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Here in Jakarta, art professionals

Do you think the growing art

is being paid to it and how

need to multitask or take other

scene in Jakarta – as proven with

much support it’s gotten.

jobs to support their art careers.

the emergence of art markets,

Do you see this as a problem or an

exhibitions, galleries, and artists

LB: We need to look at different parts


– is a passing trend or a genuine

of this growth. In the last two decades,


Jakarta has had active communitybased art platforms, such as Ruang

RM: It’s a problem that needs to be seen as a challenge; otherwise, it’s

RM: I choose not to call this a trend.

Rupa, Forum Lenteng, Serrum and

impossible to survive. I think this is

We’ve reached this point as a result

Gardu House. What’s interesting

also one of the conditions that builds

of a wider exposure, and I think we

about these initiatives is their

the character of Jakartan artists.

need to partly thank technology for

educational purpose. There is an

this. There’s a bigger wave, as well

effort to produce and disseminate

ADM: It’s an opportunity to meet new

as a crowded sea. It’d be great if we

knowledge for free – so in this

people and a chance to improve our

could keep this excitement going and

case, yes, there has been a strong

careers. What’s more important is to

develop it into a deeper appreciation.

movement. In a wider context, we have yet to find a way to solve

manage our time wisely so we get to balance our jobs and our artistry.

ADM: Perhaps it’s both. I mean, there

the most essential problem: an

are communities who genuinely care

appreciation of the art by the public.

IV: This does not only happen in

about developing art and creating a

Jakarta; many artists all around the

better appreciation for it, but there

What are your thoughts on

world do this because, as we all know,

also those who take advantage of

artworks being turned into artisan

making a living solely through art is

art events to pull crowds and create

daily products or merchandise?

rarely feasible for many artists.

an image. We need to see both as

Can this help better the public’s

opportunities for progressing art in

appreciation of art? As an artist,

different ways.

do you prefer designing artisan

LB: It really comes down to each

products or sticking to the

individual, whether they want to see

conventional medium?

it as a problem or an opportunity.

IV: Now is really the time for Jakarta.

But one thing to bear in mind is that

After a long effort to make way for

living in this city requires a strategy,

contemporary art, both individual

RM: I am doing both conventional

and that strategy may include working

and collective, we can now finally

paintings on canvas and paper, and

various jobs.

see just how much attention

incorporating my art into usable →



NeverLazy - Issue 20 - Winter 2015  

Join us on Facebook: NeverLazy is an online visual arts & fashion magazine showcasing the works of emergin...

NeverLazy - Issue 20 - Winter 2015  

Join us on Facebook: NeverLazy is an online visual arts & fashion magazine showcasing the works of emergin...