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Few can tell fairy tale fashion

creative energy I couldn’t use as

stories with as much femininity and

an engineer. By the time I got my

elegance, as photographer Aliona

masters degree, I’d made a solid start

Kuznetsova. After a surprising move

as a photographer. In 2009, I moved

from engineering into the creative

to Switzerland with my husband

world, the photographer has keenly

and developed a new perception of

developed a fantasy-inspired portfolio

photography. Compared with the more

as much as she has her confidence,

money-oriented and dynamic Moscow

drawing from both her former life in

scene, Switzerland was quiet, relaxed

Russia and her new one in Lausanne.

and very intellectual. There, I started

She tells NeverLazy Magazine about

to understand photography as an art.

living in Switzerland, missing Moscow and staying true to her childhood

A few months after I moved to


Lausanne, I met Diane – a make-up artist and hair stylist who now works

Tell us a bit about yourself.

with me on most of my photo shoots. Together, we’ve been creating our

I took up photography in 2007, while

photographic universe. For us, it’s all

studying physics at the Moscow

about creating a story with a natural

Institute of Physics and

flow, and then capturing this flow in a

Technology. It began as a hobby

single, perfect moment. →

that allowed me to use all the



NeverLazy - Issue 20 - Winter 2015  

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