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Nicole E Vieth Design Portfolio

Resume Education

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee [ September 2008 - Present ] Bachelor of Sciences in Architectural Studies Graduating May 2012 Current GPA 3.4 Stoughton High School Four Year Honor Roll Varsity Track Captain and MVP

[ 2004 - 2008 ]

Skills Knowledge of the following computer programs Revit Adobe Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign Microstation AutoCAD Proficient in Microsoft Applications including Word and Excel Hand Drafting Sketching Model Making of various media Woodworking

Work Experience


Home Depot Garden Nursery [ January 2010 - Present ] Involved in caring for plants, transplanting, holding garden workshops, customer service, and landscaping design. Contact: Sheila Strand 414 263 1291

New Century Scholarship Member of American Institute of Architectural Students Volunteer at the following organizations Growing Power Urban Gardens Friends of Lake Park Head Start School for Low Income Families

Landscaping [ Summers of 2008 and 2009 ] Duties included landscape design, transplanting, brick laying, caring for plants, trimming, weeding, etc. Contact: Kay Davis 608 873 4886 Custard Corner Restaurant [ August 2006 - August 2009 ] Restaurant manager, cook, cashier, and machine maintenance. Contact: Theresa Leighton 608 855 1111

Contact Phone: 608 843 8851 Email: Home Address: 3308 N. Shepard Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53211


Downer Library

UWM Dorms Lake Park Community Center

Downer Community Pool

New Orleans Water Collection System


Downer Library Milwaukee WI An exersise to create an infill library capable of bringing in adequate light, along with a community center available for use after library hours and completely closed off from the rest of the building, while maintaining the necessary program. Such area is located on the second floor and accessed through the northern fire stairs. Professor Kerri Yandell Spring 2011

Ground Floor

Top Floor

Downer Library 5|6

Lake Park Community Center

Milwaukee WI

Lake Park is a highly used park by people beyond just the surrounding neighborhood, that is located on the east side of Milwaukee, WI. The Community Center replaces the current high end restaurant which overlooks Lake Michigan. The historical processional stairs in existance from the early 1900’s. The Community Center highlights the multiple picturesque paths designed by Fredrick L. Olmstead and includes a gallery, auditorium, and education center. Professor Moe Zell Spring 2010

Lake Park Community Center 13 | 14

Downer Community Pool

Milwaukee WI

Downer Community Pool accommodates for the community’s need for a lap pool, children’s pool and second floor spectator seating. The roof of the lap pool filters light adequately and minimizes glare. The building also has a sun deck for swimmers and a covered area on the corner where a bus stop is located. Professor Kerri Yandell Spring 2011

Downer Community Pool 17 | 18

New Orleans Water Collection System

New Orleans LA

Located in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans on barren state-owned land, water collection ponds are implemented to gather excess rain and pump the freshwater into the Bayou to the North-East. The intervention brings a functional and valuable park system to an area that is currently abandoned after the floodings of Hurricane Katrina. This will reduce flooding, raise land value in the area, and bring people back to their neighborhood. Professor Manu Sobti Fall 2011

Top: Scale progression diagram of land elevation. The lowest land is located on the Mississippi Delta. Left: Detailed diagram of the Lower Ninth Ward. Colored areas showing land below sea level, the deepest being five feet below. Right: Details of three public interventions located on the elevations below sea level.

Section Through Intervention 1 The three ponds are shallow, about four feet deep, but have a large overflow storage tank underneath in case of large amounts of rainwater. The water that goes into the tanks is pumped into Bayou Bienvenou to the north of the Lower Ninth Ward. The image to the left is a sketch of a section through Intervention 1. The pond alone holds about 1.8 million gallons of water. The maximum amount of rain for New Orleans in 24 hours has been 832 million gallons of water. The underground tank can hold upwards of 10 million gallons.

Section Through Intervention 2 Intervention 2 encourages swimming and interaction with the water. Altough it is smaller than the others, it is at the lowest elevation and will almost always be full. It can hold an estimated one million gallons in the pond. The ten foot high storage basin can hold 3.5 million gallons.

Section Through Pumping Tube Although collectively all three interventions can hold about 22.5 million gallons, for emergencies the basins have a pumping system that allows water to be moved from the below sea level elevation. These tubes allow for the water to rapidly move into the Bayou.

New Orleans Water Collection System 21 | 22

Part of Intervention 2, the southern part of the intervention is mainly open for public use such as recreational sports, barbeques, and walking. Since it is a very large area, pockets are created to give a less intimidating feel. The members of community, who once feared the water, are now engaged with it in an enjoyable way.

New Orleans Water Collection System 23 | 24


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Nicole E Vieth

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee BS Architecture Phone: 608 843 8851 Email:

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