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Parents Guide Admissions – Admissions information is available Hampshire County Council School Admissions service 0845 6035623 However for General Enquiries, or for information about Moving from Primary to Neville Lovett Community School or for admisission to Neville Lovett at other times please contact the school office on 01329 318003

Catchment Area We have 3 junior schools in our catchment area: Ranvilles Wallisdean Redlands

Absence In the event of your child being unable to attend school due to illness then please call the school office 01329 318003 prior to the start of the day.

Catering Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S) provides the catering service to the school. All food can be purchased from the Bishops Bistro.

Coffee mornings As a way of meeting parents in a less formal context Mrs Powrie will invite parents to coffee mornings.

Electronic Communication from the school Via Text The school will from time to time use text to communicate information to parents for example reminders of Parents Evening. Please contact the school office on 01329 318003 to register your mobile number.

Via Website Latest news (including an online version of the school newsletter, sports information) can be accessed from the school website

Electronic Communication from parents There are a variety of ways that you can contact the school including

Via Telephone School Office 01329 318003 (out of hours answerphone) Please also see our contacts page of the website for specific telephone numbers

Via E-mail

Via Electronic form See Contact us > School Office on the website

Emergency school closure Notification of emergency school closures will be made in one or more of the following ways: The Update section on school website Text - please contact the school to register your mobile number

Examination Boards The school uses a variety of examination boards including OCR and Edexcel. The website contains all the information you need pertaining to the courses students undertake. Edexcel




Examination Results The main examination results day is in August (check the website for the exact date and time). Students collect their results on this day. Exam Certificates are available later in the year. Please not that we are unable to give results over the phone. Unless our exam officer receives in advance a letter of consent it will not be possible to allow a nominated person to collect your results for you.

Examination Timetables Students taking exams will receive a personalised timetable detailing the exams they are sitting, it will also include details such as their candidate number.

Extra curricular activities The school holds a wide variety of extra-curricular activities both during lunch times and after school. See the websites News section for more details.

Financial bids Neville Lovett Community School is grateful for the support it receives from Prices Charity Trust.

First Aid The school has 11 first Aiders on site. 1. Sharon Bolton - School Technician 2. Vicky Campbell – Head of Challenge House 3. Nic Clouting – Head of Endeavour House 4. Angie Collins – Learning Support Assistant 5. Neil Edwards – Senior Teacher/Inclusion 6. Lynn Hatch - Assistant to Learning Support 7. Diane Hawkins – Head of Discovery House 8. Sue Kelly - Alternative Curriculum Coordinator 9. Heather Kennedy - Senior First Aider 10. Sheila Jones – Learning Support Assistant 11. Andrew Waddington – Head of Intrepid House

Gifted and Talented Gifted and talented students make up about 10% of each year group in any school. There are numerous opportunities for gifted and talented students at Neville Lovett. If your child has been identified as being gifted and talented you will be informed by our Gifted and Talented Lead Teacher, Fiona Roberston

Internationalism Exchange with Jean Baptiste de la Salle in Avignon for Years 9 and 10.

Leave of Absence Hampshire County Council policy states that families should not take holidays in term time as this has a detrimental effect on the student’s progress and achievement. Only in exceptional circumstances may a leave of absence be requested but the Headteacher is not obliged to authorise the absence. Please note that it is our policy not to authorise any absence for holiday during Year 10 & 11.

Learning Resource Centre The Learning Resource Centre is open and manned from 8.25am until 4.00pm every day. There is a wide selection of books, videos and DVDs which can be loaned for 1 week. There are 28 computers in the Library which students can use before and after school and during breaks. A homework clubs runs every afternoon from 3.00pm until 4.00pm.

Lost Property Lost property can be reported to student services. Found items can be collected from student services. Parents are encouraged to make sure that all clothing and other items are named.

Lunchtime Arrangements School lunchtime is from 1.25 – 1.55pm. Hot and cold food is available to buy from the Bishops Bistro and there are designated areas where students can eat their lunch. Lunchtime activities are available to all students.

Open Days Neville Lovett Community School is keen for parents to visit the school and will regularly hold open days where parents can tour the school.

PE KIT – see uniform

Prom The school celebrates the success of our year 11 students by organising a Prom at the end of year 11. Attendance at the Prom is dependent on students receiving a set % of reward stamps through the years 10 and 11

Revision Sessions The school organises a number of different revision session for students as the different examination seasons approach. Students are expected to attend these sessions. Further information will be published on the school website as the various exam seasons approach.

School Day Students are to arrive on site at 8.25pm. There are five, 1 hour lessons during the school day. Morning break - 11.05 - 11.25am.

Lunchtime - 1.25 - 1.55pm End of formal day is at 3.00pm. Students may be required to stay for 10 minutes to finish school work or to discuss behaviour. Students in detention will be required to stay longer. End of school day - 3.10pm.

School Prospectus School Prospectus can be found on the School website.

Timetable Students are presented with their timetables for the coming at the close of the academic year – timetables should be transferred into the relevant section of their planners. An online version of their timetable is also available via the VLE.

Visiting the school and Visitors with disabilities School visits can be arranged by calling 01329 318003

Parents Guide  

Parents Guide

Parents Guide  

Parents Guide