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Dog ear infection a natural remedy Can this be a natural ear infection remedy? So I set out to diagnose you this answer What remedies can be used on my dog ears. My poor dog has not hinder scratching since we returned for the lake. . First I have notice that my dog has not repressped shaking it head and scratching it right ear. I want to see what can be causing this by solely looking at the inside of it ear to see if I can view anything offbeat like a brown crust or redness. I also want to feel if there ear seems hot. I will take my dog into the vet, but first I want to see if I can help my dog with some natural remedies. I have learned some great DVM online that have made clear how they have solved some dog ear infection naturally. Here is what I was told. You need to get Witch Hazel and some organic apple cider vinegar. Then you mix the two together is 1 to 1 ratio. This means if you put 3oz of Witch Hazel in a glass you also need to put 3 oz of organic apple cider vinegar into the same glass and mix it together. Here is where we have more dog disease information Ok, now, that you have a natural aid made now you need to distinguish a place where the dog can shake off if it needs to after you put on your remedy. Now you need to get a ear syringe excluding the needle . You can buy one at a local CVS store. Apply the solution on the dogs ear, do not put the syringe into your dogs ear canal. Be careful not to get the resolution on anything else but the dogs ear. Lightly Rub it onto the ear of the dog to cover the irritated area, do this for 10-20 seconds. Repeat this a few favor. If the ear ear then continue ear then you need

times for a week. Make sure you monitor the ear for any seems to be healing and your dog is not irritate by the until it is healed. If you see no improvement to the to get the dog to you local vet for another opinion.

Some caution before using this treatment: If your pet has any blood in the ear or canal, certainly do not use this treatment - seek professional medical help instead. It is always best to consult a qualified veterinary care center before attempting your own treatments. Be very careful not to insert anything deep into your pet's ear, including the syringe, as this can cause injury. I have heard this naturally has worked very well on many dogs that have had dog ear infections. The concept did come from a vet, I called my vet to tell them about my dog infection and they as long as it is not bleeding , try the natural way first. But do not put anything into the dogs ear canal.

I love the idea of natural ways of healing my dog instead of using chemicals .I have some really alluring article coming up in my next post, I think you will like and enjoy Here is where we have more dog disease information

dog ear infection remediy  

Dog ear infectoin remedy also some great dog disease information here.

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