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Isabel Chiara

THE COHERENCE OF SURREALISM Spanish artist Isabel Chiara crafts

A few years ago I made two short

unparalleled collages, which brim

animations: the first one was inspired

with playfulness and seek to

by Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘The Garden

challenge conventions. She tells

of Earthly Delights’; the second

NeverLazy Magazine about her

one, entitled ‘Shot’, was based on a

surrealist style, the importance of

combination of short, copyright-free

having a sense of humour, and the

video inserts as well as on various

skills she has gained for her craft by

illustrations and fragments from

exploring the technique of animation.

classical art prints. This was a hugely important learning process for me; it

Who is Isabel Chiara? How did

turned into a search for my own art

you discover your interest for

language and means of expression,


which every artist longs for.

I went through various creative

How would you define your personal

phases – drawing, painting, sculpture


and animation – until I finally got into collage as my main mode of artistic

Humorous, surreal, critical. A sense


expression. Animation is perhaps

of humour gives you strength


the technique that made me think of

and enables you to communicate

the potential of using other people’s

more directly and informally, and

images through cut and paste.

to challenge conventions. →

Opposite: ‘Men In Love’



NeverLazy - Issue 18 - Summer 2015  

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