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In the context of art, how is Jakarta

IV: Jakarta has a larger market and

to be a management system or a

different from the more well-known

presents more opportunities. It’s

pipeline for independent artists and

Indonesian art cities like Bandung

because most Jakartans aren’t artists

designers to get commissioned work

and Yogyakarta?

and crafters, and therefore they are

and preferable sales. Yes, exhibitions

more willing to purchase art and craft

are important, but sustainability as an

RM: Jakarta’s art scene is less

products or learn through workshops.

artist is equally necessary.

centralised… because there’s just too

I feel that in Bandung and Yogya, more

much to cover! There is a wide range

people prefer making art themselves

ADM: It should start with education.

of interests coming from different

because they do have the capabilities

The current curriculum does not have

parts of the city, and accommodated

to do so. The possibilities here are

sufficient art and creative content

by different communities. Jakarta is

endless, so in the end it really comes

on its syllabus. We need to educate

a very tough city to live in, and so

down to how hardworking the artists

children to not only be smart, but also

the art practice here is tinged with

are willing to be. Jakarta’s art scene is

creative. Students need to be sensitive

survival skills and the drive to create a

very vibrant, so supposedly this leaves

to their surroundings and know how

social movement. I think it’s this city’s

no room for boredom. Supposedly.

to create something.

LB: I personally think there isn’t so

IV: We still have a long way to go on

much of a difference between the

educating the public about art – not

ADM: When we live in Jakarta, we deal

three cities. What sets one place

just limited to knowledge of artworks,

with its problems every day, and that

apart from the other is their people’s

but also about the professional

certainly influences how we develop

culture. Jakarta, Bandung and

aspect of being an artist. Artists have

our ideas in our works. Many artists

Yogyakarta all are urban cities, yet

lots to do on top of creating art:

are tackling these troubles through

distinguishable by the character of

we still need to promote our work

art projects, so in a way art becomes

their citizens.

and communicate about art… and

urban nature that gives it its artistic character.

sometimes, we don’t have the energy

a means of interaction rather than a mere object. It’s not a solution,

What is the biggest challenge for

but you can say art is used here

developing the art scene in the city? LB: Creating the mentality to produce

to celebrate the hardships of life in the city.

to do so ourselves on a daily basis.

RM: Generally, it’s the lack of

knowledge. →

government support. There’s yet

Opposite, clockwise from top left: ‘Love me doggie #1’, I k a Va n t i a n i ; ‘ D u a ’ , Ay u D i l a M a r t i n a ; ‘ Tr o p t r o o p s ’ , R u t h M a r b u n ; ‘ K i s a h I n e m d a r i s e l a t a n J a k a r t a’ , Ay u D i l a M a r t i n a



NeverLazy - Issue 20 - Winter 2015  

Join us on Facebook: NeverLazy is an online visual arts & fashion magazine showcasing the works of emergin...

NeverLazy - Issue 20 - Winter 2015  

Join us on Facebook: NeverLazy is an online visual arts & fashion magazine showcasing the works of emergin...