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process is very exciting; I love

I do not draw sketches in detail;

exploring the possibilities of each

I prefer to dive into the illustration,

project and experimenting with

working directly in three dimensions

new solutions and textures.

as soon as I have a clear idea in mind. My sketches are very schematic

What is your creative process?

drawings that help me direct the illustration, and specify the materials

The process varies greatly depending

and a palette that I will use.

on whether it the project is an ad, a book, an article... but I can summarise

Sometimes I build quick sketches

it with the following basic steps:

in 3D, using a foam board and

I read the brief or text carefully,

plasticine to check their dimensions,

and emphasise what I consider

composition, and framing. Once the

most important. I then look for

sculpture is complete I take a photo

documentation on the subject, gather

of it – this is a very important step in

all the information I can about it,

my work, and at this point lighting and

and start to develop concepts.

framing are essential to building the proper atmosphere. I then retouch the image digitally. →



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