 15 for spring attendance. • Submit official college transcript(s) to University Admissions from all colleges attended. • Admitted to Las Cruces campus. • Seeking a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer Requirements • A 2.0 or above cumulative GPA in your college courses. • Must be eligible to return to your last college or university. • Application for admission and official college transcripts or e-transcripts mailed directly from each college attended. Apply at • If you have fewer than 30 credits, you must meet freshman admission requirements and submit your official high school transcripts or GED results and official ACT or SAT scores. Transfer Partnerships NMSU is proud to partner with many community and junior colleges in the area. To find out which of your courses transfer, go to Check your admission status at

Renewal requirements: • Earn a minimum of 24 semester hours of academic credit by the end of the second semester. • Achieve a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA by the end of the second semester. • Consecutive enrollment.

NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 17


Living on campus offers a unique college experience We provide a variety of housing options designed to meet your needs. NMSU has traditional residence halls, apartment communities and family housing. We encourage you to apply for housing soon after being admitted to the university. Use your NMSU username and password to access the Housing Department’s online application system, You also have the option to select your roommate and meet other NMSU students through the Facebook application, RoomSync. Please visit the Housing and Residential Life website for details and instructions. If you are currently under the age of 18, a parent signature is required on the housing and dining application forms. Please print a paper application packet (go to and mail to the address on the right:

18 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015

Housing and Residential Life MSC 3BB New Mexico State University P.O. Box 30001 Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001 Housing options Garcia Hall PiĂąon Hall Rhodes Garrett Hamiel Chamisa Village Apartments Vista Del Monte Apartments Cervantes Village Apartments Student Family Housing

All-inclusive amenities and utilities High-speed Internet connectivity (wireless capabilities) Fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms Cable TV Laundry facilities Live and learn On-campus housing offers a benefit you won’t get anywhere else—Living Learning Communities. As a member of an LLC, you will live in the same residence hall and floor with other students who share common academic and social interests. LLCs offer opportunities for peer advising and mentoring, study groups, interaction with faculty and academic staff, and extracurricular activities and programs.

Eat well Students living on campus have access to kitchens, but you may prefer to take advantage of one of the many convenient dining options available. Taos Restaurant offers all your favorites, including made-to-order omelets all day long, deli sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads. In addition, there are international entrées, vegetarian selections, fresh fruit and mouthwatering desserts. Three additional food courts and a snack bar mean you’ll never go hungry.

We currently have 12 LLCs to choose from Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Business Education Engineering Fine Arts Global Village Honors Residential College iD (Entrepreneurship) Natural Sciences Pre-pharmacy Professional Golf Management Graduate Community Find out more 575-646-3202

NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 19


Our programs and services will help you reach your goals Student Accessibility Services

Reviews disability documentation, certifies eligibility for services and determines, provides or arranges reasonable accommodations for students with permanent and temporary disabilities. Location: Corbett Center Student Union, Rm. 244 Find out more: Career Exploration Center

Offers career planning and counseling, interest assessments and information on majors can be found here. Location: Garcia Annex, Rm. 132 Find out more: Math Success Center

Offers math placement exams and testing for specific math courses. Free tutoring is also available for lower20 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015

division undergraduate courses. Location: Walden Hall, Rm. 101 Find out more: Writing Center

Provides free, one-on-one tutoring for students at any level of experience. We help with anything from understanding assignment directions to revising final drafts. The center is staffed by graduate assistants who teach writing courses through the Department of English. Location: Clara Belle Williams Hall, Rm. 102 Find out more:


Chicano Programs

Open 98 hours in a typical week and accessible at all times online. It houses more than 1.9 million volumes. Location: Zuhl Library is at the center of campus close to Breland Drive and Branson Library is located off of Frenger Mall (walkway) Find out more:

Services include informal advising, scholarships and financial aid information, office support for internship and scholarship seekers, a computer lab and lounge with Internet access and a printer, an informational email list for all students and leadership development opportunities through involvement in student organizations. Location: Garcia Annex, Rm. 138 Find out more:

Information and Communication Technologies

Manages many computer labs and workstations throughout campus equipped with wireless zones and high-speed Internet connections. Location: Science Building Find out more: American Indian Program

Provides a place on campus where students can study, use computers or just take a break from classes. A Peer Mentor Program is available as well as student clubs and organizations. Location: American Indian Student Center Find out more: Black Programs

Honors College

Gives students the opportunity to learn in small classes taught by NMSU’s top teachers. Students who qualify can also participate in the Crimson Scholars Program. Location: Conroy Honors Center Find out more: Student Support Offices

Offers mentorship and tutoring opportunities and learning and study strategies to help students succeed. TRiO Student Support Services Program, Campus Tutoring Service, Student Success Center,

Services and resources include academic guidance, career advising, computer labs, individualized mentoring and tutoring and scholarship information. On- and off-campus collaborative opportunities are available to students. Location: Garcia Annex, Rm. 135 Find out more:

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Customize your college experience Make your time at NMSU the best it can be by getting involved. Join a group that relates to your major, watch a performance at the Center for the Arts, take a swim at one of our swimming pools or cheer on the Aggies during one of their exciting games. Whatever your interest, there is something for everyone! Cultural

You’ll find a professional theatre, concerts by local and touring musicians, art galleries and museums, films, symphony performances, opera, poetry readings, visiting speakers and authors and campus TV and radio stations. 1 television station, 2 radio stations

22 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015


We have indoor and outdoor pools, an 18-hole golf course, a tennis center, a climbing wall and an activity center with a weight room, a cardio room, aerobics classes, an indoor running track and basketball and racquetball courts. Students can sign up for archery, badminton, basketball, canoeing, cheerleading, climbing, flag football and many other activities. 2 swimming pools, 18-hole golf course



You have your pick of sports and social clubs, fraternities, sororities, honor societies and cultural, religious and advocacy organizations.

Your student ID is your ticket to Aggie home games. Women’s: equestrian, basketball, softball, cross country, golf, soccer, indoor track, outdoor track, swimming, tennis, volleyball. Men’s: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, tennis.

200 student organizations

NMSU is a member of the NCAA Division IA Western Athletic Conference in 16 of its 17 sports. The NMSU football team will play an independent football schedule in 2013 and will join the Sun Belt Conference in 2014. 17 intercollegiate sports

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Explore Aggie country Visit with our faculty and staff and talk with current students to find out what we are all about. Campus tours are given Monday through Friday, excluding university holidays and holiday weekends. Your visit will begin with a brief presentation led by an admissions adviser, followed by a tour of the campus, which lasts about an hour. Your start location is the University Admissions Office in the Educational Services building at NMSU’s Las Cruces campus. Reservations are encouraged. To schedule a visit, contact us at 800-662-6678, 575-646-3121 or Find out more at 24 NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015

Can’t visit NMSU? Find out when we will be near your hometown at recruitment-events.html or view our virtual tour at Follow the class of 2018:

Get to know the region

NMSU is located in sunny Las Cruces, N.M., where innovation meets the Old West. At the crossroads of I-10 and 1-25, residents enjoy many recreational and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping and boating, just to name a few. Las Cruces is only: • 45 minutes from the Texas border • 1 hour from White Sands National Monument • 1 hour from Elephant Butte Lake • 2.5 hours from Ski Apache in Ruidoso, N.M. • 2.5 hours from Gila Wilderness • 3 hours from Carlsbad Caverns • 3 hours from Albuquerque, N.M. • 4 hours from Tucson, Ariz. • 6 hours from Phoenix, Ariz.

COLORADO Carson National Forest

Navajo Lake




Santa Fe National Forest SANTA FE








Chaco Culture National Historical Park

NMSU Alamogordo NMSU Carlsbad NMSU Grants NMSU DACC


Cibola National Forest

Albuquerque Center


Gila National Forest and Gila Wilderness




Elephant Butte Lake




White Sands National Monument

Lincoln National Forest ALAMOGORDO



Carlsbad Caverns National Park






NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015 25

New Mexico State University University Admissions MSC 3A P.O. Box 30001 Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001



Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Las Cruces, NM Permit No. 162

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NMSU Undergraduate Viewbook 2014-2015  

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