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“Shoots are more interesting when you have time to research them properly.”

What is it about American culture

For me, it’s the first time I’ve worked

that inspires you?

on one project for so long. It has changed the way in which I prepare

I think it’s the typical “I want what I

them. Shoots are more interesting

cannot have” scenario. I’ve wanted

when you have time to research

to move to New York for as long as I

them properly.

can remember. I’ve always liked the graphic shapes, strong shadows and

How do you approach female

colours in that city. I lived there for a

sexuality in your work?

few months and felt so inspired! I wanted to shoot on every street, at

I have always liked photographers

every corner and on every rooftop

Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and

in Manhattan. I just don’t get the

Ellen von Unwerth. Their photographs

same feeling in Europe – I constantly

are very strong and sexual, and that’s

find myself trying to find places that

a direction I’d like to take.

remind me of America.

What is your biggest aspiration at What is the most intriguing aspect

the moment?

of studying Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion?

I really want to learn more about fashion videography. This is actually

The projects that we work on take

something I am working on right now. →

nearly six months to complete.



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