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CONTEXT AND AIMS The governors and staff at Neville Lovett Community School acknowledge the potential of each individual student. We believe that supporting the needs of Gifted and Talented students is a factor in raising the achievements for all. The work with gifted and talented students is part of the pursuit of school-wide excellence •

To support the Gifted and Talented within our school through a broad range of opportunities. • To develop the social and emotional growth of Gifted and Talented students alongside their academic and practical potential. To be inclusive in our approach and sensitive to the potential impact of labelling a group as Gifted and Talented. • To provide opportunities for all our students to reveal, display and extend their abilities. IDENTIFICATION STRATEGIES Appropriate challenge is provided within the broad and balanced curriculum of the school. A variety of methods are used to identify gifted and talented students. ● Tests of achievement and potential: End of Key Stage test scores, Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), MIDYS and internal tests/examination results. • Checklists - general and /or subject specific to help teachers with their initial identification especially for talent subjects. • Information passed on by other schools and exchange information within the school. We are aware that latent potential may go unrecorded; that social background/lack of opportunity may disadvantage students and that some students perform poorly in tests. To redress this, teachers are also encouraged to use their professional judgement and experience through their observation of students; the regular monitoring of rates of progress in acquiring relevant knowledge, skills and understanding and the tracking student progress against targets.

The Co-ordinator for Gifted and Talented Students (Mrs S Ashley) is responsible for the big picture; application of policy, monitoring and review with heads of department and heads of house playing a vital role in supporting our gifted and talented students.


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We aim within the given structure of the school to: Group students in ways that teachers/curriculum leaders feel will maximise the quality of teaching and learning. Identify in planning differentiated work/resources and opportunities for open-ended homework. Consider fully the appropriateness of acceleration, fast-tracking and setting. Use in-class support to further the learning of our Gifted and Talented students. Develop and provide opportunities for extension work/projects.

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Provide opportunities for access to the internet. Offer study support. Provide appropriate pastoral care by way of mentors/named persons in recognition of the particular emotional and psychological needs of Gifted and Talented students. Consider the use of individual student plans. Provide opportunities for professional development of individual teachers or curriculum teams to inform strategies. Make contact with experts external to the school. Provide a wide range of extra curricular opportunities to encourage abilities and talents to flourish e.g. Clubs, Enrichment Courses, school council, school publications etc


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We recognise that Gifted and Talented students are entitled to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in full, we will endeavour to promote this through the enhancement of teachers' own awareness and skills. We will ensure the teaching of questioning skills to a high level for teachers and students We will promote the teaching of thinking and problem-solving across all curriculum areas. We will provide opportunities to develop effective research techniques, library and ICT skills. We will encourage the development of a wide variety of recording and communication skills. We will promote a culture of determination to succeed. We will encourage and celebrate the expression of special abilities, talents and achievement musical, sporting, theatrical performances, and art work through assemblies, presentations, commendations, certificates etc. We will consult with students regarding the recognition/celebration of special abilities, talents and achievements.


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The Co-ordinator for Gifted and Talented students will consult with teachers to monitor the needs and progress of identified students. The Co-ordinator will ensure that: All teachers are involved in identifying Gifted and Talented students annually as a whole school process. Liaise with teachers to develop and agree effective methods of collecting and monitoring data pertaining to the Gifted and Talented students. The needs of Gifted and Talented students are met. Maintain and keep appropriate records of Gifted and Talented students. Develop links with feeder schools for information exchange, sharing good practice, teacher support, resource loans etc Provide INSET to raise staff awareness of the characteristics and needs of Gifted and Talented students. Liaise with parents and external agencies. Organise and monitor the mentoring scheme for Gifted and Talented students. Consult with Gifted and Talented students in order to monitor the effective implementation of the policy Provide information for the governors/named governor. Review the policy annually in accordance with DcFS guidelines.

S. Ashley, Co-ordinator for Gifted and Talented Students, 2009 Signed: ………………………………………………….. Elizabeth Webb, Chair of Governors /mnt/conversion/splitting/100913103114-34ea29cbbc7347b9b1d3c100b7cfb7d4.file 2

Date: ………………………..

Date adopted by Governing body: ……………………………. Next review due:

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● Tests of achievement and potential: End of Key Stage test scores, Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), MIDYS and internal tests/examination res...

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