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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY At Neville Lovett Community School we believe Professional Development  Is the assimilation and appreciation of knowledge  Is the development of knowledge, skills,, understanding and attitudes through a variety of stimulating and challenging opportunities  Leads to change and development  Creates opportunities for further learning  Develops the reflective practitioner We believe good professional development takes place when activities allow learners         

To be focused, actively involved and challenged Are clear about their aims Know what to do and how to do it Can explain what they are doing Can ask questions and test hypotheses Can take responsibility for their own development Can use their own development to inform and develop the understanding of others To evaluate their own learning Feel a sense of achievement and progress

Professional Learning In order to achieve good professional development we  Encourage colleagues to reflect and evaluate their current practice  Encourage colleagues to maintain a professional development portfolio  Identify through performance management and other job reviews professional development needs  Encourage colleagues to participate a range if in-service training opportunities  Encourage departments to develop the needs of the individual and the school by being aware of the whole school issues raised in the School Action Plan /mnt/conversion/splitting/100913103230-2a74857bb28b44cabbe24bd40858466c.file

 Develop whole school INSET  Believe that external courses should have an impact on student progress, learning or Health and Safety  Encourage colleagues in advance to focus on the aims and objectives of courses  Have clear procedures for applying for a course Professional Development Activities Individuals have different professional development needs at different phases of their careers. The range of activities to be viewed as developmental would include:                           

Visits to other schools Leading in-house workshops/discussion groups Training/mentoring other staff Classroom observation and feedback Peer observation Job/task/role rotation Deputising Meeting observation Panel meetings Work on external task groups Temporary membership of a working party Representing the school in the wider community Organising formal events Giving formal/informal presentations In-house courses External courses Secondments Staff meetings Conferences INSET days Action research Mentoring/coaching by a senior colleague Team teaching Writing policies Writing schemes of work Self-evaluation Reporting to colleagues the findings of their own learning opportunities


Neville Lovett Community School Professional Development Portfolio The professional Development Portfolio should  Maintain a record of learning that has taken place  Provide continuous information relating to the Performance Management structure  Show a commitment to continuing professional development  Show an ability to improve student performance and attainment  Reveal the teacher as a reflective practitioner  Show quality of teaching

Evidence that it might contain would include  Performance Management targets  Performance Management Review statements  Lesson Observation details  Student progress data Performance of Academic Tutees  Achievement of teams of students in national / local competitions / activities  Exemplar material of students’ work  Copies of schemes of work colleagues have had responsibility for  Courses attended with their evaluation sheets  Details of how INSET has had an impact on teaching and learning  How individual learning had had an impact on department / school learning  Course certificates  Details of working party membership, certificates etc  Lists of reading undertaken  Examples of trips and other learning opportunities undertaken / organised  Letters from parents (student performance)  Photographic evidence of students’ work particularly in the practical subjects  Comments from examiners in their reports  Comments in Governors Reports



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How you have disseminated the information to others whether in your department or more widely (commitment to wider professional development) Student data, where they were as a defined group of students and where they are now supported by statistics (student progress / quality of teaching) Schemes of work you have written or redeveloped for specific groups of students (rather than collaborated on) professional development Any change in teaching style you have adopted eg interactive whiteboards (reflective practitioner) Lesson observation details (could include how this will encourage you to reflect for future teaching) reflective practitioner / quality of teaching INSET you have been involved in as a deliverer, possibly through INSET days and / or department meetings following attendance at a course (continuing professional development) Initiatives you have had discrete responsibility for and can evidence Extra curricula activities (student performance and attainment / SMSC) Performance of Academic Tutees Achievement of teams of students in national / local competitions / activities (student progress / SMSC)

Signed: …………………………………………… Elizabeth Webb, Chairman of Governors

Date: ……………………….

Adopted by Governing Body ………………………………..

Date of next review: Spring 2011


Professional Development  

 Is the assimilation and appreciation of knowledge  Is the development of knowledge, skills,, understanding and attitudes through a variet...

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