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“Don’t stop trying if things don’t work out. Simply begin again.”

How much does your creative

The times when I don’t have

practice influence your everyday life? commissioned work to support me, I find difficult. It’s important to never To be honest, art is always on

give up on something you truly want

my mind. I look at things from an

and believe in, so when commissions

illustrator’s point of view. I see

are rare, I’ll start a self-initiated

potential illustrations everywhere,

project to build my portfolio with.

and that’s why I always carry my notebook around for a quick sketch.

Where do you see yourself in 2016?

That’s the thing with inspiration – you never know when it will happen,

To illustrate a cookbook is a big dream

so if it does, you have to use it.

of mine, so I hope it will become a reality next year. →

What do you struggle with most as an artist, and how do you see yourself overcoming these struggles?



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