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“I am always attracted to elements that depict the beauty, magic and fantasy of our world.” ----- Allegra Ghiloni What does this shoot say about

What message did your styling

yourselves and your personalities?

choices aim to convey?

AG: I am always attracted to elements

AG: I wanted the styling to be

that depict the beauty, magic and

connected to the spectrum of human

fantasy of our world. I think it is

emotions and feelings, which progress

important to surround ourselves with

and darken as the subject develops.

beauty and inspiration every day.

Our character starts out as gentle

Through my work, I love to create

and timid, and gradually turns more

pieces and tell stories that inspire

sinister and ominous, which I wanted

and transport the viewer. Our shoot

to convey through the use of colour.

starts with a timid, innocent subject

The red, which appears in some way in

who slowly turns dark as the mood

every photo, represents the climaxing

progresses; I think there is a strong

of strong emotions.

element of mystery and intrigue

Will you be collaborating again on a


future project? LM: As for me, I wanted this shoot to show that, when combining a mixture

LM: I would be very happy to

of ideas with new people, you can be

collaborate with everyone involved in

pushed to exceed your limits and take

this project in the future, as everyone

yourself further.

was a pleasure to work with. →



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