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By Derak Morrell

What better way to spend a rainy day than at the mall with your friends? After a short time you all become hungry. In the center of the mall is a favored mid mall snack – the hotdog stand. You order enough for all of your friends and everyone proceeds to eat them ravenously. Seemingly all at once, everyone doubles over with a horrendous pain in their stomachs. Your skin begins to burn and you realize the man at the hotdog cart is laughing maniacally. Some of your burning skin begins to fall off and you collapse to the floor dead… Blurry-eyed you rise and want only one thing… flesh. The trap was set and the innocent looking hotdogs have become the engine for the outbreak. The food you have eaten has turned you and your friends into a pack of flesh-eating zombies! Only the closest mall shoppers notice what is going on, the rest continue on about their business too distracted by the crowded noisy shops to realize what is going on. Now is the time to feed.

Contents • 1 Game Board

• 110 Tokens • 8 Zombie Player and score tokens • 2 Horde! tokens • 70 Shopper tokens • 20 Infection tokens • 10 Damage tokens

• 94 Card Deck: • 64 Zombie Attack cards • 25 Hero cards • 5 Horde! cards

Object of the Game As the walking undead, the players will attempt to convert as many humans as possible. The player who turns the most humans into zombies wins!

Set Up Place the game board in the center of the play area. Shuffle the deck of cards and set the deck where all players can reach it. Next, have each player choose a zombie color and take the corresponding Zombie Token and Score Token. Each player places their Scoring Token (the smaller of the two) and the Horde! Score Token on the “0” space on the scoring track. Next, each player places their Zombie Token on the hotdog cart in the middle of the game board (this space counts as one square and players can move off of it on any side). Turn all human tokens facedown and mix the pile. Players must agree on a method they would prefer to place the shoppers on the game board. Method 1: Players take turns placing Shopper Tokens on the board one piece at a time. Method 2: Players, as a group, place the tokens randomly at the same time (this is the faster method). Tokens may be placed in any open space on the board, including inside of the shops. Be careful not to overload one area, it could send all of the zombies in that direction! If the second method is chosen, make sure all players agree on the placement of the tokens before beginning the game. Choose one person to deal out 6 cards and 2 Infection Tokens to each player. If any player has a Horde! card in their opening hand that player discards and draws a new card. The player whose birthday is next starts and play proceeds clockwise. Number of Players 2 3 4

Victory Point Goal 50 45 35

Horde Cards in Deck 3 4 4

Rules On a player’s turn they may perform each step (in order): 1. Movement: Move up to 3 spaces. +1 for each card discarded. 2. Attack: Flip Shopper token (if occupying a space with one), defeat heroes, and attack the shoppers. 3. Discard/ draw cards to maximum hand size of 6.

Game Play In the deck there are three card types: Attack, Hero, and Horde! Attack Power Attack Type Attack Card: This card is used to turn heroes and mall shoppers into zombies so the player may score points. The number on these cards is used to beat a heroes’ toughness. If the card is used to turn a shopper on a token, this number is ignored. Each mall shopper requires one Attack Card to turn regardless of which card type (bite, claw, or spit) or power. Hero Card: Heroes are played against opposing players while they are attempting to turn normal humans. All heroes damage the zombie players and have negative effects that occur if they are not defeated. (See next page) Horde! Card: The Horde Token and Horde! Card represent the massing group of zombies that will grow as humans are turned during this outbreak. The Horde will attempt to eat the group of shoppers closest to it (this includes Attack Details moving up or down the escalators). Drawing a Horde! card triggers Horde Token. If this if the first time the card has been drawn during the game, place the token on the hotdog cart. Then follow the rules listed in the ‘Defeating the Horde’ section on page 5. Infection Tokens: Infection Tokens can be spent to move one additional space during the movement step, add +1 to attack while fighting a hero, or turn a shopper. Players can use as many of their Infection Tokens they want during their turn.

1. Movement: On their turn, each player may move up to 3 spaces. If a player ends their movement on a space with a Shopper Token they may flip it over and proceed to the attack step. Players may occupy the same square as another player. Players may not move diagonally.

Toughness Name

Escalators: When a player moves onto an escalator space they automatically move their token up or down the escalator and may continue their movement. Moving on to the escalator counts as one space and puts the player in the space at the top or bottom. Players can not move onto the diagonal spots to or from the escalator to use it. Maintenance Tunnel: These spaces represent the tunnels running throughout the mall. Players may use the maintenance tunnel to come out of the other maintenance tunnel on the same side of the board. In addition to the 3 spaces, a player may discard cards (while keeping at least one in their hand) during their movement step.

Special Abilities

That player may move one additional space for every card discarded in this way. This discard and movement must be completed before moving on to the Attack Step. 2. Attack: Once a player has moved their token onto a space with mall shoppers flip over that token. The number on the token represents the number of shoppers (potential victims) in that group. Now their opponents have the opportunity to play a Hero Card. Starting clockwise from the active player, their opponents may play a Hero Card or pass. Once a Hero Card is played the other opponents may add up to 1 hero each to the attack. The added heroes’ toughness and effects are ignored. However, every additional hero played on the first adds +1 toughness to the first hero. If all players pass then the active player may attack the humans on the token without fighting a hero. Only 2 addtional heroes may be added to the attack for a total of 3.

Maintenance Tunnel

Hero Cards have a toughness number (the number in the shield icon in the upper left corner). This number must be met or beat by the active player in order to defeat them and negate the heroes’ damage and effect. Here players use the number on the Attack Cards to reach or exceed the toughness of the hero. If that number cannot be met the active player must take damage and apply the effect of the hero. Then they may attempt to attack any shoppers, if able. NOTE: Players do not have to defeat the hero in order to attack the mall shoppers; they apply all effects then proceed normally. When a hero is defeated, the player who deafeated them earns one point on the score track. Only one point is earned

regardless of how many extra heroes were added on. Some heroes are Stubborn. Stubborn heroes have their effect trigger immediately regardless if they are defeated or not. Shopper Tokens: The number shown on the bottom of a Shopper Token represents the number of potential victims in that group. Once heroes are defeated or effects applied, or their opponents pass, the current player may attack as many shoppers they can from that group. To attack shoppers the player must use an Attack Card (bite, claw, spit). Each shopper from a Shopper Token requires one Attack Card, regardless of that Attack Card’s power (this number is only used to fight heroes) or an Infection Token. Any shoppers who are not attacked in that group are considered to have fled and are successfully hiding from the zombies. Each shopper successfully attacked by players is one point earned for the player. Once an attack is resolved, the player removes the token from the board and proceeds to the discard step. Example: On Josh’s turn he flips over a shopper token with a group number of 3. Brynna plays the Fire Fighter Hero Card during Josh’s attack. The Fire Fighter’s toughness is 7. Kevin then plays the Protective Mother to increase the Fire Fighter’s toughness by +1 to 8 total (The Protective Mother’s toughness and effects are ignored). Josh has five attack cards in his hand. He uses a “Bite 4”, “Bite 3”, and “Claw 2” for a total attack of 9 to defeat the Fire Fighter. He then uses the rest of his attack cards of a “Claw 2” on one of the shoppers, and a “Spit 0” on another. He will score 3 points (2 for the shoppers and 1 for the defeated hero) and ignore the effects of the turned Fire Fighter. Wounded/ Significantly Damaged: Players can receive wounds from Hero Cards. If a Hero Card is not defeated the player takes 1 Damage Token and performs the effect described. A player becomes Significantly Wounded if they receive a total of 3 Damage Tokens. When a player becomes Significantly Wounded the player’s turn is immediately over and they return their Zombie Token to the hotdog cart at the center of the game board. They may not attack any of the humans they just revealed and must remove the Shopper Token from play. The player also removes the 3 Damage Tokens, loses 3 points on the victory point track, and discards all cards in their hand. At the beginning of their next turn, that player draws a new hand of six cards and play continues normally. 3. Discard/ Draw: After attacks are resolved, players may discard down to one card. Players draw back up to 6 cards at the end of their turn. When the last card is drawn from the deck reshuffle the discard pile and place it face down as the new draw pile and continue drawing cards as normal. NOTE: Players do not draw cards when it is not their turn, even if heroes have been played. 4. Defeating the Horde: Whenever a player draws a Horde! Card they must immediately lay it face up on the table. If more than one Horde! card is revealed during the same player’s Draw Step ignore all but the first revealed Horde! card. If this is the first time the card has been drawn, place the token on the hotdog cart. The active player must use only the cards they have drawn so far. Every player immediately gets 1 Infection Token. If the Horde Token is already in play

move to the nearest shopper group (the Horde will even move up and down the escalator to catch their prey). Flip over the Shopper Token. The players now have the chance to stop the Horde. Starting clockwise from the active player each may play a Hero Card or pass. This continues until all players have passed. Players may play more than one Hero Card if they choose. The Horde receives points equal to the number shown on the Shopper Token minus the number of Hero Cards played against the Horde. Each Hero Card reduces the points received for the Horde by 1 (their toughness and effects are ignored unless their effect is targeted against the Horde; i.e. S.W.A.T. reduces the points by 2). The active player may now finish drawing back up to six cards. Pass the turn.

Scoring Players score one point for each shopper and hero they turn.

Winning The first player to reach the victory points needed wins. Alternately, the game can end when all of the Human Tokens have been flipped over, the player with the most points wins. If the Zombie Horde has more points than each player they are the victor and all players have lost.

Card Effects This section explains the effects of the Hero cards in detail. Refer to this section for any questions during play. Skaters – Toughness 4 – If a Skaters card is played as the hero the player to the next player may also put down a Skaters card for this attack. Any amount of Skaters may be played during the attack. Players each put down one at a time until all players have passed. The attacking player must defeat the Skaters as one hero with a Toughness equal to the total of all Skaters played this turn. Two Skaters equal 8 Toughness; three Skaters equal 12 Toughness etc... If the player defeats the Skaters they score 1 point, if they cannot defeat the Skaters they receive 1 Damage Token. Skaters only add +4 Toughness if a Skater was the first hero played. Other heroes still only add +1 to the Toughness and Skaters only add +1 to non-Skater heroes. Gun Nut – Toughness 6 – The attacking player receives 3 damage tokens if they cannot defeat Gun Nut. Mall Security Guard – Toughness 6 – All shoppers get away if the attacking player cannot defeat Mall Security Guard. Sporting Good Clerk – Toughness 6 – For this turn each shopper requires 2 Attack cards to turn,

if the attacking player cannot defeat the Sporting Good Clerk. Restaurant Chef – Toughness 6 – The attacking player may only draw to a maximum hand size of 4 at the end of this turn. If the player has more than 4 cards, they must discard down to four. Police Officer – Toughness 7 – Stubborn (this effect occurs regardless if this hero is defeated or not). The attacking player immediately loses a card from their hand at random. This effect happens before the player attempts to defeat the Police Officer. Panicked Human – Toughness 7 – Panicked Human may be played normally as a hero and the attacking player will receive 1 damage token if Panicked Human is not defeated. Alternately, Panicked Human may be played by the attacking player to remove any Hero Cards played against them this attack. The attacking player receives no points for either hero this turn. Panicked Human also cancels any Stubborn effect the turn it is played. The player may attack shoppers normally. Fire Fighter – Toughness 7 – The attacking player cannot move on their next turn if the they cannot defeat Fire Fighter. S.W.A.T – Toughness 7 – S.W.A.T. may be played normally as a hero and the attacking player will receive 1 damage token if S.W.A.T. is not defeated. If S.W.A.T. is played during a Horde! attack reduce the number of points the Horde receives by 2. Protective Mother – Toughness 8 – Stubborn (this effect occurs regardless if this hero is defeated or not). Once all attacks are made, reduce the number of turned humans (heroes and shoppers) by 1. National Guard – Toughness 8 – Attacking player receives 2 Damage Tokens if the attacking player cannot defeat the National Guard. © Never Peak Games 2011-2012

We Are Dead Rules  

These are the rules for the We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre Board Game

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