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ABANE Succulent

ABANE Succulent Logo

ABANE Succulent is a Bandung based brand specialising in mini succulents in glass planters for gifts and home decor. I started this business with two of my friends in July 2016. We originally planned to only sell succulents as graduation gifts during graduation season in our university, but then decided to continue and expand our business to the wedding scene. As the Creative Director, I am responsible for any design related works as well as creating materials for social media while maintaining the visual consistency.

For the logo, I used a simple typeface and utilised a succulent-in-pot line icon, which has the same triangular shape, to replace the second letter-A of ABANE. Only three colours, white, black, and brown, are included in the main colour palette to keep everything clean and simple. White is used mainly for backgrounds and text on dark background, black is mainly used for text, and brown is used as coloured background.

ABANE Succulent Signature Package Set
ABANE Succulent Signature Package Assembled Set

Most of the product elements are made from paper and to match the colour palette, we use both white Kendo paper and brown Kraft paper.