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Opposite, clockwise from top left: ‘ M a s c u l i n e F e m i n i n e ’ , I k a Va n t i a n i ; ‘ Va l l e y L u l l a b y ’ , R u t h M a r b u n ; ‘ P C _ 4 ’ , R u t h M a r b u n ; ‘ w a s t e d r o c k e r s ’ , I k a Va n t i a n i

products. It’s an apple and orange

functional purpose, it becomes a part

Nin Djani

actually; making your art in the form

of one’s daily life. The next step is to


of merchandises allows it to reach a

educate the public on the value of

wider public, whereas conventional

design – that is obviously everywhere

mediums allow you to experiment

in our life – so that they understand

and help you grow as an artist.

why artisan products tend to be

Andhika Aditya @andhikaglody, Ayu Dila Martina

more expensive compared to generic

@ayudilamar, @ugly_ism, @rurushop

ADM: Each has its own advantage and

merchandise. As an artist, I like both

brings a different kind of satisfaction,

ways of making art, because ideas

actually. There’s a certain kind of joy

come in different forms and can be

when you see other people wearing

executed in different ways.

or using a product you design.

Ika Vantiani @herfingerpower, @vantiani

When you realise art in the form of

LB: Artisan products are perhaps one

an installation or piece of work, it

of the more effective ways of bringing

receives appreciation, which is also a

art to the public. You can say it’s

fulfilling experience.

another way of collecting artwork. Of

Ruth Marbun

course, it’s different from seeing and

@utayutay, @bollu_land

IV: I think artisan products can

appreciating works of art in a gallery

create a better appreciation of the

setting, but it’s a step towards getting

art because when a work of art has a

people used to appreciating art. ∞

Leonhard Bartolomeus @leonbarto,



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