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What is the most challenging

the shoots I did during my remission,

part of your job?

relapse and then recovery phases. Every shoot is paired with a short

I think the most challenging aspect is

story about what I was going through

working with people from outside the

while creating it. I hope this book

model world. It is never about how

will help other people with mood

person looks, but how confident he or

disorders – as well as their loved

she feels in front of the camera.

ones – look at their diagnosis a bit

Professional models are trained to


not question the creative process, but people who don’t work in this industry

What are your resolutions for the

often think too much about the little

year to come?

details. My two main hopes for the next year

Who has influenced you most

are to move to San Francisco and

this past year?

publish my book. I love California. Somehow, I feel much more free

2015 was not easy for me. In spring, I

there. People are open and warm, and

was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

the business is much more dynamic.

At the beginning of the summer, I lost my job. I had to deal with a very new

A word of wisdom to share with us?

reality. The person who inspired me was Kay Redfield Jamison, a leading

I would choose my favourite quote by

psychiatrist and researcher who also

Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore

has bipolar disorder. Her book An

you, then they laugh at you, then

Unquiet Mind helped me through the

they fight you, then you win”. This

darkest times.

quote reminds me that to achieve something, you don’t have to fight –

Throughout this time, I put together

you just have to be persistent. ∞

a book of 13 photo stories. It contains



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