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Do you miss Moscow?

What are your main inspirations?

I often miss the sense of community

My main inspirations for most of my

that I had as a fashion photographer

works are myths and fairy tales. You

in Moscow. Over the years, I’ve built

could not find a better place for such

my network here in Switzerland and

shoots than Switzerland. Lake Geneva,

feel quite confident putting a team

the Alps and numerous castles help

together for a shoot – but it did take

me tell my best stories about faraway

me a couple years here to reach that

lands. The photographers who also


inspire me most are Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh and Tim Walker.

How would you qualify your



What themes do you explore?

It is difficult for me to define my own

As a child, I’d read a lot on Greek

aesthetics; every shoot is different

mythology as well as Hans Christian

and I don’t have any “signature tricks”.

Andersen’s fairy tales. As I grew older,

My friends here in Switzerland often

I found the deeper meaning in those

tell me I have a very “Russian” vision,

stories. They are an expression of

dramatic and romanticised. I can

human emotions and feelings, born

argue against that since they’ve never

before the age of statistics. The fairy

actually visited Russia, but that is just

tale moves people’s souls just as

how other people see my work.

I wish my pictures would. →


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