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“I like bringing colourful atmospheres and textures to them, which correspond more to my sensibilities.”

I was a full-time art director by day

What gets you out of bed every day?

and a freelancer by night, until I quit my job to join FolioArt – and I’m more

The smell of coffee? No; the horrible

than delighted that I did so!

sound of my alarm clock, followed by my boyfriend and the ultimate wake-

What do you most like exploring

up call – my dog!

in your art? How does your use of colour come I like observing the general shape of

into play in your work?

the subject, and will try to simplify it as much as I can. I’ll draw the same

When I was at school, I would draw

subject multiple times until I am able

using bold black lines a lot.

to draw it with no more than a few

I experimented with colour, which

lines. Essentially, I work with vectors.

I had never used previously.

These can often look cold, so I like

Eventually, I pretty much stopped

bringing colourful atmospheres and

using lines at all! And now, I can’t get

textures to them, which correspond

enough of colour. →

more to my sensibilities.



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