NeverLazy - Issue 11 - Autumn 2013

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Many will have fantasized over the detailed

How would you describe your creative style?

and dynamic mixed media work of John Leigh, better known in the visual arts

Mother’s dreams. Machine’s execution.

sphere by the curious name of Karborn.

Dedicated to beauty and concept.

The London-based artist combines complex digital processes with organic elements,

How formal is your training?

to create mind-blowing pieces in which beauty and disorder interact with his

[I] learnt it all before I was sixteen, when

understanding of reality and the world.

I left school for good. Ha.

We spoke to the man himself, whose simple and choppy answers to our questions are

Your work always appears to be quite intri-

as mystifying as they are a spotless reflection

cate and detailed. Could you tell us about

of his individuality. We provide an exclusive

the creative process you usually follow?

look at the artist’s studio space and intricate work process – the kind of insight that, if

Mostly blood-letting of fashion-models

anything, will leave you inspired and eager

for ritual… Seventy-thousand pounds worth

to dig deeper into his creative universe.

of equipment – scanners, photography cameras, records, computers, paints, silk

Tell us a bit about yourself: Who is Karborn? scarves, projectors, slides, books, magazines, How did you develop this identity and how

gold, herbs/potions. Two years in thought,

did your interest in the visual arts begin?

two minutes to assemble. Thirty to forty iterations and prolific output, from which

I didn’t develop Karborn. It developed me.

only the cream is picked.

Latent DNA strands, these tiny threads hold my understanding of the world together.

Who and what are your main inspirations?

[This] gives me a framework of perception and a true lens to see through…

Lost and found pieces of film, gifs, your silhouette, my gold, that neckline, their >

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