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French trio Julien Dhivert, Valentin

are artists who express ourselves

Abad and Sébastien Riveron have

using graphic design, photography,

fantastic visions and wildly colourful

typography, videography, artistic

imaginations – which they’ve combined installations and musical creations, as one through Parisian design

and work for institutions in the art,

studio Akatre. As they work on each

culture, fashion, media and luxury

project with amazing attentiveness


and precision, they display an everevolving style as well as a constant

Which of these mediums do you most

desire to hone and perfect. We speak

enjoy? Which would you say best

to the designers about their studio,

represents yourselves as a team?

its multi-faceted nature and their favourite project to date.

We’re a trio but we like to be considered as a single entity.

Tell us a bit about Akatre

Of course, one of us would rather

and how you came to be...

work in photography and videos, and the other might prefer graphic


Akatre is a creative studio founded

design – but whatever we do and

in Paris in 2007. The three of us

however we do it is our own →


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