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“I try to look beyond what is already there and visualise new potential for creativity.” ----- Luke Musharbash

Tell us a bit about yourselves...

changing one. I try to look beyond what is already there and visualise

Allegra Ghiloni: I am British but

new potential for creativity. I enjoy

moved to Milan two years ago to

combining my efforts with those of

begin my career as a fashion stylist.

fashion designers, make-up artists

Milan is a really cool city and living

and assistants, to leave a lasting

here is really inspirational. I love

image in people’s minds.

travelling and experiencing cultures as a way to fuel new ideas

How did you combine your visions

within my work. Currently, I work

to reach a result you were both

between Milan and the UK.

happy with?

Luke Musharbash: I am a freelance

LM: Allegra approached me to do a

portrait and fashion photographer

collaborative shoot around an urban

based in Leeds, England. I strive to

theme. When we met, we discussed

create inventive and professional-

the direction in which we wanted to

looking images; I try to think of what

take the project. Allegra showed me

has already been done and avoid

mood boards for the look she had in

the obvious – to create something

mind and immediately, I was excited

new for the eye. My style is an

about the project. I knew we were

everlasting process of development.

going to create some great images

I don’t consider myself as having a

together. →

particular style, but rather, an ever-



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