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A meticulous and attentive portrayer

Korea, after having spent a few long

of architecture and urban life,

years in London.

South Korean artist Eun Kim shares snapshots of the neighbourhoods

Tell us about your approach to

which surround and often haunt

photography and how it has changed

her. Inspired by her London-born

over the years.

influences and with a curiosity towards surrealist themes, the fresh

At the start, I was quite interested in

graduate is on a raw yet compelling

exploring “what is real and what is not”

photographic journey to finding

through photography. I try to keep

strange and unknown places.

an element of surrealism in realistic scenes.

Who is Eun Kim? What process do you follow when I am a photography student who has

photographing architecture?

recently finished my Masters degree at


Goldsmiths, University of London. I’m

When I’m in a moving car or walking

now back in my home country, South

through neighbourhoods, →


NeverLazy - Issue 20 - Winter 2015  

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