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The works of Spanish artist Irma

I’d spend hours and hours playing with

Gruenholz are nothing if not unique:

clay. I would write stories and then

combining three-dimensional clay

model the characters. Making three-

modelling with digital manipulation,

dimensional illustration was always

she crafts illustrations in a most

natural to me; something I’ve always

intelligent and complex manner –

done. It’s been a matter of thinking

delivering final pieces that are soft,

about the roles of these sculptures,

endearing and incredibly thoughtful.

how I want to convey such roles, and

The former art director, who has left

also finding my own language.

the field of advertising to pursue her freelance career, talks about her

What do you most enjoy about

creative process, her drive to find

hand-sculpted illustration?

her own language, and the excitement that sculpture brings her.

I love working with my hands and touching the materials. The creative

Tell us a bit about yourself and

process is more organic; it’s where

your artistic background...

chance and spontaneity play an important role. Working in 3D makes



Ever since I was a child, I have

it possible for me to incorporate all

felt a special attraction to three-

kinds of materials – depending on

dimensional objects and miniatures.

the piece, of course. The creative →

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